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happy? - Aug 13 (Proctology)

13 Aug 05 - 09:54 AM (#1541737)
Subject: happy? - Aug 13 (Proctology)
From: Abby Sale

The American Board of Proctology was incorporated 8/13/1935 (organized 1934)

        Polyps are growths that should not be occurring.
        The ones in the bowel, when young, are benign,
        But they can enlarge, and there's danger deferring
        Removal, because, when they're old, they malign.
        Most bowel polyps, statistics have shown us,
        Are found near the sigmoid. A primary care
        Physician can look for them, and, as a bonus,
        Remove them, by using a scope and a snare.

                "A note of thanks to Dr. Rees" by & © Howard L Kaplan of r.m.f

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved
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13 Aug 05 - 10:01 AM (#1541744)
Subject: RE: happy? - Aug 13 (Proctology)
From: John MacKenzie

You can always colon me if you're stuck.

13 Aug 05 - 10:53 AM (#1541772)
Subject: RE: happy? - Aug 13 (Proctology)
From: Liz the Squeak

How appropriate that today in America, in National Underwear Day.....

In the UK, it's National Left Handed Day..... Lefties of the world Untie!!!!


13 Aug 05 - 10:58 AM (#1541774)
Subject: RE: happy? - Aug 13 (Proctology)
From: katlaughing

Wonder what kinda undies Dan Fogelberg has on for his b-day...:-)