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Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries

24 Aug 05 - 06:27 PM (#1548948)
Subject: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: GUEST,Tim the Twangler

I have a zoom ps04 and am slowly coming to grips with it.
I know this is not directly a music question,but has anyone of you geniuses(genii?) out there got any hints or tips you can pass on to a poor beginer like me?
Cheers and Best Wishes

25 Aug 05 - 12:31 PM (#1549529)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: Uncle_DaveO

What is it?

Dave Oesterreich

25 Aug 05 - 01:13 PM (#1549563)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: PennyBlack

Here's a Group of Guys & Gals who'll help you out

26 Aug 05 - 12:27 AM (#1549978)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: M.Ted

I almost bought the zoom, but decided against it and bought a larger sized fostex 8 track because the zoom didn't offer tracks enough to record and mix down--of course my original idea was to have something that I could always carry with me, so I don't use the fostex much at all--

If you are new to multitrack recording, one thing that is important is to break out of the "recording what I am playing" mindset, and to start thinking in terms of creating a recording--starting first with how many counts long is this going to be, what is my rhythm/bass going to be, what overall "sound" do I want--where will I put solos, fills, what will my intro and extro be--

There are some basics, but you learn most by listening to what others have done--

26 Aug 05 - 05:14 AM (#1550067)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: GUEST, Hamish

Seconded, M Ted: I started multitracking many moons ago with two reel-to-reel decks, bouncing each time I dubbed a new track on. It certainly made you plan things out very carefully. Now, with non-destructive editting, virtual tracks and so on, it's easy to keep adding stuff on: but it's what you leave out that's just as important.

Best technical tip I suppose has got to be aim for high quality sounds in: decent level, low background noise, good but minimal eq. Add the effects later: you can't take 'em away if they're recorded in real time, and too many effects can muddy the overall end result.

Oh, that and don't let the technolgy take over. It's meant to be a musical experience, not a clinical, sterile record.

And have fun!


26 Aug 05 - 10:38 AM (#1550259)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: Tim theTwangler

Thanks for that chaps am going to follow up that link now and see what I find,for Dave o it is like a palm held computer but it is a 4 track recorder that also does editing and all on to a memory card
oh yeah and if you have the head phones on and press the wrong button it seems to have a built in drum and base synth.(ouch!!!)

26 Aug 05 - 05:30 PM (#1550563)
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom pocket studio queries
From: M.Ted

Oh, I forgot to mention this: the editing capabilities of palm/pocket recorders is not going to be that good--better to use it for raw tracks and do the editing on your computer--same goes for the midi business--in fact, if you plan to use midi backing tracks, it would be better to create them on your computer and then either upload to the Zoom or simply edit everything together on your computer--
as long as you play to the click track on your Zoom, you can add anything, midi, live feed, or clips and samples, in the editing process on your computer.