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Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (1950-64)^^

02 Sep 05 - 08:14 PM (#1555144)
Subject: Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (1956-64)
From: chico

Adadai's gonna win this time 1956

AIR -- 'Get me to the Church on Time' (My Fair Lady)

We'll start campaigning in the morning
Ding, dong, the bells are gonna chime
Pull out the stopper, let's have a whopper,
                   C   D7   G
For Adlai's gonna win this time

He's getting started in the morning
Spruced up and feeling in the prime,
Stand up and shout it, no doubt about it
That Adlai's gonna win this time
             C            G         
He's gonna lead us to victory,
            A7    D7    Am   F7 D7
He's gonna move to Washington, D.C

For we're getting started in the morning
                      7    E7
Up up the votes are gonna climb
C                               G
No one could doubt him, there's no way to stop him
Bm            C    G       Em7   A7
Adlai's gonna win, Adlai's gonna win,
Bm       G7 A7 Am7 D7 G
Adlai's gonna win this time

* * *

Let's go with adalai! 1956

AIR -- 'Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay'

Stevenson, yes, Stevenson, if you vote for Stevenson
                G7                        C
It will be quite easily, our presidential victory
Help him win, yes get him in, now the fight's has just begun
                G7                      C
Gotta be, yes, gotta be, Gotta be with Stevenson

C    C° G7 C          D#°       C
Let's go with Adalai, and let's go all the way
7          G7                         C
Let's really go to bat, for this great Democrat
And when we vote him in, the country's bound to win
So let's go all the way, [all the way] with Adalai

He'll always speak his mind right out, with honesty you'll never doubt
A Wilson and Roosevelt in one, yes believe in Stevenson
So for a better government, this governor for President,
Ev'ry promise to the letter, it's time to change things for the better

* * *

Hello Lyndon! 1964

AIR -- 'Hello Dolly'

   A                  F#m
Hello Lyndon, Well Hello Lyndon
          A                C°                E7
We'd be proud to have you back, where you belong
                Bm                   G
You're lookin' swell, Lyndon, we can tell, Lyndon,
               E7                                       A C°    E7
You're still glowin' you're still crowin' you're still going strong

             A                   F#m
We hear the band playing, and the folks, saying,
E7       A7                                 D   (C#7)
That the people know that you've got so much more
    F#m       C#m            F#m                   C#m
So flash that smile, Lyndon, show us that winning style, Lyndon
A7                      B7    E7    A
Promise you'll stay with us in sixty-four!

We hear the band playing and the folks saying
"Let's all rally 'round the one who knows the score"
So, be our guide, Lyndon, Ladybird at your side, Lyndon,
Promise you'll stay with us in sixty-four!