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Lyr Req: Molly Dee (from Kingston Trio)

14 Sep 05 - 10:41 PM (#1563959)
Subject: Review: Anyone know Molly Dee?
From: jimmyt

We perform this Sunday at a festival and one of our guitar players acquired a tenor banjo to play on some strumming songs instead of his Martin Classic. He brought a new song to us tonight, Molly Dee, an old Kingston Trio song that is delightful and uptempo which we always need. Darned if this thing didn't just fall in to place in one rehearsal and we will open with it this weekend. Key of C which is nice for us as we have no real high tenor voices, and the harmonies just hum. Just thought I would throw this out and see if anyone else knows it or has any more suggestions for similar songs.

14 Sep 05 - 11:25 PM (#1563976)
Subject: Lyr Add: MOLLY DEE (from Kingston Trio)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Not in Mudcat (?)

Lyr. Add: Molly Dee
John Stewart

I got a gal in Tennessee
Sweetest little gal that you ever did see.
Works all day in a cotton mill.
Makes her gin in a bathtub still

Here we go, 'round again.
Singing a song about Molly Dee.
Far away, I know not where
She's the girl who waits for me.

My true love's in Memphis town.
Pretty little thing named Sally Brown.
Travels around on a river boat.
Shares her room with a billy goat.

Spending my money, gonna drink it away.
I'll start saving on another day.
Wasting my time in the Silver Dollar.
Pinch them girls just to hear them holler.

Kingston Trio. Seems to have been gathered from the lyrics of old fiddle tunes.

Molly Dee

15 Sep 05 - 07:19 AM (#1564151)
Subject: RE: Anyone know Molly Dee?
From: Hovering Bob

That takes me back to the 50s/60s when my breother used to play that LP on his home made hi fi with a corner reflex cabinet, sand filled to add weight! Made the whole house shake so I could hear it quite clearly upstairs in bed.
I think I bootlegged a copy a few years ago.
Best of luck with the gig.

15 Sep 05 - 09:44 AM (#1564231)
Subject: RE: Anyone know Molly Dee?
From: GUEST,leeneia

Surely that was "makes her chili in a bathtub still"

Haven been the victim of certain pyromaniac chili cooks, I think "chili" is funnier than "gin."

15 Sep 05 - 10:16 AM (#1564253)
Subject: RE: Anyone know Molly Dee?
From: GUEST,crazy little woman

How about "Buffalo Gals" for a similar song?

15 Sep 05 - 12:17 PM (#1564350)
Subject: RE: Anyone know Molly Dee?
From: Willie-O

Nope but a married Molly F. Worked out pretty well.