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Stolen Instruments - US

22 Sep 05 - 03:27 PM (#1568603)
Subject: Stolen Instruments - US
From: Barbara Shaw

I found a thread about stolen instruments in the UK, so here's one for the US. Passing along info from Kevin Lynch of the CT Bluegrass Music Association:

Please pass along this link to the details of our friend and fellow musician's recent robbery. Banjo player Gena Britt's home in Clinton, NC was robbed on Sept. 20th. The scumbags took (among other things) three instruments...including her banjo...

"They got my (gasp) 1964 Gibson RB-250 Banjo. I still don't know what to say. I have had this banjo for 21 years (since I was 12)."

PLEASE PASS ALONG THIS LINK BELOW ASAP...especially to your friends in North Carolina. We've had recovery success saturating the internet with stolen instrument info in the past.

Details at:

22 Sep 05 - 08:16 PM (#1568800)
Subject: RE: Stolen Instruments - US
From: kendall

RECORD YOUR SERIAL NUMBERS!! Without them you stand no chance of recovery.

22 Sep 05 - 08:25 PM (#1568807)
Subject: RE: Stolen Instruments - US
From: Sorcha

Have no serial number. Do have pic. These people should be crucifed if/when caught. I'd die w/o Maggie

22 Sep 05 - 11:22 PM (#1568931)
Subject: RE: Stolen Instruments - US
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

Reminds me of the lyrics regarding two spinsters argueing over a dead-man's penis.