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Lyr Req: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)

26 Sep 05 - 07:43 AM (#1570773)
Subject: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered friend
From: InOBU

Any one have to words for No Time for love? I just found out that the FBI killed an old friend of mine, the other day, in Puerto Rico. Filberto Ojeda Rios was killed last Friday night.

26 Sep 05 - 08:12 AM (#1570788)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered friend
From: InOBU

The Christy Moore song, I should say, not the other ones...

26 Sep 05 - 08:21 AM (#1570793)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered frie
From: Sandra in Sydney

Sorry I can't help, I've got 8 of his albums, but none have that song.


26 Sep 05 - 08:30 AM (#1570797)
Subject: Lyr Add: NO TIME FOR LOVE (Jack Warshaw)
From: InOBU

Thanks... I just copied this out off his album. For Filberto,
No Time for Love : Christy Moore

They call it the law, we call it apartheid, internment, conscription, partition and silence
Its the law that they make to keep you and me where they think we belong
they hide behind steal and bullet proof glass machine guns and spies
and they tell who suffer the teargas and torture that we're in the wrong

no time for love if they come in the morning
no time to show tears of for fears in the morning
no time for good by no time to ask why
and the sound of the siren is the cry of the morning

they suffer the torture the rotted in cells when crazy wrote letters and died
the limits of pain they endured but the loneliness got them instead
and the courts gave them justice as justice is given by well mannered thugs
sometimes they fought for the will to survive ,but more times they just wished they were dead

The took away young Francis Hughes and his cousin Tom McElwee as well
they came for Patsy O'Hara, Bobby Sands and some of his friends
In Boston Chicago, Saigon, San Diego, Warsaw and Belfast
and places that never make headlines the list never ends

The boys in blue are only a few of the everyday cops on the beat
The CID branch men the Blacks and the Gilmores do their jobs as well
behind them the men who tap phones take photos program computers and files
and the man who tells them when to come and take you to your cell

Come all of you people who give to your sisters and your brothers the will to survive
they say you can get used to a war but that does not mean the war isn't on
the fish need the sea to survive just like your people need you
and the death squad can only get through to them if first can get through to you

26 Sep 05 - 08:43 AM (#1570809)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered frie
From: Sandra in Sydney

it's a very powerful song.

26 Sep 05 - 08:45 AM (#1570812)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered friend
From: InOBU

Yes Sandra,
Filberto was a gentle - powerful man, a voice against the occupation of his land, Puerto Rico.
See you all...

26 Sep 05 - 08:49 AM (#1570814)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered friend
From: InOBU

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/09/24 23:20:57 GMT

A fugitive Puerto Rican nationalist who had been on the
run for 15 years has died after a gunfight with FBI

Police said they had found the body of Filiberto Ojeda
Rios at his hideout in the Puerto Rican town of

In 1992, he was convicted in absentia for the 1983
robbery of $7m from a bank depot in the US state of

The US considers the robbery an act of domestic
terrorism because it allegedly was carried out by
nationalists from the self-governing US commonwealth.

Ojeda Rios, leader of the Macheteros (or Cane Cutters)
nationalist movement, went on the run in 1990 while
awaiting trial for the robbery.

FBI agents surrounded the farmhouse where he was hiding
on Friday afternoon. Two helicopters circled overhead,
while Puerto Rican police sealed off access to the

'Martyr' claim

Puerto Rico police chief Pedro Toledo said it was not
yet clear how Ojeda Rios had died. One FBI agent was
wounded in the gun battle.

The FBI said Ojeda Rios' wife, Elma Rosado Barbosa had
been arrested but was released unharmed on Saturday
evening, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Some independence activists suggested Ojeda Rios' death
could act to unify their splintered and marginalised

Veteran independence leader Juan Mari Bras told AP: "I
always said that when they went to arrest him, they
would have to kill him. I am proud of his heroism and
his valour."

Independence Party President Ruben Berrios, who has
criticised the violent methods of the Macheteros, said
Ojeda Rios' death was a tragedy and condemned the FBI's
actions as "shameful".

Early reports suggesting the death of the Macheteros
leader triggered protests in San Juan, the capital of
the Caribbean island.

Some 500 people blocked the city's main avenue to
demonstrate against "Ojeda Rios' assassination".

"This was done on purpose... to try to humiliate us,"
Socialist Front president Jorge Farinacci said.

"It's to tell us 'You do not have the right to

Ojeda Rios was one of four men still wanted over the
robbery at the Wells Fargo depot. The FBI doubled the
reward for information leading to his capture to $1m
earlier this year.

The US seized Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American
War of 1898. Puerto Ricans are US citizens but cannot
vote in US presidential elections and do not pay US
income tax.



Contact: Benjamin Ramos 718-601-4751


Saturday September 24, 2005, New York, NY-The
ProLibertad Freedom Campaign denounces the
incarceration of Beatriz Rosado Barbosa, who is now the
U.S. jails. Beatriz Rosado Barbosa, wife of
assassinated Machetero leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios, was
injured yesterday during the gun battle in Hormigueros,
Puerto Rico that took Ojeda Rios' life. Rosado Barbosa
is incarcerated in the federal prison in Guaynabo,
Puerto Rico.

As of yet, there are no charges lobbied against her;
Rosado Barbos is presently being supported by thousands
of Puerto Rican activists, community members, and
clergy outside of the federal penitentiary.

According to Puerto Rican news sources, the FBI has
begun to write out arrests order for 125 people
suspected of being Machetero supporters. The FBI is
attempting another set of mass arrests; similar to the
arrests that took place in Puerto Rico in April 1985
when nearly 400 FBI agents invaded Puerto Rico
arresting any person they thought was a Machetero or
who might be a supporter of the Macheteros. Those
arrests were an attempt to destroy the clandestine
revolutionary movement and to send a clear message to
all independentistas; if you resist, you will be

This new "independentista witchhunt" will not
intimidate or detour the work to free the Puerto Rican
political prisoners, attain the 4 demands of the people
of Vieques, and the liberation of Puerto Rico. The
Puerto Rican people have been organizing protests,
vigils and pickets throughout the island in the spirit
and in honor of Ojeda Rios.

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling a PROTEST
denounce the assassination of Ojeda Rios, the
incarceration of Rosado barbosa and this new wave of
repression against the Puerto Rican indpendence

Subway: 4, 5, 6, J, M to Brooklyn Bridge; A, C, E to
Chambers St.; R, N to Canal St




(Subway: 4, 5, 6, J, M to Brooklyn Bridge; A, C, E to
Chambers St.; R, N to Canal St)

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on all our
allies and supporters of justice to join us on Monday
Sept. 26th at 5pm at 26 Federal Plaza to denounce the
assassination of Puerto Rican revolutionary leader
Filiberto Ojeda Rios, leader of the clandestine
revolutionary organization called El Ejercito Popular
Boricua-Macheteros (The Popular Boricua Army-Machete

On Friday Sept. 23rd, in a massive Federal Bureau of
Investigation (F.B.I.) operation in the town of
Hormigueros, Puerto Rico, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, leader
of the clandestine revolutionary organization called El
Ejercito Popular Boricua-Macheteros (The Popular
Boricua Army-Machete Wielders) was assassinated by an
FBI sniper.

During the ensuing gun battle, Beatriz Rosado Barbosa,
Ojeda RiosÂ' wife, was critically wounded and then
arrested, along with an F.B.I. agent. Both are
presently hospitalized, and a third man has yet to be
identified by authorities.

This assassination is an attack against the Puerto
Rican Independence movement that cannot go unanswered!!
We must mobilize and organize a response to this
heinous act of murder. Ojeda Rios represented the
revolutionary spirit and morality of the Puerto Rican
independence movement!!

The FBI chose to assassinate Ojeda Rios on Friday Sept.
23rd (Known as El Grito de Lares, a celebration of the
anti-colonial resistance movement in Puerto Rico) as a
message to the independence movement; the US government
is trying to tell us that if we resist, then we will be
murdered like Ojeda Rios, Don Pedro Albizu Campos,
Angel Rodrgiuez Cristobal and the many other Puerto
Rican patriots that have fallen at the hands of the US

We will not be scared or initmidated. The power of the
people cannot be stopped!! We make freedom happen; we
make liberation happen!!

outrage, mourning and resistance!! Wear a black arm
band, wear all black, bring your niose makers, your
flags and your 25 closest friends to the protest!!


26 Sep 05 - 07:07 PM (#1571089)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love for a murdered frie
From: katlaughing

Lorcan, my condolences. My Rog did a lot of work in the rural areas of PR in the 1980's and came to love the people and the country.(I think if he had his say, we'd retire there some day.) I'll be interested in hearing what our neighbours back in CT have to say about all of this; one of them is from a rural mountain village, the other was sent there, from NYC, when she was a teen, to be *schooled* by her tias (whom they call "titi.")

So much unrest. He's been following the situation in Venezuela very closely. It is very unsettling. We've lost all contact with a friend who has been there for years, married to a Carib woman.

May the world find Peace,


26 Sep 05 - 09:24 PM (#1571176)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'No Time for Love' for a murdered friend
From: rich-joy

"If They Come in the Morning" by Jack Warshaw
(sung by Roy Bailey too)

a very powerful song and one which, sadly, only gains more meaning and power as the years go by - we are indeed living in "interesting times" ...

Cheers! R-J

26 Sep 05 - 10:28 PM (#1571205)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'No Time for Love' for a murdered friend
From: InOBU

Thanks friends. This is today's post from my blog... I suppose this is what the song by Jack Warsaw is about ...
Monday, September 26, 2005
America Tonight, one post that I wished could be two...

Oh dear dear dear dear dear. I so wanted to post the happy post I had lived these past three days, before today, before that mad bitch America broke loose from her rabid dog chain again to kill, to kill and to kill as she does so damn well. Friday.
Friday, such a lovely day in Lancaster PA. Gentle warmth. Cooler by evening. Morning driving to New Holland, driving without a stop, as the dear folks at Wee Fox tailors where closing early to see their daughter who has been living in Kentucky. Plain Mennonites.
Friday, a sniper, a Federal agent points his gun at an old man.
Friday, such warm smiles as I thank my Mennonite friend for making such a warm coat for me last winter. A coat I look forward to wrapping around my aching heart, so full of tender memories, gentle memories, painful memories, memories.
Memories tonight of an gentle old man, with a goatee. I see him in my mind's eye. A face, in my memory, a face with the bead of an FBI agent's gun closed on his living heart, his memories of love of his wife, of his land, of his life.
That coat you made for me made me so warm. Thank you, I'd like a new suit. She measures me, above my waist. Asks my wife to bring my trousers from the bathroom so that she can measure me with modesty... Where can I find shoes? Saunders ...
They found him ... fifteen years on the run, almost a decade before that a robbery, for the children of Puerto Rico, for the freedom of Puerto Rico, for the memory of the young Puerto Rican cadets of freedom that were shot dead by federal troops.... unarmed - they were shot dead.... not very long ago, to Filberto.
I went to get a hat cover, dear young Amish and Mennonite children getting their yearly hats...
Young cadets, lay bleeding to die on the streets in Filberto's memory, he lies bleeding to die in my memory now forever, at the same time I was seeing peaceful Amish children's faces, did he see the young cadets as he lay down to die?
The shoe store was closed. Nathan and Anna Martin ... Mennonites. I helped his son brush the horse, hitch it to a buggy. Genie in the back with Anna, me in the front with Nathan. We spoke of faith, of different faiths, of peace, of war, of wishes for sanity and peace, peace peace, oh the dear dear dear dear thought of peace.
Peace. Rest in peace Filberto. What moment did you die. Was it as we saw the world through the windscreen of a buggy, past the horse to the fields, fields of peace that madmen sow fear of a war that does not exist here. Was it as we saw the rabbits, the hamsters about to be auctioned. When. When dear friend. When did they kill you.
Another friend was shot. Burnadette Devlin McAlisky, once told the families of murdered young people who loved freedom, that when she was shot, shock was instant and it did not hurt ... she hoped it was a comfort.
Seventhday, Saturday. Falls meeting. Such dear children. I wish I could remember each name, I can each face. Young Charlotte Snipes, whose family had been in Fallsington for hundreds of years. Katelynn and her little sister, a lovely wee girl sitting next to Katelynn, whose name I so wish I could remember, Sam and Max Collins. Such thoughts of honesty, faith, peace, such hopes. I sang for them. We talked, played on the swings. Sam, and Max and their parents Lisa and Jim and Genie and I went to the peace festival.
Filberto was gone. His wife was in the hospital with one of the FBI killers, sent to end his life.
We went to dinner. Lovely evening. In the morning, we went to Solebury Meeting. There was a family from New Orleans. They were making a new life with their new baby in Solebury. I gave a message. They felt pain to ask for help. I spoke of the joy of giving and that they brought this joy to Solebury. After we spoke of the difference between leadings and notions. We met a new friend, Rachel. She reminded Genie of Amanda. She was bright, and a fast thinker, and wanted to know everything, and likely will...
All the knowing of Filberto's life is over. All he could teach, all his kindness and love ripped away by a small bit of lead for which we all paid by our taxes.
We met an old man, maybe Filberto's age. He graduated high school in 1945. He had biked from Brooklyn to New Hope.
New Hope. New hopes. Oh God, grant us new hope for his sick bitch of a nation. Grant me a joyful weekend that can stand alone. One post...

27 Sep 05 - 10:24 AM (#1571481)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'No Time for Love' for a murdered fr
From: Sandra in Sydney

thanks for the news items & for sharing your day & thoughts & feelings.

I knew nothing about the situation in Puerto Rico. It must be 'only' a little hiccuph in the smooth workings of the US. Not even worth mentioning in The News that we get here. Does it get into your news?


07 Apr 12 - 02:25 PM (#3335024)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)

christy moore chords

08 Aug 21 - 05:21 PM (#4115872)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)
From: Felipa

No Time for Love If They Come in the Morning recorded by The Men of No Property

No Time for Love performed by its composer Jack Warshaw

26 Oct 21 - 10:33 AM (#4124250)
Subject: ADD: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)
From: GUEST,Guest

No Time For Love (aka If They Come In the Morning)

Original lyrics updated 2015 by the author, Jack Warshaw. Released August 2015 on the Album "Misfits Migrants and Murders"

(Jack Warshaw)

They call it the law - apartheid, internment, repression, injustice and silence
The law that they made to keep you and me where they think we belong
They who hide behind steel and bullet-proof glass, machine guns and spies
And tell us who suffer their tear gas and torture that we're in the wrong

No time for love if they come in the morning
No time to show fear or for tears in the morning
No time for goodbyes no time to ask why
And the wail of the siren is the cry of the morning

The trade union leaders, the rebels, the writers, the fighters and all
The strikers who fought with the cops at their factory gates
The sons and the daughters of unnumbered heroes who paid with their lives
The poor folk whose color or class or belief was their only mistake

They suffered the torture they rotted in cells, wrote letters, went crazy and died
The limits of pain they endured but the loneliness got them instead
The courts gave ‘em justice as justice is given by well mannered thugs
Sometimes they fought for the will to survive and sometimes they wished they were dead

They took away Sacco, Vanzetti, Connolly and Pearse in their time
They came for Mandela, Bobby Sands, the Panthers and many more friends
Now they come after those who expose their crimes like Snowdon has done
In places that never made headlines, the list never ends

The boys in blue are only a few of the everyday cops on their beat
The CID, NSA, Google and Apple and spies and eyes in the skies do their job well
And behind them the brains that build systems that collect every word that we breathe
And the ones who decide when it’s time to drag you to a cell

Now you tell us that here we are free to say and to think what we please
To march and to speak, to write and to sing as long as we do it alone
But say it out loud with millions of comrades and it won’t be too long.
Till they give you a long rest with walls and barbed wire for a home

You call us illegal, unwanted, mass rapists, drug dealers and more
We who pick all your crops; clean your homes, wash your kids, fight and die in your wars
You order your police and border enforcers to shove us back where we once fled in fear
Away from the land you call “free” that you took from the poor folk you murdered before

So come all you people to give to your brothers and sisters the will to fight on
They say you get used to a war but that doesn't mean the war isn't on
The fish need the sea to survive just as your comrades do
And the death squads can only get to them if first they can get through to you