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Rounder Records Catalog

05 Oct 05 - 11:28 AM (#1576503)
Subject: Folklore: Rounder Records Catalog
From: Jim Krause

It has been a long time since I've been here. Probably some are asking "Who's this guy?" Well, nevermind. Here's the question.

At my banjo student's lesson last evening, we were going over "Penny's Farm." I told him how I had learned it off of an old Rounder recording "Hard Times in the Country" by the Traum brothers, Happy & Artie. I began to wonder if Rounder keeps old recordings in print. After all, that album is thirty years old. I searched the Rounder website, and couldn't come up with anything, leading me to suspect that the LP has not been reissued on CD. Too bad. Happy Traum turned in some nice frailing on "Penny's Farm" and I wanted my student to hear it.

Jim Krause

05 Oct 05 - 12:00 PM (#1576518)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Rounder Records Catalog
From: GLoux

I don't think Rounder keeps things in print. However, you might check out Homespun Tapes, which Happy Traum runs. There is an instructional video on beginning banjo by Happy. Here's a link to Happy's Banjo Instructional Video. I don't know if Penny's Farm is on it, though.

Hope this helps,

05 Oct 05 - 09:15 PM (#1576872)
Subject: RE: Rounder Records Catalog
From: Michael S

This is available from Rounder. It is one of the first selections released through the new Rounder Archive series. Rounder will sell it to you digitally (like iTunes) and you can download the notes, or you can purchase a physical CD from them. Go here and click on Catalogue. This service seems off to a good start.

Michael Scully
Austin, TX

05 Oct 05 - 09:16 PM (#1576873)
Subject: RE: Rounder Records Catalog
From: dick greenhaus

Or from CAMSCO

06 Oct 05 - 04:59 PM (#1577439)
Subject: RE: Rounder Records Catalog
From: GLoux

Wow!!! Thanks, Michael, for posting the link to the Rounder Archive. I wonder how they're choosing which recordings to re-release each quarter.


06 Oct 05 - 05:59 PM (#1577492)
Subject: RE: Rounder Records Catalog
From: pdq

Nice to see that "Mud Acres" and "Woodstock Mountains Review" are going to be available as separate releases. The current issue is a collection with both records on one CD. Trouble is, they leave out 8 songs, some are my favorites.