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Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)

07 Oct 05 - 07:53 AM (#1577886)
Subject: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Abby Sale

Happy Birthday!

Chasidic tzaddik
and great-grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov,

Nachman of Bratslav
(ie, Rabbi Nahman ben Simchah)
(Bratislava, Slovakia was the capital of Hungary at the time)

was born 10/7/1772

He said (and believed)

"Come here, I will show you a new way to the Creator:
Not through speech, but through song!
Let us sing and Heaven will understand us."

Died Tishrei 18, 5572 (Oct 6, 1811)

Singer/Songwriter, Joel Emanuel Hagglund perh. b.10/7/1879 (He shortened his name later.) (executed 11/19/1915 qv)
Some songs at Youth for International Socialism & more at Manfred Helfert.

In Smartt Station, Tenn: "The Dixie Dewdrop" Uncle Dave Macon born 10/7/1870 (d3/22/1952)

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved
What are Happy's all about? See Notes and Index

07 Oct 05 - 08:21 AM (#1577899)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Le Scaramouche

I think, but not quite sure, that he made chasiddut respectable.
His followers today are numerous and have an odd sort of dance where they jump up and down.

07 Oct 05 - 09:14 PM (#1578446)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: GUEST,Joe_F

Un az der rebe tantst

Tantsn oykh di vent --

Lomir alle plyeskn mit di hent.

(And when the rabbi dances, the walls dance too. Let's all clap our hands.)

It also says: When he sings a holy song, Satan lies dead.

--- Joe Fineman

||: Q. Who was Aristotle's purple pupil? A. Alexander the Grape. :||

08 Oct 05 - 11:07 AM (#1578830)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Abby Sale

Sha! Shtil! You know, I used to sing that as a lullaby when walking the baby at Hillend (near Edinburgh). It's not one, of course, but that 'Sha! shtil!' seemed so appropriate and it really is a pretty tune.

That's how I learned the baby doesn't much care what the words are as long as the tone is comforting. So I began to practice the muckle ballads at 3 AM. The baby loved them - war, murder, incest, whatever. (Still does, really.)

I boned up on quite a few at that time. And a number of "let's kill the baby" songs from different cultures - Kentucky, S. Africa, Scotland. (The daughter still sings one of them.)

In the database, you'll find Rosalie Sorrels' excellent insights on the matter at the hostile baby-rocking song.

08 Oct 05 - 08:56 PM (#1579073)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Rabbi-Sol

Are you sure you don't mean Rabbi Nachman of BRESLOV who is buried in UMAN, Russia. Hundreds of his Chasidic followers flock to his tomb every Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) by chartered planes to attend special services. One of his ardent followers who attends every year is Andy Statman. the famous bluegrass mandolin player.

                                             SOL ZELLER

09 Oct 05 - 09:52 AM (#1579340)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Abby Sale

Such an error could easily happen. I got the original info from the online Chasidic almanac - now gone, I believe. Every place I looked it up the name changed according to the language of the author of the material and the spelling set used. I'd appreciate anything definitive, Sol.

A look in the Jewish Encyclopedia just now tends to confirm my post. I'd take your work over my interpretation of theirs, though...

09 Oct 05 - 10:52 AM (#1579376)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Abby Sale

Yikes! I got the city wrong, not the rabbi. Thanks for the correction, Sol. I found the new (and well done) pages but couldn't find him on the calendar or bios there.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was the great-grandson of Rebbe Yisrael, the Baal Shem Tov—Master of the Good Name— founder of the Chassidic movement. Rebbe Nachman was born in 1772 (1 Nisan 5532) in the Ukrainian town of Medzeboz. He grew to be an outstanding tzaddik (saint), Torah sage, teacher and Chassidic master. During his lifetime he attracted a devoted following of chassidim who looked to him as their prime source of spiritual guidance in their quest for God, as the 'Rebbe.' From the autumn of 1802 until the spring of 1810 Rebbe Nachman lived in Breslov, Ukraine. He then moved to Uman where he passed away from tuberculosis six months later (18 Tishrei 5571), at the age of thirty-eight. He is buried there till today.


And with very different month/day dates than I had (even the year is slightly different but close enough). Which is odd.

Oh well. Let's concentrate on Joe Hill for today.

09 Oct 05 - 11:04 AM (#1579392)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Le Scaramouche

His followers cause a lot of problems in towns like Yavniel.

09 Oct 05 - 12:49 PM (#1579467)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Rabbi-Sol

Exactly what kind of problems do they cause ? Somehow I can not imagine a nice guy such as Andy Statman causing any problems. I know a few others besides Andy, both here in Monsey where I live as well as in Jerusalem. They are all very warm and kind hearted people who are ready to do you a favor in the blink of an eye. They are hardly the type that you would call troublemakers.

                                              SOL ZELLER

09 Oct 05 - 01:11 PM (#1579480)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Oct 7 (Nachman of Bratslav)
From: Le Scaramouche

I don't intend to wrong the entire following, decent people for most part, but many of those here are chozer-beTshuva from many backgrounds, with plenty of hotheads. They like to throw their weight around, to say the least. In one incident they even threw stones and petrol bombs at someone's (either the mayor or security chief, can't recall precisely) house.