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2005 Camp Harmony

24 Oct 05 - 06:09 PM (#1590024)
Subject: Camp Harmony

Hi Friends,

Camp Harmony is fast approaching. For those of you who might not know, it's the New Years gathering of the San Francisco Folk Music Club and has been going on for upwards of 30 years now. Folks come from all over to eat themselves silly on camp cook Debbie McClatchy's wonderful chow, sing, play, dance and generally carry on. Check out the club's web site for details.

It's an amazing event! Come and experience it.

See all y'all there,

24 Oct 05 - 06:50 PM (#1590046)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Peter Kasin

I plan to go, but unfortunately can only get a couple of days off of work this time. Does harmony accept partial reg, or do I need to pay for the whole time?

24 Oct 05 - 06:57 PM (#1590050)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Desert Dancer

According to the registration info:

Drop in Registration

No pre-registration is necessary to drop in for all or part of Camp (meals not included). A limited number of meals may be available for purchase at Harmony for drop-in campers. The Camp Information form should be read by anyone planning on attending Camp Harmony.

24 Oct 05 - 07:21 PM (#1590065)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Joe Offer

So, Desert Dancer, does that mean you're coming?
-Joe, Chief Camp Harmony Floor Mopper-

24 Oct 05 - 07:37 PM (#1590076)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Desert Dancer

Oh, man... someday, somehow!! (In this case, just torturing myself, as usual, reading about it.)

And now that I've read more, Chanteyranger you can pre-register for less than the full week, too. :-)

~ Becky in Tucson

25 Oct 05 - 12:59 AM (#1590266)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Peter Kasin

Thank you, Becky. I could have looked in the form meself...just a little lazy today.

25 Oct 05 - 03:45 AM (#1590289)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: open mike

it is the best way to see out
the old year and see in the
new one.
and it is inspiring to meet
Faith Petric and all the
other folkies there. The
location is in the redwoods
in rustic cabins and the
variety of workshops and
music there is quite a

26 Oct 05 - 12:59 AM (#1590874)
Subject: RE: Camp Harmony
From: Mark Cohen

Amen to that! My daughter and I will be there again...just sent in my registration. Can't wait! (Maybe it won't rain quite as much this year...but even if it does, it will be wonderful.)