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happy? - Oct 28 (Sidney William Hawkins)

28 Oct 05 - 10:10 PM (#1592867)
Subject: happy? - Oct 28 (Sidney William Hawkins)
From: Abby Sale

Through the sponsorship of the Library of Congress and the University of California, Berkeley, Sidney Cowell (then Robertson) was able to apply for and receive official WPA (Works Projects Administration) approval for her California Folk Music Project through the WPA in California. The California Folk Music Project opened on October 28, 1938. It is considered the first field collection of USian ethnic material other than Native American and African American. The fine multimedia material - song, story, oral history - is available at L of C: "California Gold".

(I can't find her exact date of birth nowheres. Do you know it?)

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(?? Sorry, I was sure this posted this morning.)