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Van Ronk Biography

01 Nov 05 - 04:25 PM (#1595242)
Subject: Van Ronk Biography
From: Steve-o

The subject may have come up and I missed it, but I just finished reading "The Mayor of MacDougal Street", Dave Van Ronk's biography, and I just have to say it was GREAT. Not only is this book filled with wonderful memories of the Great Folk Scare, Greenwich Village, and all those struggling young musicians, but Dave was just a terrific writer! He puts it all in the context of the politics and tenor of the times, and there is not a single page that won't have you chuckling and marveling. HIGHLY recommended!

01 Nov 05 - 07:54 PM (#1595384)
Subject: RE: Van Ronk Biography
From: Big Al Whittle

it has come up before but yes it is a brilliant book. I also recommend the same author's book on Josh White.

Fascinating insights into two very creative people - their lives nad hard times, plus the eternal struggle they fought everyday to remain performing, even when fashions changed.

02 Nov 05 - 04:21 PM (#1595987)
Subject: RE: Van Ronk Biography
From: Joybell

Yes we loved it too. Dave was a wonderful story-teller. Joy