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happy? – Nov 19 (the Flood begins)

19 Nov 05 - 09:03 AM (#1608861)
Subject: happy? – Nov 19 (the Flood begins)
From: Abby Sale

On 11/19 in 2005:

Cheshvan 17, 656 AM

the Flood begins (Gen 7:11)

        Brother Noah, Brother Noah,
        May I come into the Ark of the Lord
        For it's growing very dark and it's raining very hard.

        Halleloo, Halleloo, Halleloo, Hallelujah!

                "Brother Noah," My Pious Friends and Drunken Companions by Frank Shay

The land is dry and God tells Noah to leave the Ark on Cheshvan 27, 657 AM (Nov 29 CE)
(I can't help but feel Van Ronk's version has unfortunately lost much of the deep religious nature of the song in his version.)

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