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Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)

15 Jan 99 - 10:58 AM (#54221)
Subject: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Boston Bill

Sorry this will have to be a bit of a detective game! It has the line "From shore to shore, the ocean for to cross". Also it has the words: "wreck" and "sink". I have found 4 other versions but not this one. I may be able to get more lines if needed. For an old County Mayo accordian player.(not myself). Help anyone.

15 Jan 99 - 12:36 PM (#54238)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Gene

If the version you are seeking is not among the 8 different versions in the database... it would help if you would post those you have so as not to duplicate effort and help other MUD/catters help you... -Gene

15 Jan 99 - 03:24 PM (#54263)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Boston Bill

Gene: There is no match to any of the 8 TITANIC versions in this data base. I have not found others. Thanks Boston Bill

16 Jan 99 - 01:32 AM (#54359)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Boston Bill

Got an update for this detective game: "The world o'er from shore to shore whilst mourners at the loss on that big ship on her first trip the ocean for to cross There was no fear but joy and cheer on that good ship's deck but who would think that she was to sink and become a total wreck." Should be close but not exact. Thanks to anyone. Boston Bill

03 Nov 05 - 08:40 PM (#1596904)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE TITANIC
From: Jim Dixon

Lyrics copied from
No source is cited there, that I could find.


The world o'er from shore to shore will mourn at the loss
Of that big ship on her first trip the ocean for to cross.
There was no fear, but joy and cheer upon that big ship's deck.
O, who would think she was to sink and become a total wreck?

    Remainder of lyrics deleted, per discussion below. If you need help finding the remainder of this song, contact me.
    -Joe Offer-

04 Nov 05 - 02:12 AM (#1597062)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version

Micho Russell, July 4 1988. Recorded by Nathan D Rose at Micho's home, Doolin, Co Clare.

The link to information is at the bottom of the page. Please note Nathan's request:

"You may download files for your own use, but please don't post them on another website; you are welcome, of course, to link to this page from another site."

04 Nov 05 - 08:10 AM (#1597205)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Jim Dixon

Nathan D. Rose doesn't make it easy to navigate through his site. I found the lyrics with Google, but the page that has the lyrics doesn't provide any links to the pages that explain where the lyrics came from. And his home page doesn't provide any clue that the lyrics exist.

I've reconstructed the pathway from his home to the lyrics:

At his home page, click "ballad links."

On the "ballads" page, click "my own field work."

This brings up a page called "Watson Fellowship," which contains the request "You may download files..." that GUEST quoted above. On that page, click "Ireland" under the heading "Skip the map...."

That brings up a list of singers. Click "Micho Russell, 1988."

On the page about Micho Russell, click "The Titanic."

The trouble is, if you arrive at "The Titanic" from Google or from a link outside the site, you have no way to navigate backwards through the above path.

I would have been happy to comply with Mr. Rose's request if only I had seen it.

I plan to e-mail him with some suggestions.

04 Nov 05 - 07:07 PM (#1597659)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: Jim Dixon

Thanks, Joe.

05 Nov 05 - 01:26 AM (#1597847)
Subject: RE: Need Titanic Lyrics: Old/Irish version
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

Always remember the line between




Lacks of one...frequently scintilates a compass-bearing to the other.



06 Oct 11 - 03:37 PM (#3234976)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)

The song is available on the Mico Russell LP (and now CD) released by Free Reed

06 Oct 11 - 07:13 PM (#3235076)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)
From: Ross Campbell

Nathan Rose appears to have added a couple of Back-step links to the lyrics page linked above. However, most of the links he references are broken, including the one for the Digital Tradition ( mean anything to anybody?)

07 Oct 11 - 01:52 AM (#3235190)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)
From: RunrigFan

Click here

----------------------Clicky added. Mudelf---------------

07 Oct 11 - 02:01 PM (#3235447)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)
From: Liberty Boy

The Titanic

You feeling hearted Christians, come listen to my tale,
How the gallant ship Titanic, for New York bound did sail,
She was lovely and the largest boat, that ever sailed the sea,
Alas, she struck an iceberg, and it plunged her to the deep.

She was the pride of Belfast built, the glory of her crew.
She had every fixture, every comfort, the art of man e'er knew,
A regular floating palace, from stem to stern was she,
But she lies with fifteen hundred souls, deep in the Atlantic Sea.

'Twas a beautiful April morning, she sailed from Southampton Quay,
There was millionaires as well as poor, bound for Amerikay,
There was joy and hope in every heart, as she sailed the ocean blue.
A veteran skipper on her bridge, nine hundred men her crew.

She called at Queenstown on that trip, for Irish girls and boys,
They were leaving dear old Ireland, in a strange land to employ,
For the last time those poor emigrants, gazed on their native shore,
They nobly died, God rest their souls, we'll never see them more.

All went well 'till the fourteenth day of April it drew nigh,
It was in the middle of the night, an iceberg floated by,
The Titanic proudly sailed along, unmindful of her foe,
Then a sudden smash, an awful crash, and the cries from down below.

Brave Captain Smith was on the bridge, and gave the order clear,
The wireless operator, sent the message, far and near,
"Save us oh save us," there came that dreadful cry,
Sad to relate, help came too late, fifteen hundred souls did die.

There was so much confusion, for, none thought the ship could fail,
The band was playing sweet and low, there was no storm or gale,
When all at once the boats were launched, in rushed the water wild,
The husband parted from the wife, the mother from her child.

Oh Lord it was a dreadful sight, and the terror still remains,
To see the doomed ones rush on deck, and hear them breathe a prayer,
"Women and children first" was cried, seven hundred all were saved,
But the rest went down, in the watery deep, to meet a martyr's grave.

That grand old ship Carpathia, she heard our mournful cry,
And putting on full steam ahead, to the Titanic she did fly,
She saved those in the lifeboats, landed them in New York Bay,
But the ones she left behind her now, await the judgement day.

Let us raise our voice to the heavens on high, and join in a prayer of love,
That the Irish boys and girls on board, will meet with God above,
May those poor souls who perished, in the Titanic, have no dread.
Of their reward in heaven, when, the sea gives up its dead.

Recorded by me from Michael "Straighty" Flanagan of Inagh Co. Clare in the back of Marrinans after one of the singing recitals of the Willie Clancy Summer School in 1985 or '86.

19 Oct 11 - 10:05 AM (#3241294)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE PRIDE OF BELFAST (Seaholm)
From: Jim Dixon

I have no idea which of the many Titanic threads would be the best one to add this to, so I might as well add it here.

From The Blacksmiths Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6 (Chicago: International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers, June, 1912), page 43:


She was the pride of Belfast and she was declared to be
The ocean's greatest greyhound, the mistress of the sea;
And as she left her moorings with thousands on the shore,
That cried "God speed" not thinking that they'd never see her more.

'Twas on a Sunday evening, with the ocean calm and clear,
And hope and joy in every breast, no thought of danger near.
For like a stately queen she glides, then comes a crash, and lo,
Their hope is turned to anguish, and their joy to bitter woe.

"Women and children first," they cry, as they swing the lifeboats clear,
Wherever danger's lurking, brave men are always near.
God bless the gallant heroes, their agonies are o'er,
But their deed in sago and in song, shall live for evermore.

Titantic. O Titantic! her fate makes strong men weep;
She carried fifteen hundred souls to a briny grave and deep.
A sacrifice to the lust for gold, a sacrifice to fame,
The White Star line now a record holds to her everlasting shame.

CHORUS: "Nearer My God" they sang, "Nearer to Thee,"
Of earthly hope bereft, facing eternity.
O how the music swelled from brave men's hearts it welled:
"Nearer My God to Thee." and they sank in that icebound sea.


19 Oct 11 - 10:47 AM (#3241322)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)
From: Jim Carroll

According to D K Wilgus there were 7 Irish ballads ("only one having anything but praise for the actions of the captain and the crew") on the sinking of the Titanic (article entitled 'Irish Traditional Songs', published in 'Views of the Irish Peasantry', ed. Casey and Rhodes, Archon Books, Conn. 1977)".
I was told that Wilgus claimed there were in the region of 60-odd songs in the English language on the incident.
Jim Carroll