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Lyr Add: The Worrisome Years (Greg Brown)

06 Dec 05 - 06:18 PM (#1621519)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WORRISOME YEARS (Greg Brown)
From: Jim Dixon

This song spoke to me today. You can hear it if you go to the web site of The Morning Show on Minnesota Public Radio, and play the archived program for today (Tuesday, 6-December-2005), you will hear it 11 minutes and 50 seconds from the beginning of the program.

Greg Brown

CHORUS: In the worrisome years, over the hill,
I thought it's s'posed to get easier to pay your bills.
I got nothing to show 'cept a worrisome heart.
Can you please tell me, when does the good part start?

I done like they told me. I done like I should,
Ever since I started, just tryin' to make good,
Tryin' to make a good life for my family,
But I can't buy any o' that stuff the kids want from TV. CHORUS

I think about leavin', but where would I go?
How would I get there? I don't know.
I took my stand here. I don't want to roam.
This old town ain't much, but it's all I know o' home. CHORUS

Oh, I look at Sharon. She looks at me.
We don't talk no more about our dreams.
We don't have no fun the way we used to do.
Well, don't be disappointed in me, baby. I ain't disappointed in you.

CHORUS: It's just the worrisome years....

[Recorded by Greg Brown on "Down in There," Red House CD #35, 1990; and "If I Had Known," Red House CD #171, 2003.]

06 Dec 05 - 06:33 PM (#1621530)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Worrisome Years (Greg Brown)

The song spoke to you???

Must be quite a song. What sort of haircut did it have?