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Lyr Req: Adelaide (trad. Italian)

14 Dec 05 - 03:30 PM (#1627386)
Subject: Adelaide - Italian song
From: GUEST,Murray on Salt Spring

In Baron Corvo's novel "The Desire & Pursuit of the Whole" he quotes a pop song of Venice (time about 1910) (and gives the music)- I'm wondering what the complete song is. It starts:

Laide,Laide porta pazienza i senti
Laide no xe momenti d'abandonar l'amor.

Any info about this??

05 Jun 06 - 10:56 PM (#1753783)
Subject: RE: Adelaide - Italian song
From: GUEST,valentino

Hi all, Just wondering if there are any great ballads or love songs for "nona" or mum in calabrese or italian as my nona just passed away and id like to play some songs at the church.

I already have "mamma" are there any others for this type of occasion.


06 Jun 06 - 09:34 AM (#1754081)
Subject: RE: Adelaide - Italian song
From: polaitaly

Valentino, "nonna" is italian for grandmother: I'm not aware of a word similar to "nonna" meaning "mother" in any Italian dialect ( But I could be wrong).
I'm relly sorry for your loss - I know first hand how it feels.

27 Sep 11 - 10:26 PM (#3230298)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Adelaide - Italian song
From: GUEST,Murray on Saltspring

Refresh -
surely the informed Mudcatters can help???

28 Sep 11 - 07:18 PM (#3230832)
Subject: Lyr Add: ADELAIDE (trad Italian)
From: Jim Dixon

From Ribruscolando by Alessandro Pericle Ninni (Venezia: Tipografia Longhi e Montanari, 1899), page 36:


1. Cara la mia Adelaide
Porta pazienza e senti,
Questi no xe momenti
D' abandonar l' amor.

2. Go bandonà el mio primo,
Bandonarò el secondo,
Voi bandonar el mondo,
No ghe ne vogio più saver.