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Lyr Add: Golden Mansions (Utah Phillips)

18 Dec 05 - 02:10 PM (#1630089)
Subject: Lyr Add: GOLDEN MANSIONS (Utah Phillips)

Utah Phillips

Just like the flowers that strew the hillside,
With the world at our command,
We were bound to be true lovers,
Too young to understand.

CHORUS: There will be no golden mansions
As our old songs often tell,
For the mill has torn your beauty
And the mine my youth as well.

The careless promise that was given,
It was never meant to be,
For my heart had blinded reason
As you gave yourself to me. CHORUS

I have secrets I could tell you.
You have secrets of your own.
All the years we've been together,
You and I have lived alone.

One by one the children parted,
Down the road where we have been,
Without a simple word of warning
Of a deadly lesson there. CHORUS

And now beside the firelight dreaming
Of a far off peaceful shore,
Let there be a rolling hillside
Where our flowers may bloom again.

Let there be a golden mansion,
As our old songs often tell,
And from this world of broken promise,
Let us haste to say farewell;
And from this world of broken promise,
Let us haste to say farewell.

18 Dec 05 - 02:21 PM (#1630105)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Golden Mansions
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

The song is included in "Starlight on the Rails," a 4-cd digipack of Utah Phillips' songs, released in 2005 (disc 3).