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Nic Jones

19 Jan 99 - 07:51 PM (#54806)
Subject: Nic Jones
From: Kathleen Morgain

I know I'm revisiting an old thread here, but I've just received a copy of "In Search Of", the compilation of old Nic Jones recordings. Being a long time fan, I love it.

They included a nice note thanking me for sending an international money order. But I had a heckuva time getting that. I'm not a customer of any commercial bank, so none locally (Seattle) would sell one to me. I went to the Post Office, where first I was told they don't do that, then went back again after finding out they do, and paying $8 for the privilege of having to give them the current exchange rate. (The clerk first mentioned it would be something like $700. - I'm not making this up). That bought me a certificate I then had to send to St Louis, with information on where to send the fourteen pounds sterling and where Mollie Music was to send the CD.

Next time, and I hope there is enough previously unreleased material for a "next time", I will go to a commercial bank, pay for a twenty pound note (Britain so far, is holding off on the euro) and just send that through the mail to Mollie Music. Slightly more cash for them, slightly cheaper for me, and a lot less hassle.

This sounds too much like a rant, so for those of you who have made it through this far, there's a happy ending.

For others who can't get Nic's music out of their heads and can't ever find any of the old albums, I've made a new internet aquaintance who says he has taped them for me and that they're on their way. If they really show up, I'll be happy to pass the favor on to people here who may be interested.

20 Jan 99 - 03:57 PM (#54937)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Dr John

Kathleen, Glad you like Nic Jones, there have been quite a few threads about him, some with challenges which weren't taken up! You can still get "Penguin Eggs" on CD (Topic) and the LP's are available second hand from a very good source - - worth looking up dispite the title! Fairly expensive but the material is excellent and the service second to none.

21 Jan 99 - 11:40 AM (#55054)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: aldus

I love Nic Jones, but find his stuff very hard to get. Also, coud ypu tell us what is on the new compilation. I'd like to order it but would like to know what is on it ? Thanks..

21 Jan 99 - 02:25 PM (#55069)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Dr John

aldus, "In Search of Nic Jones" CD has on it:- Seven Yellow Gypsies Texas Girl at the Funeral of her Father Lord Franklyn Swimming Song Ploughman Lads Ruins by the Shore On Board the Kangaroo Hardiman the Fiddler Green to Gray Rose of Allendale Teddy Bears' Picnic Thanksgiving All previously unissued. I have to say that the sound quality is not of course always A1 but excellent CD non the less. You should be able to get "Penguin Eggs" from Topic. He also sings a couple of tracks on "The Halliard: John Raven/ Jolly Macine" a CD available from Mike Raven. There's also one track on "Ballads" from Fellside which is an excellent CD although the rest is by others. The old LP's should be available from time to time from the site I posted above. Let me know if youwant any addresses.

21 Jan 99 - 06:48 PM (#55102)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Kathleen Morgain

Dear Doctor and Aldus:

I checked your website and to my delight, all the old albums were there, but alas, the prices are prohibitive.

So I will hope for the tapes and though the sound quality will not be the best, will be happy to copy for you if desired.


24 Jan 99 - 05:14 PM (#55502)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones

re: Nic Jones Tablature in Mike Raven's book, "English Folk Guitar" I believe the book is still available:

Music Exchange of Manchester Mail Order Dept X Claverton Road Wythenshawe Manchester M23 9ZA Tel: 0161 945 6810

They also have a website which will have on-line catalogues soon. See::

18 Mar 01 - 12:26 PM (#420447)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones

Hi - have stumbled on this gem site today.

I have been playing guitar for 35 years and have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jones a few times at gigs in Devon. I used to do a fairly reasonble impression of Canadeei-io and a few others. Iwas quite active in the open tuning stuff in the early seventies ;-) I can stil play quite a few of Al Stewart's clever instrumentals - Room of Roots, Once and orange ......

So many thanks - i am really pleae Nc is stil around and I haveordered the "otherCD". For God's sake why don't Topic release all of Nic's stuff???????? Or is tat too sensible???

Bye drian

18 Mar 01 - 01:00 PM (#420458)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Malcolm Douglas

Topic don't own the rights to the first four albums, and never did.  The whole sorry story is told in other Nic Jones threads here; you can find them via the "Digitrad and Forum Search" on the main Forum page.


18 Mar 01 - 01:06 PM (#420461)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones

Is Nic Jones singing a song called William and Jane?


18 Mar 01 - 01:36 PM (#420477)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Morticia

don't forget to click on the banjo and see if any of Mudcats supporting retailers can help you with an album, this makes money to keep Max in beer, which keeps him in a good mood and therefore, keeps him running this site

18 Mar 01 - 08:10 PM (#420630)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: dick greenhaus

I'm getting a mite weary of pointing this out, but everything currently available by Nic Jones is available at Camsco Music. "In search of" sells for $18; Penguin Eggs for $13.98. Both plus shipping, and with no exchange rate problems (note: US dollars, not pounds).

Camsco also carries everything else that's in print.

19 Mar 01 - 06:15 AM (#420746)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Chris/Darwin


Would love to purchase "In Search Of", but it is not listed at the Camsco site - in fact, Nic Jones is not mentioned at all.



19 Mar 01 - 07:48 PM (#421214)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones

If Camsco really haven't got it then you can get it direct from Nic Jones, details at but then you may have International Money Order hassle as mentioned by many Mudcatters.

19 Mar 01 - 10:07 PM (#421253)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: Noreen

Camsco will get it for you.

20 Mar 01 - 01:42 AM (#421316)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
From: dick greenhaus

Since Camsco can povide ANY CD that's currently in print, it's not likely that there will ever be a complete Camsco catalog (though I'm working diligently on an updated one with a friendlier interface). If there's something you want (even if you don't know whether it exists or not), contact me: personal message, E-Mail at or phone at 800/546-FOLK (3655).

As far as the shipping cost that some GUEST or other keeps complaining about, the $4.20 (domestic) is somewhat steep for a single CD. The per-CD cost is halved if you order two, and (depending upon the price of the recordings) is usually on-third if you order three. For large orders, the Shipping and Handling cost is usually less than the actual postage. If you think this is a sneaky way to encourage multiple-CD orders, you're wrong. Nothing sneaky about it.

20 Mar 01 - 05:02 PM (#421895)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones

"Caution to the Wind", 1981 on Highway (UK).
Currently on ebay. Has 7-8 Nic Jones selections. At $15 today.