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happy? – Jan 28 (Burke)

29 Jan 06 - 10:39 AM (#1657367)
Subject: happy? – Jan 28 (Burke / Cowboy Poetry)
From: Abby Sale

Edinburgh: One of Scotland's great culture heroes
William Burke
was hanged to a crowd of 20,000 on 1/28/1829

His partner, William Hare, had turned him in and got off. (The crime, of course, was at first bodysnatching. Later on, it was sort of snatching the bodies before they were quite ready to die.

        All ye that stand around me,
        I pray to me attend
        Give ear unto my story,
        Mark well my wretched end.
        There's not a friend around me
        For me will shed a tear,
        But eve rejoicing
        To see my end so near.

                "Burke's Confession," Grieg, _F-S of the N-E_, #XXXVI;
                also DigTrad, "Burke and Hare"
Beginning the 4th Saturday of January, (1/28-2/4 in 2006) at the Western Folklife Center, Elko, Nevada
The 22nd Cowboy Poetry Gathering
[Western Folklife Center], (888) 880-5885. (Some events sell out by November – reserve early)

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved
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28 Jan 12 - 07:19 PM (#3298161)
Subject: RE: happy? – Jan 28 (Burke / Cowboy poetry)
From: Joe Offer

refresh - happy January 28

28 Jan 12 - 07:34 PM (#3298170)
Subject: RE: happy? – Jan 28 (Burke / Cowboy poetry)
From: pdq

This year's National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is Jan 30 through Feb 4, in Elko, of course.

I believe you can catch it live of internet radio.