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Happy! – Feb 10 (Gavin Greig)

10 Feb 06 - 08:08 AM (#1665922)
Subject: Happy! – Feb 10 (Gavin Greig)
From: Abby Sale

Happy Birthday!

One of the greatest of all folksong and tune collectors and scholars,

Gavin Greig

was born


at Parkhill in Aberdeenshire

This is the same Greig as in the Greig~Duncan Folk Song Collection

Aside from a few, mostly posthumous publications, the great bulk of his extraordinary fieldwork was unknown outside the NorthEast of Scotland. For decades Arthur Argo pleaded with the academic world to just have a look at his great-grandfather's notes and texts of over 2000 songs. No one could until Parick Shuldham-Shaw and Emily Lyle of the School of Scottish Studies and other brilliant scholars worked 20 years to produce one of the most important folk song studies ever printed.

(If the Flanders collection in America is as lucky, we'll be indeed fortunate.)

He was pretty much contemporary with his distant relative Edvard Grieg who also dealt a bit with folk music.
(Note that the Norwegian branch of the family changed the spelling and pronounciation of the name.)

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10 Feb 06 - 01:49 PM (#1666225)
Subject: Greig-Grieg
From: Joe Offer

I've wondered about a possible Greig-Grieg relation, ever since I learned that Edvar's family was Scottish, and had changed the spelling of the family name from "Greig."
-Joe Offer-

10 Feb 06 - 05:12 PM (#1666369)
Subject: RE: Happy! – Feb 10 (Gavin Greig)
From: Abby Sale

I only have this because Arthur told me so. "Distant cousin" was the best he knew. Of course "distant cousin" might include every Greig in the world but I'm sure he meant much closer, like 2nd. Family knowledge is longish over there.