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Fause Fause Hae ye Bin

16 Feb 06 - 01:05 PM (#1670080)
Subject: Fause Fause Hae ye Bin
From: purrplevoice

Help has anyone the lyrics for this song, I have searched everywhere can think of but no luck, someone somewhere must know, please tell me so I can know too. Thanks muchly

16 Feb 06 - 03:21 PM (#1670097)
Subject: RE: Fause Fause Hae ye Bin
From: Scotus

I think I may have this somewhere by Jeannie Robertson - I'll have a rummage.


16 Feb 06 - 05:33 PM (#1670305)
Subject: Lyr Add: Fause Fause Hae ye Bin
From: Susanne (skw)

Here's one version from the DT: False False Hae Ye Been To Me My Love

And this is the version Annie Grace sings on 'Scots Women' (2001):


Fause, fause hae ye been tae me, my love
And often you've changed your mind
But noo ye've lain your love on some other fair one
And I fear you are no more mine

I climbed into a tree that was far too high for me
Seeking fruit where there wasn 't any growing
And I've drawn warm water frae beneath cauld stane
But against the stream I was rowing

But I mean to climb into another high tree
To harry on the white snowflake's nest
Then down I will fall without any fear
To the arms of the one that loves me best

17 Feb 06 - 12:25 PM (#1671221)
Subject: RE: Fause Fause Hae ye Bin
From: purrplevoice

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Scotus and Susanne for posting the lyrics of Fause Fause for me I really thought that only way I would be able to learn them would be singing along with album, but I needed to confirm some of the words. thanks again, PV