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Lyr Add: Guise o' Tough

01 Mar 06 - 08:08 PM (#1682738)
Subject: Lyr Add: GUISE O' TOUGH
From: GUEST,Jim I

Guise o' Tough

I gaed up tae Alford,
for tae get a fee
I fell in wi' Jamie Broon
an' wi' him I did agree

Tum a hi dum do, Tum a hi dum day
Hi dum diddle, dum a dandy o

I engaged wi' Jamie Broon
in the year o' ninety wan
Tae gang an' ca' his second pair
an' be his orra man

When I gaed hame tae Alford
'twas on an evening clear
An' oot aboot some orra hoose
the gaffer did appear

I'm the maister o' this place
an' that's the mistress there
An' ye'll get plenty cheese an' bried
an' plenty mair tae spare

I sat an'' ate at cheese an' bried
till they did roon me stare
And fegs I thocht that it was time
tae gang an' see ma pair

I gaed tae the stable
my pairie for tae view
An' fegs they were a dandy pair,
a chestnut and a blue

On the followin' mornin'
I gaed tae the ploo'
But lang, lang or lowsin' time
my pairie gart me rue

My ploo' she wisnae workin' weel,
she widna thraw the fur
The gaffer says "There's a better ane
at the smiddy tae gang for"

When I got hame the new ploo'
she pleased me unco weel
But I thocht she wid dae better gin
she had a cuttin' wheel

We hae a little baillie
and Jamieson's his name
And he's gane doon tae Alford
an' raised an awfy fame

We hae a gallant kitchie lass
an' Simpson is her name
An' for tae tell her pedigree
I really wad think shame

She dresses up on Sunday
wi' a heid abeen the level
Wi' twa raws o' ivory
wad scare the very devil

Noo my sang is ended
and I won't sing any more
An' if ye be offended
ye can walk ootside the door

From "The Scottish Folksinger" 1973, Norman Buchan & Peter Hall (taken from "Folk Songs of the North East" by Gavin Greig

01 Mar 06 - 09:20 PM (#1682802)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: (Hiring Fair) Guise o' Tough
From: GUEST,scotus

Wow! Jim - That's a couple of really great bothy songs you've posted today. I'm a big fan of these as well. I'm sure you must be familiar with Jock Duncan's recent recordings of these and many more?


01 Mar 06 - 09:37 PM (#1682820)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: (Hiring Fair) Guise o' Tough
From: Malcolm Douglas

Are you able to add the tune? I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid I don't have time at the moment.

02 Mar 06 - 06:16 PM (#1683632)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: (Hiring Fair) Guise o' Tough
From: GUEST,Jim I

I have the dots but I don't know how to do that here. Any suggestions - it's quite a simple tune.

02 Mar 06 - 08:17 PM (#1683738)
Subject: Tune Add: GUISE O' TOUGH
From: masato sakurai

Here's the tune.

T:Guise o' Tough
B:Norman Buchan & Peter Hall, The Scottish Folksinger (Collins, 1973), p. 120
"F"F3/2F/ FF F2 F2|AG F/A3/2 c4|
w:I gaed up to Al-ford, For to get a fee
"Bb"dd dd "F"c/c/ c2 A/A/|"Gm"GA GF "C7"D2||
w:I fell in wi' Jam-ie Broon, An' wi' him I did a-gree.
C/C3/2|"F"F2 F2 F2 FF|(AG) (FA) c4|
w:Ch.~Tum a hi dum do, Tum a hi_ dum_ day,
"Bb"f2 d2 "F"c/d3/2 FA|"C7"G2 F2 "F"F4||
w:Hi dum did-dle, Dum a dan-dy o.

02 Mar 06 - 08:33 PM (#1683748)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: (Hiring Fair) Guise o' Tough
From: Malcolm Douglas

Thanks, Masato. Buchan and Hall's brief note suggests that the tune may be a collation in the form they printed it ("traditional - various singers").

02 Mar 06 - 08:48 PM (#1683761)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: (Hiring Fair) Guise o' Tough
From: GUEST,Scotus

The tune is the same as (or at least very similar to)'Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow'.

The chorus I have for Guise o' Tough (but can't remember where from)is:

Tum a Hi Doo Do, Tum a Ho Doo Day

Hi Tum a Diddle Tum a Dandy O