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Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)

18 Mar 06 - 08:44 AM (#1696865)
Subject: Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)
From: Abby Sale

Happy Birthday!

Concertinister & piper, especially with the marvelous High Level Ranters

Alistair Anderson

was born 3/18/1948
in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear (a Metropolitan Borough) England.

Per the AMG biography: "A pioneering force in Northumbrian folk music." Later, [thanx George Hawes] he co-founded Folkworks, the UK's leading regional Folk Development Agency, currently (1998) involved in Arts Centre project on Tyneside.

Early warning notice: This series of the Happy File noncontinues beginning April 16.
Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved
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19 Mar 06 - 06:27 AM (#1697557)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)
From: Folkiedave

Alistair was kind enough to play his concertina over my wife´s belly, when my eldest daughter was still in the womb about two months before she was born.

Amazingly she doesn´t have a musical note in her body!

Clearly nature rather than nuture I´d say.

Mind he is wearing well for 58.

19 Mar 06 - 09:08 PM (#1698230)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)
From: georgeward

An inspiration as a musician in his own right, and all the more so for his work with Folkworks (we need Folkworks-equivalents the whole world 'round).

Happy! indeed (Thank you, Abby). And Happy Birthday to one of those who make the music live.

- G

20 Mar 06 - 10:11 AM (#1698605)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)
From: GUEST,Hen Harrier

Here, here!

20 Mar 06 - 11:45 AM (#1698680)
Subject: RE: Happy! - Mar 18 (Alistair Anderson)
From: GUEST,DocTom

Or even Hear! Hear!

18 Mar 11 - 07:22 AM (#3116338)
Subject: Alexander's Ragtime Band 100 today
From: mayomick

Alexander's Ragtime Band was first published one hundred years ago today on 18 March, 1911. Happy Centenary .