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Martin Guitars & great customer service

05 Apr 06 - 10:23 AM (#1711086)
Subject: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: MarkS

Some time back I bought a Martin OOCXAE - the composite body acoustic with a pickup. Started having trouble with the bridge pulling away from the body so I returned it back to Martin for lifetime warrantee repair. Yesterday a box from Martin arrived - they did not repair my guitar, they replaced it with a brand new instrument. Blew me away!
Martin deserves a big congrats for great support and attitude of standing behind their products.
Thought I would share this here. This is a great company.

05 Apr 06 - 10:48 AM (#1711117)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: Bee-dubya-ell

A similar thing happened to a friend with Gibson. He sent his A style Flatiron Mandolin back for warranty work and, after not hearing back from them for a reasonable length of time, called them to check on the status of the repair. They told him that they couldn't find his mando and sent him a much more expensive F model as a replacement. Then they did find his A model, repaired it, sent it back to him and told him to just keep the F model as well. It doesn't excuse their misplacing his instrument, but it shows a lot of class.

05 Apr 06 - 09:16 PM (#1711556)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: Bobert

Get used to it, Mark... Martin absolutely stands behind their instruments... I purchased my D-18 in 1966 new and, other than strings, Martin has fixed all kinds of stuff, includin' cracks from variuos little accidents.... Three years ago they paid to have the neck reset and had a new bone saddle made....

Now, Mark, take that Original Owners certificvate and put it in a safety deposit box... I'm not joking... That's where mine stays...

And, good choice of guitars...


06 Apr 06 - 09:17 AM (#1711831)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: Mooh

I get great delight hearing folks slag off Martin on some sites as a has-been company, too stuck in the past, blah, blah, blah. Man, oh man, here's a company that has been around longer than most countries, seen every conceivable trend come and go (remember their electrics?), ridden some trends, ignored others, seen competitors come and go, but always stood by their products and kept the long view. Service is and always was an important part of what they do, and a huge reason why Martin still commands respect in the marketplace. Few companies have had such a good reliable core group of products while messing about on the fringes of product development.

Some companies act like immature adolescents who get all self-conscious, offended, and hurt when looked at askance...not Martin.

Peace, Mooh.

06 Apr 06 - 10:29 PM (#1712321)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: Once Famous

I am flattered by all of this praise.

No, really. My monicker is because I know these guitars are fabulous. They are more than guitars. They are part of the American fabric.

07 Apr 06 - 02:05 PM (#1712644)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: Anonny Mouse

You don't hang around since 1833 with suck-o customer service. Martin is first-rate on this, and particularly sympathetic to older, out of production models. They have some great folks there. Gibson? I dunno-don't own one. Here's another tidbit MG may not enjoy--Taylor has a first-rate customer relations division as well. In any case, read some great sagas about Martins, Gibsons and Taylors over the years. I'd say that is one major incentive to buy a NEW guitar, as the life-time warrantee comes with it. Meanwhile, not to diss, but the latest Chinese darling, Blueridge, offers 1 year. Hmmmmmmm.

09 Feb 11 - 03:44 PM (#3091994)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: GUEST,martin

Hello, I am trying to get in touch with Martin Guitar Customer Service but their email address isn't working:
Can someone please email me the correct email address for Martin Customer Service.



09 Feb 11 - 03:49 PM (#3091997)
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars & great customer service
From: GUEST,999 that's their site