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Lyr Req: Saxby Gale (from Burl Ives)

15 Feb 99 - 08:37 PM (#58758)
Subject: Lyric help Burl Ives song

Trying to help a friend find the lyrics to an old Burl Ives tune: The Saxby Gale. That may not be the true name of the sea shanty but the Saxby Gale happened in late 1800's in the Maritimes. 70 some men lost their lives by ignoring warnings of the gale. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

16 Feb 99 - 09:38 AM (#58818)
Subject: RE: Lyric help Burl Ives song
From: karen k

Couldn't find anything in the one little Burl Ives songbook I have. Went to Alta Vista and searched for 'Saxby Gale'. Not much there and no songs mentioned. But there was the following:

Saxby was a lieutenant in the British Navy and an amateur astronomer. He predicted a great storm would strike on October 5, 1868, but he could not say exactly where. Few in New Brunswick took his statement seriously and hence little precaution was taken. Winds struck with great force on the day predicted. In St. John virtually every wharf, house, and factory was damaged or destroyed, plus vast losses and damages to ships near or in port. Shipbuilding, farming, fishing, and forest industries were devastated. Even so far inland as Fredricton and Stanley, damage to forests and buildings was great.

I'd be interested, as well, if anyone knows more about this.

karen k

16 Feb 99 - 09:41 AM (#58819)
Subject: RE: Lyric help Burl Ives song
From: karen k

Oops, forgot to mention the site address for the previous information.

I found it at:


11 Mar 99 - 07:57 PM (#62506)
Subject: RE: Lyric help Burl Ives song:Saxby Gale
From: mainemom

Still hoping for help with this.

12 Mar 99 - 07:03 PM (#62723)
Subject: RE: Lyric help Burl Ives song
From: bet

Just got home. My Burl Ives book is at school. When I go in tomorrow I'll see ehat I can find in it. It has many that you don't hear often. bet

21 May 05 - 09:08 AM (#1489976)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Saxby Gale (from Burl Ives)
From: Jim Dixon

There are better resources on the Internet now than in 1999, but I still can't find any information about a song about the Saxby Gale, sung by Burl Ives or anyone.