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BS: Money help needed

19 Jul 06 - 03:06 PM (#1787501)
Subject: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Mudcatter

Hi fellow catters.

Please excuse me withholding my name but I'm frankly embarrassed about posting this. I know from other postings that catters rise to the challenge.

First of all, this is not a begging posting, apart to beg for ideas.

I need to raise money fast. I'm willing to slog to get it. Has anyone got any ideas of raising, through work of some sort, some quick cash please?

I'm female and live in the north.


A grateful catter.

19 Jul 06 - 03:12 PM (#1787505)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Clinton Hammond

Call your local temp agency... You can probably be at work tomorrow afternoon....

If yer an American, donate blood.....

If yer not proud, go stand down by the docks.... men will show up and offer you money for services....

If that's not umm... *ahem* tasteful, go through your house and collect up stuff you don't need and put it on eBay... or auction it off through Mudcat (Though it seems that unless you're willing to donate 75%+ to Mudcat, no one is likely to bid)

If you're musically inclined, go busking....

19 Jul 06 - 03:14 PM (#1787509)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Georgiansilver

North US or UK or OZ or where please?

19 Jul 06 - 03:21 PM (#1787519)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Mudcatter

Thanks for the suggestions, CH.

North England, GS.

No work available at temp agencies at the moment. A lot of factories etc close down through part of July and August in this part of the country unfortunately.

I'm doing the ebay thing, including clothes that I really need but can manage without.

I think I'll manage without the docks, after all it's difficult to get men to pay more than sixpence for someone like me.


19 Jul 06 - 03:29 PM (#1787522)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,maryrrf

How much money are we talking about? Enough to tide you over for groceries and gas for a couple of weeks, or is it more serious than that? I was going to suggest selling stuff on-line, but you're already doing that. I've been doing that mostly to declutter and it does bring in a little bit. Although you will in most cases not get nearly what you paid for the stuff or what it's worth. Other suggestions - pet sitting, dog walking, odd jobs (I was strapped for cash at one point a few years ago during an unemployed spell and my neighbor paid me to clean out his mother in law's house. She had to go to a nursing home and I sorted through accumulated junk and arranged to dispose or store, and then painted and cleaned). Is it a job you need, or just quick cash for an emergency?

19 Jul 06 - 03:34 PM (#1787533)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Clinton Hammond

"factories etc close down through part of July and August"

Same round here, but there's TONS of other work for people who WANT to work.... call your temp agency....

More info as per maryrrfs request please

19 Jul 06 - 03:43 PM (#1787544)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: katlaughing

yard/tag/boot sale?

Tell everyone you know you are looking for immediate work; call as many people/places who might be looking for temporary workers. If possible and need be, offer to volunteer part of the time in exchange for the same amount in paid hours. What about yardwork? Any elderly neighbours you might be able to do house or yardwork for; or others who might need petsitters/housesitters?

Any friends/family who can tide you over for a short time?

Last I knew blood banks in the US don't pay for blood, CH.

19 Jul 06 - 03:50 PM (#1787554)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Clinton Hammond

Some states do KL....

they'll also pay for jizz too....

filthy 'Mericans....


(I tried the virtual yard sale thing.... it's still up if anyone is interested *hijack :-)

More 411, please BrokeCat.....

19 Jul 06 - 03:50 PM (#1787555)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Catter

I need about £15k. A fortune.

Great suggestions, everybody. Most I've already covered. I do a lot of work for elderly people on the estate already so I don't think I can start charging them now. I doubt anyone could afford it anyway.

I did wash a neighbour's car today and he gave me 50p!


19 Jul 06 - 03:51 PM (#1787556)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: wysiwyg

Red Cross ones don't pay, but some private ones still do.

Rent Party: Distribute handmade invitations to a clearly-labeled RENT PARTY, where people each bring a dish to pass and a beverage to share (be sure you specify that too). They can bring in quite a bit. You set out a hat or a bowl and let people decide what they can afford to give. And your job is to work really hard to hostess it and not feel guilty-- you're inviting them to a fun evening, especially if music will be involved (make sure it is).

If you yourself are a musician, make yourself the main entertainemt and schedule a few pals in support.

At the part, distribute a list of odd jobs you are able to do-- with a pile of extras set out for them to give friends.


19 Jul 06 - 03:53 PM (#1787562)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,maryrrf

15K is a lot. I can't think of any (legal) way to raise that amount of money quickly.

19 Jul 06 - 03:54 PM (#1787564)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Clinton Hammond

"I need about £15k."

Sell a kidney....

Good luck, BrokeCat!

19 Jul 06 - 05:21 PM (#1787638)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Sorcha

I'm thinking.....[I suppose this needs to be legal??? :D ]

19 Jul 06 - 05:51 PM (#1787665)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: katlaughing

Are you able to travel to where there are better work prospects, even temporary ones? Aside from busking, do you paint, write, etc.? Sell your crafts on the street; design signs for businesses? It would help a bit if we knew what kind of skills you have, though I can understand not wanting to post them to protect your anonymity. Good luck.

19 Jul 06 - 06:52 PM (#1787709)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Becca72

Most places don't pay for blood, but they do pay for plasma/platelets...though not much.

This may be a little strange and depends on your views/ethics/religion, etc, but being female have you considered "donating" eggs to a local fertility clinic? I hear there's great money in that, though I never have figured out how to go about it...nor am I sure I want to...but Clinton got me thinking with the "jizz" comment.

19 Jul 06 - 07:25 PM (#1787742)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Recovering Broke Mudcatter

Might be able to help, long shot, please email marshspirit @, but remove spaces (webcrawler defence)

19 Jul 06 - 11:18 PM (#1787880)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed

Through fare off ramps with a cardboard sign.

20 Jul 06 - 03:33 PM (#1788500)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: SunnySister

Hi there- I know you need a lot of money and boy do I wish I had it to give! I've been there and couldn't get the cash. Had to work through the consequences. :(

Two thoughts- 1) Open your address book and start sharing what's going on with you with those who care about you. Some may offer low or no interest loans, other may be able to give a gift. Sometimes problems are to be shared. I remember the time I was barely scrapping by and didn't have $25 to put towards my college application. When I did get it together, my application was late. My school advisor, upon hearing this get very irate with me. She took me by the shoulders and said, "Don't you have any idea what an honor it would have been to be asked and to have been able to help you?" Sometimes, all you need to do is ask- they are people who want and would like to help, if they knew. Also, think of little amounts by lots of people...

Second thought and not a lot of money but some to help, busking. If I need to pay for my food for the week, and I'm low on funds due to paying my tuition, sometimes I go and sing at the BART (subway) Station here. I sing without accompaniment and have a notebook that I hold so if I get nervous, I can just look at that while singing. I find that not only do I get money for my food, I feel a whole lot better afterwards. Busking is a win-win. They get music and you get a little money for your trouble.

Wish I could give better advice but I think they are both worth your time... Sending my best,

20 Jul 06 - 07:11 PM (#1788678)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Grab

£15K *quickly*...?

If you've not got the skills already to get you a job paying thousands per week, you're not going to get any more fast. Blood/plasma/platelet/organ donation doesn't get you money in the UK, by law. As distasteful as it sounds, Clinton's "money for services" is frankly the only way of earning significant money fast without risk of imprisonment. Otherwise the only thing to make that kind of money fast is armed robbery or drug dealing, which ain't a good bet. In other words, it really isn't possible.

Question is, what do you need £15K for urgently? If it's a debt that's accumulated over time (credit cards or whatever), there's plenty of standard ways for sorting that out. If you're really stuck, bankrupcy is an option, or most reputable places will let you agree a repayment strategy so long as you show that you're not still spending stupidly. Or if it's to buy out your ex-husband's share of the house/car/yacht/goldfish, find a bank/building society that'll do a secured loan (cheaper than unsecured).

Also, how fast is "fast"? If it's of the order of "within the next 10 years", then saving pennies from busking and doing a paper-round is fine. If it's more like "by September", you're screwed.

For actually getting work, as Clinton says, find a temp agency, or somewhere else that uses casual labour. This time of year, fruit-picking is an easy option, or there's other unskilled jobs like bakeries, hotel cleaning, supermarket stacking, etc, etc where you just need to ring round and ask. Make sure you're *always* available - don't pass up a single post if something comes up, unless you're actually employed at the time. They often have a list of temps where the "reliable" ones get called first, and if you turn it down then you drop off the "reliable" list and don't get back on until someone else drops out and they get back round to you again. I made that mistake once when I wanted some temp work one summer, and I never got another call from them.

Other alternatives (which you might be able to do part-time) are ironing, cleaning or gardening. Stick ads in as many shops and supermarkets as you can.

If you're seriously in need of work and you've got no particular skills, chances are that it'll be low pay. Not much you can do about that, except do more of it. It probably won't be mentally taxing though, so longer hours aren't such a killer then.

As a slightly offbeat solution, if there's no work in the north-east, why don't you consider moving to somewhere that *does* have work? If you need a permanent home there for some reason, consider moving somewhere else to work and renting your place out.


20 Jul 06 - 08:20 PM (#1788734)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Richard Bridge

It is important to know what the need is. Are there kids? It complicates the matter. Is there a husband/boyf? It, too, complicates.

If it is debt accruing due then there may be ways to stall it. Talk to the CAB.

If it is a specific debt see if one well-wisher will fund discussion with a specialist solicitor. There is a limit to what I know and what I can do but PM me if you want to go over this. I am unavailable until Monday (and have some problems of my own). I will donate some time for nothing. Not much, but some.

If it is a credit card, or more than one credit card, there may be counter-attack avenues or deferment possibilities. It depends on a lot of details.

If it is a bank second mortgage there may be angles on limitation, duress, undue influence, etc.

If it is your principal building society mortgage, you may be able to buy time by a non-status remortgage.

If it is a bookie tell them to F*** off and keep a pickaxe handle inside the door.

If it is your dealer, move fast and change your name - and put a red-eyed gorilla (or a Wookie) in your house as tenant.

There may be mileage in putting yourself in bankruptcy - not my speciality.

Check out a legal aid lawyer. You sound like you really need a lawyer and I am probably not the right one.

Sell your car and get a banger.

And, as others have said, consider impropriety. My late wife told me quite soon after we first met that she had entirely resolved, if desparate for money to feed her children, to get a job as a stripper. She was however 5 foot 8 and under 9 stone, and a natural blonde (and well fit in those days, so long as embonpoint was not the main issue). Certainly I never felt any less respect for her because of that.

A dominatrix can get a lot of money without (I am told - look at Cynthia Payne) having to do anything much other than shout a lot and smack men's rude bits. It helps if you are an actress!

You say "the estate". If you are a council tenant, you could (it is risky and illegal) unlawfully sublet and move in with a man where you can pay rent in kind.

PC plod pays well for good snout, if you get my drift.

Do you know a computer pointyhead? A commercial porn site can make a lot of money. Avoid kiddyporn. Some of the bondage sites seem to pay no attention to conventional beauty. The bondage can of course be faked.

What about lotteries? There is virtually no current enforcement of the law against lotteries and unlawful prize competitions.

Just ideas.....

21 Jul 06 - 02:45 PM (#1789277)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Mudcatter

Many, many thanks for all the help given.

I think I've sorted it out now. I went to see my unfriendly bank manager today and he was ill. So I saw the deputy manager, a luverley lady who likes to say "Yes".

Incidentally, the money is for an operation to put my delightful young niece out of pain.

I will need to impliement all our ideas and suggestions to pay back the loan, and thank you again for all help. The operation goes ahead on Monday morning and has a sure-fire success rate.

I love all the Mudcat community. One quick posting and the replies got me all fired up to sort it out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A very grateful catter.

21 Jul 06 - 02:54 PM (#1789283)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: jeffp

Well Done!

Best of luck to you and your niece.


21 Jul 06 - 03:05 PM (#1789289)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: fat B****rd

Hooray !

21 Jul 06 - 03:12 PM (#1789296)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: katlaughing

A noble cause...glad it wasn't your being put outon the street or anything! Thanks for letting us know and thanks givings for a successful outcome.


10 Sep 06 - 01:12 PM (#1831198)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed

How did your niece get on?

10 Sep 06 - 01:44 PM (#1831214)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Richard Bridge

Ask a silly question - an operation for a niece to put her out of serious pain? - whatever happened to

(a)her parents; or
(b)the NHS and MPs to write to the NHS to get it off its arse.

I do hope you have not saddled yourself with a crippling debt either to fix someone else's problem or to get something privately and expensively that you were not entitled to as of right.

10 Sep 06 - 03:31 PM (#1831294)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: weerover

Didn't see this at the first time of posting but if you're still in a hole see the C.A.B. as suggested by Richard. A couple of years ago I had a young guy in my department whose parents died, one very soon after the other. He had never had to handle bills and such and quickly got himself in a lot of debt, even though he still had an income. He strated drinking excessively (and I suspect abusing other substances), which obviously accelerated the problem. I spoke to our personnel people, who suggested the C.A.B. He made contact and very quickly had his various problems under control.


10 Sep 06 - 03:32 PM (#1831297)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: weerover

Sorry, I didn't read all the posts, happy that things have imoroved. The advice remains sound, for anyone who might get into a similar situation.


11 Sep 06 - 06:40 AM (#1831734)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Catter

I was surprised and touched to find this thread had surfaced again.

Perhaps I ought to have explained more at the time but I was very overcome, first with panic, and then relief. My madcap niece had gone on holiday and, like a lot of young people, hadn't thought about things like insurance or even an E111. She was with a few others and they hired a minibus.

Sadly the minibus had an accident which flung open the rear doors and she and another bounced out. It broke her neck. She was too sick to move to this country and we could get no real help from embassy staff etc, so the family got together to work out what to do. It cost £350,000 have an operation to put her out of pain, stablise her and get her back to this country. We all agreed that we would split the cost between us and my share was £15,000. Most of the family were able to take out loans against their homes, but I rent, so you may be able to understand my panic now.

Anyway, she is now back in an English hospital. She is still paralysed to a certain extent but our wonderful hospital in Manchester reckon they can get her up and walking within a year or two. It was a lot of money but everytime I look at her very smiley face I think it was worth every last penny.

As to my debt ... well it is difficult paying it off. I was already working full time but my income isn't great, and my repayments are just over £300 a month. I now work in the evenings and most weekends, packing boxes, which writes off folk clubs and most festivals, but is only for 3 years and then I'll be back.

Again, thanks for all the help, suggestions, and most of all encouragement and concern that Catters are famous for.


11 Sep 06 - 10:58 AM (#1831854)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Richard Bridge

Was the holiday or hire booked in any way through a travel agent or online bookers? If they did not advise insurance or E111s then they may have been negligent. If they do not have records to prove they so advised your niece may have a pursuable case against them.

Did your niece get any vaccinations? If so and the doctors' surgery did not advise E111s they may have been negligent.

Were the rear doors (or anything else on the vehicle) defective? If so your niece may be able to sue the provider of the vehicle. If it was in the EC (looks likely since you mention E111s) your niece may be able to sue the provider of the vehicle here and enforce the judgment there.

Was the driver at fault - see above. He she or it may be insured. In fact in many places you can't hire a vehicle without taking some insurance.

Which jurisdiction did the accident take place in? Have you checked your niece's contents insurance and/or the terms of her credit cards - there may be some odd provision insuring something.

Did the road conditions contribute to the accident or aggravate the damage? More fun for lawyers....

I really really think your niece needs to talk to an ambulance chaser, preferably a solicitor experienced in these fields. But also scrabble around hard for any insurance that maybe useful...(maybe even an insurance to cover the cost of bringing a lawuit)

11 Sep 06 - 11:03 AM (#1831859)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: Dave the Gnome

If it gets too much look into voluntary liquidation - I don't think a judge in the land would blame you for getting into this sort of debt and they may be able to help you out of it. There are also new debt reduction sceemes but I don't know enough about them.



11 Sep 06 - 02:55 PM (#1832035)
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
From: GUEST,Broke Catter

Thanks again Catters, especially all the free sensible help and advice from Richard. What a catch you must be!

The situation at the moment is that my sister (her mum) is in touch with a specialist lawyer in Leeds who are looking into what can or can't be done. We all hope we will get a pay out that will help my niece to get back on her feet and maybe pay off all our loans (we're not a rich family) but the need was too urgent to wait for that. She was in a lot of pain and a very scared young lady. She was trapped in Switzerland which seems to be extremely expensive. The chunk of money was needed immediately, and we're now looking into a sensible way forward.

My hope for my personal survival will be that there will be enough money in the pot to pay off NatWest but if not, then I only have 2 years and 10 months to pay. I'm young enough to do that and recover from it at the end, so things could be worse. I've just heard about another evening job which is better paid, so that will make things easier.

We all have great love for my niece and she is worth all the sacrifices the family is making and I just pray for her continued survival. She is doing very well indeed at the moment, rather better than expected in fact, and although university has been put off for a year or two I'm sure she will take up her place eventually as a fit and healthy young lady who will have been made stronger by all this.