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Fylde Folk Festival 2006

05 Aug 06 - 12:55 PM (#1802164)
Subject: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: GUEST,Penny Black

As Fylde Folk Festival Draws near, just thought we'd add a few Teasers....

Fylde 2006 - Artists booked so far include:-

Patrick Street( Eire)Eric Bogle, Tanglefoot (Can)John Tams (BBC Folk Award Singer of 2006) & Barry Coope, Gypsy Reel(USA) Bob Fox,Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Les Barker & Mrs Ackroyd Band, Keith Donnelly, Ben & Joe Broughton, Bruce Mathiske(AUS) ,Strawhead, Pete Coe, Bodega ( BBC Young Folk Award Winners) Jeff Davis(USA) Witches of Elswick, Gary & Vera Aspey, Stanley Accrington, Alan Bell Band, Brian Peters, Quicksilver, Scolds Bridle, Robb Johnson, Three Sheets to the Wind, Shona Donaldson (BBC Young Folk Awards Finalist),Fiona Simpson, Pat Ryan & Ken Howard, Julie Ellison, Anthony John Clarke, Mooncoyn, Harriet Bartlett, Th'Antique Road Show, Joe O'Connor( BBC Young Folk Awards Finalist) Striding Edge Band, Derek Gifford, Thistle, Geoff Higginbottom, Muldoons Picnic, Keith Kendrick, Capt.Cooper's Motley Crew, Paul D.Wrigley, Miv Cameron Band, Penny Black, Joe & Maureen Nicholson, Elbow Jane, No Fixed Abode, The Time Bandits, Bruce Hogg, Ian Gartside Band, Heyfeva, Hugh O'Donnell, Past Carin', Neil Brook, Trouble at'Mill, Ratcatchers Skiffle Group, Fred Rose, Rough Mix, Tom Walsh, Tallyman, Derek Stanton & Roger Barnes, Camellia, Andrew Green, Red Duster, Jenny Coxon, Festival Ceilidh Band, Joe Crane, Fleetwood Mashers, Phil Brown, Spitting on a Roast, Bernie Brewin. Ho-Bow Fiddle Group, Dylan Owen, Tabuka, Charlie "Rainbow" Wolf, Trasna (Irish Youth Group)

Comperes: Matt Armour, Ron Baxter, Dave Jones, Ann Green, Mick Peat, Clive Pownceby, Pete Rimmer, Dick Siddall, Jim Smith.

Outdoor performers: Flipjack Jugglers, Fiddling Green Jig Machine.

Dance teams: Addison Rapper & Clog Dance Team, Argarmeles Ladies Morris, Ducklington Morris Dancers, Feet First Appalachian Cloggers, Fylde Coast Cloggers, Heage Windmillers, Jet Set Border Morris, Lancaster Pace Eggers, Mossley Rose & Clog, Opanka East European Dance Group, Singleton Cloggers, Stockport Morris Men, Southport Sword Dancers, Stockport & Mobberley Morris Dancers, Wrigley Head Morris Dancers.

Dancers MC: George Unthank.

Special events:-
"Willie Scott - The Songs & Life of a Border Shepherd" Alison McMorland & Geordie McKintyre.
"The Lancashire Cotton Famine" Mark Dowding.
"Wind, Sail, Sea & Sky " & "Lakeland Seasons" Alan Bell & The Fleetwood Singers.

Clog Dance Exponent: Melanie Barber, Linda Burton, Harry Cowgill, Chas, Fraser, Jenny & Marguerite Hill, Kath Morris. Musician: Tony Hill.

Lancashire & Cheshire Clog Dancing Contests. Lancashire Dialect Competition.Young Performers Competition."Worst Singer in the World" Contest

Patrick Street(Eire) Sat 3/9/06 Marine hall - Afternoon & Evening.

Eric Bogle Sat 3/9/06 Legion Club -Afternoon. Marine Hall- Evening.

Tanglefoot (Can) Sun 4/9/06 Marine Hall - Afternoon & Evening.

John Tams & Barry Coope Fri 2/9/06 Sole appearance 90 min show.

Bob Fox Sun 4/9/06 Legion Club-Afternoon. Marine Hall-Evening.

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan all weekend.

Tickets are now available from The Marine Hall in Fleetwood and you can now pay by VISA.

05 Aug 06 - 01:00 PM (#1802169)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Susan of DT

Dick and I will be there

05 Aug 06 - 03:38 PM (#1802271)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: s&r

Be sure to call in the Penny dreadful office both of you and give a transatlantic interview.


05 Aug 06 - 04:29 PM (#1802308)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Susan of DT

Assuming we can find the office, OK.

What mudcatters are coming? We know who we will likely see at Whitby, but not who comes to Fylde. We will be in Mudcat tee shirts most of the time.

05 Aug 06 - 04:36 PM (#1802312)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Nigel Parsons

Let's have a link!

Fylde Folk Fest 2006


05 Aug 06 - 05:50 PM (#1802359)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: s&r

Penny Dreadful office is in the Marine Hall foyer, to your right while you are collecting your tickets. You will also want to meet Alan - he's a prolific songwriter, and some of his stuff is in the DT. I'll make a point of introducing you.


05 Aug 06 - 05:52 PM (#1802360)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: s&r

By the way - the bar in the Marine Hall wins prizes for it's selection of real ales...


05 Aug 06 - 06:06 PM (#1802369)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Edain

I'll be there, just for a change

05 Aug 06 - 06:22 PM (#1802372)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Susan of DT

Thank you, Stu. I've known Bread and Fishes from Jacqui and Bridie in the early 1970s. I did not realize the others were his. We will look for you - you will be in the office most of the time? And I'll tell Dick about the ale. I'm one of those silly people who doesn't like alcohol.

05 Aug 06 - 06:56 PM (#1802385)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: s&r

Have pm'd some details


06 Aug 06 - 12:10 PM (#1802731)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: muppitz

I'll be there in some form or other!

muppitz x

06 Aug 06 - 01:05 PM (#1802756)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: LesB

I'll be there as usual, with the Southport Swords.

12 Aug 06 - 06:12 AM (#1807984)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: GUEST,The Ian Gartside Band

Looking forward to FFF2006 (as usual)

Come along and say "Hi" at the following Concerts:-

The Bowling Club - 8.00pm-11.00pm Closing Act.

The Steamer - 7.30pm - 11.15pm Second Act

The Steamer - 12.00n - 5.00pm Opening Act

Euston Hotel - 8pm - 10.30pm
an evening with, The Ian Gartside Band & Fleetwood Mashers!

** CDs Available on Festival offer £5.00 each **

"Test The Water" & "A Run Ashore"

More information on The Ian Gartside Band and Cleckheaton Folk festival Review.

see you there, Ian, Pete, Trevor & John


12 Aug 06 - 10:15 AM (#1808090)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: Dave the Gnome

I'll be there Saturday Afternoon till Sunday afternoon I hope. I may be staying with Dick and Sue if they are in the two roomed tent (long story!) - If not I will be kipping in the car or on a sofa and will have a spare camping permit! Should know by next week.



12 Aug 06 - 06:06 PM (#1808340)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: The Barden of England

Wouldn't dream of missing it. One of my favourite festivals - a long drive it may be for me, but always worth the trip. See you there
John Barden

18 Aug 06 - 11:21 AM (#1813002)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: GUEST,Penny Black

We'll be at Fylde and hoping to raise a few more pounds for A.R.C. (Arthritis Research Campaign)

This year we'll be holding a Raffle for an Acoustic Guitar, Autographed & Played by most of the Festival Artistes, a great keepsake of Fylde 2006.

Raffle Tickets (£1.00 each) will be on sale from us (Penny Black), on DazaMakiz Music Stall (Craft Fair Sat/Sun) and from anyone else we can "Con" into helping :0)

All profit from sale of the Tickets will go to A.R.C. (Arthritis Research Campaign) via

Thanks to the following for their help in organising and supporting the Raffle:-

Alan Bell (Fylde Folk Festival) - Dazamakiz Music Store (Cleveleys)
Festival Artistes (For Autographs) - Penny Black (JustGiving A.R.C.) - Threapleton Printers (Blackpool)

More Information on FFF and the Raffle

See you there? and hopefully sell you a Raffle ticket (or two)

Pete, John & Bill (Penny Black)

25 Aug 06 - 10:41 AM (#1818732)
Subject: RE: Fylde Folk Festival 2006
From: GUEST,Penny Black

More Information Link
and other local events

Sunday 27th August 2006
The Alan Bell in Concert - 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Marsh Mill Square, Thornton Cleveleys

Other local folk events
Open Session at The Halfway House **
St Annes, Rd. Blackpool. 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Open Session at The Marine Bar
Marine Hall, Fleetwood. 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Monday 28th August 2006
Folk on The Jacinta - 8.00pm – 10.30pm
The Jacinta, The Fish Dock, Fleetwood.
Red Duster, Spitting on a Roast, Scolds Bridle, Alan Bell Band
Special Guest: Hughie Jones (ex Spinners)
£4.00 & £3.00 concessions

Other local folk events
Open session at The Hole in One - 8.30pm – 11.00pm **
Lytham St.Annes

Tuesday 29th August 2006
Captain Coopers Motley Crew - 8.00pm – 11.00pm
North Euston, Fleetwood

Other local folk events
Penny Black A.R.C. Concert – 11.30am – 2.30pm **
The Steamer Queens Terrace, Fleetwood

The Plough Music Songs Poems & Pints
Open Evening of Fun hosted by Penny Black **
The Plough, Staining, Nr Blackpool.
9.00pm – 11.00pm

St Annes Roots Club - 8.30pm – 11.00pm
Conservative Club, St Annes

Wednesday 30th August 2006
Blues Night - 8.00pm – 11.00pm **
Steamer Hotel, Queens Terrace, Fleetwood

Other local folk events
Folk at The Oak – 8.30pm – 11.30pm **
Royal Oak Poulton-le-Fylde
Open Session Music & Song

** Raffle Tickets for Festival Artistes Autographed Guitar available at these events £1.00 each More Information