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Shy people at Getaway

09 Aug 06 - 09:44 AM (#1805209)
Subject: Shy people at Getaway
From: Celtaddict

I have not seen much about upcoming Getaway of late but wonder if 'Catters remember a member describing self as "Shy Person" and though said SP had been to a number of Getaways and events, felt left out of cliques and reminded us to make the acquaintance of folks who may look familiar but are not at the center and do not feel able to try to put themselves there. I was new to Getaway last year, and do not know if I will be able to come to this year's, but want to say this:
I am not shy, and only knew a couple of folks there, but loved it. But I sought out SP (and no, I am not going to include any other information, that would be up to SP) and was delighted to find a very interesting individual with which I share a number of interests, not only traditional music. As it turns out, our musical tastes are fairly dissimilar but SP has a great eye for beauty, and a warm caring personality, and quite a talent that SP has shared with me.
So this year, don't fail to stretch your personal circle and pull in one or two who might not have been there otherwise; no telling what treasure you might find!

09 Aug 06 - 12:08 PM (#1805306)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: Big Mick

She is well known to us that attend Getaway and has since joined. Great person.

10 Aug 06 - 12:27 AM (#1805901)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: GUEST,Mike Miller

We have had similar situations at the PFS Spring Thing (The idea for which, I copped from the Getaway almost thirty years ago). Long time campers like to stay with their friends. Many use the event as a yearly reunion. Newcomers can, often, feel left out. When I ran the event, we scheduled activities designed for inclusion. We had a jugband contest and the teams were open to everyone. The participants found stuff to pound on or blow through or pluck at and the teams were judged on the basis of whoever I felt like giving the prize to. The first year, I picked the team with the fewest members because I didn't have a lot of prizes to hand out. The following years, I chose whichever team hadn't won yet. OK, so everyone understood that the judging was fixed but it was a great way for newcomers to meet and interact with others.
By the way, when is Getaway this year? I promise myself, every year, that I will get there but I am usually booked that weekend.

                Mike Miller

10 Aug 06 - 12:53 AM (#1805911)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: Bert

...and the teams were judged on the basis of whoever I felt like giving the prize to... I love it.

10 Aug 06 - 08:34 AM (#1806102)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: jacqui.c

The Getaway is the first weekend in November this year.

10 Aug 06 - 09:38 AM (#1806157)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: Dave Hanson

For the benefit of someone in the UK, what is this ' Getaway ' that all you Americans keep on about ?


10 Aug 06 - 09:57 AM (#1806172)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway

This year I attended two festivals for the first time - new to me, I mean. It is always difficult to be the "odd man out" but my experience is that with some effort, I blend in.

I agree - reach beyond your usual group. Try a workshop you usually wouldn't. Find some new and talented friends.

The Getaway can be overwhelming. So many good people so happy to see each other again. So many new faces. So many incredibly talented people. Every year I crawl off to a lone park bench just to breathe and remind myself that I belong. I know for a fact that I am not alone.

10 Aug 06 - 10:10 AM (#1806182)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: MMario

Eric - the "getaway' is the Folk Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) annual Fall weekend event that they graciously allow mudcatters to attend and participate in. There is some overlap in membership and a lot of interaction.

see Getaway page

and for general FSGW info you can go to

10 Aug 06 - 10:17 AM (#1806191)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: Nancy King

The Getaway is the annual weekend gathering sponsored by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington. We've been holding this event for over 40 years now, and it's always been a highlight of the year. It runs from Friday evening to Monday morning, and includes two days of themed workshops, concerts and jams, plus sign-up concerts Saturday and Sunday evenings, and lots of informal music-making. The Getaway is held at a camp near Washington DC -- this year we're going to a new site on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Washington area is home to a great many fine folk musicians and afficianados, and lots of folks come from afar to join us. In recent years, Mudcatters from various locations in the US and UK have attended, greatly adding to the talent pool. If all that talent seems intimidating, keep in mind that inclusiveness and and participation are very important to us and really make the Getaway what it is. Sure, we all like seeing old friends, but we always enjoy making new ones as well.

For a good description of the atmosphere at the Getaway, check out this post.

More information about the program for 2006 will be forthcoming before long. People always get very anxious to have the program in advance, but really we can't plan it until we know who's coming.

Eric, hope you can join us one of these times!


10 Aug 06 - 01:58 PM (#1806472)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway

Post dated Oct 21, 2005

Subject: RE: 2005 Getaway Reflections Here...
From: GUEST,GUest, Shy Person
Date: 21 Oct 05 - 06:04 PM

I am posting anonymously for reasons which will be clear. I've been a member of FSGW for about 20 years, I've been attending Getaways for most of that time. I get upset reading Getawaymemories threads each year with all the entries from the We-All-Love-Each-Other-So-Much crowd. People just love each other, singing together, love helping each other by giving rides etc, giving parties, inviting each other to their homes or any place to sing together. I'm just not a member of the in crowd. I'm shy, I get lost in the crowd. Even though I'm shy, I love to have friends. I have some friends who I cherish. I'd like to connect with more people, so I force myself to overcome my shyness and start conversations with people everywhere -- sessions, meals, workshops and singarounds, the crafters' tables, while standing in line for meals etc. I'm still an outsider. It really hurts. I'm a nice guy, I help people whenever I can, say nice things, etc., but my outreach is not returned often. I know that shy people are frequently overlooked, but, hey, it's been 20 years at FSGW and almost as many at Getaways. It's time for someone to say "hello" at the very least, maybe even include me in activities or say "thank you" for my kindnesses. Think about it. Try to be friendly to shy people.

10 Aug 06 - 02:07 PM (#1806488)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: MMario

well - speaking as someone who is nearly clinically phobic about meeting new people and even entering new places, I found the FSGW folk to be welcoming, inclusive, and very supportive of new people.

11 Aug 06 - 04:24 AM (#1807026)
Subject: RE: Shy people at Getaway
From: Dave Hanson

Thanks MMario and Nancy King, all is clear.