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Lyr Req/Add: Farthest Field (David Dodson)

05 Sep 06 - 04:28 PM (#1827737)
Subject: Lyr Req: Farthest Field
From: RB3

This may already be posted somewhere that I just can't find, but does anyone have the lyrics for "The Farthest Field" by David Dodson?
I heard it recently and think it's beautiful, but aside from the chorus I can't remember the words...

05 Sep 06 - 09:35 PM (#1828031)
Subject: ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: Joe_F

I cannot remember from whom I got this copy, so I cannot vouch for its accuracy:

Farthest Field
(David Dodson)

There is a land high on a hill where I am going
There is a voice that calls to me
The air is sweet, the grasses wave
The wind is blowing away up in the farthest field

Oh walk with me and we will see the mystery revealed
When one day we wend our way up to the farthest field

The sun will rise, the sun will set
Across the mountains and we will live with beauty there
The fragrant flowers the days and hours
Will not be counted and peaceful songs will fill the air

I know one day I'll leave my home
Here in the valley and climb up to that field so fair
And when I'm called and counted in
That final tally I know that I will see you there

Oh my dear friends I truly love
To hear your voices lifted up in radiant song
Though through the years we all have made our separate choices
We've ended here where we belong.

[Refrain doubled at end.]

06 Sep 06 - 04:55 AM (#1828193)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: Joe Offer

The lyrics Joe posted are almost exactly what I found in the CD booklet for the 1998 Bok-Muir-Trickett recording, Harbors of Home. I couldn't find any recent David Dodson recordings or performances. Is he still making music?
Two David Dodson CD's are available here (click), but the last one was recorded in 1996.
-Joe Offer-

06 Sep 06 - 10:32 AM (#1828435)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: RB3

Thanks so much!

06 Sep 06 - 12:59 PM (#1828527)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

The song can also be found on Animaterra's first cd which can be purchased here.

06 Sep 06 - 01:25 PM (#1828555)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: Joe Offer

This song is a real treat for the ears. I've enjoyed it every time I've listened to the Harbors of Home CD, but this is the first time I've really paid attention to it. I'm wondering how to work it up for solo singing, getting the audience to do the echo/response.
Call-and-response songs can fall flat if you can't get the responders to respond. I think this one might be that way, that you might not be able to get an audience to sing the response without a lot of practice first.
Anybody have experience singing this without practicing with the responders first?

06 Sep 06 - 11:24 PM (#1828909)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: KathWestra

David Dodson is most definitely still making music. He is the only musician other than Joel Mabus who can write/sing a hysterically funny song and then turn around and write/sing an achingly, touchingly, tenderly serious one. What a talent! He lives right down the street in Camden Maine from his equally talented sister, singer and songwriter and dulcimer player/teacher Anne Dodson. Anne, by the way (responding to Joe's question), teaches a community chorus class in nearby Warren, Maine, and does a really fine job of teaching "Farthest Field" to her motley assortment of students.

07 Sep 06 - 05:59 AM (#1829079)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Yes' it's a wonderful song, that has seen me through some dark times. I have tried it without teaching the response; it works (sorta) with experienced chorus and harmony singers!

07 Sep 06 - 07:56 PM (#1829638)
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: Ref

I've done it both ways (group and solo) with a simple three chord arpeggio backing. I first heard it in Maine a couple of years ago at camp where the chaplain had fallen in love with it. My first reaction was that it was morbid, but a little listening convinced me it was about life's journey, not just the end. The tune is lovely. I don't know how an audience would take to it but I have little trouble getting friends to pick it up.

22 May 12 - 10:51 PM (#3354595)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req/Add: Farthest Field (David Dodson)
From: GUEST,Uncle Jaque

I was invited to join a little a Capella singing group based out of the Belgrade Lakes area (Maine) and I'd like to suggest adding this to our repertoire. Where might we obtain sheet music for it in 4 part (at least) harmony?

Heard it on MPBN a couple of years ago, loved it, and just got around to searching it up after finding the note I'd written to myself at the time while cleaning up my "studio".

Tried to download an Mp3 file of it by Ellen Epstein Michael Cicone and Cindy Kallet ( HEARTWALK )
from Amazon but it didn't go so well and now I can't find it on my computer anywhere.

They do a really nice job of it.

I just wish Amazon wasn't such a PITA to buy music from!