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Los Lobos

28 Sep 06 - 11:18 AM (#1845058)
Subject: Los Lobos
From: Jerry Rasmussen

On occasion I've seen reference to a song or two of Los Lobos on here. They are one of my very favorite groups. I became disenchanted with them when they went more electronic and were produced by a more experimental producer. Yesterday, I bought my first CD of theres in a few years, as much as anything because I noticed that they produced it, themselves. It's titled The Town And The City. If anyone in here became dissilusioned with them because of recent albums, I'd encourage you to check this one out. I think it is the uniformly strongest album they've ever done, and I love five or six of their earlier ones.

Just for the folk purists in here, they do two traditional Mexican songs, and the CD also includes two "bonus tracks" of Richard Hidalgo doing songs accompanied only by his acoustic guitar.

Fine stuff indeed.


28 Sep 06 - 11:37 AM (#1845078)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: Wesley S

A great band to be sure. I hope I have a chance to see them live someday. I hear that's where they really shine.

28 Sep 06 - 11:38 AM (#1845079)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: Goose Gander

Here in southern California Los Lobos often used to play on bills with the Blasters. Their take on Mexican music just about paralleled the Alvin brothers update on rhythym and blues, rockabilly, country, etc.

29 Sep 06 - 12:41 PM (#1846079)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: harpmaker

This thread got me thinking. Does anyone remember a group called "Los Reales del Paraguay" from the late 60's?
A trio, 2 guitars, and a paraguayan harpist. They all sang, and produced fantastic harmonies.

29 Sep 06 - 12:49 PM (#1846086)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: woodsie

Great band. I love their version of The Grateful dead's "Bertha"

29 Sep 06 - 01:36 PM (#1846133)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: Jerry Rasmussen

Yeah that's a great favorite of mine, Woodsie. Man, talk about energy!!


29 Sep 06 - 02:02 PM (#1846165)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: gnu

Thanks for the update, Jerry. I will check this out first chance, on your reccy.

01 Oct 06 - 01:24 PM (#1847615)
Subject: RE: Los Lobos
From: fat B****rd

Good job, Jerry. "Will The Wolf Survive" outstanding track. Must check them out more.