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efdss and kennedy collection

29 Sep 06 - 04:18 AM (#1845758)
Subject: efdssand kennedy collection
From: The Sandman

This is a call for any efdss members who are concerned about the Kennedy collection,and its future whereabouts. To raise this matter at efdss meetings, to write to the full time employed staff, including the secretary or director., as a matter of urgency.

29 Sep 06 - 08:10 AM (#1845874)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: GUEST,andymac

I've followed this discussion on the other concurrent thread and refrained from any comment as I didn't know enough on the subject but learned much from the thread.

With regard to this new thread, whilst I am not a member of the EFDSS, I am a member of the TMSA and feel that members of that body should also lobby the EFDSS for the retention of the "Kennedy archive" (sic) as a matter of national (i.e. British) importance. After all, many of the singers collected from were Scots.
Perhaps the Irish should be doing the same?..

(who unfortunately owns one or two Folktrax CDs of execrable quality, bought way before I had any understanding of their doubtful provenance.)

30 Sep 06 - 09:46 AM (#1846798)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

There are two points here and they are raised in a spirit of co-operation.

Are you sure the EFDSS wants it? You might need to ask that question.

Secondly even if they did, then if we accept the Kennedy family as the rightful owners then are you sure they would give it to the EFDSS or even sell it too them?

A bit necessary before we go raising it at meetings.

Dave Eyre

30 Sep 06 - 09:56 AM (#1846810)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: The Sandman

No it needs to be discussed at EFDSS meetings,particularly as there is some dispute over ownership over some of it. if peter kennedy collected it duringthe time he was employed by either the bbc or EFDSS, The kennedys are not the rightful owners of it.

30 Sep 06 - 10:47 AM (#1846842)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

Are you saying Dick - for at the moment I can think of no other iterpretation - that either the BBC or the EFDSS are the rightful owners? And what about the photographic and film collection?

Sorry but I am genuinely puzzled.......

30 Sep 06 - 10:55 AM (#1846849)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection

E-mail address you gave me doesn't work
Jim Carroll

30 Sep 06 - 11:34 AM (#1846875)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

Damn, and I know you are on holiday.... is correct.......


30 Sep 06 - 01:07 PM (#1846953)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: The Sandman

anything that peter kennedy collected when he was getting paid by either efdss or bbc, I would have thought belongs to those organisations, if it was collected DURING THEIR EMPLOYMENT, depending on what his employment agreement was.
    if I was employed by the Tate gallery ,To collect paintings from artists, by the Tate, those paintings would belong to the Tate.
Anything recorded by Kennedy which he didnt have permission to record should be returned. I dont know anything about the photograhic collection or film collection,so cant comment

30 Sep 06 - 01:58 PM (#1846983)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: GUEST,Spider Monkey

On another thread, 'Reflections/Criticisms of Peter Kennedy', Folkiedave has ignored my allegation about his attempts to broker the Kennedy sound collection to potential purchasers, so I'm posting my message here.

Either that means that I am correct and Folkiedave is hoping nobody realizes as he quickly tries to shuffle the evidence under the carpet
or I am wrong but I doubt it.

Folkiedave it's time to come clean about your dealings in terms of Kennedy's collections!

Though I'm a longstanding Mudtracker I'm being anonymous about this because I'm distantly related by marriage to the Kennedys and don't want to cause a family row if it can be avoided.

01 Oct 06 - 03:31 AM (#1847369)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

Here´s what you wrote, talking about me of course.

Having bought Kennedy's library, you're trying to broker a deal to sell all his sound recordings to the US (and shame on you for doing so).

Well don´t let the facts spoil a good story.

I haven´t bought Peter Kennedy´s library. At a rough guess it is worth around 30,000 pounds. Where would I get that sort of money? Clearly you have a vastly inflated view of my wealth.

Secondly I am not trying to broker a deal to sell his sound recordings to the US.

I do not "broker deals" I am a retired FE lecturer with a hobby in buying and selling second-hand books about folk music, folklife and folklore.

However since you would hardly publish such a statement without any evidence would you be kind enough to tell me what it is?

01 Oct 06 - 03:37 AM (#1847370)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

I forgot to ask, I don´t normally travel around threads looking for postings about me and since I had answered this one elsewhere was not expecting multiple similar postings and only came across this by accident.

So would you be kind enough to let me know exactly where you have posted this if there are any more.

I fact don´t bother. Copy and paste the above answer.

01 Oct 06 - 04:15 AM (#1847380)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: johnadams

I am currently serving on the National Council of the EFDSS and acting as a Vice Chair (one of 4), my particular brief being marketing and promotion.

The Kennedy Collection HAS featured in our discussions and we are well aware of the issues and of what we can and cannot achieve.

Before his death, PK had indicated that he might bequeath his collection to the society. He also indicated the same to at least one other organisatiion. In the event he bequeathed it to nobody specific and the family are now in possesion of the archive.

People who know the issues are consulting with the family who will no doubt make suitable decisions in due course.

Anybody who wants to influence the action of the EFDSS in this issue is very welcome to join us and make their opinions known. The Annual General meeting is to take place at Cheltenham on November 4th. The days proceedings will include a memorial event for Peter Kennedy who was an EFDSS Gold Badge holder.

I the meantime, Malcolm Taylor OBE continues to develop and enhance our supremely important library and is preparing to receive a number of bequeathed personal collections including that of the most wonderful Cyril Tawney.

Also in the meantime, Vice Chair (Sustainability) Judith Hanson continues to develop the library's bid for designation so that a higher level of external funding can be sought.

All this is being funded by the people who ARE members of the EFDSS and who ARE trying to make a difference.


John Adams
EFDSS Vice Chair - Marketing and Promotion

01 Oct 06 - 04:31 AM (#1847387)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: GUEST,Tom Bliss

Hi John,

There are now three threads on this! Thanks for the above post, I was hoping you or someone in a similar position within EFDSS might chip in.

I'm sure you've seen the other thread called 'Review: Kennedy Collections.' Can you shed any further light on the involvement or otherwise of Halsway Manor?



01 Oct 06 - 04:52 AM (#1847394)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

Well done John.

I take it you are aware of Halsway Manor´s claim.

01 Oct 06 - 05:11 AM (#1847400)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: johnadams

Hi Tom and Dave,

I heard a rumour that PK had bequeathed his collection to the Margaret Grant Library at Halsway Manor. It seems it was exactly that - a rumour.

PK's collection is in focus at the moment because of his recent demise. Let's not, however, lose sight of the bigger picture. There is a mountain of work to be done with other collections. I am working on three audio collections at the moment, one of which contains many thousands of recordings. I know of several other people dealing with similar archives. We're all working behind the scenes to make sure that future generations have plenty of stuff to stimulate their interest in performing old and writing new music.

I haven't been following the other threads. My work for the EFDSS, my fund raising for the vast Doc Rowe Collection and my recent work on the Paul Graney Archive proves quite time consuming without worrying about what might have been. Apart from that, I'm assuming that a lot of what is contained in PK's collection is replicated in the BBC archives - now there's a collection I'd like to liberate!


01 Oct 06 - 06:44 AM (#1847454)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: Folkiedave

Hi John,

My understanding is that is not a rumour.

I was contacted by a trustee of Halsway Manor Society who informed me that Peter had made a deed of trust to HMS, that they had checked that with the legal profession (SEFAN´s post said a judge - I suspect that may be wrong) and that the deed was watertight and that I should stop selling the books I had.

Since I was already in Spain and indeed spoke to them by telephone from here, that was not difficult!! I hope it is sorted by the time I get back at the beginning of November. I also hope that it is all sorted out amicably, and that no one goes down any legal route any further. If they do I suppose the only people to make any money will be the lawyers.

01 Oct 06 - 06:52 AM (#1847460)
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
From: johnadams

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the clarification.

I look forward to a quick resolution of the issues and accessing the collection in the Margaret Grant Memorial Library.

Johnny Adams