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Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06

04 Oct 06 - 09:41 PM (#1850667)
Subject: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: Surreysinger

On Friday,20th October 2006 at 8pm the Music Institute Club in Guildford will be hosting Doc Rowe and his illustrated talk "Blood Booze and Bedlam".

For anyone who has not come across him before, Doc is one of the country's leading authorities on the traditional customs of Britain, and its foremost chronicler and archivist. His photographs, videos and sound recordings of our traditions are second to none and this illustrated talk will launch a two week exhibition of his pictures at the Guildford Institute. The richness, colour and variety of Britain's seasonal events is often over-looked, ignored or quite simply unknown. You can expect this presentation, with photographic and video examples from Doc's own archive, to be both lively, stimulating and surprising!

The evening includes a preview of the two-week exhibition at the Guildford Institute of Doc's photographs of the traditional customs of the British Isles.

Admission £9.00 - Members £7.50 (Tickets are limited to 50 in total, and are already selling fast)

For further information please see

I recall seeing this presentation several years ago at Tate Britain, and can heartily recommend it personally!

05 Oct 06 - 05:59 PM (#1851446)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: Geoff the Duck

Doc is a very interesting chap, he is incredibly knowledgeable about traditional events and customs. He is also a nice bloke. I would expect an entertaining evening.

05 Oct 06 - 06:17 PM (#1851455)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: johnadams

As coordinator of the Doc Rowe Collection Support Group I've seen this show several times and it is not only excellent in it's content but it's also different every time. Doc's fascinating stories of the year's customs, delivered as a stream of conciousness, constantly call on different recollections.

The only problem I've found is that he has so many fascinating stories that there's never quite enough time and we rarely get to hear the end of the year in detail. The show needs to be slightly longer or sometimes start in the middle of the year.

Nevertheless, highly recommended!

See for details of how you might contribute to Doc's continuing work.

Johnny Adams

06 Oct 06 - 04:05 AM (#1851770)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: My guru always said

Here's a Blicky for Doc Rowe's site

06 Oct 06 - 06:36 AM (#1851843)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: Surreysinger

Darn - John and My guru got there first - I'd intended to expand on my original posting a bit, and put the link down. Thanks both! I can only echo what was said - I've seen Doc giving forth quite a few times now, and even when it's the same custom/bit of film there's always something new that he introduces to the subject.... and, yes, there's never enough time [big grin]. Maybe I ought to add that, as far as I've noticed so far, Doc doesn't come down south to this neck of the woods with his stuff often enough, so it's worth grabbing the opportunity when you can get it !

14 Oct 06 - 05:46 PM (#1858941)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: Surreysinger

Refresh - it's this Friday (20/10)

18 Oct 06 - 06:28 PM (#1862674)
Subject: RE: Doc Rowe, Guildford 20/10/06
From: Surreysinger