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Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD

08 Mar 99 - 03:56 PM (#61958)
Subject: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Lonesome EJ

Just came in from my deck, where I was sitting in the sun and listening to the early spring breeze sigh in the conifers. Had Rick's CD on the player, and it was just about the perfect soundtrack for this kind of a day. The man has a very fine voice, and I hope he takes it as the complement I intend when I say it's evocative of Gordon Lightfoot. And the guy can flat out play guitar (slide and fingerpicking) as well as a mean banjo.

"If Jesus was a Picker" is a classic. What's that about filling the Church with "grass" though, Rick? :)

Yep, sorry I waited so long to get this cd of Rick Fielding's. You can bet it'll get some play time now. If Rick can't be here a-twistin' one up on the deck with ol Lonesome, then "Lifeline" is surely the next best thing. ...LEJ

11 Mar 99 - 07:40 PM (#62501)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: The Wanderer

Hi, EJ - when you close off an HTML command, you have to put the slash before the name of the command you're closing. To close off the italics command they tag is .
But speaking of Rick Fielding, I understand he's performing in Washington, DC, this month. I think it's something like the 23rd of March at the Washington Ethical Society - you can get details at the Web site of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington - do a Web search for FSGW and you should find it - I can't get to it right now to post a link.
Wouldn't it be nice if a bunch of uniformed Mudcatteers showed up in their T-Shirts?
-The Wanderer-

11 Mar 99 - 07:52 PM (#62504)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Wanderlust

Well, I guess I shoulda turned off my own italics, eh? Since you put the mistake in the title of the thread, it gets repeated in every new message. Not to worry. We've survived worse.
Anyhow, click here for information about Rick's concert.
-The Wanderer-

11 Mar 99 - 11:35 PM (#62547)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Rick Fielding

Lonesome, thanks for the nice words. Does anyone remember the thing on the David Letterman show called "Brush with Fame?" One of the audience would get up and tell a true story about running into some celebrity and then Letterman's writers would give them a second part to read which would contain some jokes. Well let me tell you mine vis a vis the song "If Jesus was a Picker."

I was working a very forgettable club in Nashville called "The LaRue Exchange", when a very reputable publisher said that Ray Stevens ("Everything is Beautiful", "The Streak", "Ahab the Arab") wanted to record "If Jesus was a Picker". Glory Be! Oh Happiness, say's I! A big star wants to do my song. I'll make some real royalties for once in my life. I was already picturing my VISA card payed off and choosing the replacement vehicle for my very tired AMC Pacer, when the phone call came explaining that Mr. Stephens' "people" informed him that "there might be a reference to drugs in the song," and advised him to stay clear of the song and the singer! I tried to reach him to say that it was a JOKE.. "grass" meant "Bluegrass!" My calls were not returned and my brush with fame was brief. Good thing though. I'd much rather play for folkies..they have much better senses of humour! 'specially Mudcatters in condom threads!

11 Mar 99 - 11:46 PM (#62550)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: catspaw49

Like the "Fielding Pedro Model"......So tight it's like a second skin, and then a first skin, and then upon orgasm your left nut explodes. Probably won't be a big seller either (like the catspaw Model) but a true buzz for thrillseekers.


P.S. Good Story......and where's my cigar for the arrival of Martina?

12 Mar 99 - 04:17 PM (#62683)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Lonesome EJ

Hey sorry about the Italics, gang. I am obviously HTML Deficient

12 Mar 99 - 06:10 PM (#62708)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: marlor

Hello LEDGE and all: rick Fielding is a terrific singer, a great singer, and a fine man. He's the one who mentioned The Mudcat Cafe on his weekly radio program. As for "Lifeline" not beng a big seller, well, perhaps quality vs. quantity is preferred. That is, those of us who have it, appreciate the quality of songs and musicianship demonstrated on this recording. A fave at this house.

12 Mar 99 - 06:11 PM (#62709)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Rick Fielding

Catspaw, I've set an ugly precedent here. I DON'T name all my instruments....however my wonderful new acquisition is definitely going to get one. His/Her face is scarred and scratched..body, small and slender..voice, loud and mellow, and generally showing all of his/her 50 years. Closest I can come is "Granny" from the "Beverley Hillbillies" Although visions of Mickey Rooney pop up as well. Wait a minute! I got it! Say hello to "Woody." I will christen him(in a non-denominational way) tomorrow night at the "Free Times Cafe" with a few verses of "Roll on Columbia". There's something definitely cathartic in being a Mudcatter.

04 Apr 99 - 02:02 PM (#68078)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's Lifeline CD
From: Chick Martin


Are you saying that you now have a 50-year old Woody :-)