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Lyr Add: Banjo Boy (Lloyd Weber's Fake Dixieland)

21 Nov 06 - 08:24 PM (#1890365)
Subject: Lyr Add: Banjo Boy (Lloyd Weber's Fake Dixieland)
From: chico

Who's the man you've all been sitting there anticipating
Whos' the man with his instrument ready, willing and waiting
B                                                   C
Who's the man for whom your breath has been eagerly baiting
      C#                D
If I hadn't already confessed it
       D#                   E
You'd no doubt already have guessed it

e f A6
Banjo boy, banjo boy, play a number for me
Won't you play that melody
When you start your playin' - Mama starts a-swayin'
She's right there with 'em - stompin' that rhythym (F°|D°)
Banjo boy, banjo boy, play the razzamatazz
You're the sunny southland's king
You set Dixie hummin' it - when you started strummin' it
See those fingers goin'
When you start to syncopate
Songbirds seem to orchestrate
The Swanee stops it's flowin'
Just hear him play
B7                                     E7
Who can plunk your heartstrings full of joy?
That's banjo boy!

Hear him go
Don't you kno
Love him so
Let him swing
And do his thing
He's the king

Banjo boy, banjo boy, you're the musical sun
In those southern sunny skies
Feet will start their fidgets - see those magic digits
Hands are a clappin' - fingers a snappin'
Banjo boy, banjo boy, play that favourite tune
That the old folks love to sing
Can't you hear the people cry
Wanna see those fingers fly

Listen to him playin'
Can't you hear those children roar
Dixie's shoutin' out for more
Hear the steamboats blowin'
Eight to the bar
Who's that cotton pickin' hunk of joy
That golden kid that fashion can't destroy
Whose name they shout from Maine to Illinois
That's banjo boy!
Banjo boy!

21 Nov 06 - 08:34 PM (#1890376)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Banjo Boy (Lloyd Weber's Fake Dixieland)
From: GUEST,Nick

What makes it "FAKE"?
Whack Fall The Day