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Announce - Beerfordbury Wassail 2006

24 Nov 06 - 04:35 AM (#1892298)
Subject: Announce - Beerfordbury Wassail 2006
From: Billy Suggers

Public Notice that the BBTWTA intend to annoy the public yet again this Christmas.
Information is on, and expressions of interest from any singers likely to be around the Herts / Essex borders in mid-December are welcome.

Notes for Editors:
For those in doubt this is the annual event whereat the Lady Wine Tipplers search out all the beery halls in the parish in order that the Gentlemen Barrel Tapplers can go in to hinder the barmaids and wassail their baubles off. Its a hard and arduous task, but someone has to do it.

24 Nov 06 - 08:21 AM (#1892404)
Subject: RE: Announce - Beerfordbury Wassail 2006
From: treewind

There's a real and present danger of us being around for some of that, as mid Dec is fairly gig-free this year. Not 22nd though (office Xmas do).
Better brush the mould off the tatters.

What's a PJ (ref 13th) ?

Oh yeah.. obligatory proper link:


24 Nov 06 - 10:40 AM (#1892489)
Subject: RE: Announce - Beerfordbury Wassail 2006
From: Doktor Doktor

PJ - either:
a) A Private Job (as per the semi-successful do at the Cricketers a couple of years ago - this will be a whole lot better if we do it!)
b) Pyjamas
Could be both but I doubt it.

I see Suggers is drunk as this has now been reposted to a spurious thread. Tsk Tsk.