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Lyr Req: Farewell My Friends I'm Bound for Canaan

06 Mar 97 - 04:14 PM (#2888)
Subject: canaan's land

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I heard this song on fashioned in clay an album including several fine singers including Gordon Bok, my apologies to the others who's names I can't remember off hand. I can't understand one line. It goes

Farewell my friends
I'm bound for cannan
I'm travling through, the wilderness
Your compainy has been delightfull
You who does leave my mind distressed
I'm bound away ?behind? to leave you
Perhaps never to meat again
But if we never have the pleasure
I hope we meat, on cannan's land

That one bit has been bothering me I've tried 'its my time' and some other frases, but I can't figure it out. also, is this afragment of a larger song.

06 Mar 97 - 08:23 PM (#2889)
Subject: RE: canaan's land
From: catfeet c/o

I've learned the tune as one verse, sung twice, with the last half repeated & a clap/foot thud at the end of the line you didn't quite get. It's a really nice way to end a good long evening of singing. The version I know is also slightly different. It goes as the same until:
Your company has been delightful, you do not leave my mind distressed.
I go away behind to leave you, (thump) perhaps never to meet again.
But if we never have the pleasure, I hope we'll meet on Caanans Land.
I hope this is what you've been looking for.

06 Mar 97 - 11:55 PM (#2893)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: belter

Yes I apreciated the help. I woundered if that word might be 'behind', but I doen't understand what it means in this context. Do you get it?

07 Mar 97 - 12:56 AM (#2897)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: belter

I never thought of this as a parting song so much a religious song. I guess it is that too. I thought more of its sence of peice more than of the context of parting.

After a night of singing around the camp fire I often finish up with Parting Glass, of with A Health To the Compainy.

07 Mar 97 - 03:09 PM (#2910)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: LaMarca

The "Fashioned in the Clay" album is by Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir and Ed Trickett, and is on Folk Legacy Records. One nice thing about ALL the Folk Legacy albums is that Sandy and Caroline Paton, who own the company, put out a booklet with lyrics and notes on all the songs with every album, CD or tape.

Folk Legacy is a real small company, and their albums are a labour of love. So if you're listening to home taped copies of the records, you not only lose all the info that comes with the records, but endanger the company's existance, too. I know we all can't afford to buy all the music we like, but try to support the small folk labels that are struggling to put out the kind of music a Sony or Warner won't touch because it's not "commercial" enough...

If you're hearing Bok, Muir and Trickett on the radio, like it and want to hear more, Folk Legacy has re-released a "best of" their older records on 2 CDs...

07 Mar 97 - 08:18 PM (#2918)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: belter

I would love to buy an honest copy of fashioned in clay. It's just to bad the library wouldn't let me keep theirs.

07 Mar 97 - 08:28 PM (#2919)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: belter

p.s. I doen't mean to sound flippant. It's just that giving back a borrowed album for me is like an alcholic tring to put down a bottle. It's to hard to think you might never hear it again, and to easy to keep.

07 Mar 97 - 08:34 PM (#2920)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: catfeet c/o

I was always under the impression that it was a song about death, "I go away behind to leave you" meaning to die, and Caanan's Land meaning the after life. A different perspective. Catfeet

07 Mar 97 - 10:04 PM (#2923)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: Nathan Sarvis (

The song is in the Sacred Harp hymnal (page 267 in the 1991 Denson Revision). The lyrics are as you have them. The arrangement is credited to John G. McCurry and dated 1842. The Sacred Harp hymnal is comprehensively indexed on the Fasola Homepage Lots of additional information about this interesting old style of folk hymn singing that is being rediscovered after being in danger of dying out.

08 Mar 97 - 02:50 AM (#2926)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: Bill

Howdy Belter,

Just an extra bit of information, I didn't find Canaan's Land on my copy of Bok, Muir, & Trickett's Fashioned in the Clay. I haven't had a chance to look for it on any of their other recordings yet.

It may not have Canaan's Land, but Fashioned in the Clay is certainly worth listening to and owning.

Allinkausay,> Bill

08 Mar 97 - 04:46 PM (#2952)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: LaMarca

Hi to belter-

Sorry to sound so testy; the Patons, who own Folk Legacy, are friends, and I know how difficult it is for them to keep a small record label afloat. They have a home page:

Folk Legacy Records 860-364-5661

Two other good sources for small and indie label folk recordings are:

Camsco Music Wally and Berta Macnow specialize in distributing folk artists' self releases and recordings from Topic, Rounder etc.

Andy's Front Hall Voorheesville NY, 518-765-4193 Bill and Andy Spence run the Old Songs Festival near Albany, NY, and sell folk books, tapes, CDs and musical instruments by mail

There are lots of other folk mail order companies that advertise in Sing Out!; these are just the ones I've done business with and know are reliable and nice folks, too


08 Mar 97 - 08:58 PM (#2956)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: Ricky Rackin

Yes-Your lyrics are as I sing them,learned From a GREAT Sacred Harp recording by The Word of Mouth Chorus "Rivers of Delight"; this cut featuring my old buddies Peter and Mary Alice Amidon [now on tour in Colo+CA!!]

17 Mar 97 - 09:22 AM (#3174)
Subject: RE: cannan's land
From: belter

I've been away on spring break so I haven't replyed in a while. Nathan the sacred harp sight was interesting, I didn't sea these lyrics there, but they had what may be another verse. Catfeet, I know that the song sugjested the possibillity of death, but it doesn't deffinatly say I'm dieing as far as I can tell. I wonder if it might be speeking more of taking a spirichale jurny rather than a phisical seperation. LaMarca, I apreciate the links to folk music sights. Andy's frunt hall moved to

I also found a source at

17 Mar 97 - 11:55 AM (#3182)
Subject: RE: cannan's land

Is this the melody so often repeated in the recent movie, "Geronimo"?