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Mudcat in German language?

19 Mar 99 - 05:23 AM (#64224)
Subject: Mudcat in German language?
From: Pejotka

I am thinking about how wonderful it could be having a project like mudcat in German language (although I am not a specialist for such a thing). Would this be of interest for German Mudcatters?
Ich denke darüber nach, wie schön es wäre, so etwas wie Mudcat in deutscher Sprache zu haben. Wäre das von Interesse? Oder gibt es nicht viele deutsche Mudcatters?

19 Mar 99 - 07:21 AM (#64232)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: MudGuard

I am a German Mudcatter, but I don't need a German Mudcat! I am interested in folk, especially Irish/English/Scottish, so the lyrics I am interested in are mostly in English language, and my English is good enough to understand almost all (more than 99.9%) of the discussions.
Note that this is my personal opinion only, I don't want to stop you from creating a German Mudcat if you think it is necessary.

19 Mar 99 - 07:32 AM (#64233)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Wolfgang

Similar as Andreas, though a bit less strict. I'd be an occasional visitor and/or contributor to a German language Mudcat, but my first choice will be to come here.


19 Mar 99 - 07:38 AM (#64234)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?

I agree. I'm a member of a German mailing list, and it's a lot less lively and interesting than the Mudcat. Also, my main interest are songs in the English language, so Mudcat is my favourite any time - and that's not mentioning the people, who are in a league of their own. Nice weekend! - Susanne

19 Mar 99 - 01:12 PM (#64299)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?

I'd very much be interested in sharing German song lyrics. There are songs and ballads I remember from Germany. I always have to ask some of my friends back in Munich to see if they can remember all the words. I'm looking for the tune to the ballad about the mass murderer Haarmann. Anyone know where I can get it? The ballad begins with "In Hannover an der Leine..."

19 Mar 99 - 01:40 PM (#64312)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Wolfgang

Uilleand, you know that site ( with the many German lyrics? "Zu Hannover an der Leine" will be in that collection (it has the "not yet typed" status). Is that the one with the famous line "mit dem kleinen Hackebeilchen macht er Hackefleisch aus Dir"?


19 Mar 99 - 06:33 PM (#64378)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?

Yes that's the one. I didn't know about that site. Just found out about this one. I'll check it out. I do have the lyrics. I just don't remember the tune. But I'd love to find more ballads like that. That's the stuff we would sing after several glasses of Federweiss'n and wine in a wine cellar in Suedtirol. The Karl Valentine type songs, except lesser known.

19 Mar 99 - 09:39 PM (#64406)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Susan A-R

It is interesting what comes back to you. I spent a year in Germany/Austria about twenty years ago, and I'm amazed that that line about the "little hatchet" made sense. yuck! (smile)

20 Mar 99 - 11:31 PM (#64645)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Wotcha

I would love to have access to some German language shanties. The only version of Hugill's work I have doesn't reprint German shanties -- would love to do a well known shanty with German verses and English chorus! Any alternate web sites out there? Cheers, auf wiederhoren! Tschuess! Brian

21 Mar 99 - 12:01 AM (#64663)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Barry Finn

Wotcha, here's an address that'll take you to a site of links concerned with the sea, the following is their links to sea music. Happy Hunting. Barry

Sea Music:
Andrew Drask¢y's Shanty and Sea Song Page
The Bitter End (Information on shanties in the United Kingdom, Europe and Austrailia)
Epcom Communications Maritime Recording Studio (Sea chanties)
Folkwise (Musical group singing the songs of the British waterways)
The International Shanty and Seasong Association
Lars Bruzelius' Shanty Bibliography
Louis Killen's Home Page
Orne Hill Mercantile (Sea shanties, maritime music and nautical artifacts)
Richard Kopp's Index of Shanty and Sailor Song Lyrics and Melodies
Rick's Classic Boat Music Page (Original sea songs)
The River Scheldt Pilots Choir (Vlissingen, Holland)
Sextant Music (The music of Tom and Chris Kastle)
Shanties and Yacht Music (Polish)
The Shanty Homepage
Smithsonian Folkways
The Stan Rogers Page
Stormy Weather Software's Shanty Page

26 Mar 99 - 05:37 PM (#66179)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Uilleand

Here are the lyrics to the Hackebeilchen Song with a website reference on the history for anyone whose interested. My mother actually had a boss in the fifties whose secretary was one of the victims. Still looking for the tune.

In Hannover an der Leine, rote Gasse Nummer acht
wohnt der Massenm”rder Haarmann der die Leute umgebracht.

Aus den augen macht er S쳌lze, aus dem Arsch da macht er Speck
aus dem Darm da macht er W쳌rste, und den Rest den schmeiát er weg.

Haarmann hat auch ein gehilfen, Franz heiát dieser junge Mann
und der lockte mit Behagen viele junge M„nner an.

warte warte nur ein Weilchen, dann kommt Haarmann auch zu Dir
mit dem Hacke-Hackebeilchen macht er Hackefleisch aus dir.

Zur Historischen Information noch einen kleinen Link (sollst ja was lernen dabei. Hab ich 쳌brigens auch :-)

27 Mar 99 - 11:09 AM (#66302)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Joe Offer

I'd rather not see a German Mudcat, myself - I think it's better to post information about German folk songs right here. I think there are many "regulars" here who would be interested. If people want to post messages or lyrics in German, why not? It's been 25 years since I lived in Berlin, and my German needs some practice. I think there are many others here who enjoy German songs - I heard a couple German songs at open sings in Washington, DC, last month. I certainly enjoyed the Hackebeilchen Song.
-Joe Offer-

28 Mar 99 - 09:34 AM (#66457)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?

The 'Haarmann' tune belongs to a sentimental waltz tune of the time, called, "Warte warte nur ein Weilchen, dann kommt auch das Gl쳌ck zu dir". Having known the Haarmann song all my life, I've now forgotten how the original lyrics go on.

Re shanties: I have the German edition of an older (and smaller) Stan Hugill collection which contains a few German and Low German shanties. Did you have a particular song in mind? I cound look it up, or else type out the ones I've got by and by. - Susanne

28 Mar 99 - 04:00 PM (#66514)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Pejotka

Hello Andreas, Wolfgang Hell, Susanne and Joe Offer,

thank you for your statements to the idea of a "German language mudcat" or a "German departement" of mudcat. To explain my interest and point of view: I am not only a singer-songwriter (Songs & Satire, Kritische Lieder etc.) but since a couple of years I teach folksongs in courses for adults (Volkshochschule). I sing songs with people and tell them about the background of the songs (from all over world, mostly from Germany (nicht t쳌melnde Lieder des Volkes), USA, Great-Britain and Ireland)- so that is why I thought, a discussion forum in German language could be of interest for my work. I would not at all be able to create or manage such a network. The "large" number of answers to my question shows that it could have been the maybe rightquestion (for me)at a wrong time and place. Finally I would like to say that I am very thankful for the existing of the "MUDCAT".I usually read all the different threads as often as I have the time. And I will be going on searching for Songs in English language there, too. Have a nice time. pjk

28 Mar 99 - 04:01 PM (#66515)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Pejotka

Hello Susanne,

what German mailing list is that, you were talking about? (I would like to know even though it is a lot less lively and interesting than the Mudcat......) Have a nive time. pjk

29 Mar 99 - 03:21 AM (#66627)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?

Hello Pejotka

the 'Folkmail' was down for a while due to re-siting but it's now back. I've just received the following note from them:

Hallo alle,
wenn diese Mail zu Euch durchgedrungen ist, ist Folkmail wieder da! Die Liste ist umgezogen, sie liegt nun auf meinem Server Damit hat sich auch die Adresse geaendert:, die direkte Adresse ohne Mailweiterleitung
Der Majordomo f쳌r subscribe, unsubscribe etc. heisst jetzt:
Ich habe alles getestet, es sollte funktionieren, falls Ihr Probleme habt, meldet Euch bitte direkt bei mir (

:-) Dennis

Hope to meet you there, Pejotka, even though it's not nearly as user-friendly as the Mudcat. As far as I can make out, the Mudcat is unique. - Susanne

29 Mar 99 - 08:15 AM (#66656)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Wolfgang

for Wotcha:
I know of only one German seasong with an English chorus: Here is it (copied from; go there for a midi and for a translation into German (!) which is definitely necessary even for those of you with a good knowledge of German)

Hamborger Veermaster

1. Ick heff mol en Hamborger Veermaster sehn,
|: To my hooda! :|
De Masten so scheef as den Schipper sein Been,
To my hoo da hoo da ho!

|: Blow boys blow for Californio,
There is plenty of Gold
So I've been told
On the banks of Sacramento. :|

2. Dat Deck weur vun Isen,
Vull Schiet uns vull Schmeer.
"Rein Schipp" weur den K„pten
Sin gr”tstet Pl„seer.

3. Dat Logis weur vull Wanzen,
De Komb쳌s weur vull Dreck,
De Besch쳌ten, de leupen
Von s쳌lben all weg.

4. Dat Soltfleesch weur greun,
Un de Speck weur vull Moden.
K”m g„v dat bloá an

5. Un wulln wi mol seiln,
Ick segg dat jo nur,
Denn leup he dree vorut
Und veer wedder retur.

6. As dat Schipp weur so weur
Ok de Kaptein,
De L쳌d for dat Schipp weurn
Ok blot schlangheit.

29 Mar 99 - 08:57 AM (#66660)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Bert

I don't see anything wrong with posting German songs here or with starting threads and messages in German.

We have lot's of postings in Gaelic, which most of us don't understand, and it has never caused any problems.


29 Mar 99 - 10:02 PM (#66797)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Wotcha


Vielen danke fuer ihnen leide (I hope my gasthaus Deutsche translated ok).

Cheers, Brian

30 Mar 99 - 10:39 AM (#66872)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: johnm (inactive)

Does anybody know of any German language site (or other site for that matter) that has the words to songs by the Comedian Harmonists? Great movie about them called "The Harmonists", music sounds like a lot of fun John M

30 Mar 99 - 11:50 AM (#66888)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: Uilleand

Here's a website with the texts and sound bites of songs the Comedian Harmonists did. Many of course are traditional Volkslieder, so you should be able to find them on any site that has those texts (e.g. In einem k쳌hlen Grunde).

30 Mar 99 - 04:33 PM (#66920)
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
From: johnm (inactive)

Vielen Danke