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Lyr Req: West Coast of Clare

21 Mar 99 - 10:23 PM (#64854)
Subject: West Coast of Clare
From: Tap the Bow

I am seeking the lyrics to West Coast of Clare, as recorded by planxty. any help welcome.

22 Mar 99 - 07:47 AM (#64949)
Subject: RE: Tap the Bow
From: Philippa

If you want the Cliffs of Dooneen, you'll find it in the DT (search box, upper right-hand corner of screen) But I think you're probably seeking a different song, composed by Andy Irvine - "my mind takes me back to the west coast of Clare..."?

22 Mar 99 - 06:16 PM (#65122)
Subject: RE: Tap the Bow
From: Kernow John

If it's the one Phillipa is refering to then search in the forum search for My heart's tonoght in Ireland.
Regards Baz

23 Mar 99 - 12:35 PM (#65340)
Subject: Clare song
From: Philippa

oh, yes, Baz, that's " the SWEET County Clare". I searched for [coast of Clare] so I didn't find it. Well I should think that one or the other of these two songs in the database (Cliffs of Dooneen or My Heart's...) should answer the request

23 Mar 99 - 05:32 PM (#65416)
Subject: RE: Tap the Bow
From: Jon W.

The lyrics to Planxty's "The West Coast Of Clare" appear on this thread: Click here

24 Mar 99 - 04:06 PM (#65659)
Subject: RE: Tap the Bow
From: Philippa

I AM getting muddled; the song I originally had in mind is the one Jon has pointed us to, not the one suggested by Baz. So now we have three songs of Clare, not bad going!

12 May 04 - 07:52 PM (#1184266)
Subject: RE: West Coast of Clare Chords
From: GUEST,Derek

I am looking for the chords for the Andy Irvine song 'The West Coast of Clare'

13 May 04 - 03:17 AM (#1184473)
Subject: RE: lyr req: West Coast of Clare
From: GUEST,Botticelli

They are here Derek


13 May 04 - 05:51 AM (#1184552)
Subject: RE: lyr req: West Coast of Clare
From: erinmaidin

No wonder it seems such a long way from there to here!

21 Nov 20 - 02:24 AM (#4080434)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: West Coast of Clare
From: GUEST,Rory

West Coast of Clare
Is a song of reflection and longing on the vivid memories of great times and atmosphere spent on the west coast of Clare that sadly no longer exists while visiting the area; lasting memories that are cherished and carried wherever, and beckon for a return of such experiences again.

The song written by Andy Irvine about the 1967 Fleadh Cheoil in Kilrush and “returning to a place after a mighty event. Sitting in a now empty pub or walking through a once crowded street, vivid with memories".
"It was actually written with a Danish girl called Birte in mind, but [...] it very quickly became a memory of great times in Clare. I started the song in County Clare and finished it in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia,  in August or September 1968."
Andy Irvine.

So the song, in its final form, is not about a past or lost love, although this is how it could have ended up being when Andy first started penning the song.
It could be interpreted in this way: memories of the times spent with a past love in this location. And it would fit well with this song, if one so chooses.

21 Nov 20 - 11:45 AM (#4080475)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: West Coast of Clare

Here it is on YouTube:

21 Nov 20 - 12:30 PM (#4080482)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: West Coast of Clare
From: GUEST,Modette

Even better, here's Louis Marcus's 1967 film of the Clare Fleadh in Kilrush.

Kilrush 1967