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Lyr Req: Walking the Beans (Greg Brown)

06 Mar 99 - 07:58 PM (#61639)

Hi. I'm looking for a song with "I been walkin' the beans' as the first line of the chorus. (This might be the title). I taped 1/2 song off CBC radio and want to learn the whole song. Can anyone help by giving me the rest of the song???

07 Mar 99 - 04:06 PM (#61756)
From: Peter Fisher

Greg Brown wrote (and sings) a song called Walkin' the Beans, which is about a common chore assigned to midwestern farm kids: walking the soybean fields, pulling weeds. I have it on a tape, though I don't know which of his albums it is from. If this sounds like the right song, let me know which half you are missing.

25 Mar 99 - 11:23 AM (#65854)
Subject: LYRICS? for song about 'WALKIN THE BEANS'

Hi. Can you give me the lyrics for this Southern song about someone hoeing long rows of beans and the devil 'pushing pigweed up from under in this row I just hoed'??

It has a talking part for an intro thanks if you can help with this....

25 Mar 99 - 12:06 PM (#65861)
Subject: RE: LYRICS? for song about 'WALKIN THE BEANS'
From: Peter Fisher

There was a similar request a couple of weeks ago to which I replied, but I'll do it again. Walkin the Beans is a song by Greg Brown (of Iowa) about a typical midwestern (not southern) farm kid's chore--walking the soybean fields pulling weeds. If this is the song you want, I have it on a Greg Brown recording and could get you the words. In the meantime I'll listen to it and see if pigweeds and hoes are mentioned.

26 Mar 99 - 01:59 PM (#66141)
Subject: Lyr Add: WALKING THE BEANS (Greg Brown)
From: Peter Fisher

Here it is:

Words and music by Greg Brown

INTRO (half singing, half talking)

Last fall it was dry, oh my, oh my
You could ask the smartweed, maybe the smartweed knows why
And then Mr. Corn Borer, he brought his whole family
And they laid the corn low when it got windy

Well now there's corn in the bean fields,
Persnickety wants it clean
I got these blisters on my fingers,
I got these cockleburs in my dreams.

CHORUS: I been walkin' the beans, been walkin' the beans,
Been bending low, no, no, been rippin' my jeans
Been walkin' the beans, in the burnin’ sun
And it looks like I ain't ever ever gonna get done.

Well it’s a mighty long row, that's a lotta room to grow
For the nightshade and the thistles and that miserable so and so
Two miles around, more like ten I think
You know I would just put all four up but I gotta have a drink.

CHORUS (substitute “splittin' my seams” for “rippin' my jeans”)

Bandana on my head, I got a long handled hoe in my hand
You know people are afraid of hell and now I understand
'Cause I can picture some devil from that land below
And he's a-pushing the pigweed up from under that row I just hoed. CHORUS

Pretty little girl in not too much just about two rows over
When it’s hotter than fire I guess you don't need much cover
Sure would like to get closer, but ain't it just my luck
You know I got such a crick in my back I can't even stand up. CHORUS

27 Mar 99 - 05:57 PM (#66358)
Subject: RE: LYRICS? for song about 'WALKIN THE BEANS'
From: Jackie L

Hi peter. Thanks so much for those lyrics. It's awesome !!!!!!! I've been trying to find words to that song for YEARS.....also maybe I can find the recording now that I have Greg Brown's name. I asked for it on this mudcat before but then I couldnt find the spot when I went back to look for it. Thanks again JL

28 Mar 99 - 02:53 PM (#66498)
Subject: RE: LYRICS? for song about 'WALKIN THE BEANS'
From: Peter Fisher


If you have trouble trying to find Greg Brown recordings you might call Red House Records in Minneapolis, which is a recording label that Greg started some time ago, though I think someone else has taken over operations. Or try Real Records 319-354-0158, which is a music store in Iowa City, where Greg Brown is from. (That's where I live also.) By the way, his recent album Slant 6 Mind was nominated for a grammy (Best Traditional Folk Album). He's recorded 13 albums/CDs and though I have this song on tape I have no idea which one it came from.