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Casey Anderson

03 Mar 07 - 12:10 PM (#1985017)
Subject: Casey Anderson
From: Stefan Wirz

does anybody know the whereabouts or, if it's true what I was told that he died of diabetes, the date and location of his death.
I have built that Casey Anderson discography and keep getting e-mails from people asking me about his whereabouts.

03 Mar 07 - 03:14 PM (#1985145)
Subject: RE: Casey Anderson
From: Duke

From what I had heard from some friends of his, he died years ago in Colorado. Sorry, no specific details. It was from diabetes.

06 Mar 07 - 03:55 AM (#1987832)
Subject: RE: Casey Anderson
From: Stefan Wirz

Duke, thanks for confirming that sad fact ...
I can't believe nobody else has anything to contribute (the man had 10 albums under his own name, even if it wasn't all 'folk' or 'blues' - or was it ?)