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Posted By: Jim Dixon
09-Dec-11 - 10:22 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Eddie's Song (Utah Phillips)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Eddie's Song (Utah Phillips)
Lyrics to EDDIE'S SONG have been posted in the thread called Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War.
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Posted By: Mark Ross
15-Mar-10 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War
Subject: Lyr Add: EDDIE'S SONG (Utah Phillips)


by Utah Phillips
written for Eddie Balchowsky.

Standing in your shadow, afraid to go outside,
I could listen to your music all night long,
But the world keeps on changing; there's still no place to hide,
I know that we can't change it with a song.

One hand on the keyboard and moonlight fills the room,
One hand on the Ebro, no regrets,
One hand on tomorrow reaching for the sun,
One hand on the sun that never sets.

The white cliffs of Gandesa lie sleeping in the rain,
I guess some places always have their kings,
And now I hear you singing the forgotten songs of Spain.
I wish we could remember all those things.


I thought that I had trouble when I was on the loose,
That must have been our carnival instead,
And now I hear our children, they're singing "What's the use?"
They drop a little something for their head.


Mark Ross

Subject: RE: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War
From: GeoffLawes - PM
Date: 15 Mar 10 - 09:56 PM

MARK ROSS:By Googling I discovered that Utah Phillips wrote Eddie's Song prematurely since he wrote it in response to an incorrect report that Eddie Balchowsky had died. Eddie Balchowsky, a pianist who lost an arm fighting with the International Brigades, has come up before in threads about the SCW but I don't recall this song being mentioned -so thanks .

A YouTube performance of Eddie's Song by David Rogers

YouTube Documentary video about Ed Balchowsky
LINK to more information in this thread about Ed Balchowsky