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Jump Rope Rhymes

Welcome to our extension of Stan Kulikowski's wonderful collection of children's jump rope rhymes. You can see Stan's original site, including the origins of his project, by clicking here. Many thanks to Stan for this fine contribution to the Mudcat.

{name}, {name}
{name1} and {name2}

A (top of page)

A dillar, a dollar
A hunting we will go
A tisket, a tasket
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
A, R, I, T, H
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Alice, tall and slender
Alice, where are you going?
All in together, girls
Alligator, alligator
Amos and Andy
Amy Johnson flew in an airplane
Ann is angry
Anna Banana
Apple on stick
Apple, peach, pumpkin pie
Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums
As I was going to Strawberry Fair
As I was in the kitchen
As I was walking by the lake
As I was walking near the lake
At the battle of Waterloo
Away down east

B (top of page)

Bake a pudding
Banana banana banana spilt
Beat beat beat your drum
Been in Grandpa's garden
Betty, Betty stumped her toe
Blondie and Dagwood
Blue bells
Blue bells, my cockle shells
Bow legged Dutchman: walking down the street
Bread and butter
Bronco Lane
Brownie, brownie, happy elf
Bubble gum, bubble gum
Buster Brown
Buster, Buster, climb the tree
Butterfly, butterfly: turn around

C (top of page)

California oranges
Caroline Pink
Charlie Chaplin came to Duluth
Charlie Chaplin sat on a pin
Charlie, Charlie
Charlie, Charlie, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck
Cherry, cherry, cherry wine
Chew tobacco, chew tobacco
Ching ching Chinaman (1)
Ching ching Chinaman (2)
Christopher Columbus
Cinderella, dressed in green
Cinderella, dressed in yellow
Cobbler, cobbler
Cold meat mutton pies
Columbus went to sea, sea, sea
Cross patch
Cross the river
Cups and saucers

D (top of page)

Dancing dolly has no cents
Dancing Dolly has no sense
Dennis the Menace had a squirt gun
Did you ever go a fishing
Did you ever see a hearse go by
Ding dong, time for school
Doctor Brown, a very good man
Doctor, Doctor
Dolly Dimple walks like this
Don't leave the rope empty
Don't say 'ain't'
Don't worry
Donald Duck is a one-legged duck
Down by the river
Down in the desert
Down in the jungle
Down in the valley
Down the Mississippi
Dream lover, where are you
Dum dum dodo
Dutch cheese and sauerkraut

E (top of page)

Echad, shtayim, shalosh va-reva
Eenie meenie miney moe
Eeper weeper
Engine, engine, number nine (1)
Engine, engine, number nine (2)
Every morning at eight o'clock
Everybody, everybody

F (top of page)

Firecracker, firecracker, oh, oh, oh
Fireman, fireman
Five, ten, fifteen, twenty
Fudge, fudge
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear

G (top of page)

Grace, Grace
Gramma, Gramma
Grandma Moses sick in bed
Grandma, Grandma
Grandpa's whiskers old and gray
Greasy rails and timber bridges

H (top of page)

Have a cherry
Have a cigarette, sir
Have you ever, ever, ever
Her first name is {name}
Here comes the bride
Here comes the teacher
Hi Marshall Dillon
Hokey pokey
Holy Moses
House for rent
How do you spell 'cat'

I (top of page)

I am a little girl
I am a little sailor girl
I am a little trolley car
I had a dolly dressed in green
I had a little brother
I had a little duckling
I had a little monkey
I hear the teacher
I know a little lady
I know a man named Michael Finnegan
I love coffee (1)
I love coffee (2)
I never went to college
I saw Esau kissing Kate
I see London
I see London, I see France
I should worry
I spy Peter
I was born in a frying pan
I was standing on the corner
I went upstairs to make my bed
I won't go to Macy's
I'll tell Ma
I'm a Girl Guide
I'm a little Dutch girl
I'm a little hippy
I'm a little sailor girl
I'm little jumping Joan
Ice cream soda
If you are getting old and out of shape
In the dark, dark world
Indian, indian, live in a tent
Ipsey pipsey, tell me true

J (top of page)

Johnny over the ocean
Johnny, Johnny: what's the price of geese
Jump rope, jump rope

K (top of page)

Kaiser Bill (1)
Kaiser Bill (2)

L (top of page)

Ladies and gentlemen
Lemon and lime
Lincoln, Lincoln
Little Betty Blue
Little George Washington
Little Miss Pinky
Little Sally Waters

M (top of page)

Mabel, Mabel
Mable, Mable
Maggie, Maggie
Mama's going to have a baby
Mama, Mama
Margie drank lemonade
Margie drank some marmalade
Mary had a little car
Mary had a little lamb
Mary had bread and jam
Mary Mack, dressed in black
Mickey Mickey Mickey Mouse
Mima mima Aunt Jamimer
Mine eyes have seen the glory
Miss Lucy had a tugboat
Miss, miss
Mix a pancake
Momma's in the kitchen
Monday is my washing day
Moses supposes his toeses are roses
Mother sent me to the store
Mother, mother, have you heard
Motor boat, motor boat: go so slow
Mrs. Red
My boyfriend's name is {name}
My boyfriend's name is Fatty
My mommy works
My mother and your mother (1)
My mother and your mother (2)
My mother gave me a nickel
My mother is a butcher
My name is MacNamara
My old granddad made a shoe
My sister got a boyfriend

N (top of page)

Nine lives, nine lives
Nine o'clock is striking
No more pencils
Not last night
Not last night
Now you are married

O (top of page)

O U T spells out
Oh, {name}
Oh, I run in and around I go
Old lady, old lady lived in a shoe
Old man Daisy
Old man lazy
Old Molly Rier
Old Mother Mason
Oliver Twist
On the mountain stands a lady
Once upon a time
One bright morning
One day when I was walkin'
One to make ready
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
One, two: buckle my shoe
Oneray, tworay, zickray, a a
Operator, operator
Order in the courts

P (top of page)

Passing the doctor
Peaches in the parlor
Pease porridge hot
Pepsi Cola went to town
Piggy on the railroad
Policeman, policeman (1)
Policeman, policeman (2)
Pom, pom
Put your hands in your pockets

R (top of page)

Red headed sapsucker
Rich man
Rin Tin Tin
Robbie Burns was born in Ayr
Rooms for rent

S (top of page)

Sally Rand
Salt makes you thirsty
Schools's out
Shamein dubon
Sheep in the meadow
Shtayim ba-kol
Shtayim biz'man
Sister had date last night
Sleeping Beauty thinks she's cuties
Spanish dancer: do the splits
Standing at the bar
Standing on the corner
Sugar and cream

T (top of page)

Teacher, teacher
Teddy bear, teddy bear: turn around
The devil flew from north to south
The Jackson Five
The King of France
The parson in the pulpit
There's a place called Mars
Tick tock
Tilly the toiler
Tomatoes, lettuce
Two in the middle
Two in the middle and two at the end
Two little chickadees
Two little monkeys
Two years old

U (top of page)

Up and down Jamaica Town
Up and down the ladder wall

W (top of page)

What kind of evening gown will I marry in
Who took the cookie from the cookie jar
Wire briar, limber lock

Y (top of page)

Yellowbelly, yellowbelly
Yonder comes the teacher