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Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (1844 election)

chico 01 Aug 05 - 04:56 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 04:57 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 04:58 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 04:58 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 04:59 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 05:00 AM
chico 01 Aug 05 - 05:00 AM
GUEST,.gargoyle 02 Aug 05 - 12:01 AM
Malcolm Douglas 02 Aug 05 - 12:14 AM
Peace 02 Aug 05 - 02:25 AM
chico 05 Aug 05 - 12:34 AM
Q (Frank Staplin) 05 Aug 05 - 01:59 PM
GUEST 05 Aug 05 - 09:15 PM
Q (Frank Staplin) 05 Aug 05 - 10:14 PM
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Subject: Lyr Add: FARMER CLAY (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 04:56 AM

AIR -- 'Yankee Doodle'

D      A7       D      A7          D         A7    D A7
Yankee Doodle, Whigs huzza, we're done with Captain Tyler,
    D7               G       (Em)         A    7      D
The man who in his country's flaw shall never more defile her

    G                                  D         
For Farmer Clay then boys hurrah, and proudly here proclaim him
    G                   Em          (D°) D       A7       D
The great, the good, the valiant Hal, and shout when'er you name him

Our noble Hary is the man, the nation most delights in!
To place him first is now the plan for this we'er all uniting!

Brave Whigs! Where'er the gallant song "Log Cabins and Hard Cider"
Was chorused loud and echoed long, let this be heard--and wider

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Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: HARD TIMES (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 04:57 AM

AIR -- 'The Girl I left behind me'

       F                   Bb               F             C
Hard times, hard times, is all the cry the country's in confusion
    F                        Bb               C7       F
The banks have stoppped but still they try to mystify delusion
                        Dm                  F                Dm A7
They give us trash and keep their cash to send across the waters
    F                      Bb               C7                  F
To pay for things they've bought of kings to gull our songs and daughters

[CHORUS to the last two lines of the verse]
Then to the polls, ye noble souls, the banks now cry for quarters
But here's their doom, they shall resume or forfeit all their charters

Shall corporations rule the soil that washington defended
Shall honest people sweat and toil and have their rights suspended?
Shall we be slaves to pampered knaves and banks still be our masters,
Since all they pay from day to day is nothing but shin-plasters

Brave Jackson fought to set us free he loves his country dearly
Then, sons of true democracy, on to preserve it fairly
The name of Clay shall fade away before our party's hero
We'll lay these banks that play such pranks all just as low as zero

[From the 'Democratic Songster' "Democratic nominee James K. Polk campaigned vigorously, surprising many with his stalwart support of westward expansion, an issue that Whig nominee Henry Clay and others attempted to deflect. His campaign slogan "54 40 or fight!" referred to the desired northern boundary of the Oregon Territory at the 54th parallel, 40 minutes, well north of the boundary set by the Oregon Treaty of 1846."-Wikipedia]

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Subject: Lyr Add: GET OFF THE TRACKS (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 04:58 AM

AIR -- 'Old Dan Tucker'

D          G D      (G)
Ho! the Car Emancipation
D             A7       G
Rides majestic thro' our nation
D          G    D          (G)
Bearing on its Train, the story,
D          A7         G
LIBERTY! a Nations's Glory

    D         (G)
Roll it along,
A7          (G A7)
Roll it along,
D               G
Roll it along, thro' the Nation
   A7            G    D
Freedom's Car. Emancipation

First of all the train and greater,
Speeds the dauntless _Liberator_
Onward cheered amid hosannas,
And the waving of Free Banners.

Roll it along! spread your Banners
While the people shout hosannas.

Men of various predilictions,
Frightened, run in all directions:
Merchants, Editors, Physicians,
Lawyers, Priests and Politicians.

Get out of the way! every station.
Clear the track of 'mancipation.

Let the Ministers and Churches
Leave behind sectarian lurches;
Jump on board the Car of Freedom
Ere it be too late to need them.

Sound the alarm! Pulpit's thunder!
Ere too late, you see your blunder.

Politicians gazed, astonished,
When, at first our Bell resounded:
_Freight trains_ are coming, tell those Foxes,
With our _Votes_ and _Ballot Boxes_.

Jump up for your lives! Politicians,
From your dangerous false positions.

Rail Roads to Emancipation
Cannot rest on _Clay_ foundation
And the _tracks_ of "_The Magician_"
Are but _Rail Roads_ to perdition.

Pull up the Rails! Emancipation
Cannot rest on such foundation.

All true friends of Emancipation,
Haste to Freedom's Rail Road Stations;
Quick into the Cars get seated,
All is ready and completed.

Put on the Steam! All are crying,
And the Liberty Flags are flying.

Now, again the Bell is tolling,
Soon you'll see the car wheels rolling;
Hinder not their destination,
Chartered for Emancipation.

Mend up the flag! keep it flashing,
While the Train goes onward dashing.

Hear the mighty car wheels humming!
Now look out! _The Engine's running!_
Church and Stateman! hear the thunder!
Clear the track! or you'll fall under.

Get off the track! all are singing,
While the Liberty Bell is ringing.

On triumphant, see them bearing,
Through sectarian rubbish tearing;
The Bell and Whistle and the Steaming,
Startles thousands from their dreaming.

Look out for the cars! while the Bell rings,
Ere the sound your funeral knell rings.

See the people run to meet us;
At the Depots thousands greet us;
All take seats with exultation,
In the Car Emancipation.

Hurra! Hurra! Emancipation
Soon will bless our happy nation.
Hurra! Hurra!! Hurra!!!

[Campaign song for the anti-slavery Liberty party, 1844. (1844) A song for Emancipation, Sung by THE HUTCHINSONS, Respectfully dedicated to Nathaniel P. Rogers, As a mark of esteem for his intrepidity in the cause of Human Rights -- By the Author, JESSE HUTCHINSON Junior]

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Subject: Lyr Add: JIMMY POLK OF TENNESSEE (Campaign 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 04:58 AM

AIR -- 'Dandy Jim of Caroline'

    D    G          D       A7
Oh ev'ry day brings something new
    D   A7      D       A7
The locofocoes find it [true]
And strange events have proved to Martin
       G       A7       D
That doubtful things are very unsartin

    D                G
But hark, the people rising say
      D                     A7
That he is not the man to cope with Clay
D          7         G   B° (E7)
Ha, ha ha, ha such a nominee
    A7             D
As Jimmy Polk of Tennessee?

Come listen Whigs and Locos all,
Your kind attention here I call
And mark the burthen of the glee
Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee

Polk's choice occasioned some surprise
Good democrats rolled up their eyes
Our candidate pray who is he?
Why James K Polk of Tennessee?

But soon their vast excitement o'er
They see what ne'er was seen before
The best selection that could be
Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee?

Fall down before a better man
Than even little Matty Van
Buchanan too, must bow the knee
To Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee?

[Whig song ridiculing the dark horse democratic nominee, and under-estimating him in the process. Related to main accusation of whigs, 'Who in the hell is James K Polk?']

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Subject: Lyr Add: POLK, DALLAS, & TEXAS (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 04:59 AM

AIR -- 'Old Dan Tucker'

    D       G       D    (G)
A Psalm we don't object to sing
    D            A7      G
But uncle Sam is now the thing
    D               G   D       (G)
He cries, "For Polk and Dallas go"
D                   A7 G
And save Texas from Mexico

D                   G
Then Whigs clear the way,
      A               7      G    A7
Whigs give way 'tis freedom becks us
D                G
Whigs give way, 'tis freedom becks us
    A7               G          D
For Polk, for Dallas and young Texas

Sly Hal and Theodore so grand
Instead of gaining Sam more land
The'd sell each acre to the foe
And sell the people on it too

[From 'The Democratic Songster'. Sly Hal is Henry Clay, who skirted the issue of Texas annexation to avoid offending sectional interests. Theodore is Freligheysen]

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Subject: Lyr Add: WE ARE MET LIKE JOLLY BOYS (1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 05:00 AM

Campaign of 1844

AIR -- "Old Dan Tucker." (used: Rose of Alabama)

       E             A
We are met again like jolly boys,
       E                  B7
We'll have good luck, so join in singing,
    E         A         7
Let Locofocos play with toys,
                E       B7       E
We'll toil and tug, our Clay to bring in.

Hurrah for Clay,
7          E
Hurrah for Clay,
   C#m                  A
Hurrah for Clay, he's bright and lucky,
B7                   E
Clear your throats for old Kentucky.

That same old coon is come again,
The time has come for Whigs to rally,
So hoist your flag with mights and main,
And strive to win for gallant Harry.

We'll meet our foes, we'll give them battle,
Until they are as green as cabbage,
We'll rout them all, we'll make them rattle,
We'll spike their guns, we'll burn their baggage.

Their host of office-seekers all,
We will row them up Salt River,
And even now our great Clay call
Begins to make them shake and shiver.

They say't wont do to sing again,
But we will sing, and sing in chorus,
We'll sing, and sing with might and main,
Until we drive them all before us.

So here's success to Henry Clay,
He'll tear the Locos all asunder,
Again we are sure to win the day,
Again we'll sing as loud as thunder.

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Subject: Lyr Add: WE'RE FOR FREEDOM (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 01 Aug 05 - 05:00 AM

AIR - 'Old Granite State'

C       F             C                  G          7
We are coming, we are coming! Freedom's battle is begun
(C) F                   C    (Am)    G          7
No hand shall furl her banner ere her victory be won
      C                                  G          7
Our shields are locked for liberty and mercy goes before
          C                         G                7
Tyrants tremble in your citadel oppression shall be o'er
         C                   G             7
We will vote for Birney, we will vote for Birney
            C                         Am
We're for Liberty and Birney and for Freedom through the land

C       G7          C    G#7                G
Hurrah! hurrah!, hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!, hurrah!
         C                        G         7
We will vote for Birney, we will vote for Birney
          C                                    G7         C
We're for Liberty and Birney and for Freedom through the land

We have hatred dark and deep for the fetter and the thong;
We bring light to prisoned spirits, for the captive wail a song!
We are coming, we are coming! And 'No league with tyrant man'
Is emblazoned on our banner, while Jehovah leads the van

We are coming we are coming but we wield no battle brand
We armed with truth and justice with God's charter in our hand
And our voice which swells for freedom--freedom now and ever more
Shall be heard as ocean's thunder, when they burst upon the shore!

[Campaign song for Liberty Party's nominee, James Birney, who threw the election to democrat James Polk]

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: GUEST,.gargoyle
Date: 02 Aug 05 - 12:01 AM

Thank you CHICa!

Just curious - what were the WIKEPEDIA original sources for your source?

When citing a source, from another source, that used another is ALWAYS necessiary to give the lineage.


Without accurate records we might believe that Seth gave his rib to Eve - or that Mexico controled the SWestern U.S.A....when everyone knows that the French and Spanish and Russians have first claim.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: Malcolm Douglas
Date: 02 Aug 05 - 12:14 AM

Do please close your <pre> tag at the end of the lyric. It's a pain in the arse having to scroll across a couple of screens to read the source information at the bottom, such as it is.

Which iteration of 'wickipedia' do you mean? It isn't a very reliable source in itself, so a properly checkable source should always be named if possible; I'm with Gargoyle on this one.
    <pre> tag closed.
    -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: Peace
Date: 02 Aug 05 - 02:25 AM

However, there are polite ways to admonish someone for having erred.

"Thank you CHICa!" is not at all appropriate above the line, IMO. Even considering the source.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: chico
Date: 05 Aug 05 - 12:34 AM

The wikipedia was just something I added in to give background on the song. It doesn't affect the actual verse.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 05 Aug 05 - 01:59 PM

More than one "Democratic Songster;," 1801, 18-- (40s?) and one during the 1860s. None is readily available but the Library of Congress has the one from the 1840s.

The State Library of North Carolina En*cyclopedia offers reliable information on Polk. The wackypedia is prone to mis-inform.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
Date: 05 Aug 05 - 09:15 PM

The same lyrics from the Polk campaign are printed in "Songs America Voted By" by Irwin Silber (1971)(Stackpole books 1988) tHE "Democratic Songster" Silber cites was from 1844 published by Turner and Fisher, New York.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hard Times (Campaign of 1844)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 05 Aug 05 - 10:14 PM

That is the same as the Lib. Congress copy, but the exact date 1844 is uncertain. That is why I left it in my post as 18-- as the Lib. Congress does but 1840s puts the limits on it. The booklet is undated.

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