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Lyr Req: Mo Shuil Ad' Dheidh / Of Thee I Dream

18 May 00 - 11:29 PM (#230293)
Subject: Mo shuil ad' dheidh English Lyrics
From: GUEST,Kimberley

I'm looking for the English lyrics to the Gaelic song "Mo shuil ad' dheidh".


19 May 00 - 02:13 AM (#230373)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Mo shuil ad' dheidh English Lyrics
From: Barry T

Got 'em in my old tunebook, Kimberley. Click here

19 May 00 - 02:19 AM (#230376)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Mo shuil ad' dheidh English Lyrics
From: Barry T

P.S. Just curious... Are you the Kimberley that maintains the Rankin website? If so, thank you on behalf of all us loyal fans.

The CBC rebroadcast their one hour special this week. Very emotional watching that again!

14 Apr 03 - 09:42 PM (#933588)
From: Jim Dixon

Lyrics and translation copied from
(That site also has a midi file.)


Ochòin! Mo chailin, 's mo shùil a'd dhéigh;
A chailin, mo chailin, 's mo shùil a'd dhéigh;
A Lili, mo Lili, 's mo shùil a'd dhéigh;
Cha léir dhomh am bealach le sileadh nan deur.
Gu'n d' éirich mi mochthrath maduinn an dé,
'S gu'n ghearr mi'n ear-thalmhainn do bhrìgh mo sgéil;
An dùil gu'm faicinn-sa rùn mo chléibh;
Ochòin! Gu'm facas, 's a cùlaobh rium féin.

Na'm bitheadh siod agam, mo lùgh 's mo leum,
Mi'm shuidhe aig bealach 's mo chù air éill,
Gu'n deanainn-sa cogadh gu làidir treun
Mu'n leiginn mo leannan le fear tha do'n ghréin.

'S ann ormsa 'tha 'm mulad 's am fiabhrus mòr,
O'n chualas gun deach' thu le Brian òg;
Mo chomunn cha dean mi ri mnaoi 'san fheòil,
O'n rinn thu mo thréigsinn 's mi fhéin a bhi beò.

O! Chan eil uiseag 's na speuraibh àrd,
No ian anns an doire d'am b'eòl mo ghràdh
Nach eil nis ri tuireadh a dh' oidhche 's a là.
O'n chualas gu'n ghlacadh mo chailin air làmh.

Ochòin! Mo chailin, 's mo shùil a'd dhéigh...


REFRAIN: Horo, my cailin, of thee I dream
My cailin, dear cailin, of thee I dream
My own, my cailin, throughout the years
Dark is my pathway, bedimmed with tears.
I rose up early, ere dawn of day
And cut me the yarrow mid new-mown hay
To see by its magic my true-love dear
Alas I saw her, she turned from me.

O had I like others the strength of youth
My hound to follow, my path were smooth
Oh stark and grim is the fight I'd make
Ere I'd let man living my true-love take.

No lark is there in the meadows nigh
Nor bird in the forest that hears my sigh
But mourns now with me, both night and day
Since I and my true-love are parted, for aye.


15 Apr 03 - 08:37 PM (#934360)
Subject: Origins: Mo Shuil Ad' Dheidh / Of Thee I Dream
From: George Seto -

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 09:44:42 +0100
From: Allan MacLeod
To: 'cb-music'
Subject: RE: Duanag Do Mhabu
Hello George
The story behind Mo Shuil Ad Dheidh ( Fare Thee Well Love) is fully documented in the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Vol 57 but here goes with a summary.
The distinguished Gaelic scholar the Rev Donald MacNicoll, minister of Lismore, belonged to Socach in Glenorchy, Argyll and at age 36 in 1771 proposed to the 17/18 year old Lilias Campbell of nearby Achlian, Dalmally. Apart from the difference in ages Rev MacNicoll also suffered some disfigurement from childhood smallpox. He was turned down in favour of a Captain Campbell of Glenorchy and sadly made his way home on horseback, stopping on the way to compose the famous song of his lost love.
However, Capt Campbell overplayed his hand in celebration by asking his servant to kiss Lilias for a wager of a shilling. Lilias was so incensed by this ungallant act that she immediately broke off the engagement and sent word after the Rev MacNicol to ask him to return, whereupon she accepted HIS proposal and they married on 28th November 1771, 2 days after her 18th birthday.
They had a long and happy marriage with 16 children (many of whom died in infancy as was common at the time) Among the Rev MacNicoll's literary achievements was writing down (in collaberation with Lillias) the songs of Duncan Ban MacIntyre, also from Glenorchy.
So the song remains as an example of the romantic side of someone who might be supposed to have been a rather serious clergyman. The name Brian in the song is thought to be fictitious since there is no record (unsurprisingly) of a Glenorchy Campbell with that name.

15 Apr 03 - 11:29 PM (#934451)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Mo Shuil Ad' Dheidh / Of Thee I Dream
From: George Seto -

And we had covered this back in this thread...

Mo Shuil A'd Dheidh