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Lyr/Chords Req: several Eric Bogle songs

12 Oct 00 - 09:15 AM (#317122)
Subject: Eric Bogle
From: Mikey joe

Hi folks I've tried searching in the DT for some of these but can't find them anywhere. I'm looking for the chords and lyrics of a number if bogles. Went to see him last night- EXCELLENT

Anway what I'm looking for are:

Plastic Paddy Song

The one about the Scotsman in the bar in the outback

The progress song about the bridge to Skye

And one or two others I can't think of now. Hope you can help


12 Oct 00 - 02:56 PM (#317409)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: GUEST,late 'n short


Sorry I can't help with the specific songs you're looking for but you can find chords for "If Wishes Were Fishes" in the DT. Chords for Eric's more well known songs ("No Man's Land", "And the Band Played..., "Safe in the Harbour" can be found in the OLGA mirrors.

I'm always on the lookout for lyr/chords (especially chords)but Eric's material is hard to find and the two older songbooks are out of print. I'll keep you in mind if I come across anything. I saw him back in July and he was great.


12 Oct 00 - 07:28 PM (#317620)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Catrin

I couldn't find the words of this one in the DT - but click here" for an interesting discussion about it.

Also, if you do a DT/Forum search using 'Eric Bogle' you will find the words to many of his songs. (I apologise if that's ovious and you've tried it already.)

Failing that, have you tried a "Google" search?

Good luck,


Link fixed. --JoeClone, 15-Nov-02.

12 Oct 00 - 07:29 PM (#317622)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Catrin


The link works though!



15 Nov 02 - 10:52 PM (#827581)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Jim Dixon


15 Nov 02 - 11:49 PM (#827605)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: mmb

I've recently seen other threads where someone posts the single word "Refresh," but don't understand the purpose. Explanation, please?

Meanwhile, I know the thread is asking for chords and/or lyrics, but the following notice arrived in my mailbox earlier this evening, and I thought of it when I just logged in and saw this thread. The announcement contains the titles of the songs Eric is performing from his most recent CD. Some 'catters in the Albany (NY) area may be interested in catching his performance:


"Brilliance from down under." -The Boston Globe

    Our favorite Australian singer-songwriter ERIC BOGLE, musical social commentator, will introduce his October CD release The Colour of Dreams Greentrax) in an Eighth Step concert co-sponsored by Old Songs, Inc, at 7 pm, Sunday, November 24, 2002 at Masonic Hall, 138 Maple Ave., Altamont (regular site of the Old Songs concert series).

    Funny, hard-hitting and hip, he's is politically fearless, hilariously self-deprecating, and one of the world's finest singer-songwriters. His trademark voice and guitar, and his thought-provoking lyrics, have won him fans all over the world. He is a perceptive and compassionate individual whose songs cover many of the injustices in this complex world and few subjects seem to escape his attention.

    This latest collection includes such subjects as child abuse, the events of September 11th, illegal migrants and the global economy. As always, Eric displays his wonderful knack of cutting through to the heart of the matter with a few well-crafted lines, never failing to provide great entertainment and much food for thought.

    The new CD collects 16 songs: "The Colour of Dreams"; "No
Resurrection"; "The Koala Kafe"; "As If He Knows"; "Reconciliation";
"Elvis 'N' Me"; "Daniel Smiling"; "Global Economy"; "Care For the Land"; "One Morning In Bar Harbour"; "The Dalai Lama's Candle"; "Homecoming"; "Ibrahim"; "Elizabeth's Song"; "Cradle To the Grave"; "Soaring Fever. "All but one are originals (not sure which one-).

    Born in Peebles, Scotland but now living in Australia (one critic calls him Scotland's finest export), Eric regularly tours the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe, as well as his adopted homeland, where he has been the recipient of many awards for his music, including a UN Peace Medal and the Order of Australia from the Australian Government.

    Since his first gold album, he has made numerous TV and radio
appearances, and performed throughout Australia, USA and Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Germany (East and West), New Zealand, France and Bermuda.

    Probably best known in the U.S. for his songs, Bogle's most recognizable and popular song "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" has to date been recorded by over 100 artists, a diverse group ranging from Joan Baez to The Pogues. Another Bogle favorite "The Green Fields of France" (No Mans Land), was recorded by the Furey Brothers and spent an incredible 26 weeks in the Irish charts, including 10 weeks at No. 1.

       In rare American performances (this is his third Eighth Step
performance), Bogle sings original songs accompanied by his own guitar and 2-3 bandmates. With disarming, irreverent humor and poignant observation, he illustrates the common foibles, social issues and grandeur of Australia, America and the world community.

       For further information visit online at

16 Nov 02 - 01:25 AM (#827624)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: EBarnacle1

Got the album on the Mudcat Auction. It's good. Get it. Get it. Get it. I've played it almost every day at work. It does not seem to grow stale.

16 Nov 02 - 04:37 AM (#827656)
Subject: Tune Add: ONE SMALL STAR (Eric Bogle)
From: GUEST,Marion in Cornwall

When I saw this thread I remembered that I had these lyrics from ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯ CD that Eric Bogle made with John Munro a few years ago. I think the only one previously posted is ¡®One Small Star¡¯, and I¡¯ve managed to work out the dots so I¡¯ve added these here.

(written for the parents of the children killed in Dunblane)
From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯
C:Eric Bogle
CD|E3G G2E2|D2C4C2|C3C C2A,2|G,6CD|E3G G2E2|
D3C E4|F3E D2(C D)|D6G,2|A2A2B3A||A2G3G GG|
F3G A2F2|D6D2|E3E E3D|D2C2C2CC|C3B, A,2B,2|C6||
E2F2|G4c4|A6c2|c2B2A3B|(AG) G4EF|G4(c2B2)|


The time has come could be a while
But I'll start to see it in their eyes
They're trying hard, they joke and smile
But I can see the day
When they've had enough of duty's lot
Enough of watching as I fad
But my kids will fight the very thought
That I'm old and in the way.

My wits dart quick as ever could
Which makes the pain far greater still
This shell can't move the way it should
Or speak the words my mind would say
Inside I watch my own decline
Along with those who love me best
They bear their pain, I live with mine
'cause I'm old and in the way.

Ch        An independence of my own
The garden or the corner store
It's at an end - not safe alone
Or so at least the doctors say
The kids will quickly rally round
'Come stay with us, we've lots of room'
Does my life depend upon them now?
Am I so old and in the way?

And so at last the time has come
My dignity just slips away
Will I let them see me fall so far?
Well, that'll be the day
Old folks home - there I said the words
'It¡¯s for the best' they'll bravely say
And with brittle smiles they'll come at first
And then slowly fade away

They feel the guilt and I despair
Of strangers' cool and distant care
But I'll be here and they'll be there
No longer in the way.

From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯


When I need to feel you near me
I stand in this quiet place
With the silver light of countless stars
Falling on my face
Though they all shine so brightly
Somehow it comforts me to know
That some who burn the brightest died an eternity ago.

Ch        But your light still shines
It's one small star to guide me
And to help me hold back the dark
Your light's still shining in my heart.

I'm learning how to live without you
Though I never thought I could
And even how to smile again
And I never thought I would
And to cherish the heart's memories
That can bring you back to life
Though some caress me gently
And some cut me like a knife.

Can your soul be out there somewhere
Beyond the infinity of time
I guess you've found some answers now
I'll have to wait for mine
Till my light joins with yours someday.
To shine through time and space
And one day fall, in a distant age
Upon some stranger's face.


Moon on the water cold frosty night
World full of shadows and silver light
Your blood is singing to an old wild tune
Your heart beats faster it's a poachers moon.

Beneath dark water by the rivers edge
The salmon is resting on a gravel bed
Cam frae the ocean cam hame tae spawn
Back to the tweed river where it was born

Man o the river all the days of your life
You love it better than your kids and wife
It¡¯s beauty caresses, it's peace consols
The song of it's journey runs deep in your soul

Salmon and poaching its aye been the same
Both play their parts in a far bigger game
Through ages uncounted as the years spin roond
Play hunter and hunted 'neath the poachers moon

Fish in the torchlight oh see how it gleams
a nice wee present frae the Earl o' Weymess
Nothing tastes sweeter nothing tastes as good
As a poor man's belly full of rich mans food

The torch is steady the salmon is still
The cleek is ready and noo the kill
White water splashes red water runs
Tail madly thrashes and this games done

But the old days are gone noo from the river tweed
Always when a man took little more than his need
Oh one for the table one tae buy a wee dram
It¡¯s cyanide and nets now and refrigerated vans

And the salmon are fewer getting less every year
The river noo runs like a lang empty tear
All through bonny Tweedale past sheiling and toon
Dying in the cold light o' a poachers moon

From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯


Welcome home to Derby Charles
Welcome back from Nova Scotia
So many miles so long to wait
And never know your mother
But I knew you'd mend the broken thread
The one I never wanted broken
So now we'll set the record straight
Trade one past for another.

I never think about the war
It conjures up too many shadows
When life was hanging by a thread
And nothing seemed to matter
Then a child myself, I bore a child
They said it best to hand you over
And who was I, in guilt and shame
To think that I knew better.

The sisters said they'd bring you up
And give you what I couldn't offer
Another family, different name
They said I'd soon forget you
And to keep you from the pain and loss
'Poor Orphan' was the tale they told you
and to cleanly cover every trace
to Canada they sent you.

You must have wondered through the years
As you grew to be this different person
What link you were within the chain
What went to make this man
And oh, to be somebody's son
And oh, to be somebody's brother
To be complete, to know your name
And how your life began.

You found your way to Derby, Charles
You've tracked me down from Nova Scotia
To kneel beside the stone that says
I was your loving mother
But you took too long, I couldn't wait
But here you see I always loved you
Too late to see it in my eyes
Too late for starting over.

From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯


'Welcome stranger' - the hills a' seem tae say
Their Border colours of green and brown and purple and grey
Are sae familiar and yet they're a' sae strange
So I answer 'hello stranger, is it you or me who's changed?'

'Welcome stranger' the curlew seems tae cry
A scrap o' paper whirlin' in the muddy sky
My heart remembers his bittersweet refrain
Yet I answer 'hello stranger, is it you or me who's changed?'

ch:        But the Tweed still runs down past that wee Border toon
Where my parents lived and died
It¡¯s where the boy was born,
It¡¯s where the man was formed
Where my past and my present collide
Where the man who is and the boy who was
Will not look for each other again
Too many threads have been unstrung too much water has run
Under the bridge between now and then.

'Welcome stranger' the west wind seems tae sing
A promise bearer o' the comin' o' the spring
My senses waken tae the scent and taste o' hame
Yet I answer 'hello stranger, is it you or me who's changed?'

'Welcome stranger' the whole valley seems tae call
It once seemed boundless, aye but now it seems sae small
It¡¯s far horizons the years have crossed and tamed
So I answer 'hello stranger, is it you or me who's changed?'

From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯


Were you there in the beginning
When the parties were for singing
And for 'fathoming the bowl'!
Drinking by the kitchen door
And did you sleep on someone's floor
When the song was in your soul.

Ch:        Looking back to when Ewan wrote the songs we sang
And Hamish played the blues
Remember when Ray and Archie sang in harmony
The Star Club was the place to be, with Alex singing 'goodbye booze'.

In the Folk Club's candled glimmer
You were audience and singer
There were fewer of us then
And you knew the folk who listened
In a place where no stars glistened
With no thought of 'us and them'.

Now you look out at the faces
At the hundreds in their places
And you don't see one you know
Now it's record deals and airplay
And the company wants their say
And the money's all the go.

But it's not like - Folk Song I gave you
All the best years of my life
'cause wee Eric writes the songs
the Fisher's are still singing
Dick Gaughan helps us look inside our soul
And when all is said and done
And it's really like it was those years ago.

From ¡®The Emigrant & The Exile¡¯

Hope these are of use.


17 Nov 02 - 02:00 PM (#828469)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Jim Dixon

Mmb: I refreshed the thread because I noticed that Mikey Joe's requests hadn't been answered. I can't answer them myself, but I thought someone else might do so, if only the thread is brought to their attention.

I think that's usually the reason someone refreshes an old thread that started with a question.

Even if Mikey Joe is no longer paying attention (He posted his request 2 years ago.), the songs he was asking for might make a valuable addition to our database.

Marion: Your contributions are certainly welcome, but may I make a suggestion? In the future, please post each song in a separate message. Give each message a new subject line containing "Lyr Add:" and the name of the song, and if space permits, the name of the author or other source. This makes the songs easier to find if someone is searching for them.

17 Nov 02 - 02:00 PM (#828470)
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD AND IN THE WAY (Eric Bogle)
From: Jim Dixon

See Marion's message above.

17 Nov 02 - 02:30 PM (#828499)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: mmb

Jim, am I understanding you correctly? If someone notices that the stated purpose of a thread still contains unanswered questions or may have new, relevant meaning, he/she may simply type "refresh" without actually adding anything new, just to keep the thread from falling out of sight?
    That would be helpful to me, because I started a thread back in October and there were folks who mentioned they'd get back to it "when they had time," and it has since dropped 'way down the list. Is this such an instance?   If so, thanks a lot for your response! And if not, please enlighten me further. M.

17 Nov 02 - 03:06 PM (#828532)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Marion in Cornwall

Thanks for the pointer. I left the name of the author out of the posting as I'm not sure which songs were written by Eric Bogle or by John Munro.

17 Nov 02 - 09:16 PM (#828709)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: Susanne (skw)

mmb, you'll find this in quite a few threads. It's perfectly ok. Go ahead and refresh your thread if we haven't come up to your expectations yet!

17 Nov 02 - 10:00 PM (#828723)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Eric Bogle
From: mmb

Suzanne, my expectations are more than met here on MC. There was just one thread where I raised a nostalgic question that one or two folks - whom I've known for years - noticed, saying they'd return to it when they had time. I just suspect that normal busy-ness and the inactivity of the thread has let it slip from their memories. One of these days I'll just refresh it and give them a chance to respond. I just didn't realize that that was the purpose of the "Refresh" message.   Neat! Thanks, both Suzanne and Jim!   M.

23 Jan 09 - 03:15 AM (#2546729)
Subject: Chords Add: ONE SMALL STAR (Eric Bogle)
From: JanH

Here´s One Small Star. I´ve written out some of the bass runs.

One Small Star    Eric Bogle

Capo 2nd fret

(C) (C/B) (Am) (C)(C/G)(F) (G) (C) (G)
When I (C)need to (G)feel you (C)near me,
I (C/G)stand (F)in this quiet (C)place,
With the silver (G)light of (C)countless (C/E)stars
(F/C) Falling (F/A)on (F/C)my (G)face. (G/D)(G)
Though (F)they all (G)shine so (C)brightly,
Some(C/G)how it (F)comforts (F/C)me (F)to (G)know
That (C)some who (C/B)burn the (Am)brightest died
(C) An e(F)terni(G)ty a(C)go. (C/G) (C) (C/G)

But your (C)light (C/B)still (Am)shines,
(C) It's (F)one small (G)star to (C)guide me,
And to help (C/B)me (Am)hold back (Am/C)the (G)dark. (G/B) (G) (G/B)(G)
Your (C)light's still (C/G)(F)shining (C)(F)(G)in (G/B)m(G)y(C)heart.
(C/B) (Am)   (C) (C/B) (Am)

I'm learning (C)how to (G)live with(C)out you,
(C/G) And I (F)never thought I (C)could,
And even (G)how to (C)smile a(C/E)gain,
I (F/C)never (F/A)thought (F/C)I (G)would. (G/D)(G)
And to (F)cherish (G)the heart's (C)memories
That (C/G)can (F)bring you (F/C)back (F)to (G)life,
Though (C)some ca(C/B)ress me (Am)gently
And (C)some (F)cut me (G)like a (C)knife. (C/G) (C) (C/G)

But your (C)light (C/B)still (Am)shines,
(C) It's (F)one small (G)star to (C)guide me,
And to help (C/B)me (Am)hold back (Am/C)the (G)dark. (G/B) (G) (G/B)(G)
Your (C)light's still (C/G)(F)shining (C)(F)(G)in (G/B)m(G)y(C)heart.
(C/B) (Am)    - Instrumental verse, no 'tag' -

Can your soul be (G)out there (C)somewhere
Beyond (C/G)the in(F)finity of (C)time?
I guess you've (G)found some (C)answers (C/E)now,
(F/C) I'll have to (F/A)wait (F/C)for (G)mine, (G/D)(G)
Till (F)my light (G)joins with (C)yours one day
(C/G) To (F)shine through (F/C)time (F)and (G)space, (G/B)(G)
And (C)one day (C/B)far in the (Am)distance, play (Am/C)(Am/G)
U(F)pon some (G)stranger's (C)face. (C/G) (C) (C/G)

But your (C)light (C/B)still (Am)shines,
(C) It's (F)one small (G)star to (C)guide me,
And to help (C/B)me (Am)hold back (Am/C)the (G)dark. (G/B) (G) (G/B)(G)
Your (C)light's still (C/G)(F)shining (C)(F)(G)in (G/B)m(G)y(C)heart, (C/B) (Am)
Yes, (G)your (C)light's still (C/G)(F)shining (F/A)(F)(G)in (G/B)my (C)heart.

© Eric Bogle, All Rights Reserved