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Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

06 Sep 01 - 12:01 AM (#543117)
Subject: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

I tried to see if there were any previous threads about cat songs, but I kept coming up with everything with the name "mudcat" in it, not to mention "catcher," and any other word containing those three letters. So I am posting it from 'scratch," so to speak.

I am looking for songs for and about cats.

I am already familiar with Disney's "We Are Siamese, If You Please," as well as "The Cat Came Back" and "The Persian Kitty/a>."

Then there is "How Can I Keep From Purring?"

And, of course, "Just The Claws" ("Just Because")

And "Cat's In The Cradle"

What other ones are there?

06 Sep 01 - 01:28 AM (#543144)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Calach

How about the parody of "All Around My Hat", which tells the tale of a cat pissing all over the place, and the owner's intentions of getting rid of it.
Called "All Around My Flat"

06 Sep 01 - 01:51 AM (#543148)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: masato sakurai

How about visiting this Cat Songs CD page or this page (of the same CD), and hearing samples?


06 Sep 01 - 03:20 AM (#543169)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Joe Offer

You can search for @cat in our Digitrad and Forum Search to find Digital Tradition songs about cats. I have two favorites: Body in the Bag and Leon Rosselson's The Neighbour's Cat.
Do these "favorites" indicate that I have a negative opinion of cats? I'd rather not say. Cat lovers are vicious.
some of the cat songs in the Digital Tradition are:
Cameronian Cat
The Cat Came Back
Cat's in the Cradle
The Dundee Cat
I'm Going to Drown my Cat (I think I like this one)
Little Cat
My Grandmother's Cat
Overflowing Cat Box Blues
Throw Your Cat Away
Tom Cat Blues (Ring-Tail Tom)
Senor Don Gato
Feline Gravy
Nobody's Moggy Now (another favorite of mine)
The Cats are Taking Over
Wallifou Fa Cat
Della and the Dealer
There are more if you look for them....

06 Sep 01 - 03:31 AM (#543174)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

I did not know how to do that kind of search, Joe. Thanks for the info.


P.S., I love Della and The Dealer, and I had forgotten about Feline Gravy.

There's also a posting for "I Wanted a Kitten To Love Me."

06 Sep 01 - 07:26 AM (#543258)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Barbara

The "All Around My Hat" parody is the one on Joe's list called "I'm Going to Drown My Cat", and yes, I like that one too, as well as NOBODY'S MOGGY'S LAND which is a wonderful take off on two Eric Bogle songs.

06 Sep 01 - 09:17 AM (#543317)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Oversoul

"Ring-Tailed Tom" via the New Lost City Ramblers. I can't remember their souce for this great cat song, but it is unique at any rate.

06 Sep 01 - 10:01 AM (#543342)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SharonA

Calico: There's a wonderful thread with many songs and blueclickeys to other references. It is named "BS: Songs for Cats...Corrrrrrrr." It was started by English Jon's Cat, hence the noise "corrrrrrrr". In fact, if you do a search on "corrrr" you'll come up with more words of wisdom from English Jon's Cat!

06 Sep 01 - 10:12 AM (#543348)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Midchuck

Cats on the rooftops, cats on the tiles,
Cats with the clap and the crabs and the piles,
Cats with their butts all wreathed in smiles,
As they revel in the throes of fornication!

(From one of Oscar Brand's old Bawdy Songs records)


06 Sep 01 - 10:24 AM (#543362)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: 2feathers

Sorry, not bawdy. Just an old serenade from an outdoor male cat to his ladycat indoors. seems to get a chuckle whenever I bring it out at a sing.

<"Come y-out, come y-out, come y-out my little kitten>

<"nyot nyow">

<"come y-out, come-yout, come yout my little kitten?

<"Nyot nyow!

<"Come yout, come yout, come yout my little kitten? Nyow??">

<"Nyot nyow!">

06 Sep 01 - 10:41 AM (#543378)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: CharlieA

There's a Wierd Al Yankovich song called "cat in the kettle" a parody of "cat in the cradle". Not sure where to find it online but it must be findable. V funny one. Cxxx

06 Sep 01 - 10:56 AM (#543394)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: LR Mole

Tabby, Tabby, Tabby's in love...
Odd to be typing this in the week Troy Donohue passed on.

06 Sep 01 - 11:21 AM (#543426)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: George Seto -

Cat in the Hat? Was thatt a song

06 Sep 01 - 11:22 AM (#543427)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SharonA

No, that was a young Leslie Nielsen (spelling?) in the Tammy movie with Debbie Reynolds and Walter Brennan. Or were you thinking of a different movie? Donahue starred with Sandra Dee in "A Summer Place".

06 Sep 01 - 01:11 PM (#543540)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: LR Mole

Leslie Neilsen? Harry's brother? (creep, creep)

06 Sep 01 - 03:30 PM (#543639)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Arkie

The Persian Kitty, perfumed and fair
Went out in the yard to get some air
When a tom cat lean and lithe and strong
Dirty and ragged came along. Ect.

Also Mr. Mistoffiles and others from Andrew Lloyd Webbers's musical Cats have amused me for many hours. Its not folk music, but T.S. Eliot's poetry captured the true nature of cats (actually, I'm not sure cats even know what their true nature might be) and was complimented nicely by Webber's music.

06 Sep 01 - 03:33 PM (#543646)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Clinton Hammond

I've heard a song about the "Poor Moggy" or some such, about a flat cat on the side of the road... really funny stuff!!!

06 Sep 01 - 03:51 PM (#543668)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Mr Red

not a song as far as I know but this was a schoolboy ditty I learned.
Quick, quick, the cats been sick.
Where? Where? Under the chair.
F**k it, F**k it, fetch a bucket.
All in vain, all in vain, the cat has licked it up again.
** HAND **

06 Sep 01 - 04:03 PM (#543682)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,K.K.

I like cats, dead ones

They might eat rats, but so what

Shoot 'em with a shotgun, turn the pit bull loose and watch 'em run, or sack and sink kittens, its all good clean country fun

I like cats, dead ones

My neighbor had a Siamese cat, it was ill-tempered, lazy and fat But me and my Louisville Slugger did something about that

I like cats, dead ones

So give me a pot-bellied pig or even a snake, and leave cat ownership to the yuppies, senile old ladies, and fakes.

'Cause I like cats, dead ones

06 Sep 01 - 05:20 PM (#543786)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: MAG

"There are two means of escape from the miseries of life: music and cats." -- Schweitzer

I like Old Possum's book of Practical Cats, Arkie, but I disagree about the Webber reworking. He fucked up the narrative voice of the various cats. Glad I only paid half price to see it. -- MA

06 Sep 01 - 06:03 PM (#543833)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

Giant SIGGHHHH! I sent away four of my six kittens this week. One home is full of noisy kids, a dog, and another cat. I am worrying. Meantime, I made the mistake of naming the remaining two - Fred and Mickey. A family came today to choose one but left empty handed. I can't let Fred go - he started sleeping with me when he was three weeks old. And Mickey is so shy. God, I don't want six cats but do want Ed and Homey and Lizzie and Alice and Mickey and Fred...HELP!

06 Sep 01 - 06:22 PM (#543848)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SharonA

I can sympathize! But I don't think I can take on another kitty to help you out (it would stress Artie, my 13-year-old mini-cat, and when Artie gets stressed he exhibits symptoms similar to diabetes!). Sorry about that.

06 Sep 01 - 07:21 PM (#543899)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SummerGirl

My (six) kitties say that six is a good number! But certainly no more.

Their favorite cat song is "Ev'rybody Wants to be a Cat" (From Disney's "The Aristocats")

<._) <. )

06 Sep 01 - 07:41 PM (#543915)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Lepus Rex

My god, some awful anti-cat songs in there. I won't start a 'Which mudcatters are cat-ist?' thread, though. I can only think of Shonen Knife songs about cats, and no-one wants to know those, so... :)

Oh, sort of off topic, but here's a long-ass quote I like, directed at you cat-haters out there. :)

"Ever notice how aggressive alpha-male dog lovers are sometimes hostile toward cats, but how cat lovers almost universally NEVER say, 'I hate dogs?' Ever hear of a cat lover spinning a dog around by its tail? Truck drivers, overweight Sunday football fans who drink a lot of beer, CIA assassins, and 'Cats and Dogs' producer Andrew Lazar--all fellows I have trouble relating to, and all (I'll be willing to wager) dog lovers with frosty attitudes toward felines. Cat lovers tend to be more sensitive, more reflective, more thoughtful, less brutish and overt." --- Jeff Wells of, about the movie 'Cats and Dogs.'

In other words, you're mean, and you SUCK! (no offense) ;)

---Lepus Rex

06 Sep 01 - 07:48 PM (#543922)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Charley Noble

Barbara - Where did you dig up "Nobody's Moggy's Land"? Shockingly bad taste. I can hardly wait to dish it out at the next open mike.

06 Sep 01 - 08:38 PM (#543986)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: MAG

Actually, Eric Bogle, who wrote Nobody's Moggie Now likes cats a lot. He just doesn't think they have much sense about things like running out in the street.

(My current family of cats has no sense; my previous littermate twosome were extremely bright -- neo-natal care, or something?)

06 Sep 01 - 10:23 PM (#544067)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

Our house is a very, very fine house with two cats in the yard ... ."

Re: "Cats" and Webber's music. I actually like many of the songs, but when I saw "Cats" on the road, the orchestra drowned out just enough words that I could not quite understand most of the lines. (It was partly sloppy diction, but mostly over-orchestration.)

It was not until PBS aired "Cats," with captions available, that I really could appreciate many of the lyrics.


06 Sep 01 - 10:32 PM (#544075)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

Thanks, Sharon, for the referral. Sounds like a gr-r-r-reat thr-r-read!

Thanks, by the way, to all you folks for your suggestions. Many of them --e.g., Alley Cat, Kitten On The Keys, Stray Cat Strut, The Cat In The Window --I'm familiar with but they had slipped my mind.

I'm eager to find that Ring-Tailed Tom song.

As a cat lover, I find some of the dead cat songs a bit disturbing -- but some are hilarious, too. (Kind of reminds me of the dead-baby joke craze of a few years back.) When my cats 'perfume' my carpet or use by laptop case as a scratching pad, I am nearly inspired to write one of my own. But then the little devils come up and snuggle and purr and, what can I say? (Reminds me of some old boyfriends.)


06 Sep 01 - 10:36 PM (#544079)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

Yes, Lepus,

Can you imagine a cat lover sporting a bumper sticker on his/her car, saying, "Can't find your dog? Look under my tires?"

Not liking an animal is one thing, sadism is another.


06 Sep 01 - 11:00 PM (#544100)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: MAG

I saw "Cats" on Broadway (NY NY) and an still glad I paid half. Going from one artistic form to another always involves some reformatting, but the poems were not the same at all -- just Webber's raw material.

07 Sep 01 - 03:08 AM (#544224)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Joe Offer

Pavane posted this one, which may or may not actually be about a cat: The Cat (click)

07 Sep 01 - 07:32 AM (#544329)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Adolfo

Wouldn't it be lovely if someone put music to IX century Irish poem "Pangur Ban and I"? The poem is so charming.

07 Sep 01 - 08:23 AM (#544363)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Wilfried Schaum

Some 30 years ago I heard a Pennsylvanian Dutch ditty:

Ayns, zway, dray,
Der cat's in der schnay.
Der schnay gayt aweck,
Der cat's in der dreck.

(One, two, three,
The cat is in the snow.
The snow diminshes,
The cat is in the mud).

I can't say whether it is "der cat's" (= cat is) or "der katz's" (Katz, as in Katzenjammer Kids, short form for Katze = cat).

The melody is found over here in Germany as a basic form for children's songs (e.g. alle meine Entchen = all my ducks).

Typing the translation it deemed to me that we are talking here about an old mudcat! Make it an anthem for mudcatters?


Click here for a thread on this song.

07 Sep 01 - 10:12 AM (#544440)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Hilljack

This does not really relate to cat songs, but is "folky" enough to be of interest in terms of the cat vs. dog debate. In the old days, when people still "laid out" the dead in their homes, it was often necessary to sit up with the body as well as to make sure that all doors and windowns were secure. Why? Because cats in the vicinity tended to try to feed on the corpses given the opportunity. Pretty gross, but it does make you look at Tabby in a new light.

08 Sep 01 - 12:06 AM (#544976)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

then there were the three French kittens, named Un, Deux, and Trois. They all went down to the Seine and fell in. Do you know what happened next?

08 Sep 01 - 02:21 AM (#545012)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Troll

Over the years, Garrison Keillor has done some very good cat songs on " A Prarie Home Companion". I don't know if they are available or not. Does anyone know him or know if the songs are out in book or CD form?
Hilljack, I'm mountain born and bred and I've never heard of such a thing. We sat wih the dead so they - and the survivors - would not be alone.


08 Sep 01 - 12:39 PM (#545185)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SharonA

Calico: No, I don't know. What happened next??

08 Sep 01 - 05:59 PM (#545336)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: dick greenhaus

try @cat and @deadcat in the search box. (this is Susan, not Dick)

08 Sep 01 - 07:23 PM (#545365)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: weepiper

Midchuck, do you have the rest of the words to 'Cats on the Rooftops'?

08 Sep 01 - 09:11 PM (#545411)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

SharonA, When the three French Kittens went down to the Seine and fell in, Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre Cinq.


(You have to say it out loud. Then you can groan, even louder.)

08 Sep 01 - 09:28 PM (#545418)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: MMario

"Cats on the rooftops" is in the DT, isn't it?

08 Sep 01 - 09:45 PM (#545422)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

Troll, thanks for mentioning Garrison Keillor's cat songs. I heard part of one that I think was called "I'm A Cat," that included a line like "I'm here and I wanna be there ...'cause I'm a cat." I really would like to get those lyrics ( and chords, since I'm not positive of the tune.)


09 Sep 01 - 04:41 AM (#545529)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Lee Shore

Guest KK- Didn't you omit the third "K" on your i.d.? Jeffrey Dahmer started his illustrioius career on cats. You sound like a kindred soul, you bloody coward.

09 Sep 01 - 10:51 PM (#545934)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

The Labour Day Song Challenge produced this cat verse to Woody Guthrie's "Hard Travellin."

From: mag'
Date: 04-Sep-01 - 11:12 PM

(for diabetics only)

I been doin' some exercise, I thought you knowed
I been walkin' and bicyclin' all over the road
Keep that BG meter happy
By cuttin' out the food that's crappy
I'm so tired of bein' heavy, Lord.

Hey, this is fun.

Kitty's got it too, Lord, I thought you knowed
She gets humulin every mornin', God what a load!
Chase her around and pin her down,
Hold that kitty on the ground,
I love that cat but this gets silly, Lord.


HTML line breaks added. --JoeClone, 20-Jul-02.

09 Sep 01 - 10:56 PM (#545936)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Here's the other cat verse from the Labour Day Song Challenge
Date: 01-Sep-01 - 07:51 PM
Shop: Down The Road , Way Down The Road

I've been cleaning up after kittens, I thought you knowed
I've been cleaning up after kittens, way down the road
Poop on the sofa; and pee on the floor
Comin' next Tuesday, they're all out the door.
I've been cleaning up after kittens, Lord!

[Anybody want a kitten? Or two?]

09 Sep 01 - 11:06 PM (#545938)
Subject: Lyr Add: JUST THE CLAWS (S. W. Oates)

I mentioned this one above, but it's not in the forum or DT, so I thought I would add it.

Tune: Just Because
Parody lyrics by S. W. Oates © 2001

Just because you sit there all purry;
Just because you strut like you're so hot;
Just because you may bring me something
--A pigeon or mouse you caught;
Though you make me spend lots of money,
I laugh and call you old Sandy Paws;
Well I do love you, kitty--everything, it's true,
But the claws, just the claws.

Just because you warm up my pillow,
Just because you rub 'gainst my leg
Just because you're playful and silly,
And use your meowing to beg.
Though you make your bed on my clean laundry,
And leave a trail with your old sandy paws,
Well I do love you, kitty--everything, it's true,
But the claws, just the claws.

Just because you're silky and furry,
Just because you chase butterflies
Just because you're seldom in a hurry,
And gaze with the look of the wise.
Though you make me act as your doorman,
And muss my dress with your old sandy paws,
Well I do love you, kitty--everything, it's true,
But the claws, just the claws.

HTML line breaks added. --JoeClone, 20-Jan-03.

10 Sep 01 - 02:50 AM (#546023)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Wilfried Schaum


over the weekend I scrutinized my archive and have to correct my mail of Sep. 7. You find the version at my page

Here say rhymes better to shnay than dray.

Sing and enjoy


12 Sep 01 - 12:28 AM (#547785)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Genie

Can someone post the lyrics to "How Can I Keep From Purring?"


25 Sep 01 - 03:29 AM (#558050)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Calico

I don't want to post Betsy Wellings's lyrics (How Can I Keep From Purring) without her permission, but I will start a new thread to call attention to that song.

25 Sep 01 - 07:14 AM (#558117)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

Another (childish) rhyme with no tune attached as far as I know:

Oo-er oo-er oo-er
The cat fell down the sewer
I pulled the chain and up he came
Flying a chocolate aeroplane

Bon apetit!

25 Sep 01 - 08:23 AM (#558141)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Grab

There's also the "King of Rome" parody which is in the DT, which goes:-

In the west end of Hayes there lives a working man,
Who says, I can't fly, but my moggy can.
And when my cat gets free, he comes flying back to me,
Lifted up by next door's toe.

"Cat's in the kettle" has been mentioned in Mudcat before. I don't think Weird Al wrote it, I think it was someone (the Ill Eagles IIRC). And there's a Flash animation for it too.

You may have guessed, I'm not a cat lover. They're nice and fluffy, yes, but they dig in your garden, shit on your lawn, kill other animals for fun, try to get in your house to "mark their territory", and if you live in a shared house with a cat-owner then the cats inevitably piss and crap everywhere, in every corner of room of the house (and your room is no exception), except for wherever the litter tray is. To quote Terry Pratchett, "If cats looked like toads, we'd see them for the evil little bastards they really are".

And then there's the cat owner attitude. Ppl in flats or small houses can't keep dogs, bcos you can't give a dog enough room to exercise, and it's wrong to just let your dog loose to wander round where it wants and shit everywhere. But somehow cat owners think it's OK to let a cat do the same. Go figure. Not to be nasty, I just don't think a cat is a suitable pet in any area where you have neighbours to consider. Farms, yes - towns, no.


25 Sep 01 - 01:35 PM (#558384)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: PaulBobbyBuzz

Here's one I wrote a long time ago; it's the second half of a pair of songs, the first being "Richard the Rat King"(for another thread)... Requiem for a Careless Cat

I'm sorry little girl, I didn't mean to kill your cat
I was drivin' pretty fast I know, but I thought cat's were smarter than that
he was headin' in from a hard day in the fields
guess that's where his thoughts were at
his eyes were full of home & dinner
and his mouth was full of rat
I couldn't stop I tried to swerve
I blew the horn he never heard
he ran on straight in front of my car
I guess that's how careless some cats are.

I drove right on by, I couldn't bear to face him
to see you cry or to try & replace him
I've got a cowardly heart but it broke just the same
I killed your cat
doesn't matter if him or me is to blame. Love the cat & the dog in all of us PBB

25 Sep 01 - 03:29 PM (#558522)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,Peter from Essex

Weepiper: Version of Cats on the Rooftops that I know (from the tradition) is a parody of John Peel

D'ye ken John Peel with his coat so grey
he's a very funny fellow, some folks say
'cos he doesn't do it in the normal way
but with his hounds and his horses in the morning

Cats on the rooftops, cats on the tiles
cats with syphilis, cats with piles
cats with their arseholes wreathed in smiles
as they revel in the joys of fornication

After than extemporise whatever filthy verses you like, usually with the last line
As he(she/they) revels in the joys of fornication

25 Sep 01 - 10:27 PM (#558852)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: raredance

I think I might have put this in the "grandmother's cat" thread, but here it is again.

"Songs of the Cat" by Garrison Keillor and Frederica von Stade. 1991 HighBridge Company HBP 17398.
this hs 20 songs: The Cat Came Back
The Hallelujah Patrol
The Mystery
The Cats of Cash
Dance To My Cats
Eine Kleine Kat
In memory of Our Cat Ralph
Alaska Cats
Beethoven Chased by Rossini
Near Death: Or the Search Rewarded
Oy, Chuck and Katie
Forty Miles
The Rescue Cat As I Walked Out
Cats May Safely Sleep
The In and Out song
Guilt and Shame
Out in the Catskill Mountains
Cat, You Better Come Home

rich r

26 Sep 01 - 08:24 AM (#559145)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Long Firm Freddie

The Oldham Tinkers (Bless 'em) sing a medley of kid's songs which includes this one to the tune of In and Out the Windows:

Not last night but the night before
Three tomcats came a-knocking at the door
One had a fiddle and another had a drum,
And the third had a pancake stuck to its bum

Early in the morning,
Early in the morning,
Early in the morning,
Before the break of day


26 Sep 01 - 05:05 PM (#559332)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: CapriUni

In Alan's Midi Page, there's one tune that's given two titles and two authors:

"A Cat Catch" attributed to Robert Brown, 1710 and "A Catch on Cats" attributed to Micheal Wise, 1685.

I did a digitrad search for the lyrics, and couldn't find anything... *are* there lyrics? (Since my cats have a vet's appointment next week, and I will have to try to "catch" them, I'm naturally curious as to what the old time thinking was on this subject ;-))

28 Sep 01 - 07:33 PM (#561071)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

Rich R,
I think "The In and Out Song," may be the Garrison Keillor cat song I once heard him sing on Prairie Home Companion. I am wondering if anyone has the lyrics.

03 Oct 01 - 03:09 AM (#564027)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

These folks have some others:
Click here

03 Oct 01 - 03:47 AM (#564036)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE IN AND OUT SONG (Garrison Keillor)
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Calico. Here's your song. My friend Mr. Scanner was happy to copy it for you.
Excuse me for saying so, but I must say that Mr. Scanner has proven himself a far more loyal and helpful companion than any cat I've ever had. No hairballs, either.
-Joe Offer-

(Garrison Keillor)

I want to go out - open that door if you love me
Gotta go out, want to breathe the air
I gotta get loose with that blue sky above me
I been here long enough, I got to be there

I want to come in - what's the matter, can't you hear me?
I want to come in, I am your cat!
I gotta get warm with the people
I been gone a long, long time and now I'm back

And now I want to go out - I'm an independent creature
I am a cat - we're the wandering kind!
It's the call of the wild - I gotta get back to nature
These paws are made for walking and now it's time.

OK, I'm back, but not for long I'll soon be going -
Give me a bite now and I'm on my way
Now open that door and I'll - good grief, it's snowing -
Open up - lemme in - I'm back to stay

Well, now it's stopped, so thanks for all your lovin' -
Gotta hop that freight, I'm a ramblin' guy
Gotta hit that road - it's in my blood or somethin' -
I know you understand so please don't cry

Hello it's me - I knew you'd probably miss me
So I came back, because I missed you so
But I can't stay long, so honey come and kiss me -
I think I hear that lonesome whistle blow

I'm on my way, got to leave my mom and daddy -
Got to say goodbye, want to hear that highway hum
Now I'm all alone, I'm feeling so unhappy -
It's time that I went back where I came from

Yes, it's lime to go back, time to put that road behind me -
I drifted away, but I'm going back now.
Here's the little white house -
Here s that picket fence and the ivy -
I'll scratch on the door - meow

It's me...lemme in...I can hear you talking in there
Hey - Mom'
All right, I get the joke!
Open up the door.


(Keillor, arr. Barnett)

From "Songs of the Cat," CD by Garrison Keillor and Frederica von Stade

03 Oct 01 - 05:01 PM (#564449)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SueH

Heavens, Grab, you really do have an attitude don't you? Most cats which have been reared with any thought & subsquently neutered ('altered') use their litter trays or go outside.

I breed Burmese. They aren't fluffy. They crap in their trays. And you won't have encountered any of my kittens; I don't sell them to people who let them out, nor to those who don't treat them properly. They get in cars & end up hundreds of miles away. They traumatise all moggies within a 5 mile radius. They go into your neighbours' houses & make themselves at home. They are called 'the dogs of the cat world', because they are so people-oriented - but they are the epitome of the difference between the dog & the cat. I am proud to have bred them for the last 20 years.

Fortunately, they also housetrain themselves, so whoever wrote the song Genie quoted didn't have Burmese. Nor did the people you have encountered - nor did they own any other properly bred pedigree kitten, for that matter.

Farms? Of course, farmers with entire(un-neutered) cats ('we keep them to keep the rats/mice/vermin/(*insert own word here) down') & other irresponsible people are in fact responsible for 90-odd percent of the general, untrained, unneutered moggie population. And the litters of kittens with leukaemia, feline Aids, etc, etc., put down en masse by rescue centres. You hate cats? What about the irresponsible people who put these cats on the street, in the care of irresponsible owners? 'Farms' are probably responsible for 50% of the cats you are ranting about.

Apologies for the rant; but you really can't blame the animal for its conception or its owner. Incidentally, I also own dogs & birds (& used to own various rodents when the children were younger, including rats) & I should feel just as strongly about the random & irresponsible breeding of any of them, too). Just remember where the fault lies.
Just to keep on topic, our flautist (also a cat owner & lover) loves the 'Nobody's Moggy Now' song. And a number of others. So far we have managed to disuade him from performing them in public.


04 Oct 01 - 02:17 AM (#564745)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Yeah, Sue!
I could (but won't) rant about dogs that jump up on white dresses with muddy paws, bark all night, hump the guests' legs, chew slippers--not to mention terrorize cats!--, etc. I like dogs, birds, cats, etc., but all can be annoying in the wrong setting or with the wrong owner!

BTW, this is not on a par with the other cat songs above, but if "moggy" is a (UK?) term for cat, how about:

How much is that moggy in the window, (meow)
The one who is laund'ring her fur-ur-ur-ur-ur?
How much is that moggy in the window? (meringue!*)
I'll give you five dollars for her!
(Or, "She has such a deafening purrrrrrr!")


*One of the dozen or so words most cats can say.

06 Oct 01 - 02:07 AM (#566119)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

A related link

Click here

06 Oct 01 - 06:31 AM (#566161)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: katlaughing

My dog doesn't trust cat-haters.

07 Oct 01 - 12:42 AM (#566584)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Kaleea

Does no one remember the nursery song of "Puss 'N Boots"?

Pussy cat, Pussy cat, where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen. Pussy cat, Pussy cat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under her chair.

Not to mention Joanie Madden's "Cat's Meow".

However for the opera buffs at the cafe, there is the ever popular "Duetti Buffo di du Gatto" which I, of course, sing in the original Italian and accompanied by my ever faithful pianist, Thommasso Gatto. The lyrics are as follows:

Miau . . .

07 Oct 01 - 12:50 AM (#566588)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

So that's how you spell "Meow" in Italiano!


07 Oct 01 - 01:44 AM (#566616)
Subject: Lyr Add: OVERFLOWING CAT BOX BLUES (Jane Robinson)
From: Barbara

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but just in case, here ya go again:

(Jane Robinson PhD )
LA paleontologist.

First I must mention the lack of attention:
Here I am wasting away. (it's awful)
Why did you get me if you won't pet me
Seventeen hours a day? I ask you
What is this crap when I sit on your lap?
I expect a devoted masseuse;

I got those `Nobody loves me,
nobody feeds me
Overflowin' cat box blues.

Now I have grown gaunt from privation and want
But catfood I don't deign to take (how gauche)
But I could connive to completely revive
When you give-a me half of your steak (done rare)
I'll sit and I'll beg with my claws in your leg
Until you concede what I'm due;


Hey, I don't deserve this lousy door service:
I'm always on the wrong side. You know this
Prancing and yowling, moaning and growling
Works, but it hurts a cat's pride. So I'll just
Claw and I'll spray till the door rots away
And leaves me a hole to pass through;


Say, whenever I go for the bed or the sofa
You always shoo me away. (How rude!)
You say I get hair on the fabric of chairs
That offends your pristine derriere. Well now if
I can't repose where I want, I suppose, I'll
Throw up where you most like to snooze;


Well, you ought to know when a cat's got to go
That you owe her a spotless commode.
(Let's hear it)
Why should I squat on the same soggy spot
Right on top of three weeks worth of load?
( Now really!)
If I were a grouch I would piss on the couch,
But instead I have pissed in your shoe;


Since you have spayed me nobody's laid me -
I'm all neurotic and tense - it's true now -
Kneading and mewing is all that I'm doing
And not wooing toms on the fence. Don't think that
I've become bitter because I can't litter
No, but I've lost a few screws;

I got those `Nobody loves me, nobody feeds me
Overflowin' cat box blues.
I got those `Nobody loves me, nobody feeds me,
Overflowin' cat box blues.

You can do it to a basic 12 bar blues pattern, and I always end it (last note, last chorus) on the flatted seventh rather than the tonic. Have fun.

And Charlie, I found Nobody's Moggyland in the Database here when I was looking for something else one time...

07 Oct 01 - 09:57 AM (#566723)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: wysiwyg

There are a couple HERE-- two under "C" for "Cat," and maybe others-- they are pretty strange though.


07 Oct 01 - 03:00 PM (#566893)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

Civil War Era "Poor Kitty Popcorn". A tear jerker.

08 Oct 01 - 09:33 PM (#567872)
From: GUEST,Genie

I stumbled upon this (the song, not the cat) while perusing a Civl War Song site.
America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets

WHITE CAT AND BLACK CAT (George S. Harris' card and job printing office. S. E. corner of 4th and vine Sts, Philad. [n. d.])

White cat, black cat, any cat at all,
When you catch de pussy cat don't you let her squall.


When you catch de white cat, sabe him, oh, sabe him,
When you catch de black cat shabe him by de tail.
Tom cat's a gemmen an' he rambles in de park,
Bull dog de bow-wow, skeer him wid his bark.

Ole cat and kittens was playing on de bay,
Big cat get out ob de little cat's way.

When you catch, etc.

Tom cat, he bellows at de bristles on his back,
'Kase he see de pussy cat a peepin' thro' de crack.

When you catch, etc.

Green peach puddin, and a punkin pie,
De black cat kicked out de white cat's eye.

When you catch, etc.

Big cat, little cat, any sort o' cat,
Skit at te at, te skat, te it, at de skat.
When you catch, etc.


Stamped: 1490

COLLECTION: American Song Sheets

REPOSITORY: Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress

DIGITAL ID: as114900

10 Dec 01 - 07:24 PM (#607508)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Here is a new verse to "The Friendly Beasts." It's about the tabby cat's gift to the baby Jesus on the first Christmas and was inspired by an old legend.


20 Jan 02 - 03:47 PM (#631746)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

linking to related threadsSongs about Pets

Throw Away Your Cat

20 Jan 02 - 03:50 PM (#631749)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie


Songs For Cats

20 Jan 02 - 04:34 PM (#631773)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Jerry Rasmussen

Not a Song, but a bumper sticker I saw the other day that simply said. "Cats: the other white meat."
A variant on the commercial, "Pork: the other white meat."
I love cats, but they need to be kept in their place.

20 Jan 02 - 05:08 PM (#631789)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Kenny B (inactive)

Here is another site About Moggies & in particular a well known Glesga cat called "Sam the Skull" a.s.b. Alistair McDonald

Sam the Skull & other Moggies -Click here

20 Jan 02 - 05:20 PM (#631797)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Kenny B (inactive)

PS additional verses in the DT in a previous thread re Sam the Skull other verses in the DT

24 Jan 02 - 02:32 AM (#634391)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Hereare the words to "How Can I Keep From Purring?"


24 Jan 02 - 12:38 PM (#634697)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Dan Schatz

Lois Lyman, who wrote "Wiscasset Schooners" and the "Going On" song (both recorded by Gordon Bok, among others) has an "Alpha Cat" song:

Oh I'm an alpha kitty, I am a alpha cat.

I'm fluffy and tough and I got the right stuff

'Cause I'm the alpha cat.

Unfortunately I do not believe it has yet been recorded.


25 Jan 02 - 11:29 PM (#635819)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Joe, I'm a cat lover and I'm not at all vicious! (I even like dogs [but don't tell my cats].)

Sinsull, you are such a sucker! §;-)

Joe, to paraphrase,

You just haven't met the right cat yet!

Genie §;-)

01 Feb 02 - 11:50 PM (#640414)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

The Body In The Bag is about a cat. There's a link to an MP3 of it, too.

25 Jun 02 - 10:19 AM (#736511)
Subject: Lyr Add: DOG HAIKU
From: Genie

Even the dog pays due tribute to the cat:

Dog Haiku

 I love my master;
 Thus I perfume myself with
 This long-rotten squirrel.

 I lie belly-up
 In the sunshine, happier than
 You ever will be.

 Today I sniffed
 Many dog behinds—I celebrate
 By kissing your face.

 I sound the alarm!
 "Paper boy—come to kill us all—
 Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!"

 I sound the alarm!
 "Garbage man—come to kill us all—
 Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!"

 I lift my leg and
 Whiz on each bush.  Hello, Spot—
 Sniff this and weep.

 How do I love thee?
 The ways are numberless as
 My hairs on the rug.

 My human is home!
 I am so ecstatic I have
 Made a puddle.

 I hate my choke chain!
 "Look, world, they strangle me!  Ack
 Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack!"

 Sleeping here, my chin
 On your foot, no greater bliss—well,
 Maybe catching rats...

 Look in my eyes and
 Deny it.  No human could
 Love you as much I do.

 The cat is not all
 Bad. She fills the litter box
 With Tootsie Rolls.

 Dig under fence—why?
 Because it's there.  Because it's
 There.  Because it's there.

 I am your best friend,
 Now, always, and especially
 When you are eating.

 My owners' mood is
 Romantic. I lie near their
 Feet.  I fart a big one.

14 Dec 08 - 11:50 PM (#2515452)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Twelve Days Of Christmas - Feline version

15 Dec 08 - 12:31 AM (#2515462)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: SuzyQ

Hi, All!
Cat songs--yes! There is this way wonderful overlap between science fiction fandom and cat love. I've enjoyed a collection called "Bedlam Cats" for many years now. Some of the songs in this collection have been mentioned above. A copy is available on Amazon:

"Bedlam Cats - A Collection of Songs About Our Favorite Felines
Jane A. Robinson (Performer), Cynthia McQuillan (Performer), Various Artists (Performer)

Product Description
This is a collection of fast and funny songs about cats and the people that they own. The songs are folk in sound and feature the clever parody details the culinary perils faced by cat owners. Some of the songs have been featured on the Dr. Demento's syndicated radio. It should be noted that this is a cheerful collection and that no cats are harmed in any of the songs. This is a MUST have for all cat lovers. 1. Catbox Blues * 2. Bella Chow 3. Kitty Cat "Z" 4. Lap Top Unit 5. Cats Are Not Graceful 6. A Familiar Beast 7. Milk to Feed The Cat 8. Autumn Cats 9. Kitten's Blood 10. When Kittens Call 11. Bedlam Cats 12. Flea Enterprise 13. Night Mewsic 14. Cats 15. Skitter Skat Cat 16. Black Cat Blues 17. Only Human 18. "The Cat Who Warps By Herself" 19. Cats In The Dawn 20. "Top Cat" Rap."
My fave in this collection is a song sung by a man and a woman in which the chorus is "I love cats!"

Leslie Fish sings, "I Believe the Cats are Taking Over" on her "It's Sister Jenny's Turn to Throw the Bomb " tape.
Carly Simon and her sister sing a lovely "Owl and the Pussycat" on their vintage album "Lobster Quadrille," and there's a version just as charming sung by a couple of men at Bayfilk I (a tape I've got in my I-Tunes now.) Dr. Jane Robinson (of "Overflowing Catbox Blues" fame) also sings "Muscles of the KittyCat" on her tape "Science Notes".

On one of her great filk tapes Roberta Rogow sings her "Cat Woman's Song." And Julia Ecklar's "Golden eyes" about a pair of were-cats is gorgeous. it's on her "Horsetamer's Daughter" tape.
I love cats, but I have to admit I LOVE Jane Hobson's "Throw Your Cat Away" song:-)

06 Mar 09 - 08:14 AM (#2582506)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: GUEST,joen

what about "love cats" from the cure??

a song i know from the 70'ties, always good fun to hear again

06 Mar 09 - 03:35 PM (#2582823)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: breezy

'Its a cats life' by Chris Flegg

06 Mar 09 - 04:28 PM (#2582852)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats

Poor Kitty Popcorn - a Civil War tearjerker.

06 Mar 09 - 06:57 PM (#2582930)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Anne Lister

I can offer "The Small Black Cat" on my "Waiting for the Hero" album and there's a lovely cat song by Grant Baynham which I think is just called "The Cat Song".


06 Mar 09 - 09:35 PM (#2583017)
Subject: Lyr Add: SIX FOOT TOM
From: Joe_F

Six Foot Tom
by Columbine

Now you've stowed your tack and taters for a sailor's feast to cater
Take a good exterminator when across the sea you rove
For your ship's as good as beaten if your food has all been eaten
And all I ask is shore leave and a place beside the stove

For starvation stalks the sea, but her minions run from me
I find them very tasty, and their teeth and claws don't matter
With more stripes than you'd survive, and three times as many wives
With four in the front and two in the back, I'm Six Foot Tom the ratter!

I don't need gold or copper, just a juicy rat for supper
I don't wear your silly clothing, I don't care for rum or corn
But if you chance to catch a fish, drop the head into my dish
And you've bought yourself a bunkmate when we go around the Horn!


Those pampered Persian pretties can be very friendly kitties
In Siam the swelt'ring summer's not the only thing that's hot
The cool Norwegian forest's hosted many a feline chorus
And somewhere in Argentina there's a six-foot ocelot


So make the right decision to protect your ship's provisions
And I'll bring you luck a-plenty, could a captain ask for more?
When you rove with Tom the Ratter soon your fortunes will grow fatter
Just ask any of the tabbies that I've dallied with ashore


07 Mar 09 - 06:47 PM (#2583561)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: vlmagee

I haven't checked the thread to see what songs are listed, but Cindy Mangsen released an entire CD of cat songs in November, 2005 (long after this thread was started). Called Cat Tales: Songs of the Feline Persuasion, the CD includes both covers and new original songs. Perhaps the standout track is her original song Rudy's Big Adventure, the true story of the cat who got his head stuck in a garbage disposal and lived to meow about it. (It's a great song, but not easy to sing). Needless-to-say, husband Steve Gillette accompanies her on the album. And her own cat, Alice, graces the cover.

You can listen to clips of the songs here and find lyrics to the songs here

07 Mar 09 - 07:09 PM (#2583572)
Subject: Lyr Add: RAMBLING MOGGY
From: Tattie Bogle

Don't forget the series of 3 CDs "Guide Cats for the Blind" featuring songs and readings by various famous personages, and with the opportunity to contribute to a very worthwhile cause:

And also, with apologies to one of my very favourite songwriters:

RAMBLING MOGGY                        Based on "Rambling Boy" by Tom Paxton

She was a tabby with big green eyes,
She stuck with me 'cos I treated her nice,
Whatever the weather, out she would go,
To ramble round in the rain and snow.

So here's to you, my rambling moggy,
Why did you always come in so soggy,
When you'd been rolling in that boggy,
Oh why oh why, miaow, miaow.

On the edge of town, she chanced to stray,
She thought she'd hunt a rat one day,
But that rat had eaten warfarin,
So moggy's blood got far too thin.


Late one night, off went my moggy,
The weather it was cold and foggy,
She got the bleeds and she got them bad,
They took the only moggy I had.


She left me here to ponder on,
Why my rambling moggy is dead and gone,
If when cats die, they go somewhere,
I'll bet you a Whiskas she's miaowing there.

Miaow, miaow, miaow, miaow,
Miaow, miaow, miaow, miaow,
Miaow, miaow, miaow, miaow.

(Classical buffs will instantly recognise the last 3 lines as being part of the "Cat Duet" by Rossini!)

29 Apr 09 - 07:59 AM (#2621112)
Subject: Lyr Add: ON THE DEATH OF A FAVOURITE CAT (Colville
From: Jim Dixon

This is a poem, not a song.

From Poems and Songs on Home and Abroad by Elizabeth Colville (Kilmarnock [Scotland]: Dunlop & Drennan, 1905):

Elizabeth Colville

My wee bit cat, my bonnie cat,
That purring by the fire sat,
With her blinking, half-closed e'e,
And wha would think that she could see?
Her favourite place the chimney cheek,
The cleanest place that she could seek;
And when she wasna purring there,
The fireside seemed unco bare.

The bairnies a' she kent sae weel,
And oft her paws would round them steal,
For since she was a wee bit kitten
She saved them a' frae many a licking.
Nae other cat would tak' the pains
To play so kindly wi' the weans;
No other cat, though e'er so bonnie,
Purrs so sweet when I wait on Johnnie.

For when I was my leefu' lane,
Waiting on Johnnie coming hame,
She coiled hersel' into a clew
And purred away while time it flew;
For Johnnie liked a social dram,
And oft to Tibbie's he would gang,
To hear the news, as he would say,
And Duncan Glen, the fiddler, play.

Wi' ilka crack and ilka sang
He didna think the night was lang,
And when we heard him on the stair
Our pussy was the foremost there.
But noo she's deid, our bonnie puss,
And sair we miss her in the hoose,
For never mair we'll see the cat
That purring by the fire sat.

25 Nov 09 - 11:30 AM (#2773436)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

For anyone who's ever had to say goodbye to a beloved moggy:

Cat Lullaby - a song of goodbye

28 Mar 11 - 05:37 PM (#3123668)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Genie

Via Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor, a song NOT to warm the hearts of ailurophiles:

"The Craw Killed The Pussie-o"

25 Jan 16 - 03:13 PM (#3768052)
From: Charley Noble

Here's another collaborative Mudcat thread song from way back when:

Initial verse and chorus by Charlie Ipcar © 1982
Traditional Tune: Lightning Express

No Hairballs in Heaven


There'll be no hairballs in Heaven,
No weariness sorrow or pain,
No claws that are bleeding and broken,
No nights left out in the rain.

We'll be in that beautiful jungle,
With birdies to chase through the leaves,
And mice will be there in abundance,
We'll snatch them whenever we please;
There'll be no Pit Bulls in Heaven,
No German Shepherds, nor Chows,
And all will be tuna and salmon,
And cream drawn fresh from the cow.(CHO)

We'll sleep on the softest of pillows,
With Catnip to colour our dreams,
And no one will dare to awake us,
Until we have hatched all our schemes
There'll be no thrown boots in Heaven,
When up on the rooftops we sing
And the door we go out, when it opens
Will always lead out into Spring. (MMario)

The toys will always be fun ones
That scurry and scamper and hide,
With fur we can sink all our claws in,
And good things to eat inside.
When we sharpen our claws on the sofa,
Nobody cares if we shred and tear,
And when WE want to get some attention
A broad lap will always be there. (Lin in KS)

The elm trees grow tall up in Heaven
Just right for a hunter to lie
Stretched out on a branch with his eyes shut
In that home between green grass and sky
With the smells of the earth in his nostrils
And the feel of the bark 'neath his feet,
And the screams and the shrieks of the songbirds
In his ears, making music so sweet. (Lin in KS)

The ladies all will be willing,
The toms will all be debonair,
The kittens will stay safe with Mother
Until they no longer need care.
There'll be no needles in Heaven,
No dogs, no fear, no cars--
Just plenty of catnaps and grooming
And singalongs under the stars. (Lin in KS)

We'll never get bumped off the pillows
Where cat hair galore we can shed
Big Mama will never roll over
Disturbing our nest by her head (Mag)
She'll let us go out at All Hallow's
(She's nervous because we're all black)
We'll cruise with the kids scamming candy
And collect little mice in our sack (Mag)

She'll put back the cat door she took out
Disgusted with what we brought home
Our friends will drop through to visit
Even if we're out on a roam.(Mag)

Though no cat can make it to Heaven
Till all of her nine lives are done,
When you've used your sixth or seventh,
Your Cat Heaven dreams have begun.
There we chase butterflies through the cloud fields,
And claw the celestial walls,
For cats always seek out the highest perch,
And Heaven's the loftiest of all! (Genie)

Charlie Ipcar

28 Jan 16 - 03:36 AM (#3768695)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Tattie Bogle

Slightly thread drifting but there's a part-parody of "Sam the Skull" which goes "Eh'm a doag, eh'm a doag, eh'm a Dundee doag, that's a D O A G, doag" written by Dundonian Steve Inglis (sadly no longer with us.)

29 Jan 16 - 10:39 PM (#3769236)
From: Jim Dixon

From Comic Songs by Thomas Hudson (London: Gold and Walton, 1818), page 3:


A very old woman once liv'd by herself,
    In a garret so monstrously high,
Her cupboard was lined, well stored was each shelf,
And in a sly pocket was plenty of pelf,
    To get a drop of liquor when dry.
But the rats and the mice through the holes,
Came into the cupboard in shoals,
So free exercising their gums,
On cheese-parings, candle-ends, and crumbs;
And though it a strange thing may seem,
They wash'd their tails in the cream,
Which was shocking bad manners you'll say:
    Alas, and alack-a-day!
    A curious moral I make,
    Listen, great and small!
    Better have some crumbs for the mice to take,
    Than to have no crumbs at all.

Plagued out of her life, ah, what could she do?
    She collected of cats fifteen,
And went to bed with them all in her view;
There was black, white, and tabby, and tortoiseshell, too,
    With their gooseberry eyes so green.
But the candle was scarcely out,
They made such a confounded rout,
Seizing the victuals, and tearing,
Clawing, and spitting, and swearing,
Broke cups, plates, and dishes, all her store,
Lapp'd the cream up, and mollrow'd for more,
Which was shocking bad manners you'll say:
    Alas and alack a-day,
    A curious moral I make, &c. &c.

They made such a noise, she awoke with affright,
    Not dreaming the cause of the din,
Groped out her tinder-box, and then struck a light,
And the very first object that came in her sight,
    Was—her bottle broke, and spilt all her gin.
She look'd in the cupboard in despair,
But the devil of any thing was there;
Except plates and dishes, broken small,
Cups, saucers, and cream jug, and all;
Each cat look'd as savage as a cur,
As if he could easy swallow her,
Which was shocking bad manners you'll say,
So the poor old woman ran away.
    A curious moral I make,
    Listen great and small,
    Better have some crumbs for the mice to take,
    Than to have no crumbs at all.

29 Jan 16 - 11:09 PM (#3769239)
Subject: Lyr Add: OUR OLD TOM CAT
From: Jim Dixon

From Jeremy Jollyboy Songster by Sol Smith Russell (New York: Robert M. De Witt, 1876), page 60:

Air:—Ivy Green.

A downy old cove is our old Tom cat,
Just turned of thirty years old.
He eats all the lean and leaves all the fat,
And won't touch his meals if they're cold.
His food must be crumbled and not decayed,
To pleasure his dainty whim,
And a turkey bone that never was touched,
Makes a jolly blow out for him.

CHORUS: Creeping over the tiles so pat,
And crying "Mew," does our old Tom cat.

Old joints have fled and the bones decayed,
And the dishes have broken been,
But old Tom still follows the kitchen maid,
And slyly licks up all the cream;
And our old Tom cat in his lonely days
Will joyfully think of the past,
And a big leg of mutton that never was touched
Will be food for my Tommy at last.

Fast he flies tho' he has no wings,
And a sly old soldier is he.
Close under the window "Mew" he sings,
"Ain't you coming out to-night, love?" says he.
Then slyly he creepeth the gutters all round,
And his old tail he joyously waves,
As his lady love from a garret he spies
Then he sings her his amorous staves.

29 Jan 16 - 11:36 PM (#3769244)
Subject: Lyr Add: A TALE OF A CAT'S HEAD
From: Jim Dixon

From Comic Songs by Thomas Hudson (London: Gold and Walton, 1818), page 23:


The Widow Tomkins had a back room on the second floor.
Her name was on a neat brass plate on one side of the door.
Many ladies rich in pride were circumstances worse in,
For she was independent—all by going out a-nursing.

Companion she had only one, a beautiful Tom Cat,
Who was a famous mouser and a devil for a rat.
His colour was a tabby, and his skin as soft as silk,
And she would lap him every day the while he lapp'd his milk.

The Widow Tomkins kept herself aloof from every neighbour,
Her pleasure all consisting in assisting at a labour.
One day she was disturb'd from sleep with double rat, tat, tat,
And she went in such a hurry that she quite forgot her cat.

Poor Tom! as soon as day-light came, walk'd up and down the floor,
And heard the dog's meat woman cry cat's meat at the door;
And when he heard the well known cry, to mew he did begin,
In vain, for he could not get out and she could not get in.

Confined to this one single room, he could not roam the house.
He wanted a companion, if it only was a mouse.
He watch'd a hole in vain, for no mouse came his hopes to crown.
Either he was too much up, or the mouse was too much down.

With hunger he got fairly wild, tho' formerly so tame.
Another day pass'd slowly by—another just the same.
With hunger he so hungry was, it did so strong assail,
That altho' very loath he was oblig'd to eat his tail.

This whetted quite his appetite, and tho' the stump was sore,
The next day he was tempted (sad!) to eat a little more!
To make his life the longer then he made his body shorter,
And one after the other 'gad he eat each hinder quarter.

Hunger is a spur which has such long and pointed rowels,
It spur'd him on next day, and next to gobble all his bowels.
He walk'd about on two fore legs, alas! without beholders.
Still more and more by hunger press'd, he din'd on both his shoulders.

Next day he found (the cannibal!) to eating more a check,
Altho' he tried and did reach all he could reach of his neck;
But as he could not bite his ear, all mournfully he cried,
Towards the door he turn'd his eyes, cock'd up his nose, and died!

The Widow did at last return, and oh! how she did stare.
She guess'd the tale as soon as she saw Tom's head lying there.
With grief sincerely heartfelt, as she own'd his fate a hard 'un,
She buried it beneath an apple tree, just down her garden.

Now mark what strange effects from little causes will appear:
The fruit of this said tree was changed, and strangely too next year.
The neighbours say ('tis truth, for they're all folks who go to chapels),
This cat's head was the sole first cause of all the cat's-head apples.

30 Jan 16 - 08:14 PM (#3769487)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE TOM CAT
From: Jim Dixon

From Ashburner's New Vocal and Poetic Repository (Ulverston: George Ashburner, 1807), page 90:

[or Somebody, Nobody, Everybody and Anybody]

Well, here I am to tell,
Because it is my fancy,
I lov'd a pretty girl,
And some folks call'd her Nancy.
Now Nance, I thought, loved me,
Or else I dreamt or read so:
And all because, d'ye see,
That somebody had said so.
La ral, la ral la, &c.

'Twas but t'other night
I call'd, a little mellow,
When out she pop'd the light,
And down stairs run a fellow.
Says I, "Pray who's been here?"
When she, who thought me boozy,
Cried, "Nobody, my dear,
Only Tom, our pussy."
La ral, la ral la, &c.

"O curse that Tom!" says I,
"If he comes here, a mousing.
My sweetest Nance, good-bye.
I hate such damn'd carousing."
"But we shall wed,: says she,
"And every body cries so."
Says I, "That ne'er can be.
Since every body lies so."
La ral, la ral la, &c.

So any body now
May take my charming Nancy;
Because, d'ye see, as how
She does not suit my fancy.
That Tom, that damn'd Tom cat,
Should Nance in marriage catch me,
Strange things they might be at,
And, now and then might scratch me.
La ral, la ral la, &c.

30 Jan 16 - 09:07 PM (#3769493)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Steve Shaw

What about that old Glenn Miller one:

"Pardon me boy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes...?"

31 Jan 16 - 08:05 PM (#3769731)
From: Jim Dixon

From a broadside in the Bodleian collection, between 1819 and 1844:


I'll try my endeavours to please you all pat,
When I tell you about a curious cat—
Talk about one that Whittington had,
To compare it with this, you'd be worser than mad.
She'd go in and kill, in not many hours,
About such a thing as a million of rats.
You may think it a lie—it's a fact, by the powers,
So I mean for to call her the queen of the cats.
Rum ti, &c.

'Twas my grandfather's father's great-grandmother rear'd it—
Her cat it had kittens, a thousand or more—
She drowned the lot, only this one she spar'd it,
And while ever she kept it, she never was poor.
When a kitten 'twould turn to, and do all the washing,
Empty the slops, do the ironing pat,
And she'd darn all the family's old worsted stockings,
And this is the very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

This cat has been living near five hundred years,
And to see her there's money been paid in galore.
If I keep her six weeks, that will drown all my cares,
For I think I shall make twenty thousand or more.
I s'pose you remember that very odd story
About puss in boots, when the giant turn'd rat—
She caught him, and kill'd him, she was in her glory,
And this is the very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

She can dance out-and-out; besides, she can smoke.
I'm sure there's no other one can her excel.
She plays 'Tullochgorum,' also 'Johnny Cope,'
Upon the piano exceedingly well.
I dare say you never see her go singing,
To notice how fine she goes round with her hat—
I'm sure she can set all the concert rooms ringing,
And this is the very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

You've heard of Dame Trot and her comical cat,
And I dare say you all thought that never was true,
And not the least doubt but you'd call me a flat,
If I told you more wonders that this one could do.
T'other night she went to a professional benefit,
Her singing went down with the greatest eclat,
And six people died while laughing at her they sat—
And this is the very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

I'm going to unfathom a regular secret.
Nobody knows it but puss and myself—
And now to disclose it, it is no use to keep it,
For I find that with it I can't make any pelf.
What fools folks must be to think that Jack Thingame,
Escap'd out of quod, as in irons he sat,
'Till a nail, and a file, and things come down the chimney,
Sent down by this very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

Her artfulness it is beyond competition.
She caught of large rats, let me see, twenty score,
And she sav'd their lives only on one condition:
That in Newgate they'd gnaw a large hole in each door.
They set to a-gnawing, and soon got 'em shap'd,
Large enough to let any man out that warn't fat—
And that's just the way that Jack Sheppard escap'd,
And 'twas all through this very identical cat.
Rum ti, &c.

Now I've made up my mind, when I've made enough money,
To take her to Dover, and then off to France,
Where I know she'll cut out either Grisi or Honey,
For I mean her to sing as well as to dance.
I've not told you all that I know of this animal,
But some other night I will tell you more pat,
Tales that will run through your veins just like calomel,
Concerning this very identical cat.
Ri tum, &c.

01 Feb 16 - 02:06 PM (#3769917)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: FreddyHeadey

"I'm Going to Drown My Cat"

Arthur Marshall says "... and I stole Teddy Bear's Rave-up and Drown my Cat from Tony Light, and have no idea who wrote them ..." on his notes for his
"Ass" CD

You can hear it (till ~end Feb2016) here on a borrowed squeezebox
bollingtonfolkclub/sound-clips > 29/01/2016 audio clips

01 Feb 16 - 07:50 PM (#3769974)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE HAIRY BUCK CAT
From: Jim Dixon

From a broadside at the Bodleian Library, Oxford:

(There is a similar version here.)


My name it is Bill; I once kept a mill
Near the town of Clonmell, I will never deny.
I had a buck cat; 'twas heavy and fat.
He would kill a rat at the wink of an eye.
He was hairy and strong; his whiskers was long.
This nation I'd travel without any hat
To get satisfaction out of the damn'd rascal
Who strangled my grandmother's hairy buck cat.

To tell you in plain, my cat he was tame.
A saucer of cream he would lap every day,
And then in the evening, to keep him from screeching,
A ha'porth of bread and a small cup of tea.
My cat he was wise; he'd go off in disguise
To hunt for some mice or a monstrous rat,
But a neighbour called Tom I suspect very strong
For killing my grandmother's hairy buck cat.

Indeed, Billy Dillon, you are an old villain
For to accuse me of killing your buck,
But by all the she-goats from Kerry to Moat,
I'll have satisfaction before I am shuck.
By this, that, and t'other, and Belzebub's mother,
And Cain's eldest brother, and his grandfather's hat;
By Lord Norbury's wig, and the price of my pig,
I never had a hand in the death of your cat.

'Twas from Dolly's bray my cat went astray
On that mem'rable day, the 12th of July.
Being in want of some meat, the truth for to state,
He went hunting some rats at a village hard by.
They did him surround, left him dead on the ground,
With his fine Orange sash and Cromwellian hat.
My curse on the robber, be he drunk or sober,
That strangled my grandmother's hairy buck cat.

By the red-shirted knave—Garibaldi, I mean—
And the King of Sardinia, may he have the gout.
May an African bug build a nest in his lug.
With the tic-doloreux, may his grinders fall out.
By every old trooper, and big-bellied souper
That preaches for bacon—oh, don't they get fat?—
By King Bill's dirty breeches, that both stinks and itches,
I never had a hand in the death of your cat.

By the great Bog of Allen, and big river Shannon,
And the heather that grows on the high hill of Howth;
By Sarsfield the brave, that lies in his grave,
And the sweet little razor that cut Castlereaght's throat;
By cursed Martin Luther, and Old Nick his tutor,
And Cromwell the villain, who thousands lay flat;
By Queen Anne's petticoat, and that a big oath,
I never had a hand in the death of your cat.

Indeed, Tommy Kelly, you are a fine fellow.
You may curse and swear till you're black in the pate.
The truth I must tell, you know it right well.
Your creed you would sell for a lump of fat meat.
By the Peltus M'Cue, and the great Pandeen Rue,
I'll warm your hide with the tail of a rat.
Regardless of moans, I'll break all your bones
For killing my grandmother's hairy buck cat.

By Wellington's nose, and the bellows that blows
The fire where old Harry and Cranmer doth sit,
In the regions, I mean, where tyrants doth reign
In Lucifer's region with old Billy Pitt;
By old Bishop Knox, John Calvin and Fox,
And the cabbage-bred pdp, Geo. Adair and his hat;
By the virgin Queen Bess, and the priest-hunting mess,
I don't care a ---- for you or your cat.

A somewhat different version, from a broadside at the National Library of Scotland:


My name it is Bill, and I once kept a mill
Near the town of Clonmell, I will never deny.
I had a Buck Cat that was hairy and fat,
And would worry a rat in the wink of an eye.
He was heavy and strong; his whiskers were long.
This Nation I'd travel without any hat
To get satisfaction out of the vile rascal
That strangled my grandmother's hairy Buck Cat.

It is from Dollybray, my cat went astray,
On that memorable day, the 12th of July,
Where he went to ensnare—the truth I declare—
Some harmless rats that were living close by.
When he came to the ground, his match there he found.
They did him surround, and paid him for his chat.
I left him in his gore and I saw him no more,
But the loss I deplore of my beautiful Cat.

Indeed, Billy Dillon. you are a great villain,
For to accuse me sure of killing your Buck.
By all the she-goats from Kerry to Moat,
I will have satisfaction before I am shook.
You sorely ill used me, and likewise abused me.
Indeed such an action I would scorn as that.
Believe me, dear neighbours, he's done his endevours
To take my character for killing his Cat.

By the eternal wars, and by all the Jack Tars,
In England, Ireland, and Scotland also;
By Toby the Pig, and Lord Norberry's wig,
I ne'er done the deed which you very well know.
By Napoleon the brave, who lies in his grave,
And by Sarsfield who gave all his foes tit for tat;
By Lepocorn Russell, and Queen Anne's dirty bustle,
I ne'er had a hand in the death of your Cat.

By King Harry the brute, who polluted the truth,
And Cranmer to boot, the inventor of lies;
By Calvin and Knox, and the infamous Fox,
That made Protestant Saints before ever they died;
By Neddy the get, the Apostolic pet,
And his own sister Bet, who had many a brat;
By the vile Reformation that caused desolation,
I ne'er had a hand in the death of your Cat.

By Jimmy O'Brien, who hung scores in his time—
To swear by the same now indeed I'm not loath;
By old Billy Pitt, to swear, I'm not fit;
By Lord Castlereagh who cut his own throat;
By Martin and Luther, and old Nick his tutor,
Or Cromwell the villain who thousands laid flat;
By Harry and Bess, and the whole of the rest,
I ne'er had a hand in the death of your Cat.

By the Four Courts of Dublin, and Nelson's great pillow,
By all the Jackasses, that is a big oath;
By all the John Bulls that smashed many skulls
On Waterloo plains where the battle was fought;
By Brian the brave that beat all the Danes,
Shoved them into the sea just like a dead rat;
By "Buckshot" the knave, who would us enslave,
I ne'er had a hand in the death of your Cat.

I gave satisfaction about the transaction.
I vow and declare the truth I did speak.
Bill won't believe me, which sorely does grieve me.
My curse on his Cat both early and late.
By the bellows of h—ll, and Peg Trentham's bell,
Or Usker's big flail shat leveled them flat;
By King Bill's dirty breeches that stinks and itches,
I never had a hand in the death of your Cat.

01 Feb 16 - 08:13 PM (#3769977)
From: Jim Dixon

From a broadside at The Bodleian Library, Oxford:

Being a companion to that excellent song of "The Wig, the Hat, and the Cane."
To the tune of "Away with Those Queer Married Fellows," in the "Gay Deceivers" by Mr. Bannister.

One eve, as an old maiden lady,
At table, at tea-time, she sat.
On her right was her pussy, call'd Sadi;
On her left was her Tabby Tom-cat.
She anxious expected her lover
To tea, and have scandalous chat.
He brought with him his little dog Rover,
Who wasn't too fond of a cat.

That he might not lose sight of his fair,
Her humpy friend opposite sat.
Little Rover slunk under the chair,
For fear of the Tabby Tom-cat.
Nine cups drank the humpy-back lover.
He thought he had long enough sat,
So the crumbs of the table got Rover;
The milk got the Tabby Tom-cat.

Poor Sadi no longer could bear it.
To quarrel he set about pat.
The milk he thought then he should share it
Along with the Tabby Tom-cat.
The cats they both swore a deep bass.
Little Rover growl'd deeper than that,
Till, at last, a good scratch on the face
He receiv'd from the Tabby Tom-cat.

In the fight, the tea-table turn'd over,
And the things on the floor they fell flat.
The groats were spilt over the lover,
The urn on the Tabby Tom-cat.
This fight made a great consternation.
The lovers got both in a pet,
And a final and sad separation
Was caus'd by the Tabby Tom-cat.

04 Feb 16 - 08:02 AM (#3770517)
From: Jim Dixon

From a broadside at The Bodleian Library, Oxford:


Old Batchelor Snip he lived in a cot
And a gardener by profession.
A lover he was to his pipe and his pot
And his name I don't choose for to mention.

Lol de rol la, my story, I say,
My story is as true as the light of the day.

Old Sall Neverwed lived the very next door
In a house that was neatly thatched, sir.
Her age I am sure was nearly four score
And she kept a dollop of cats, sir.

These cats in the gardener's ground they would go.
It is as true as my story that passes.
They'd fight and they'd tear, molrow, & they'd swear,
My eye! And they'd smash all his glasses.

Now the gardener swore that their lives was no more
If in a trap he could catch them behind, sir.
He put things in the ground but the cats trod 'em down
And drove him most out of his mind, sir.

Mr. Tommy one night on the water butt sat
And he sat there a while with content, sir,
Till out came Marm Tib and a molrow she give
And down in the garden they went, sir.

Then strait down the garden they each took their way.
Like two lovers they walked side by side, sir,
Till a trap caught by their tails then quite taught.
Molrow and blue murder they cried, sir.

Now they lugg'd and they tugg'd till off come their tails.
They came off very close to their rump, sir.
You'd have laughed to have seen this king and queen
How they wriggled and waggled their stump, sir.

Now you rambling cats, beware of these traps
Or you will meet with a shocking disaster,
For like Tibby and Tom you'll be hopping along
With no tail for to cover your stern, sir.

04 Feb 16 - 05:35 PM (#3770623)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE GHOST (1799)
From: Jim Dixon

A 12-line excerpt from this appears in a "broadside" at The Bodleian Library, Oxford as the caption to an engraving, broken into 4-line stanzas like a ballad. However, I found the original in two journals—The European Magazine, and London Review, Volume 35 (London: J. Sewell, March, 1799), page 189; and The Scots Magazine, Volume 61 (Edinburgh: James Watson, May, 1799), page 329—where it appears as a poem, not a song:

A tale.

Would you your tender offspring rear
With minds well form'd, devoid of fear,
Ne'er let the nurse with idle tale
Of Ghost their infant ears assail,
Or Bug-a-boo! Or Chimney-sweep!
To terrify them into sleep.
Thus, when matur'd by rip'ning age,
And brought upon the world's great stage,
No midnight horrors vex the soul
Of howling dog, or hooting owl!
But on they move, with manly tread,
Across the mansions of the dead;
Or pass the ruin'd tower, where
Tradition says 'Goblins appear.
Not so the hapless wight, whose mind
Is in the nursery confin'd,
Who bears about him, as a curse,
The strong impressions made by Nurse;
He sees the flaming cinder fly
From out the grate, then with a sigh
Exclaims, "A coffin—I shall die!
And see, a winding sheet does glide
Adown the candle's gutt'ring side!"
Thus does conceit o'er sense prevail,
Which brings me to the following tale:

Near fam'd St Giles' tow'ring fane,
In the close windings of a lane,
And, snug retreat from public eye!
In the next story to the sky,
Two Taylors lodg'd in the same bed,
One Mayo nam'd—the other Ned:
One winter evening as they sat
With ale and pipe in friendly chat,
Quoth Mayo, "Ned, you are my friend,
Upon whose faith I can depend;
Know, then, my means are in such plight,
I must be off before 'tis light;
To sea my course I mean to shape,
But let not this your lips escape,
And now and then I'll write you, Ned,
If not, you may suppose me dead."
Th' astonished taylor sees his friend
Quick down the garret stairs descend,
And hears these awful words with dread,
"Farewell—I'm yours, alive or dead!"—
"And yet, why need I feel alarm?
I never did poor Mayo harm,"
Says Ned; "and, should his ghost appear,
I'll speak to it; why should I fear?"

'Twas at that drear and awful hour
When Ghosts and Goblins shew their power,
The clock struck one, when thoughtful Ned
Lay restless tumbling in his bed.
"Who knows (quoth he) poor Mayo's doom?
He may be in a wat'ry tomb,
Or 'midst the horrors of a wreck,
Or wounded bleeding on the deck.
Alas! Why did he tempt the main?
I ne'er shall see my friend again!"
At this he hears a mournful sound
Proceeding as from under ground,
Repeat with hollow voice and slow
These words—"Mayo, mayo, mayo!"
With hair erect, and staring eyes,
Poor trembling Ned, in wild surprize,
The bed-clothes o'er him nimbly drew;
Then bawls, "In God's name, who are you?
If you're my late much valu'd friend
And met with an untimely end,
You know I never did you harm.
Then why my spirits thus alarm?
If to discover hidden treasure,
I trembling wait your awful leisure!
Or be your business what it may,
I follow—pray you lead the way;
And as your form you will not show,
Pray let me hear your voice!"—"Mayo!"
In mournful sounds he hears once more,
And thinks them near his garret door;
Then gently stepping from his bed,
And peeping round, o'erwhelm'd with dread!
Behind the door, low couch'd he spies
A huge black cat, with saucer eyes!
And now his heart no longer quails
When thus Grimalkin he assails:
"What devil put it in thy head
To take thy station near my bed?
I'll give thee something in a trice,
Not quite so good as catching mice!
Something not quite so sweet as amber!"
Then thrusts him in the Pot de Chambre;
Saying, "You've been a Ghost to me.
You're therefore laid in the Red Sea!"

05 Feb 16 - 02:26 PM (#3770829)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: keberoxu

Talking of the Prairie Home Companion:

one evening the guest was Willie Nelson. With Garrison Keillor, he did a parody of his Julio Iglesias duet.

To all the cats I've known before
Who wanted to come in my door
And then they turned about
And wanted to go out
So they could come back in some more

To all the cats who shed their hair
And tripped me coming down the stairs
And left a you-know-what
upon the ? ? rug
And scratched up all my easy chairs....

06 Feb 16 - 04:41 AM (#3770908)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs about cats
From: Thompson

British music hall song - Don't Do That to the Poor Puss Cat

08 Feb 16 - 07:34 AM (#3771378)
From: Jim Dixon

You can hear this at YouTube.

Words and music by Dick Manning
As recorded by Patty Andrews and Bob Crosby, 1948.

This is a story 'bout a guy who came home late one night.
(Must 'a' been two or three a.m., some'n' like that.)
"Gotta get me some sleep," he yawned (yawn) as he turned out the light.
(Must 'a' been too tired to do any readin'.)
Whether he dreamed what happened, or if he heard it, he wouldn't bet,
But he swears it sounded like two cats (p-r-r, p-r-r) singing a duet.

Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
We will sing a little tune.
Nyot nyow.
Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
We will serenade the moon.
Nyot nyow.
When the folks got home tonight at twelve or thereabout,
They locked the door and they forgot to put me yout.

Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
Nyow? Nyot nyow.

Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
This is me, your boyfriend, Tom.
Nyot nyow.
Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
This is Tom, the atom bomb!
Nyot nyow.
I assure you I'd come yout if only I knew how.
They tell me that you really are the cat's meow.

Come yout, come yout, come yout, my pretty kitten.
Nyow? [Miscellaneous cat sounds.] Yes, nyow.

[Also recorded by Jo Stafford and Gordon Macrae.]