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The Mississippi Delta Blues Society

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The Mississippi Delta Blues Society.
On Stage

Elmore James
King of the Slide Guitar

Exclusive never before seen photograph.

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Jukin' in Mississippi by Patrick LeBlanc

Browse through history... the official program to the 1994 Mississippi Crossroads Blues Festival

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Some of the Big Men of Blues.

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues. Rumors and Tales swirl with the name. Even today, over 50 years after his death controversy still surrounds this Delta Blues Hero. Take away all the hype, and very simply... He's da' man!
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Mississippi John Hurt

This handsome fellow is Mississippi John Hurt. Listening to his music will make you wonder why I think Robert Johnson is so good. He made fingerpicking famous.

Let's not forget Huddie. Leadbelly captured the hearts and spirits of his day, to save them. Today, he remains the most meaningful musician on my top 10 list. Known as the King of the 12 String Guitar, it was his version of Gallows Pole that inspired Led Zeppelin's.

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters. His voice rings injustice. His rhythm rings eternal. They say that Muddy Waters invented electricity. He took the meaning and soul of Delta Blues, plugged it into the wall, and went to Chicago.

John Lee Hooker
The only man with more feeling than Muddy. John Lee Hooker leaves the complexity to the young hot shots. He has mastered rhythm and feel. One of the most admired living blues men there is today. Everyone wants to play with him, but he won't leave San Francisco.

This fine man personalized a style of his own. He could play blues, gospel, rag and country. Gary Davis, subtly recognized, is in a class of his own, and has influenced plenty a musician. He also looks like Ray Charles....

One of the Forefathers of Delta Blues, Son House has been around since the beginning. He was known to play with the Likes of Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson.

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The Blues is very simply the purest form of Art that I have yet witnessed on this earth. Its meaning and history are something that are very nearly evidence of divine intervention. For such beauty from such pain, is magic, is glory to the human spirit. How strong it is, how it can find joy in misery, how it always has hope. Glory to the powers of creation and the reasons for it. Glory to the men and women that gave it to us. Men and women that you will see on this page. Men and women that should never be forgotten, for their example is a needed one. This project is in service to the preservation of American History, the History of Music, and the strength of humankind.
- Max D. Spiegel, Publisher, The Mudcat Café
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