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JohnInKansas 05 Aug 03 - 03:25 AM
Sorcha 05 Aug 03 - 08:54 AM
Bill D 05 Aug 03 - 09:26 AM
JohnInKansas 05 Aug 03 - 03:51 PM
JohnInKansas 13 Aug 03 - 02:17 AM
Sorcha 13 Aug 03 - 02:28 AM
Art Thieme 13 Aug 03 - 10:26 PM
GUEST,Bill & Deanna Lisk 13 Aug 03 - 11:35 PM
JohnInKansas 14 Aug 03 - 01:04 AM
GUEST,Sharon G 14 Aug 03 - 02:24 PM
Gary T 19 Aug 03 - 10:14 PM
JohnInKansas 20 Aug 03 - 02:56 AM
GUEST,Bill & Deanna Lisk 21 Aug 03 - 10:59 PM
JohnInKansas 22 Aug 03 - 12:31 AM
Mudlark 22 Aug 03 - 12:49 PM
Lin in Kansas 25 Aug 03 - 04:16 PM
JohnInKansas 08 Sep 03 - 04:07 PM
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Subject: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 05 Aug 03 - 03:25 AM

The Walnut Valley Festival a.k.a. WINFIELD, has posted the "44 DAYS UNTIL THE WALNUT VALLEY FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2003" banner.

As of July 7, the list of entertainers for this year includes:
Bill Barwick, Stephen Bennett, Roz Brown, Nick Charles, Classical Grass, Dan Crary, Julie Davis, Daybreak, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Flynn, John Cowan & Friends with special guest Stuart Duncan, HeartStrings, The Hickory Project, Hot Club of Cowtown, Pete Huttlinger, Crow Johnson, Mark Johnson & Emory Lester, Marley's Ghost, Andy May, John McCutcheon, Modern Hicks, Karen Mueller, Kacey Musgraves, No Strings Attached, Barry Patton, Prairie Rose Wranglers, Prickly Pair, John Reischman & the Jaybirds, Small Potatoes, The Special Consensus, Spontaneous Combustion, Linda Tilton, Walnut River String Band, Walnut Valley Men's Chorus, Barry Ward, The Wilders, Yonder Mountain String Band.

Four stages run simultaneously, 09:00 AM to midnight, Thursday – Saturday, and 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM+ on Sunday.

International Autoharp Championship (Thursday)
National Finger Picking Guitar Championship (Thursday)
National Mountain Dulcimer Championship (Friday)
Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship (Friday)
Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championship (Friday)
National Flat Pick Guitar Championship (Saturday)
National Hammer Dulcimer Championship (Saturday)
National Bluegrass Banjo Championship (Sunday)

An index to past winners at Winners probably includes quite a few folk you've heard of.. There is also a link there to past performers, or go direct to a Plethora of Performers

The Festival officially starts on September 18 (Thursday)

For early arrivals... Land Rush begins at 7 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 11 – the first day on which you can set up camp.

Lineup for the Landrush begins Thursday, September 4 at 8 a.m. You can check anytime between 8 am and 6 pm after that, and you will be assigned a place to park in line to wait for Land Rush.

Really early arrivals may camp in the city park, on or after 8:00 am on Thursday, August 21, to get in line for the Lineup for the Land Rush.

We've already had several contacts from friends who are well into preparations for this year's meet, so I hope it's not premature to start a thread for catters to communicate about the Festival.

See ya at Winfield? (about 45 miles SE from Wichita, KS, US.)


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Sorcha
Date: 05 Aug 03 - 08:54 AM

Maybe, but I don't know yet. We're investigating the Work for Ticket option.

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Bill D
Date: 05 Aug 03 - 09:26 AM

and REALLY early arrivals are massed along the Oklahoma border in the reverse of their ancestors rush for Indian Territory land, ready to dash north on August 10 to grab camping spaces in the city park to line up for the main lineup for the official rush to REALLY camp so they can wait a week for the festival...(and what an amazing bunch of pickin' there is in that campground!)

*shaking my head*...'taint like I remember, but y'all have a great festival!

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 05 Aug 03 - 03:51 PM

Bill D -

You can still have a good time coming in after Land Rush, or just for the actual festival days.

The "Catch 22" is that, if you want to spend the "whole week" (which isn't long enough!), it's nicer if you've got the shady spot close to where you've been in past years (to camp with friends and so other friends can find you) and the hook-ups to make things a little more "civilized." It's only if you want to be reasonably sure that you get the "amenities" that you have to spend the whole month (which is way too long).

You can still (probably) come in with a tent or small "self-contained" at the start of the actual 4-day festival and find a place to set up. If it hasn't rained, you might even be able to find a patch of shade; but the "late available" shady spots are usually where the early arrivals know there's a danger of serious mud if there's rain.

If you come in late (a relative thing) with a large camper, you're likely to end up in the middle of a 60-acre flat field with no shade, no water, and no AC for your AC. Tolerable (maybe) for a short stay, but rather tough for a week.


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 13 Aug 03 - 02:17 AM

Well, the official website says 36 days until the festival; but since you can get in line in the City Park, for the lineupe, for the landrush, to get a camping spot - on August 21, it's only about a week before people start getting there.

Any catters have plans?

Lin and I nominally plan to be in our "usual" area, and will probably get in line early, although I'm not sure just when. She decided to take off for the "Great Northwest" for a week or so - to avoid all the packing and prepping; so animal care may prevent my going down at the "first possible." We'll likely be there for lineup, certainly by landrush.

We dumped the old popup, and will be in a new travel trailer, so look for "Thumper with a mando" in the pecan grove - you'll know it when you see it.


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Sorcha
Date: 13 Aug 03 - 02:28 AM

Well, it looks like we're not going. Still not completely sure about anything in Sept. Have a damn wedding we have to go to but still haven't been told the exact date. Bloody........

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Art Thieme
Date: 13 Aug 03 - 10:26 PM

I'm with ya in spirit !!!


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: GUEST,Bill & Deanna Lisk
Date: 13 Aug 03 - 11:35 PM

Tonight we worked on getting the trailer ready to go to Winfield on Wednesday for the pre-line. We always enjoy the different "phases" of the festival and always meet new people to jam with during the line-up. Scamp Camp will be without the Scamp trailer this year as we traded it on a bigger trailer(with a real shower). No more "Code Pink" alerts in the portable shower or "we thought you was a toad" jokes this year.
We're looking forward to plenty of all night picking circles again this year. See Yu'ins soon. Bill & Deanna (Scampless Scamp Camp)

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 14 Aug 03 - 01:04 AM

The "spirit" of Art Thieme is always at Winfield - at least in the camps where I and my friends hang out. Even when we "know" you're not there, it always seems like "just around the corner ...".



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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: GUEST,Sharon G
Date: 14 Aug 03 - 02:24 PM

I've been to Winfield 3 times- but it's hard for me to get away in September- since I'm a teacher working on a modified calendar school year that begins in July and has parent teacher conferences scheduled on Thurs and Friday of the Winfield festival weekend...

But 2 of my bandmates will be there and another friend is going... they will all be playing tunes and camping at Carp Camp in the Walnut Grove.

Have fun...

Sharon G.

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Gary T
Date: 19 Aug 03 - 10:14 PM

We'll be there. Our plan is to arrive on Land Rush day (after the "rush" is over). I don't know just where we'll camp--somewhere in the Pecan Grove, I expect. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 20 Aug 03 - 02:56 AM

Gary T -

Lookin' forward to all those new songs you've been learning.

Our original plan was to be there as early as possible, but since LIK wimped out on me and left town (temporarily?), I'm not sure I'm going to get in on the first possible day (tomorrow - Thursday). We'll definitely be there before landrush; but I'm getting too old to sit in the sun for the whole month - (and she won't be back until Saturday to make me do it.)


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: GUEST,Bill & Deanna Lisk
Date: 21 Aug 03 - 10:59 PM

Hi Gary & John, When we left Winfield this morning at 10:30 there were about 150 campers in the "pre-line", we will return the 3d for the move to the Pecan Grove. We plan on staying for that weekend and will play at the Wichita Contra Dance on Sep 6th and then return for the Landrush. Hope to see you folks in a couple of weeks. Bill & Deanna

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 22 Aug 03 - 12:31 AM

Bill & Deanna -

Thanks for the headcount. It's about what I expected.

Our plan was for me to go down today, but with the temps above 100F, and with Lin still on the road and no one to tend the critters, I've wimped out to wait for her. We may go down to the pre-line sometime this weekend, or early next week; but we will certainly be there by the 3d for the Pecan Grove lineup.

Recent past years the count hasn't gone much past about 350 "waiters" by the start of lineup (the 3d this year) but the local economy may affect this year. Lots of people with less money than usual, but also lots of people with more "freedom" and "free time"(?). There should be at least 400 to 450 camping units in lineup by end of day on the 3d, so the pickin' should start if it cools off a little - or even if it doesn't.


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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Mudlark
Date: 22 Aug 03 - 12:49 PM

Wish, wish I could be there. I noticed Crow Johnson in the performer list...haven't seen her in years but would love to again...and Small Potatoes is always a delight. Luckily they will be coming here (CA) for a concert in Oct. I'll be looking forward to reviews of this great festival once it's over...

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: Lin in Kansas
Date: 25 Aug 03 - 04:16 PM

Well, John spent most of the time I was out of state "modifying" our new camper--it now has more food storage space, bedside containers for miscellaneous (books go everywhere with both of us) and a new shelf in the instrument storage area (not that they stay in storage much past hookup!). He's got the van loaded to the gills and we still have so much stuff stacked up to take that the living room floor is invisible.

Sorcha and Mudlark--wish you could make it. Winfield is always, always a LOT of fun; it's our equivalent of the Getaway, I guess.
Gary T., Bill and Deanna, we're looking forward to seeing y'all and pickin' with you. We should be somewhere in the same general vicinity as usual, and John wasn't kidding--I mutilated our new Thumper camper the day after we got it by painting Thumper Rabbit playing his mandolin on the side, and his girlfriend reading a Harry Potter book on the back.


Lin and John

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Subject: RE: WINFIELD 2003
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 08 Sep 03 - 04:07 PM

A quick update while I'm back at the house to feed the animals (And do a little quick laundry.)

First date you could get in: August 21.

I went down to park in the City Park "waiting area" on Friday, August 29. Unofficially, about No. 175 in line. Warnings about rising rivers led to moving about 30 or so earlier arrivals who were parked near the river, and all those of us who arrived Friday or later - to the asphalt apron and roads behind the barns. The river did rise by about 7 feet during the next two days, but only minimally "invaded" any camping areas.

Thursday, Sept 4, was the move to "Lineup" in the Pecan Grove. They decided this year to separate "Walnutters" and "Pecaners" in the Lineup, so all the guys with the big self contained units are parked in the shade in the Pecan Grove Oval, with electrical outlets left over and plenty of water. Those of us who will actually camp in the Pecan grove are in the sun and the mud South of the oval - with mostly NO electricity and marginal water.

I was early enough to get No. 52 in the lineup for the Pecan grove, (about 150 Walnutters as of Lineup) so I'm only in the 3d row south of the road, and I did manage to get to an electrical hookup with "only" 258 feet of extension cord. Fortunately, 150 feet of it is #10, but the little electrons sort of dribble out the end, and squeal and holler a bit before they go to work. We have been able to run the few things that are important. They haven't cranked up the water pressure yet, so by the time it gets through 340 feet of garden hose it's more of a dribble than a flow, but we've managed to keep the coffee pot running.

Pickin' has been pretty good both of the weekends that I've been there, but a little thin during the week. A lot of people bring down their campers or tents to get in line, but go back home (or unhappily to work) during these early weeks.

The unofficial report was that there are about 400 units in Lineup now, (about 128 Pecan Grove?) which is somewhat fewer than at this point in recent years. Landrush, when we can set up "permanent" camps, is Thursday (Sept 11), and most of the people who come down then, or later, are likely to stay the course, so the "real party" starts then. The best campground pickin' (or at least the most "intense") is often on "Landrush weekend" - before the "casuals" and "just listeners" get too thick.

The weather has been good since it quit raining, and the forcast is pretty encouraging. The crowd seems smaller than usual, which should help for those who "must" come a little later, but we're waiting for y'all to join in.


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