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Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?


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GUEST,Bill Domler 09 Mar 01 - 02:43 PM
katlaughing 09 Mar 01 - 03:02 PM
Mike Regenstreif 09 Mar 01 - 04:05 PM
Sandy Paton 09 Mar 01 - 05:24 PM
GUEST,Nancy Schimmel 08 May 08 - 12:52 AM
Joe Offer 08 May 08 - 01:43 AM
Joe Offer 08 May 08 - 01:57 AM
Joe Offer 08 May 08 - 02:01 AM
Joe Offer 08 May 08 - 02:09 AM
GUEST,Daisy 28 May 09 - 04:32 PM
GUEST,Nancy Schimmel (Malvina's daughter) 01 Dec 10 - 02:18 PM
open mike 01 Dec 10 - 03:45 PM
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Subject: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: GUEST,Bill Domler
Date: 09 Mar 01 - 02:43 PM

Why haven't the recordings of Malvina Reynolds ever made it onto c.d.?

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: katlaughing
Date: 09 Mar 01 - 03:02 PM

According to what I found in a search, Smithsonian Folkways has.

If you want to buy one, ask Dick Greenhaus at Camsco Music about getting them for you; he can get darn near anything. Whatever you purchase from him helps to support his "baby" the Digital Tradition database of songs which is hosted here, at the Mudcat.

here is the article I found, from last fall:

EAR TO THE GROUND - Malvina Reynolds
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40124

"As mentioned in the last Folknik, Smithsonian Folkways is producing two CDs of Malvina Reynolds recordings and we now have a copy of number one, "Ear to the Ground".

"They've done a splendid job! As the name suggests, all songs here are concerned with social ills and outrageous statements by such as Judge Archie Simonson and Ronald Reagan. Introduction and notes by Rosalie Sorrels, who selected this collection, give just what we wanted to know about Malvina and what stimulated each individual song. These add enormously to the understanding and appreciation both of the songs and of the life and thinking of Malvina herself. The whole production is a treasure.

"While two or three of the selections may be being heard for the first time, a number are well known to Reynolds' fans everywhere and especially to those of us in the SF Bay Area. There's the tender "What Have They Done to the Rain?", "Little Boxes" which hit the charts as a popular song, "Little Red Hen" giving the author's social/ political philosophy and always reminding me of her statement "I have three strikes against me: I am a woman, a radical and a Jew," handicaps she left far behind..

"Although words to songs are not given in the booklet, lyrics are available at The 25 cuts are all taken from previous recordings and are sung by Malvina who articulates strongly and clearly. This is a must for everyone's CD collection get it!"

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: Mike Regenstreif
Date: 09 Mar 01 - 04:05 PM

Click here to read my review from Sing Out! Magazine of both Malvina's "Ear to the Ground" and Rosalie Sorrels' "No Closing Chord: The Songs of Malvina Reynolds."

Mike Regenstreif

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: Sandy Paton
Date: 09 Mar 01 - 05:24 PM

For Heaven's Sake, Bill, get rid of that silly "Guest" and come on in as a regular Mudcatter! If Regenstreif can do it, so can you!

Camsco's computer has been down for a few days, but Dick Greenhaus (who took over Camsco from Wally Macnow) can get you the Malvina Reynolds CD and will give you a good price. Just go to CAMSCO or give me a call.

Stick around, Bill. Folks here are downright friendly!


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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: GUEST,Nancy Schimmel
Date: 08 May 08 - 12:52 AM

David Thrussell in Australia recently put out two Malvina albums on CD: Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth and Malvina Reynolds. Google the titles and Omni, the label, and you'll find sources. He's included lots of bonus tracks of alternate versions or songs previously unissued, and the visuals are great.

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Subject: Track list: Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth
From: Joe Offer
Date: 08 May 08 - 01:43 AM

Hi, Nancy -
I'm glad to see you here. I saw you do a performance of your mother's songs at the Unitarian Church in Sacramento about twenty years ago, and I really enjoyed the concert.

Amazon has Omni CD available in the United States. From the looks of the cover, Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth must originally have been a Columbia album. Here's the track listing:

    1. The New Restaurant
    2. What's Goin' On Down There
    3. Little Boxes
    4. Battle of Maxton Field
    5. God Bless the Grass
    6. I Don't Mind Falling
    7. What Have They Done To the Rain?
    8. The Devil's Baptizin'
    9. Singing Jesus
    10. The Bloody Neat
    11. Quiet
    12. Love is Something (the Magic Penny)
    13. Bitter Rain
    14. Las Casitas Del Barrio Alto (Little Boxes) - Victor Jara
    15. Malvina's Introduction (Live)
    16. Malvina Reads Victor's Version
    17. Little Boxes (45 Version)
    18. Uneasy Dreams
    19. Patchwork of Dreams
    20. Malvina's Blues
    21. The World is So Sick
    22. I Lived Through This Day
    23. If You Love Me
    24. If Peacetime Came
    25. Mailman Blues
    26. The Money Crop
    27. Let Them Eat Cake
    28. The World In Their Pocket
    29. The Little Mouse

-Joe Offer in Colfax, California-
Be sure to take a look at Nancy Schimmel's Web page on her mother, Malvina Reynolds. I see Nancy and Judy Fjell are still doing Malvina concerts.

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Subject: Track List: Malvina Reynolds (self-titled)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 08 May 08 - 01:57 AM

I got the Omni Malvina Reynolds CD quite some time ago. Amazon says the album was originally released on the Century City Label in 1970. It's a good one. Here's the track listing:
    1. The World's Gone Beautiful
      2. Daddy's In The Jail
      3. It Isn't Nice
      4. Boraxo
      5. We Hate To See Them Go
      6. There'll Come A Time
      7. From Way Up Here
      8. The Desert
      9. D.D.T.
    10. Let It Be
    11. Morningtown Ride
    12. No Hole In My Head
    13. Alcatraz (Pelican Island) (only issued previously on 45)
    14. Like The Miller Grinds The Wheat (only issued previously on 45)
    15. The Rand Hymn (previously unreleased)
    16. Plutonium (previously unreleased)
    17. Tungsten (only issued previously on 45)
    18. Cement Octopus (only issued previously on 45)
    19. The Albatross (only issued previously on 45)
    20. Buying The Package (previously unreleased)
    21. Overtime (previously unreleased)
    22. Nancy Newman (previously unreleased)
    23. There'll Come A Time (Alt - previously unreleased)
    24. It Isn't Nice (Alt - only issued previously on 45)

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Subject: Track List: Ear to the Ground (Malvina Reynolds)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 08 May 08 - 02:01 AM

Here's the track listing from the Smithsonian/Folkways CD, Ear to the Ground:
      1. It Isn't Nice
      2. On the Rim of the World
      3. What Have They Done to the Rain?
      4. Look on the Sunnyside
      5. The World's Gone Beautiful
      6. Little Boxes Intro
      7. Little Boxes
      8. Little Red Hen
      9. Dialectic
    10. Bury Me in My Overalls
    11. There's a Bottom Below
    12. The Little Mouse
    13. Rosie Jane
    14. The Money Crop
    15. Magic Penny
    16. The Albatross
    17. Skagit Valley Forever
    18. The Judge Said (Intro)
    19. The Judge Said
    20. Mario's Duck
    21. Carolina Cotton Mill Song
    22. Boraxo
    23. This World

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Subject: Track List: Another County Heard From (Malvina)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 08 May 08 - 02:09 AM

Smithsonian/Folkways has one original Malvina album, the 1960 recording of Another County Heard From. Here's the track listing:
      1. The Pied Piper
      2. We Hate to See Them Go
      3. Let it Be
      4. Faucets are Dripping
      5. Don't Talk to Me of Love
      6. Money Blues
      7. The Day the Freeway Froze
      8. The Delinquent
      9. Mommy's Girl
    10. Somewhere Between
    11. I Live in a City
    12. The Little Land
    13. Oh Doctor!
    14. Sing Along
    15. The Miracle

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: GUEST,Daisy
Date: 28 May 09 - 04:32 PM

My kids (now in their twenties) both adored Malvina Reynolds' children's albums--especially "Artichokes, Griddle Cakes, and Other Good Things." I have wanted to give them to others as baby gifts--but they've never made it onto tape or CD, as far as I have been able to discover.

Is anyone aware of any effort to bring these recordings back in modern formats? I do hope they won't be lost to future generations!

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: GUEST,Nancy Schimmel (Malvina's daughter)
Date: 01 Dec 10 - 02:18 PM

We have a few tapes left of Artichokes and Funnybugs, but no CDs. Please ask Folkways to put out a children's CD as well as the second adult CD.

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Subject: RE: Malvina Reynolds C.D.'s?
From: open mike
Date: 01 Dec 10 - 03:45 PM

wow! great to have nancy Schimmel post here...
she recently celebrated her 75th birthday...
at a benefit...bless her heart!..for Haiti..
here is her page about her mother, Malvina
and here are some songs and lyrics and pix
here is the Folkways web site..
perhaps we could start a petition/campaign
to encourage them to re-release c.d.'s of Malvina;s songs
for kids and about it/?!!

I recall a group Plum City Players...who put out some
children's music and there any material
availabe from this group? Is there any connection to
Plum City Wisconsin? I think they were from Bay Area
(san francisco...)

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