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Sidmouth festival 2005

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Cllr 27 May 04 - 08:27 AM
George Papavgeris 27 May 04 - 09:50 AM
GUEST 27 May 04 - 12:22 PM
Herga Kitty 27 May 04 - 02:59 PM
GUEST,Cllr at work 09 Jun 04 - 12:48 PM
JudeL 28 Jun 04 - 11:33 AM
JudeL 28 Jun 04 - 11:34 AM
GUEST,vectis 28 Jun 04 - 05:47 PM
alanww 28 Jun 04 - 07:43 PM
GUEST,cookieless Nickp 29 Jun 04 - 05:00 PM
McGrath of Harlow 29 Jun 04 - 07:48 PM
The Shambles 30 Jun 04 - 02:03 AM
GUEST,Local Sidmouth festival fan 31 Oct 04 - 07:32 PM
Cats at Work 01 Nov 04 - 06:17 AM
The Barden of England 01 Nov 04 - 10:37 AM
GUEST 01 Nov 04 - 12:02 PM
The Barden of England 01 Nov 04 - 06:57 PM
BillT 05 Nov 04 - 07:25 AM
GUEST,greg stephens 05 Nov 04 - 10:01 AM
GUEST,Stuart Hughes 08 Nov 04 - 06:46 PM
GUEST,Anon 24 Nov 04 - 07:49 AM
Lizzie still in Sidmouth! 24 Nov 04 - 10:19 AM
GUEST 17 Apr 05 - 12:02 PM
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Subject: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: Cllr
Date: 27 May 04 - 08:27 AM

I found this on an official leaflet in my local music shop
"BB2 radio 2 Young folk Awards 2004/5 you could win a performance at Sidmouth festival 2005 and Cambridge Folk festival. Well thats alright then. problem over.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: George Papavgeris
Date: 27 May 04 - 09:50 AM

Or Mike H knows something we don't...

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
Date: 27 May 04 - 12:22 PM

I too read said leaflet with mild amusement... Prehaps the top young folkies will be playing to a feild of cows??????????????

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: Herga Kitty
Date: 27 May 04 - 02:59 PM

Well, tomorrow is Mrs Casey's deadline for people to volunteer underwriting help....


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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,Cllr at work
Date: 09 Jun 04 - 12:48 PM

This is from a discussion group I post to I wonder when we will get the follow up from Mrs Casey.

**The preceding post to this was asking about political involvement**

The disposal of public money is quite rightly a political issue. The actual argument of festival continuation is either down to Financial problems IE /funding from the council or over Mrs Casey willingness to continue it as a business proposition, if they don't want to do it no amount of debate over funding issues will change the bottom line.

My own take on the " political" situation is this.
Responsible politicians should not hand over the best part of Sixty thousand pounds without checking or seen to be checking what is being done with the money. The council have not said the funding is to be withdrawn just that they want to scrutinise the way it is used.
It is not for local councils to support private businesses and unless it can demonstrate to auditors, inspectors, and the voting public that it is a a valid use of tax payers money they could be accused of maladministration.

The provision of a survey from the interested party is not enough especially as to my knowledge it does not address the issue of how much money would enter into the local economy by tourism at the height of the holiday season regardless of whether the festival is there or not. Invisible earnings from tourism are always difficult to quantify at the best of times. While the council have a duty to promote tourism and the local economy it is not a statutory duty and any promotion or fiduciary help should be carefully monitored in the public interest. There has been increasing pressure on councils from this government to realise full market value from any of its assets including monies from hiring rent etc The charity commission has also gone down this route as well.

The amount of money that the festival brings in to the area is substantial but the direction in which it flows is not I.e., publicans, hotels, supermarkets have a bonanza but the detail of what they put into the festival or local economy is not readily available. The argument of advance ticket sales not covering the cost of the festival has been simplified to such an extent that it is difficult to have a serious public debate. The lack of transparency is not just due to sensitive commercial issues, which I think is understandable, but also due to the lack of quantifiable evidence.

If one excepts the rational that advance ticket sales only covers half a million which means that if we assume £150 per ticket and £50 camping that only 2500 are available (ok figures are approx and don't take into account the variations but you get the drift) This means if the other figures are to be believed that the other 37,500 that attend only buy enough tickets to raise around another quarter of a million. I realise this does not seem to make sense but at the level of public debate this is all the info we have available. Note that also, this year the attendance is reckoned to increase from 40,000 to over 60,000

We have a microcosm of the festival writ small in the middle bar every year. Usually a local tries to talk over the singers quoting "it's my bar, I drink here all the time, bloody folkies have you heard the latest ring tone where is my mobile phone" etc without realising (or more importantly) without wanting to accept the the festival enables Sidmouth to support so many drinking establishments. I read in the herald that one resident complained about the Maroons, that alert the inshore rescue crew, saying it should be banned as it frightens her dog. Local residents will have different views and just because they get published does not mean that is a majority view.

If the festival is to continue in anyway near it's present format, the way forward can only be debated properly when Mrs Casey's intentions become clear.Either they are seeking better conditions in which to operate and are hoping to continue or they are hoping to maintain the current situation or they are trying to disengage without seeming to be just abandoning the whole thing. If they pull out for ANY reason - financial- lack of funding, insurance costs, PRS, lack of profit or too much grief interference from council PEL whatever, then I would hope that Steve would want the festival to continue ( I do believe his heart is in the right place despite the intense criticism he and his organisation attracts) and at this point any interested parties Council/ Friends/MBS/shellbacks/mudcatters should be able to pick up the reigns without having to start over, so that renewing longstanding arrangements/partnerships/funding sources could be achieved. I'm not saying these things wouldn't change but a handover of any sort would be infinitely preferable to a start form scratch approach and more disconcertingly the only feasible way forward.

The complicating part of this, as if it needs anymore, is that the interested parties do not have a common goal, by that I mean while everybody (or most) thinks the festival is "a good thing" there are many differing views on what format it should take. The old joke about How many folkies does it take to change a light bulb? exemplifies the disparity of views that can be held within the folk scene itself and this division or divisions do not aid in coming forward with at best a continuation of the festival at worst a rescue package solution. As I have already mentioned the prerequisite for debate around change still lies with Mr Heap which should become clear(er) in the immediate future.

I love the festival and one day I hope to move to sidmouth as I love the place all year round. I have offered whatever assistance I can to certain parties which I hope will be taken seriously. As a politician "who makes his living from it" and as a folkie event organiser and performer I feel I do have a better chance of understanding of the issues and the positions being taken, but the demonisation of any of the parties folk, fringe, Steve Heap, politicians, residents and local business does not forward the debate. I discovered my love of unaccompanied singing in the middle bar and I want to continue for another fifty years.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: JudeL
Date: 28 Jun 04 - 11:33 AM

Just to note one point from the above, on the festival site it now identifies that all season tickets, and week tickets are now sold out. The only tickets left are for single events. They have presold ALL the rest.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: JudeL
Date: 28 Jun 04 - 11:34 AM

I refer of course to tickets for August 2004.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,vectis
Date: 28 Jun 04 - 05:47 PM

Has anyone got a space in town I can put my caravan on?

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: alanww
Date: 28 Jun 04 - 07:43 PM

If you are unsuccessful, Mary, I suggest you try one of the camp sites at the top of the hill. There are regular buses down and up. Hopefully I am on the Rugby pitch, but its for a limited number of campers only.
"I like to rise ...!"

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,cookieless Nickp
Date: 29 Jun 04 - 05:00 PM

We tried all the campsites within about 5 miles radius some time ago - they were all full. Having said thta, you may be lucky.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: McGrath of Harlow
Date: 29 Jun 04 - 07:48 PM

"It is not for local councils to support private businesses"

But surely it is within the remit of a local council to do what it can to promote the local economy? They seem to be doing things that are supposed to be doing this all the time.

Here's a page of links that google threw up when I typed in councils + economic development, and set it to pages from the UK - I must admit I haven't looked though the 200,000 pages, but all these "Council's Economic Development Units" and so forth do seem to confirm what I said just there.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: The Shambles
Date: 30 Jun 04 - 02:03 AM

In the case of areas like both Sidmouth and here in Weymouth and Portland, where tourism is the main local business, it sometimes seems as if supporting private business is all that these council's see to be their main concern. As most of the councillors do tend to be local business people (hotel owners etc) this is probably not too surprising.

Not a summer weekend goes by here without a festival of some sort. Either orgainised directly by the council's tourism dept or part funded by them. With the money that many local folk pay, who are not directly connected with tourism at all....

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,Local Sidmouth festival fan
Date: 31 Oct 04 - 07:32 PM

Of course local councils should support festivals that generate substantial income for the local economy. Many do. The problem here in Sidmouth is that you have one councillor (Stuart Hughes) who is determined to stage the whole festival himself. The only way he can do that is be removing the present festival organiser Steve Heap and the only way he can do that is by getting his (Stuart Hughes') council to stop funding the festival. is it any wonder that genuine festival-goers are suspicious of Stuart Hughes and his cohorts especially when we see Stuart going round Sidmouth asking people to log onto this board and write in to defend him.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: Cats at Work
Date: 01 Nov 04 - 06:17 AM

I put a message on the other thread about Sidmouth 2005 and I cannot believe that people are still knocking those who are trying to do something to make sure that Sidmouth doesn't die. No, next years festival will not be the all singing, all dancing festival of recent years but various people are putting their hands in their own pockets and putting their own momey up front, with the promise that any profit made will go to funding a 2006 festival. Stuart is NOT staging the whole festival himself, (see the other sidmouth thread), but staging events in the arena. Other people are putting on events in pubs and in the Manor Pavilion and other venues around the town. If you had come to the open meeting on 23rd at the Arts Centre, where people came from as far afield as Kent to be at and show their support, you would know that next years Folk Week is NOT a one man band, and I take great offence at being labelled as one of his 'cohorts' just because I have offered to do something at the festival next year. If you want to make sure Folk Week continues, do something positive and stop knocking everyone who is trying to do something. Anyone would think you don't want it to continue or will you be one of the first to say 'I told you so' if it does fall flat! This in fighting in public and bickering is causing people to say, I'm not coming because of the whinging and bickering, (see other thread) so give it a chance and give us a chance. We have a great heritage in this country, lets not kill it off piecemeal, lets get together and celebrate it, even if it is on a lesser scale.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: The Barden of England
Date: 01 Nov 04 - 10:37 AM

You are so right Cats. I believe it's someone who has a vendetta against Stuart Hughes, otherwise why the anonimity of 'GUEST,Local Sidmouth Festival Fan', and then having the gall to call those of us who bothered to turn up his Cohorts? Well then 'GUEST,Local Sidmouth Festival Fan' why not come out of the closet and tell us who you are and what you know that we don't! My name, John Barden - I came all the way from Kent to try and help the Festival, and I'd like to know how Stuart Hughes managed to remove Steve Heap? I thought the press release from Steve Heap in May was to the point, in that if there was no extra assurance (i.e. and indemnity of 200,000 pounds) then he wasn't going to continue. I don't know what influence Stuart Hughes had on that, but maybe you know different and may care to enlighten we Cohorts!
I'm looking forward to next years festival for, as always, it's not just about the Arena but the rest of the town too. I'm feeling really positive about it, and hope that ALL the people who know and love Sidmouth will return, and just ignore the rantings of people who seem determined to destroy it.
I've just had a thought - is 'GUEST,Local Sidmouth Festival Fan' jealous about something???

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
Date: 01 Nov 04 - 12:02 PM

Dear Local Sidmouth Fan! Are you Seeing Red? First I think your name is COMPLETELY wrong, for anyone who is an ACTUAL Sidmouth fan would be getting off their computer and offering to help in whatever way they can!

Secondly, is this going to go on ALL year? It's getting INCREDIBLY boring!!

We're all getting on with the job of looking forward to Sidmouth 2005, and John Barden and his colleagues are getting on with trying to make it all happen!

I'm sure you are having terrific fun sitting tapping away with all this venom, but I'm afraid that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Spirit of the Sidmouth Festival at all! You are not only deliberately trying to damage the Festival, but you are making me feel extremely sorry for you! You and I both know that none of what you have printed above is true, so why are you doing it?

No-one should have to put up with the unproven words that are being tapped on to this board! It is just not right and certainly not healthy! Please put personal hatreds away. It does nobody any good, particularly yourself!

When I see my town in the first week in August I see it filled with love and happiness! Come and share in that, for I think you need some!

Oh! And by the way, the only person who is making me come to this board to defend Stuart Hughes, is YOU!!


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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: The Barden of England
Date: 01 Nov 04 - 06:57 PM

Way to go Lizzie!!!

It shows that there are LOTS of us who care, and LOTS of us who want Sidmouth Festival to keep happening.

My personal opinion, for what it is worth, is that Steve Heap will also be happy to see it continue, but it just couldn't in the same way. He was carrying too much of a personal liability and I for one wouldn't expect him to carry on in that fashion. Let's go forward together, in harmony and look to the future. The past is gone, the future is ours!!!

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: BillT
Date: 05 Nov 04 - 07:25 AM

looking forward to seeing you at sidmouth 2005 John B and the rest of you. Ignore the complainers - we will be there looking for a good time

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,greg stephens
Date: 05 Nov 04 - 10:01 AM

I have every hope (details need sorting out) that I will be in Sidmouth next year with the Boat Band,and a good time will be had by all. Well, nearly all, let's remember it's going to be a folk festival, so a certain percentage will be whining incessantly!

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,Stuart Hughes
Date: 08 Nov 04 - 06:46 PM

Would Guest local Sidmouth fan, care to ring Steve Heap and ask him what kind of working relationship we had and indeed we still have. Steve has in fact offered any assistance he can to both myself and Chris Wale with the Arena. So get your facts right before posting any more tripe which is liablous on Mudcat Cafe. Or put it in writing to me with your name and address so that I can commence legal proceedings. There are many of us that want to see a festival in Sidmouth in 2005.

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: GUEST,Anon
Date: 24 Nov 04 - 07:49 AM

Stuart. Everything seems to have gone quiet since early November. Have you cancelled all your planned Wurzels concerts and given up?

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
From: Lizzie still in Sidmouth!
Date: 24 Nov 04 - 10:19 AM

Hello 'A-non'-important person! (above)

So hope you're not coming next year! Only true Sidmouth Groupies allowed! Stuart Hughes has managed to book Show of Hands (Radio 2 Best Live Act 2004) and The Battlefield Band and The Strawbs as well so far and it's only November! Pretty good going I'd say!!

Maybe he's gone quiet 'cos he's just not bothered by all your stupid blabbering! I expect he's got far more important things to do than worry about the likes of your little Sidmouth Smear Campaign!

It's just a Folk Week in an utterly beautiful place, please don't get your knickers all twisted up with your pea-sized brain! Go somewhere else! Really! Just go to one of the other Festivals that you all keep blabbing on about and leave Sidmouth alone!

We truly won't miss you at all down here! We'll have all the people who do love Sidmouth, have always loved Sidmouth, will continue to love Sidmouth and hope to come to Sidmouth 2005 to help support Sidmouth 2006! It's that simple! It really is!

Lizzie :-)

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Subject: RE: Sidmouth festival 2005
Date: 17 Apr 05 - 12:02 PM

this is a good one

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