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School Songbook Index PermaThread

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Subject: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 29 Apr 04 - 04:12 PM

This is an edited PermaThread, and all messages posted here are subject to editing and deletion.
This thread is intended to serve as a forum for indexing school songbooks.

Search for other PermaThreads

How to use Songbook Indexes

Use [CTRL-F] to find the song you want, and then post a request for the song at the bottom of the thread. We'll contact the songbook owner and obtain the lyrics, and we'll post an answer or a link in your request message.

    Silver Burdett School Songbooks

  • Silver Burdett Making Music Your Own Series (1960's)
    • Making Music Your Own, Book 5 (Silver Burdett, 1971, Grade 5)
    • Making Music Your Own, Book 6 (Silver Burdett, 1965, Grade 6)
  • Silver Burdett Music For Living Series (1950's)
    • Music Through The Day (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 1)
    • Music in Our Town (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 2)
    • Music Now and Long Ago (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 3)
    • Music Near and Far (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 4)
    • Music In Our Country (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 5)
    • Music Around the World (Silver Burdett, 1956, Grade 6)
  • Silver Burdett New Music Horizons Series (1940's)
    • New Music Horizons Fifth Book Silver Burdett, 1946 & 53, Grade 5)
  • The Music Hour Series (1930's)
    • The Music Hour (Silver Burdett, 1929, Grade 4)
    • The Music Hour, One-Book Course (Silver Burdett, 1932)
    • Music Highways and Byways (Silver Burdett, 1936, Ungraded)
  • Silver Burdett Music (Silver Burdett, 1975, Junior High)
  • Silver Burdett Music, Centennial Edition (Silver Burdett, 1985, Grade 4)
  • Silver Burdett Music, Centennial Edition (Silver Burdett, 1985, Ungraded)

    Follett School Songbooks

  • Follett Together We Sing Series
    • Together We Sing (All Grades Edition) (Follett, 1950)
    • Music Through the Year (Follett, 1956)
    • Voices of the World (Follett, 1956)
    • Music Across Our Country (Follett, 1956)
    • Voices of America (Follett, 1960)
    • Music Sounds Afar (Follett, 1958)
    • Music Round the Clock (Follett, Grades 1-2)
    • Proudly We Sing (Follett, upper grades) - missing

  • Mason Brothers Song-Garden Series
  • "The National Song Book" volume 1 (1906, Boosey & Co)
  • English Folk Songs for Schools Collected and arranged by Sabine Baring-Gould and Cecil J. Sharp (J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., n.d. [1906])
  • BBC Time & Tune Series
  • Singing Together (BBC, 1990)
  • BBC Singing Together (unrelated)
  • Online School Songbooks
  • The World of Music (Ginn, 1936, grade not cited)
  • Third Music Reader (Ginn & Heath, 1880)
  • The School Songbook (Birchard, 1911)
  • A Book of Songs (Schirmer, 1924)
  • The Lake High School Song Book (Scott, Forsman, 1915)
  • Marching Songs for Young Crusaders (National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1904)

School songbooks often have abbreviated or sanitized versions of songs - but they also often have tunes that we may be missing, which is one reason why I started this thread.
To find a song, use [CTRL-F] on your keyboard, and put in a pertinent word from the song title.
from Q:
    In late 1956, Silver Burdett books for grades 1-2 became:
    1.1 and 1.2: I Like the Country.

    Among the Follett books, Music Round the Clock is for lower grades, the rest seem to be unspecified.

Online Songbooks

(from Masato Sakurai)
Two 19th-century school songbooks are available online:

School melodies : containing a choice collection of popular airs with original and appropriate words composed expressly for the use of schools / by J.W. Greene.
Greene, J. W. (James Whitman)
72 p. of music ; 11 x 17 cm.
Boston : Morris Cotton, c1852.

Dainty songs for little lads and lasses : for use in the kindergarten, school and home / by James R. Murray.
Murray, James R. (James Ramsey), 1841-1905.
1 score (160 p.) ; 16 cm.
Cincinnati : John Church Co., c1887.
Other 19th-century school songbooks online (at American Memory):

School Songs: Grammar School, no. 1, by H. W. Fairbank (Chicago: Winchell & Co., S. R., 1883)

The American School Music Reader: A Systematically Graded Course of Instruction in Music for Public Schools, Second Book, by L.O. Emerson and W.S. Tilden (Boston: Ditson & Co., Oliver, 1874)

American School Music Reader (Boston: Ditson & Co., 1874) [cover & title page lacking]

Bailey's School Songs, by E. H. Bailey (Boston: White, Smith & Co., 1880)

Bailey's School Songs And Music Reader, by Eben H. Bailey (Boston: White, Smith & Co., 1880)

Supplementary Music to the High School Music Reader, by Julius Eichberg (Boston: Ginn Heath & Co., 1884)
Old schoolbook on line: The New England Primer, 1777.

It has some interesting rhymed couplets tied to the alphabet, "Dr. Watts's Cradle Hymn," verses for children (threatening 'dreadful fiery Hell,' etc.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 29 Apr 04 - 04:16 PM

There's another thread on a play-party song called "Four White Horses," and Animaterra says she found it in a achool songbook. I wanted to post the tune, so I looked through lots of songbooks, but couldn't find the song. I have lots of school songbooks, but it's a hassle to look through them each time I want to find a song. If I post the index of each songbook here, the song should turn up in Mudcat search.
If you have songbook you'd like to index, be sure to put the title of the book and authors, series name, publication date and publisher, and grade level. Let's reserve this thread for school and children's songbooks only.

-Joe Offer-
One thing I forgot to mention - I'm assuming that the people who post these indexes have the books in their possession, and that they are able to post the songs they've index if requested. If you do NOT have ready access to the songbook you're indexing, be sure to note that. Thanks. -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: wysiwyg
Date: 29 Apr 04 - 04:29 PM

Do you mean, post the text of the table of contents or index, so we get a list of song titles? That is, if one has a scanner that grabs text.

Do you also want publisher info from the front of the book and the year of publication?


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 29 Apr 04 - 06:33 PM

Joe, please give author and full title. Silver Burdett has been publishing and revising these books since the 1890s, different authors.

the Book 4 that you haven't listed-
Author- McConathy et al.
Title- The Music Hour, 4th Book (1937, etc.)

First Book etc.- Title and author depends on edition-
Author- Marsell et al.
Title- I Like the City, 1st Book (1956, etc.)
Author- Eleanor Smith
Title- A First book in Vocal Music (1901, etc.
and etc.
I thought of that, Q, but each book has a laundry-list of authors, and most stay the same even when the authors' names change. I'll think about it, and may try to get around to adding names later.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)
Date: 29 Apr 04 - 08:04 PM

Joe, I sure wish I had this much time on my hands! I have several of the books you've listed, as well as other grade levels of some of the above editions, but it's going to be some time before I can post the indices (of course, now that I have your snail address...)

(I never did find the MacMillan book with Four White Horses, but I have since found it in 3 other books at school! I'll look for them tomorrow)


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 05:28 AM

Well Joe - I thought I'd grab a couple of my old school song books and do a quicky, but - they have no Table of Contents and no usable index. Only a "by subjects" list, with multiple repeats. Also lots of "discussion" headings that look like songs in the list but aren't.

I do have one called New Music Horizons, Book 6 that is the 6th grade Kansas "official" music book, 1946 edition, from a recent garage sale outing. It seems to have some songs that aren't listed above, but it's going to take some serious sorting to figure out a list. It is another Silver-Burdett ©, but is printed by the Kansas State Printer.

A couple of others seem mostly to repeat parts of your lists.


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Subject: Index: The National Song Book; Boosey & Co
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 09:52 AM

Following Joe's example. Here's one of the main songbooks in use when I was in school in Wales. The book was in use throughout Britain.

"The National Song Book" volume 1
A complete collection of the Folk-songs, Carols and Rounds, suggested by the Board of Education (1905)
Edited and arranged by: Charles Villiers Stanford
Copyright 1906 by Boosey & Co.

Adieu to dear Cambria
Adieu, sweet Amyrillus
Afton Water
A-hunting we will go
All through the night
A man's a man for a' that
Amid the new-mown hay
And ye shall walk in silk attire
Annie Laurie
Ash Grove (The)
As slow our ship
As vanquished Erin
At the mid-hour of the night
Auld Hoose (The)
Auld Lang Syne
Avenging and bright
Away to the wars

Bailiff's daughter (The)
Barbara Allen
Barley Mow (The)
Bay of Biscay (The)
Begone, dull care
Bells of Aberdovey (The)
Blackbird (The)
Black monk (The)
Black Sir Harry
Blow, blow thou Winter Wind
Blue-Bells of Scotland (The)
Boat, a boat (A)
Boatie rows (The)
Bonnie brier bush (The)
British Grenadiers

Caller Herrin'
Campbells are coming (The)
Ca' the ewes
Chairs to mend
Charlie is my darling
Cherry ripe
Clare's Dragoons
Come, follow me
Come, lasses and lads
County of Mayo (The)
Cuckoo madrigal (The)

Darby Kelly
David of the White Rock
Dove (The)
Drink to me only
Dulce Domum

Early one morning
Exile of Cambria (The)

Fairest isle
Farewell, but whenever
Farewell, Manchester
Fie, nay, prithee, John
First Nowell (The)
Flight of the Earlt (The)
Flowers of the Forest (The)
   Mrs Cockburn's poem
   Miss Jane Elliot's poem

Forget not the field
Forth to the battle

Gaping catch (The)
Gentle maid in secret sighed (A)
Girl I left behind me (The)
God rest ye, merry gentlemen
God save the King
Golden slumbers
Golden Vanity (The)
Good Christian men, rejoice
Good King Wenceslas
Good morrow, mistress bright
   (Good morrow, pretty maid)
Go to Joan Glover
Go to where Glory waits thee
Great Tom is cast
Gwendoleen's repose

Happy clown (The)
   (The Happy Farmer)
Hark! The bonny Christchurch bells
Heart of oak
Here awa', there awa'
Here's a health unto His Majesty
Heroes of the sea (The)
Hey ho! the morning dew
Hope, the hermit
Hundred pipers (The)
Hunting the hare
Hunt is up (The)

I'd mourn the hopes
I'd bid my heart be still
In the Vale of Llangollen
It is not the tear
It was a lover and his lass
I've found my bonny babe a nest

Joan to the Maypole
Jock o' Hazeldene
John Peel

Keel row (The)
Kelvin Grove

Lady GwennyLady Owen's delight
Lament of Flora Macdonald
Land of my fathers (The)
Lass of Richmond Hill (The)
Lay his sword by his side
Leafy Cool-Kellure
Leezie Lindsay
Let Erin remember
Let now the harp
Let's have a peal
Little red lark (The)
Look, neighbours, look
Loudly proclaim

Marching to Candahar
Marsh of Rhuddlan (The)
Maypole (The)
Meeting of the waters (The)
Melody of the harp (The)
Men of Dovey's delight
Men of Harlech (The)
Mermaid (The)
Miller's daughter (The)
Minstrel boy (The)
Missing boat (The)
Mistletoe (The)
More of Cloyne
My dame hath a lame, tame crane
My gentle harp
My love's an arbutus

New Year's eve
Now is the month of Maying
Now, Robin, lent to me thy bow
Now strike the harp

O Absolom
O Bay of Dublin
O'Donnell's march
O for the swords of former time
Oh, breathe not his name
Oh, the oak and the ash
Oh why left I my hame
Oh my love
On this day
O sleep, my baby
Over the stone

Piper of Dundee (The)
Polly Oliver

Queen's dream (The)
Quern tune (The)

Raise us a riddle
Remember thee
Remember the glories of Brien the brave
Remember the poor
Rising of the lark (The)
Roast Beef of Old England (The)
Robin Adair
Rowan tree (The)
Rule, Britannia

Scots wha hae
She is far from the land
She must be mine
She weepeth sore
Sigh no more, ladies
Silent, oh Moyle
Since first I saw your face
Sing, sweet harp
Sing we merrily
Slaves of the world
Song of the Western men
Songs Erin sings (The)
Spring is coming (The)
Stars in Heaven are bright (The)
Sweet Innisfallen

There's nae luck
There was a jolly miller
This garden now
Thou bonnie wood of Craigielea
Three Kings of orient
'Tis gone for ever
'Tis humdrum (Gaping catch)
Tom Bowling
To Portsmouth
To the Maypole haste away
Turn again, Whittington
'Twas one of those dreams
'Twas pretty in Ballinderry

Under the greenwood-tree
Under this stone
Under yonder oaken tree
Useful plough (The)

Vale of Clwyd (The)
Venture, Gwen
Vicar of Bray

Wae's me for Prince Charlie
Wassail song (The)
We be three poor mariners
Weep not, I pray
We three Kings of orient are
Wha wadna fecht for Charlie
When she answered me
When thro' life unblest we rove
Where the bee sucks
White sand and grey sand
White Snowdon
Why lingers my gaze?
Will ye no come back again?
Wilt thou lend me thy mare?
Wind, gentle evergreen
With Jockey to the fair
   (Amid the new-mown hay)
Woe to the day
Would you know my Celia's charms?

Ye banks and braes
Ye mariners of England
Ye shall walk in silk attire
You gentlemen of England

Welsh Titles of the Welsh Songs
Ar hyd y nos
Breuddwyd y Frnhines
Clychau Aberdyfi
Cnot y coed
Codiad yr hedydd
Dafydd y Gareg Wen
Difyrrwch gwyr Dyfi
Difyrrwch y brenin
Eryri Wen
Hela'r 'sgyfarnog
Hen wlan fy nhadau
Hun Gwenllian
I Blas Gogerddan
I wisgo aur-goron
Llwyn on
Mae croesawaid gwraig y ty
Mentra, Gwen
Merch y Melinydd
Morfa Rhuddlan
Nos Galan
Pant Corlan yr Wyn
Pe cawn i hon
Rhyfelgyrch Capten Morgan
Rhyfelgyrch gwyr Harlech
Serch hudol
Syr Harri Ddu
Tros y gareg
Wrth edrych yn ol
Y Deryn pur
Y Fwyalchen
Ymadawiad y brenin
Y Mynach Du
Yn Nyffryn Clwyd
Yn Nyffryn Llangollen
Yr Alltud o Gymru

Note: The National Song Book (1906) is available at
Google Books and -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 04:26 PM

Joe O -

Carl Sandburg's American Songbag has a tune for "Two White Horses." Could you tell if the play song maybe uses the same tune?

I haven't pulled the book, but my index indicates he has a "score" (my index key for "more than a single line melody") for this one.


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 08:06 PM

Scott Burdett series "Making Music," now published by Scott
Foresman, has nine volumes. These are Grades K, 1-8.
I can't find descriptions, but here is the price listing for Grade 8:
Student ed. $55.15
Teachers Ed. $89.35
Keyboard Accompaniments $47.85
Resource Book $102.00
Teacher Resource Package $270.45
For Kindergarten, no student book, but Teacher "Big Book" $395.00 and Keyboard acc. $47.85.

Sheesch! No wonder general music instruction no longer exists in the grade schools.

Prices from

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Subject: Index: English Folk Songs for Schools
From: masato sakurai
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 09:11 PM

English Folk Songs for Schools
Collected and arranged by Sabine Baring-Gould and Cecil J. Sharp
Publisher & date: J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., n.d. [1906]

Blow away the morning dew
Carrion Crow, The
Coasts of Barbary, The
Cold blows the wind
Country farmer's son, The
Creeping Jane
Cuckoo, The
Dabbling in the dew
The Dark-eyed Sailor
Evening Prayer, The (Matthew, Mark, and Luke and John)
Flowers in the Valley, The
Foolish Boy, The
Fox, The
Frog and the mouse, The
Frog he would a-wooing go, A
Golden Glove, The
Golden Vanity, The
Hares on the mountains
Henry V and the King of France
Henry Martin (first version)
Henry Martin (second version)
High Germany
Jolly Waggoner, The
Just as the tide was a-flowing
Let Bucks a-hunting go
Lord Bateman
Lord Randal
Lord Thomas and Fair Elleanor
Loyal Lover, The
Merry Haymakers, The
Mowing the Barley
Near London Town
Old Man and his Wife, The
Old Woman and the Pedlar, The
One Michaelmas Morn
Outlandish Knight, The
Outward and Homeward Bound
Poor old Horse
Saucy Sailor, The
Seeds of Love, The
Shepherd's Daughter, The
Simple Ploughboy, The
Sir John Barleycorn
Sly Reynard
Strawberry Fair
Sweet England
Sweet Nightingale
Tailor and the Mouse, The
This old Man
Three Huntsmen, The
Two Magicians, The
Wraggle Taggle Gipsies, O!, The

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 30 Apr 04 - 09:38 PM

My daughter, retired teacher, has told me of the fate of these books in this city (Some Scott-Burdetts were used,dates uncertain. The older school where she first taught had a basement filled with these and other old texts. In a general cleanup they were trucked to landfill (Before recycling here). I would guess that the same fate overtook these books elsewhere. Teaching with these books ended here about 1980.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 01 May 04 - 02:53 AM

The Follett and Silver Burdett books are really quite wonderful. Oftentimes, a song won't have more than one verse, but the books have broad collections of traditional songs. The illustrations are good, too. I have a mixed collection of other books, particularly the Birchard "Singing School" series. The Brichard index setup is a bit more difficult to scan, so they'll have to wait until next week.
Thanks to all who have contributed to this project. Keep 'em coming.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 01 May 04 - 09:07 AM

Joe O

My Word compilation shows 2,073 song title entries so far. Not bad for a few hours.

The thing I find surprising is how few "multiples" there are. There are a few exceptions that each appear in 5 or 6 of the books, but not all that many. There are quite a few that are in two or three books, but even that amount of repetition is much lower than I would have expected, given the "family relationship" between the books.

With comments removed, book id once each, and one line per song title, I've got a 47 page TOC in Word. Of course that's at 12 pt type, so I can read it. I may have to cut back to 4 pt to save some disk space.


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Subject: Index: BBC Time & Tune Series
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 03 May 04 - 08:36 PM

In Britain, apart from the book noted above (The National Song Book) and another book (Folk Songs of Many Lands: Curwen), the major educational influence has been small song books issued by the BBC (British Broadcating Corporation) for use in schools, titled Time & Tune. For these, the versions for junior schools (age 7-11) are The contents of which (for those I hold) are below.

BBC time & tune Series

Spring Term 1955
The riddle; (A little man is standing within the wood)
The Barnyard Song; (I had a cat, and the cat pleased me)
Oliver Cromwell lay buried and dead
The Fox (Fox you must bring back my goose)
The Merry Cobbler ( A merry cobbler man am I. Tra, la-de-dee-ra)

Spring Term 1960
The tree in the valley-o
Turn The Glasses Over (I've been to Harlem, I've been to Dover)
John Smith, Fellow Fine (... can you shoe this horse of mine)
My Household (Pretty Percy Perky is the name of my turkey)
No More Will I Go A-Wooding (trans. C K Offer)
The Jolly Miller (There was a jolly miller and he lived by himself)

Autumn 1960
There was an old woman (...lived under the stairs)
One little brown bird (up and up he flew)
There was a monkey (.climbed a tree, When he fell down, down fell he)
Gloucestershire Wassail (Wassail, Wassail all over the town)
The Riddle; (A little man is standing within the wood)

Spring Term 1961
Jack Jintle (My name is Jack Jintle, the eldest but one)
The Frog & The Crow (A jolly fat frog lived in the river swim-o)
Spring Carol (Let us sing with hearts o'er flowing)
The Grey hawk (once I had a grey hawk, and a pretty grey hawk)
Over The Hills And far Away (Tom he was a piper's son)
One Misty Moisty Morning

Autumn 1963
This old man (he played one)
Oliver Cromwell (lay buried & dead)
Water Wagtail (Water, water wagtail, How many children have you)
The Great Don Gato
It's Raining Cats, It's Raining Dogs
As Joseph was a-walking

Summer 1965
Frog went a-courtin'
I got a robe
The Cowboy's Lament (As I walked out in the streets of Laredo)
Cowboy Spring (It is spring, the daisies are bursting out)
The Courtship (Old woman, Old woman, are you good at spinning?)

Spring '94
Tongo (Traditional Polynesian Song)
The Song of the Winter Wind (Words & music Chris Williams)
Pandur, pandur (16th Century dance tune by Phalese)
The Pickety Fence (W&M by Daviv McCord)
I Want To Rise (Trad. American, by Janet Wheeler)
Singing in the bath (W&M by Lin Marsh)
Janie Mama (Trad Calypso round)
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (W&M Livingstone/David/Hoffman) - looks like song from Disney's Cinderella !
My old banjo (I u-lu-lused to play-lay-lay my ol-ol-old ban-jo-lo-lo)
The Court of King Caractacus (trad. arr. Janet Wheeler)

All the above come complete with simple melody. I'm happy to scan and send on if required


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Subject: Index: Singing Together
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 08 May 04 - 09:46 AM

Singing Together (BBC);
(pub.)BBC Radio Education ISBN: 0 563 34655 8
(c) 1990

Troika Rushing; (Russian folk song)

A Tragic Story (There live a sage in days of yore)
words; William Makepeace Thackeray music; Clive Pollard

Those magnificent men (in their flying machines)
music & words; Ron Goodwin

Vum vum vo (Shaker song)

The pushbike song (No2 hit for "The Mixtures 1971)
Words & music Idris & Evan Jones

The double-decker bus
Words & music by Rolf Harris

Bratach bana (Scottish folk song) (I ilean beag o ilioro,) (sailing under shining banner)

Nottamun town (traditional folk song)

Wabash cannonball (American folk song)
By AP Carter

Day trip to Bangor
Words & music by Debbie Cole

Carnavalito (Argentinean folk song) (Up with the sun in the morning,)
By Isabel Aretz de Ramon y Rivera, translated A L Lloyd

Rush hour round
Words & music by Lin Marsh

This book appears to be aimed at 11-12 year olds (approx) but makes no statement to that effect. All songs include the melody line as a minimum.
A similar book "Singing Together, Summer Term" has completely different contents, despite the title similarity.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 08 May 04 - 09:59 AM

Singing Together, Summer Term
(pub.)BBC Radio Education ISBN: 0 563 350 660
(c) 1990

Midsummer song (Take grasses and flowers on Midsummer night)
Music: Håkan Norlén; words Rune Lindström (translated freely)

The Drover's Dream (Trad Australian) (One night when travelling sheep, my companions lay asleep)

Vet's song
Words & music Jan Holdstock & Pat Belford

Alexander's Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin

The Good eating Guide
Words & music by Janet Wheeler

Come to the well (Welsh trad tune)
Words by Janet Wheeler

Skin song
Words & music Chris Hazell

Jump in the line
By Blake Alphonso Higgs and Jessie Cavanagh (adapted)

This book appears to be aimed at 11-12 year olds (approx) but makes no statement to that effect. All songs include the melody line as a minimum.
A similar book "Singing Together," has completely different contents, despite the title similarity.

As stated before, if there's something here that someone particularly would like to see, PM me to email a scanned copy


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 15 May 04 - 09:35 PM

Another series, published by Allyn and Bacon in the 1960s, some quite hefty:
Sur, William R. et al., This is Music, especially nos. 7 and 8, each 240 pages in the teachers editions.

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Subject: Index: The World of Music (Ginn)
From: cetmst
Date: 18 May 04 - 10:23 PM

The World of Music
Book: Rhythms and Rimes
Authors: Mabelle Green, Helen Leavitt, Victor Rebman, Earl Baker
Art Editor: C. Valentine Kirby
Elementary Grades
Pub: Ginn and Company, 1936

Airplane, The
Armistice Day
At the Fair

Bee and the Baby, The
Birds and Fishes

Call of the Sea
Candle, The
Cats and Dogs
Chinese Evening Song
Christmas Carol
Clap and Click
Comed to the Garden
Cousin Michael
Cradle Song (Brahms)

Dance, The
Dancing on the Grees
Dancing Wind
Dancing in the Woods
Deer, The
Down the Stream

Eskimos, The

Feeding Her Birds
First Christmas, TGhe
Flowers and Birds
French Market Song
Fruit Man, GThe

Game, The
Game of Flowers
Garden Party, A
Girl With the Cat
Golden Boat I'll Buy You, A
Gypsy song

Harvest, Festival. The
Here and There
Hi-ya Hi
Hop Sing Lee
How Do You Do

If All the World Were Paper
In Holland
Indian Harvest
Indian Lullaby

Johnny Stare
Jolly Little Eskimo

Kite, The

Lady Spring
Lamps of Night, The
Last Night
Laughing Ho Ho
Let's Play
Little Birs, A
Lonely Song, The

Making Flour
Market Day
Merry Christmas
Midsummer's Nightg
Miller of Arden, The
Mister Squirrel
Mistress Mary
Moon in the Sky
Morning Prayer
Mother's Hands
Mountain Pastures
My Fiddle
My Garden
My Radio

Night Air Mail, The
Night and Day
Nine Red Horsemen

October Days
Old Glory
On Columbus Day
Oopsy Daisy Oh
Orchard, The
Oriole, The
Out in the Country

Pay With a Smile
Peter and the Swan
Playing in the Sun
Pony's Birthday
Pudding and Pies
Rabbit, The
Rabbit and the Hunter
Rabbit's Lunch
Rainbow, The
Red Apple, The

Sailor, The
Sanfa Fe Trail, The
Scottish Tale, A
Sea Lullaby, A
Shepherds and the Star
Shoes and Rubbers
Shower, The
Signs of Spring
Sky at Night
Song of the Flag, A
Song of the Violin
Sun in the Sky, The
Surprise, A

Telephone Call, The
There Was a Goose
Things I Like Best
To Market
Traveler, The
Tree Town

Uncle Frank
Underneath the Willow
Up and Down the Hill

Vacation Days
Violin and the Drum

Warning, A
Washington and Lincoln
Whistling Boy, The
Wild Geese
Wind, The
Winter Dream
With Happy Voices
With Our Sleds
Woodcutters, The
Wooden Shoe Dance

Young Mister Duck
Your Home and Mine

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Subject: Index: Third Music Reader (Ginn)
From: cetmst
Date: 19 May 04 - 06:10 PM

Third Music Reader, a Course of Musical Instruction For the Use of Schools and Families
Author: Luther Whiting Mason
Pub: Ginn and Heath, Boston 1880

As I Range the Spacious Fields
As the Dewy Shades
At Evening
Autumn Pictures
Autumn Song
Away With Needless Sorrow
Call Upon Me
Dry Leaves Are Falling, The
Evening Song
Ever-flowing Mighty Ocean
Fatherland, The
German Choral
Give Thanks to God
God Omnipotent
Good Night
Hail, Queen of Night
How Deep a Sleep Hath Bound Thee
I Saw the Smiling Golden Sun
Ivy, The
Let Us With a Gladsome Mind
Little Church, The
Morning Song
Mountain Song
Murmur, Gentle Lyre
My Country 'Tis of Thee
My Fatherland
My God How Endless Is Thy Love
Now the Wintry Storms Are O'er
O Gentle Balmy Breeze
O See How Pleasant
Old Hundred
Orphan's Prayer, The
Pleyel's Hymn
Praise Ye the Lord, All Ye That Have Breath
Praise Ye the Lord, Praise the King
Sabbath, The
See the Conquering Hero Comes
See the Setting Sun is Firing
Shades of Evening
Shortness of Time
Song of Praise
Song of the Fatherland
Spring Song
Summer Comes
Swiss Mountaineer
There Is a River
Verdant Fields
Why Those Tears
Wild Rose, The
Wondrous King of Heaven

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Subject: Index: The School Song Book (Birchard)
From: cetmst
Date: 19 May 04 - 09:48 PM

The School Song Book, Complete Edition
Part One - the songs
Part Two - Historical and Biographical Notes, Stories of the Songs, Plots of the Operas, Descriptive and Analytical Notes on the Music, A Study of Musical Form and Essays on Other Important Musical Topics, A Glossary of Musical Terms, etc.
Author: McConachy
Pub: C.C.Birchard & Co., Frontispiece is missing from my copy but Editor's Note is dated August 10 1911.

Abided With Me
Ah I Have Sighed to Rest Me
Alice where Art Thou
All Through the Night
American Hymn, The
And We're All Nodding
Angel, gthe
Angels Bright and Fair
Annie Laurie
Annie of Tharau
Anvil Chorus
Army, The
As Pants the Hart
At Pierrot's Door
Auld Lang Syne
Austrian Hymn
Awake My Soul

Banks of Allan Water, The
Battle Cry of Freedom, The
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bedouin Love Song
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Bell Doth Toll, The (Round)
Ben Bolt
Blacksmith, The
Blow Ye Winds, Heigh-Ho
Bonnie Doon
Broken Ring, The
But the Lord Is Mindful of His Own
Butterfly Boat, A

Call to Battle
Campbell's Are Coming, the
Cast Thy Burden
Chorale (Wagner)
Christmas Hymn (Mendelssohn)
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Come Holy Spirit
Come Thou Almighty King
Coming Through the Rye
Cradle Song (Schubert)

Dearest Spot, The
Dixie's Land
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Duke Street

Early to Bed (Round)
Easter (Faure)
Ecce Quam Bonum
Even Bravest heart May Swell
Evening Song (Weber)

Fairy Waltz
Farewell, The
Farewell Summer
Father, Again to Thy Dear Name
Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer
Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss
Flee as a Bird
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Football Game, The
From Ill Do Thou Defend Me

Gipsies, The
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
God Be With Us
Good Night, Farewell
Graduation Farewell
Guardian Angels

Hail, Columbia
Hail to the Heroes
Harp That Once Through Tara's Hlls, The
Heart Bowed Down, The
Highland Cradle Song
Hiring Fair, The
Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy Night
Holy Spirit, Light Divine
Home Sweet Home
Home To Our Mountains
How Can I Leave Thee
How Gentle God's Commands
Huntsman, The (Round)
Hymn of Peace

I Hear the Soft Note
I would that My Love
If With All Your Hearts
In Old Madrid
In the Gloaming
Integer Vitae
Italian Hymn

Jerusalem Above
Jerusalem the Golden
Jingle Bells

Kathleen Mavourneen
King of Love My Shepherd Is, The

Largo (Handel)
Lass With the Delicate Air, The
Last Night the Nightingale Woke Me
Last Rose of Summer, The
Lead Kindly Light
Lead Us, Heavenly Father
Let Me Like a Soldier Fall
Life On the Ocean Wave, A
Linden Tree, The
Long Long Ago
Look Down From Heaven
Lord Is My Shepherd, GThe
Lord, Thy Glory
Lord's Prayer
Loreley, The
Love's Old Sweet Song
Lullaby (Brahms)

Magnet and the Churn, The
Marseillaise Hymn
Maryland My Maryland
Massa's In the Cold Cold Ground
Memorial Day March
Men of Harlech
Merrily, Merrily (Round)
Minstrel Boy, The
Minuet, The
Morning Song
My Country 'Tis of Thee
My Mother's Eyes
My Old Kentucky Home

Nancy Lee
National Game, The
Navy, The
Now the Day Is Over
Now to the Banquet We Press

O Charlie Is My Darling
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove
O Hush Thee My Baby
O Italia Beloved
O Paradise, O Paradise
O Wert Thou in the Cold Cold Blast
O Who Will O'er the Downs So Free
Old Folks At Home
Old Hundred
On Billow Rocking
Onward Christian Soldiers
Our Patriot Fathers
Out on the Deep
Over the Summer Sea

Pirate King, The
Portuguese Hymn
Praise the Lord
Praise to God, Immortal Praise

Quilting Party, The

Rise, Crowned With Light
Robin Adair
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
Roman War Hymn
Rosebud of the Wildwood
Round the Lord in Glory Seated
Russian Hymn

Santa Lucia
Scenes That Are Brightest
Scotland's Burning (Round)
Send Out Thy Light
Shadows of the Evening Hours, The
Silent Heroes
Sir, Pray Be So Good (Round)
Softly Now the Light of Day
Soldier's Farewell
Soldiers' Chorus
Song of Joy, A
Speed Our Repblic
Star Spangled Banner
Swanee River
Sweet and Low
Sweet Days, Farewell

Tenting Tonight
Then You'll Remember Me
There's Music In the Air
Three Blind Mice
Thy Way, Not Mine
Torpedo and the Whale, The
Tramp Tramp TGramp

Warrior Bold, A
Watch on the Rhine, The
Welcome Sweet Spring
Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea, A
When the foeman Bares His Steel
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Who Is Sylvia
Who Treads the Path of Duty

Yankee Doodle
Young Hopeful

O Worship the King

O Fly With Me

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Subject: Index: The Lake High School Song Book
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 19 May 04 - 11:22 PM

Ed. William Alfred White
Scott, Forsman and Co., Chicago, NY, 1915, 1916
428 pp.
Selected Readings
Musical terms and Definitions
Note- Once widely used. "Every composition in the book is distinctly and primarily a vocal composition. Every voice part... is within the range of the ordinary human voice." Sheet music much extended over usual school book treatment.

Abide With Me
Ah! So Pure Ah! So Bright
A-Hunting We Will Go
All Among the Barley
America the Beautiful
Annie Laurie
Auld Lang Syne
Awake, My Soul
Away to the Mountain's Brow

Battle-Hymn of the Republic
Redeemer's Stream (Irish)
Birds in the Night
Boat Song (Cowen)
Boat Song (Offenbach)
Boola Song
Boom Boom De-Ay
Brook, The (Schubert)
Brooks Shall Murmur

Canadian Boat Song
Carnival Night
Chime Again
Chimes of Morning
Cold Frost Came
Come, Thou Almighty King
Cradle Song (Brahms)
Curfew, The

De Golden Wedding (Bland)
Dixie Land
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Echo (Caesar Cui)
En Voyage
Even Bravest Heart May Swell
Evening Peace

Fairies, The
Fair Summer Eve
Fairy Ring, The
Farewell to the Forest
Flag of the Free
Forth to the Meadow
Freedom's Flag

Ganges Maiden, The (Rubenstein)
Gipsy Camp, The (Italian)
God of Our Fathers, Known of Old
Good Night, Good Night, Beloved
Good Night, Thou Glorious Sun

Hail, Smiling Morn
Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)
Happy New Year!
Hark! Hark! the Lark
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Heather Rose
Help It On (old air)
Here's a Health
Here's a Health Unto His Majesty
Hiring Fair, The
Holy Night
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
Homeland, The
Home Sweet Home
How Gentle God's Commands
Hunting Song (Welsh)
Hunting Song (von Weber)

I Know a Bank
In a Gondola
In April Time
In Old Madrid
Integer Vitae
In the Gloaming
I Would That My Love

Jack and Jill (Dixon)
Jack Frost
Jerusalem the Golden
Jingle Bells
Join In Pleasure
Juanita (Spanish)

Kerry Dance, The (Molloy)
King's Highway, The (Molloy)
Ki-Ya Chuo

La Paloma (Yradier)
Largo (Handel)
Last Night
Laughing Song
Lead, Kindly Light
Let Us Sing
Lightly Tread
Little Tin Soldier, The (Molloy)
London Bridge (Molloy; not the rhyme)
Loreley, The
Lost Chord, The
Love Wakes and Weeps
Lovely Appear
Love's Old Sweet Song (Molloy)
Lullaby (Macferren)
Lullaby from "Erminie"
Lutzow's Wild Hunt

Marseillaise, The
Massa's In the Cold Ground
May-Pole, The
Merrily, Merrily (round)
Merrily Row
Merry Life, A
Mountain Maid, The
Mountain Lake, The
My Love Dwelt In a Northern Land
My Maryland

Nearer, My God, to Thee
Never a Care I Know (Spanish)
Now Away, No Longer Stay
Now the Day Is Over

O Hush Thee, My Babie
Oh, Italia, Beloved
O Praise the Lord
Oh, Wert Thou In the Cauld Blast
Old Black Joe
Old Folks At Home
Old Oaken Bucket, The
Old-Time Dance, An
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Orange and the Black, The
Out On the Deep
O Worship the King

Pilgrims' Chorus
Pirates' Chorus
Postillion, The
Praise to God, Immortal Praise

Rah! Rah!
Recessional Hymn
Rocked In the Cradle of the Deep
Roman War Hymn
Roria (singing yell)
Round Year, The
Row, Boatmen, Row

Sea-King's Bride
Sea-Nymphs, The
Santa Lucia (Italian)
See, The Conquering Hero Comes
Shepherd Boy, The
Shepherd's Horn, The
Shipwright, The (Molloy)
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Old Melody)
Sleep, Gentle Mother
Sleighing Song
Softly Now The Light of Day
Soldiers' Chorus
Soldier's Farewell
Soldiers of the Flag
Song of the Vikings
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Starry Crowns of Heaven
Summer Morning
Summer Prime, The (Old Melody)
Summer Song
Sweet and Low
Swiss Battle Song

Three Chafers, The
Three Fishers, The
Thine Eyes So Blue and Tender
Two Grenadiers

Vocal Bolero (Old English)
Voices of the Woods

Waiting for the Swallows
Wanderer, The
Warrior Bold, A
Watchwords (Old French Melody)
Welcome, Pretty Primrose
When Egypt Was in Israel's Land (Slave Hymn)
We're Tenting Tonight
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Where the Bee Sucks
Who Is Sylvia?
With Horse and Hound
With My Loved One At Home
Woodman, Spare That Tree

You Stole My Love

Selected Readings
Musical Terms and Definitions

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Subject: Index: A Book of Songs (Schirmer)
From: cetmst
Date: 20 May 04 - 07:27 AM

A BOOK OF SONGS, The Concord Series #14
Authors: Archibald T. Davidson, Thomas Whitney Surette, Augustus D. Zanzig
Pub: E.C.Schirmer Music Co., 1924
For grades IV,V,VI

Agatha, Jane and Fair Marie
All Through the Night
Annie Laurie
As a Bird in Prrison Pining
At the Cradle
Auld Lang Syne
Autumn Song (Bohemian)
Autumn Song (German)

Ballad of the Sinful Rich Man
Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Begone Dull Care
Behold, My Love, How Green the Groves
Believe Me If All those Endearing Young Charms
Blow Away the Morning Dew
Blue-Bells of Scotland
Boating Song
Bonnie Charlie's Now Awa'
Born is He (Il est ne)
Boy and the Sheep, The
Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella
British Grenadiers, The
Bugle Call, The

Child in Heaven, The
Christmas Eve
Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)
Coast of High Barbary, The
Come Away and Join the Dance
Come Lasses and Lads
Come You Now and Walk With Me
Cornish May Song
Cossack's Lullaby
Cradle Song (Mozart)
Cradle Song (Brahms)
Cradle Song (Schuberrt)
Cradle Song (Swedish)
Cuckoo, The

Dabbling in the Dew
Daffodils, The
Dance, The
Dance Song
Dancing Song, A
Dear Harp of My Country
Deck the Hall
Deep in the Forest
Driving Away at the Smoothing Iron
Dryad and the Sunbeam, The

Early One Morning
Echo, The
Evening Song (Irish)
Evening Song (Lithuanian)

Fair Are These Fields
Fair Maid Who the First of May, The
Fairy Dance, The
Fairy Music
First Nowell, The
Flag Going By, The
Flowers in the Valley
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Fountain of Knowledge, The
Frog and the Mouse, The
From the West the Soldier Came

Game of Trades, A
Gloria (Russian)
God, Our Loving Father
Golden Day Is Dying, The
Good Morrow, Gossip Joan
Grass, The
Great God of Nations
Guardian Angel, The

Hark! Hark! the Lark
Hark! the Summons
Hark! the Tiny Cowslip Bell
Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, The
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded
He Shall Feed His Flock
Hedge Roses
Here Come Three Knights A-Riding
Here We Come A-Wassailing
High Germany
High Moon, The
Ho-la dri-jo-ri
Homeland Mine
Home, Sweet Home
How Wondrous and Great
Hunt Is Up, The
Hush-a-by Baby
Hush, My Dear
Hush Ye, My Bairnie
Hymn of St. Francis

I Saw Three Ships
In a Garden
In a Shady Garden
In Golden Firelight Dancing
In Heavenly Love Abiding
In Lovely May
In Memoriam
In Sunny May
In the Poplars
Integer Vitae
It Snows in the Night
It Was a Lover and His Lass

Jolly Miller, The
Joy To the World

Keel Row
Keeper, The
Keys of Canterbury

Land of Beauty
Land of Our Birth
Lark in the Morn, The
Let Us With a Gladsome Mind
Lincoln's Birthday
Little Dustman, The
Little Goatherd, The
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
Loch Lomond
Locust Tree, The
Long Live King Henry
Longing for Spring
Lord, In His Righteousness, The
Lovely May Is Coming
Lullaby (Finnish)
Lullaby (German)
Lullaby and Good Night (Brahms Lullaby)
Lullaby of the Christ Child

Man in the Moon
March of the Kings
May Song
May-Day Song
Mighty Ship, A
Minuet, The
Miracle of St. Nicholas, The
Morning Comes Early
Morning Song (English)
Morning Song (Beethoven)
Mothere Volga
My Banjo
My Gentle Harp
My Old Kentucky Home
Mystery of the Sea, A

Nae Mair We'll Meet Again
New Year's Song
Night Song
Nightingale Is Singing
Now Is the Month of Maying
Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee
Now Thank We All Our God

O Come All Ye Faithful
O Charlie Is My Darling
O No John
O Spirit Sweet of Summertime
Ode to Joy
Old Folks At Home
Old Hundreth
On a Merry Morn in May
On a Summer Day
On Easter Day
Once, Long Ago
Osme's Song
Over the Sea in My Boat With Me

Passing By
Pine Tree Swing, The
Pluck Ye Roses While They Bloom
Praise of Islay, The
Prophecy, A

Riddle, A
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, said Little John

Santa Lcia
Shepherd of Sleep, The
Ship At Her Anchor Is Riding, The
Sicilian Mariners
Silent Night
Singing Bird, The
Singing River, The
Skye Boat Song
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Sleighing Time
Smith, The
Soldiers' Hymn
Song of Seasons, A
Song of the Mermaid
Song of the Volga Boatman
Song of the Watch
Spacious Firmament on High, The
Spinning Song
Spring (Russian)
Spring (French)
Spring Morning
Spring Song (Chopin)
Spring Song (German)
Spring Song {Polish)
Star Spangled Banner
Stars, The
Strawberry Fair
Sunny Spain

Tailor and the Mouse
There Grows a Bonnie Briar-bush
These Things Shall Be
Three Huntsmen, The
Tragic Story, A
Tree in the Wood, The
Trip It, Trip It In a Ring
Turtle Dove, The

Under the Greenwood Tree


Wanderer, The
Weaving Song
What Child Is This
What Tongue Can Tell Thy Greatness, Lord
When Fields Are White
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Widdicombe Fair
Wild Rose, The
Will Ye Gang to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay
Winter, Good-bye
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies O, The

Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones


Are You Sleeping
At Summer MornCatgch Round the Table
Chairs to Mend
Come, Follow Me
Early to Bed
Frere Jacque
Going to Church
Great Tom Is Cast'
Haste Thee, Nymph
Hold Thy :eace
Merrily, Merrily Greet the Morn
My Dame Has In Her Hutch
O Give Thanks
O How Lovely Is the Evening
Rose's Age Is But a Day, The
Scotland's Burning
Summer Is a-Coming In
Thou Poor Bird
Three Blind Mice
'Tis hum-drum
Turn Again Whittington
When the Rosy Morn Appearing
Wind, Gentle Evergreen

Willows, The

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Subject: Index: Marching Songs for Young Crusaders
From: cetmst
Date: 20 May 04 - 09:12 AM

MARCHING SONGS FOR YOUNG CRUSADERS, Temperance Songs for the Cold Water Army
Author: Anna A. Gordon
Pub: National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Evanston IL, no date but latest copyright cited is 1904
"A collection of songs for "Juvenile Temperance Societies", "Look Up Legions", and Sunday School Primary Classes, and also includes songs for use in Kindergarten and Kitchen Garden Schools"

All United

Bobolink Temperance Song
Brave and True

Childhood's Temperance May Queen
Children's Prayer
Children's Sabbath, The
Cold Water Army Song
Cold Water Song
Coming Strike, The
Crusade Song, The

Do Something

Ever Be Earnest
Exercise Song

God the Father

Happy Children

Kindergarten Song
Kitchen Garden Song

Little Crusaders

Making a Chain
March of the Loyal Legion
My Birthday Cup

Never, Never Let Us Cruel Be
Now's the Time For You

O Temperance Gives Us
Onward We Are Marching
Our Coming Army
Our Father in Heaven
Our Glasses Upside Down
Our Wonderful House

Pledge, The

Raise Your Hands
Rallying Song
Rally the Clans
Right Is Might
Ring the Temperance Bells
Rock-a-bye Birdie

See My Little Birdie's Nest
Soldiers of the King
Speak Kindly

Temperance Boys and Girls
Temperance Doxology
Temperance Pilgrim's Marching Song

Washingtonian Pledge, The
We Are Coming
We Are Temperance Children
We'll Never Touch the Wine
We'll Rally Round the Ballot-Box

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Amos
Date: 20 May 04 - 01:14 PM

I am continuously amazed at the research and insight savailable on this site.


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 21 May 04 - 07:25 AM

SENIOR LAUREL SONGS, The Laurel Music Series
Author: M. Teresa Armitage
Pub: C.C.Birchard & Co., 1924
High School

Abide With Me
Absent-Minded Serenade
Ah, Leave Me Not Alone
Alice, Where Art Thou
All Is Well
All Through the Night
All Ye That Weep
Although Our Dark Career
America the Beautiful
Angelus, The
Annie Laurie
April Waits
April's Song
Ash Grove, The
At Evening
At the Spinning Wheel
Auld Lang Syne
Autumn Scene
Ave Maria

Baccalaureate Hymn
Bark Canoe, The
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Behold the Lord High Executioner
Bells of Aberdovey
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Blue Flower, The
Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light
Bring the Wagon Home, John
Bunches of Grapes
By Peaceful Hearth

Call, The
Calm As the Night
Camp Song
Captain Kidd
Carem Carmela
Carol of the Birds
Carrier Dove, The
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Cat and the Catboat
Charlie Is My Darling
Chinese Hymn
Choral Sanctus
Christmas Greeting
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Closing Hymn
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Come Thou Almighty King
Counter-Charm, The
Creator Alme Siderum

Danube River, The
Dawn of Maytime, The
Day Spring
Dear One (Caro Mio Ben)
Dogie Song
Dove, The
Down in Dixie
Down Mobile
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Easter (Gounod)
Evening in the Tropics
Evening Prayer
Evening Song

Fair Glows the Earth
Fairy Friends, The
Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still
First Nowell, The
Flag Song
Flower Song, A
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Four Winds, The

Generous Heart, The
Gipsy John
Gipsy Life
Gipsy Song
Gloria (Mozart)
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
Glory Now to Thee Be Given
Glory to Him
Go Down Moses
Go To It
God Ever Glorious
God of All Nature
God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
Great God, We Sing Thy Mighty Hand

Hail, Columbia
Happy Days
Happy Family, The
Hark! Hark! the Lark
Hear the Noisy Wind
Herald of Happiness
Here's a First Rate Opportunity
Hit the Line
Hold Thy Peace
Home Is Waiting
Honey Bee, The
Hope and Faith
Hope Carol, A
Horn Music
How Lovely Are the Messengers

I Ain't Gwine to Study War No More
I Am a Pirate King
I Am the Captain of the Pinafore
I Am the Monarch of the Sea
If I Could Fly
I'm Called Little Buttercup
I've No Time To Be A-Sighin'
In Hawaii
In Memoriam
In Old Versailles
In Summer
In the Forest
Ingle Nook, The
Irish Love Song, An

Jeannie With the Light Brown Hai
Jerusalem the Golden
Joy of the Hour, The

Keep A-Goin'
Keeping On
Keep Us, O Lord
Keller's American Hymn
King of Glory
King of Yvetot

Lady Moon
Lake at Night, The
Land of the Midnight Sun
Largo (Handel)
Laughing Song
Law and Order
Law Is the True Embodiment
Lead, Kindly Light
Let Peace Endure
Let the Whole Creation Cry
Lincoln Marching Song
Little Sun, A Little Moon, A
Lo, What a Branch of Beauty
Loch Lomond
Lord of Light
Lord, With Undying Love
Love's Greeting
Love's Old Sweet Song
Lullaby (Brahms)
Lullaby, The
Lullaby of Life

Magnet and the Churn, The
Magyars, The
Maiden Fair to See, A
Man in the Moon, The
March of Civilization
Marching Song
Massa Dear
Matin Song
May Dance, A
May in Flower
Mazurka, Tha
Menuetto Pastorale
Messenger, The
Missionary Chant
Moon, The
Moonlight Serenade
Morn of May
Mother Volga
Mountain Brook, The
Mountain Picture, A
Mountain Romance, A
Music in China
My Object All Sublime
My Old Kentucky Home
My Ship
My Sunshine (O Sole Mio)

Nathan Hal
'Neath Our Flag
'Neath the Window
New Year's Eve
No Land Like Ours
Nobody At Home
None Shall Part Us
Nothing Serious
Now All th Bells Are Ringing
Now Is the Month of Maying
Now the Day Is Over

O Cherish Love
O Give Thanks
O I Would Live in a Dairy
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O Lord Most Holy
O Praise the Lord Our Master
O Rest i the Lord
O Star Divine
O Victorious People
O Western Wind
Old Folks At Home
Olive Tree, The
On Canaan Shore
One Misty Moisty Morning
Onward Christian Soldiers
Our Flag Is There
Our Heritage
Outward Bound
Over the Bright Blue Sea

Pack, Clouds, Away
Palms, The
Parting Hour, The
Parting Song
Peace Be With You All
Pearl, The
Peasant Dance, A
Philippines, The
Pilgrims' Chorus
Pioneers, The
Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy One, A
Poplar Trees
Praise God
Praise the Lord
Praise to God and Thanks We Bring
Prayer, A
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Prithee, Pretty Maid
Psalm of the Son of Man, A

Range of the Buffalo, Tha
Reapers, The
Red, Red Rose, A
Riddle of Spring, TGhe
Right Path, The
Ring On, Christmas Bells
Ring the Bells
Rise, My Soul
River, The
Rose, The (The Rose's Age is But a Day, Round)
Roundel, A
Row the Boat
Royal Summer Comes Again

Sailor Lad, The
Sailor's Home
Salute to the Flag
Sanctus (Gounod)
Sea Song, A
Shepherd Music
Shepherdess, The
Silent Night
Sing On!
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Son of God Goes Frth to War, The
Song of Hope, A
Song of the Forge
Song of Thanksgiving, A
Song of the Night Watch
Song of the Nightingale
Spacious Firmament On High, The
Speed Our Republic
Spirit of Twilight
Spring and Youth
Stabat Mater Doloroso (Palestrina)
Stars of the Summer Night
Star Spangled Banner
Strife Is O'er: The Battle Done
Sumer Is I-Cumen In
Summer Passes
Swallow, The
Swan, The
Sweet and Low
Sweet Day Is Slowlyh Dying

Take Up Your Sword
Taken From a Country Jail
Thanksgiving Day
Those Evening Bells
Those Pals of Ours
Thou Mighty God
Thou'rt Like a Lovely Flower (Schumann)
Thou'rt Like Unto a Flower (Liszt)
Thou'rt Like Unto a Flower (Rubenstein)
Three Children Sliding
Three Kings of Orient
Three Little Maids From School Are We
Three Little Tailors
Three Sons, The
Tit Willow
Train, The
Tribute, A
Tryst, The
Twilight Dreams
Twilight Music

Under the Silver Star
Unfailing Love

Vale of Cashmere
Venture Gwen
Victors All!
Vision, The
Voice of Praise
Voice Runs Through the Sleeping Land

We Are Dainty Little Fairies
We Sail the Ocean Blue
Wedding Song (Gluck)
Westminster Chimes
When the Foeman Bares His Steel
When Music Leads the Way
When the Grand Old Flag Goes By
Where Honor Leads
Where'er You Walk
White Dove
Who's That A-Calling
Why Lingers My Gaze
Winter Sport
With Catlike Tread
Woodland Dancing
Worship of Nature, The

Ye Shepherds, Tell Me
Young Colin

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 21 May 04 - 07:57 AM

SONG BELLS, A Music Book for Public Schools and Juvenile Singing Classes to Which Is Prefixed a Complete and Attractive Course of Elementary Instructions, and a Great Variety of One, Two, Three and Four Part Songs
Author: L.O.Emerson
Pub: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1880

All Hail the Joyful Morning
Angel Hor
Angels Meet Me

Be Contgent
Beautiful Songs of Spring
Bells Are Ringing
Bright and Cheery
Busy Bee

Carol, Sweetly Carol
Chiming Bells
Come to the Mountains

Daisy Song
Did You Ever Know Good Come From Grumbling
Drink Water
Doing Nothing

Evening Chimes
Eveniung Song

Flight of Time
Four Leaved Clover
From the Merry Laughing Rill

Gaily Through the Greenwood
Gentle Smiles
God Ever Glorious
Good-Bye to School
Good-Bye Winter
Good Morning
Greeting Song (Good evening, dear teacher)
Greeting Song (Hail! friends, so loving!)

Hail, Joyous Christmas Morn
Happy New Year, A
Harvest Moon
Have You Heard the Waters Sing?
Hearts and Homes

I Don't See It
If We Try

Jack and Jill

Labor Song
Let It Pass
Let Us Have a Drill Today
Let the Hills and Vales Resound
Listen to the Mockingbird
Light From Above
Light As a Fairy
Little Fairy
Look Not Backward

May Morning
Merrily Over the Sea
Merry Chiming Bells
Merry School Days
Merry Sings the Lark
Muscle Breakers
   Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickle Peppers
   Ample, steeple, triple, topple, ample, steeple, triple, topple ...
   Rings, wrongs, hangs, songs, rings.....
   Blame, bleed, blow, blest, blame .....
   Claim, clean, clime, close, claim ....
   Able, feeble, bible, double, able .....
   Cradle, saddle, idle, bridle cradle .....

Nancy Lee
Never Mind
Never Mind a Pinch Boys
Never Out of Sight

O Bright Merry Smiles
O the Merry Bells
O the Mountain Life is Free
O Why Not Sing
Old Folks At Home

Pealing Chime

Rose of the Garden

Say a Kind Word When You Can
See the Snow
Snow Birds
Song of the Poppies
Spring Is On the Mountain
Strive For the Right
Sweet By-and-by
Sweet Nightingale

Take This Letter to My Mother
Tell Him to Halt
The Beautiful Grass
The Bird Carol
The Blue Alsatian Mountains
The Farmer's Song
The Mill By gthe Rivulet
The Merry Heart
The Merry Song of Labor
The Morning Call
The Mountain Boy
The Nightingale
The Old Mill
The Painter and the Rustic
The Postillion
The River Song
The Star Spangled Banner
The Skylark
The Summer Rain
The River's Flow
The Widow and the Fatherless
Twickenham Ferry

Wake, O Ye Sleepers
Wake Up, Little Daisy
When the Summer Flowers
When the Twilight Dews
Who Is a Patriot
Whom Shall We Let In
Work With a Will

Devotional Music

Again We Meet
   Blest instructor, from thy ways
   In the morning hear my voice
   Thou who dwelst enthroned above
   The Lord my Shepherd is
   Lift up to God the voice of praise
   Once more, my soul, the rising day
   Father of mercies! God of love!
   Eternal Wisdom! Thee we praise
Federal Street
   Come gracious spirit, heavenly dove
Heavenly Greeting
Heavenly Love
   My God, how endless is Thy love
   My soul, be on thy guard
   Awake my tongue, thy tribute bring
   God of the morning, at whose voice
   Give to our God immortal raise
   Praise to Thee, thou great creator
   Awake my soul, and with the Sun
Morning Hymn
Morning Song
Old Hundred
O Praise the Lord
Psalm of Life
   Father, whate'er of earthly bliss
   No chnge of time shall ever shock
   Remember thy creator now
Sweet by-and-by
The Lord's Prayer
We Gladly Come
   Mighty God! Thy name adoring

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: masato sakurai
Date: 21 May 04 - 11:00 AM

Book: The Juvenile Singing School
Author: Lowell Mason and G.J. Webb
Publisher: Boston: J.H. Wilkins, & R.B. Carter
Grade: no grade indicated
Date: 1839 [According to John Alfred Nietz, Old Textbooks (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1961, p. 347), this is the third earliest school songbook in the United States.]

From the index of first lines (tiles are in the parentheses; notes in square brackets are mine):

Across the lake (The Bugle Horn)
Awake! awake! the pearly dew drops (The morning horn)
Awake! awake! 'tis dawn
Awake ye, awake!
Away! away, we've a holiday (Holiday Song)
Away with pouting and with pining
Before all lands in east or west
Be sacred truth, my son, thy guide
Cheerily, cheerily sound the merry strain (All are here)
Children go, to and fro
Come and see the ripe fruit falling (Autumn)
Come away, come away (Swiss Boy)
Come, come, come (Summer song)
Come, sound the merry tabor! sound
Come, soft and lovely evening
Every fruit is mellow (Harvest song)
Flowers, wild-wood flowers
Friends, awake! (The morning call)
Glide along, our bonny boat (The bonny boat)
Go at moonlight's fairy hour (Forget me not)
God is near thee (Be of good cheer)
Hail! all hail! thou merry month of May
Haste thee, winter, haste away [tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
How sweet the sound (Bugle song)
How soft and lovely (May song)
If I've fulfilled my daily task aright (Evening song)
I know a fountain clear and bright
I know a kindly angel (The child's angel)
I love the little laughing rill (The rivulet)
In the thick and grassy wood (The Strawberry)
I saw at morning a floweret blue (The floweret)
Lo! the blithesome lark is soaring (The Lark)
Morn amid the mountains
Morning is breaking
Murmur gentle lyre (Night song)
Near a silvery fountain (My home)
Night is stealing (Evening twilight)
Night's gloomy shades are flying (Summer)
Not the little circle round us (The wide world)
Now nature smiles (Spring)
Now night is gone (Morning)
Now the sun is in the west (The Cuckoo)
Now the sun with burning glare (Summer)
Of late so brightly glowing (Lovley Rose)
Oh, happy as the day is long (A pure heart)
Oh, how brightly, how brightly (Swiss Boy)
Once, bright gpddess, thou wast smiling (To music)
On the stormy ocean
O say, busy bee [tune: "O Du Lieber Augustin (Did You Ever See A Lassie?)"]
Our youthful hearts for learning burn (Away to school)
Out in a beautiful field (The pear tree)
Over the mountain
See how calmly (Song of peace)
See our airy bubble (The soap bubble)
See, the day with rosy light
See the shining dew drops (God is ever good)
See the morning star so bright
See yonder rainbow (The Rainbow)
Shall school acquaintance be forget (Auld Lang Syne) [non-alcoholic words]
Shall we oppressed with sadness
Stars of heaven that gaze on me
Summer joys are o'er (Winter Song)
Sweet spring is nigh
Sweet Summer days are declining (Departure of Summer)
The eastern hills are glowing (The rising sun)
The flowers again are fresh and fair
The lovely moon hath risen (Evening Song)
The silvery moon
The sweet birds are winging
This world is all a mighty choir
Through woodlands wild (Song of the birds)
'Tis dawn, 'tis dawn, 'tis dawn (Morning, noon and night)
'Tis winter, winter far and wide
When descends the golden sun
When the dawn is faintly breaking (The Postillion)
When the first faint morning's ray (The herdsman's flute)
Wilt thou hear a song to charm thee (Song of the Bees)
Would you list to the lay of a mountain boy

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 21 May 04 - 03:54 PM

Added data for Mason and Webb. Juvenile Singing School: 1st edition 1837, 2nd printing 1839-1840, 128 pp.
Two popular books by these authors were the "Boston (Mass.)Glee Book.... Glees, Madrigals and Rounds...," 264 pp., 1838, Wilkins, Carter and Palmer Co., and "The Odeon," a collection of secular melodies, 304 pp., 1837, Wilkins and Carter. Also a number of books of church music, hymns, etc.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: masato sakurai
Date: 21 May 04 - 10:12 PM

Q, thanks for the data. The Juvenile Singing School was first published in 1837, but the page number is 129. I'll post the contents of other songbooks by Mason later: Lowell Mason, The Boston School Song Book (Boston: Wilkins, Carter and Co., [1840], 1844); Lowell Mason & George James Webb, eds., The Song-Book of the School-Room (Boston: Wilkins, Carter, & Co., [1847], 1850); Lowell Mason, The Song-Garden; A Series of School Music Books, Progressvely Arranged, Bks 1-2 (New York/Boston: Mason Brothers, 1864); Lowell Mason, Mason's Normal Singer (New York: Mason Brothers, 1856). The Odeon, I think, isn't a school songbook ("designed for adult singing schools, and for social music parties").

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: masato sakurai
Date: 21 May 04 - 11:49 PM

Book: The Boston School Song Book
Author: Lowell Mason
Publisher: Boston: Wilkins, Carter and Co.
Grade: no grade indicated
Date & pages: [1840], 1844, 128pp.

All hail to our favorite May
Always some good
Away! o'er bright sunny meadows
Away to the garden
Bell Chimes
Bliss is hovering
Chant, "I will lift up"
Change, (parting at school)
Come and see how happily
Come, May! thou lovely [tune: "Am Mai" by Mozart]
Come seek the bower
Departure of Winter
Evening Song
First day of May [tune: "Huntsmen's Chorus" by Weber]
God of Love
Greenville [tune: original of "Aunt Rhody"]
In the cottage
May Song
Morning Song
My native land
New year song
Old Hundred
Our Father land
Patriotic song [tune: "Scots Wha Hae"]
Pleasures of childhood
Rich, after dull, &c.
Singing and study
Sicily [tune: Sicilian Mariners]
Song of the free
Spring evening
Spring song
Spring wishes
Summer song
The beautiful flower
The fading fear
The flowers of the lea
The fount of joy
The grove
The hobby horse
The journey
The lovely May is coming
The love of truth
The might with the right
The Pilot
The Reapers
The Rain
The Sail
The Singer's song
The Sun and the Brook
The Stars
The Singing meeting
The way to contentment
The way worn traveler
The Wish [tune: "Wenn Ich Vöegelein wär"]
The Swiss toy girl
To the good cause
'Tis near the spot
Vacation song
We know a land
Welcome to school

Again the summer's near
Beauty blooms
Before you make a promise
How sweet to be roaming
If your ear
Let us endeavor
Let your pleasure
Love of truth
Love your neighbor
Morning is breaking
Now let notes of joy
Over mountian
Sing it over
Spirits bright!
Scotland's burning
Sweetly now at evening hour
'Twas well
Thomas and Andrew
Time, how fast
The bell that's in
The bell doth toll
The noblest hero
To speed the day well
Time and tide
The hour is come
To the praise of truth
White sand
What you've to do
When a weary task

SENTENCES [short melodies for exercise]:
All things round us
Art thou disappointed
Be to others
Beauty blooms
Better poor
Birds are singing
Firm, with heart and hand
God said, &c.
God commands
Hast thou a sorrow
He that would thrive

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 22 May 04 - 12:23 AM

Neither The "Odeon" nor the "Boston Glee Book" were school books. Lots of music, though!

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: masato sakurai
Date: 22 May 04 - 03:27 AM

Book: The Song-Book of the School-Room: Consisting of a Great Variety of Songs, Hymns, and Scriptural Selections with Appropriate Music, arranged to be sung in one, two, or three parts: containing, also, the elementary principles of vocal music, prepared with reference to the inductive, or Pestalozzian method of teaching: desigend as a complete music manual for common, or grammar schools
Author: Lowell Mason & George James Webb
Publisher: Boston: Wilkins, Carter, & Co.
Grade: no grade indicated
Date & pages: [1847], 1850, 224pp.

A little word in love expressed
All yonder in the meadow
A maiden like my Laura
And now our study hours have flown
A noble friend good autumn is
Auld lang syne at school
Autumnal Song
Awake the song of merry greeting
Away to school
Before all lands in east and west
Be sacred truth, my son, thy guide
Boatman's Song
Boat Song [tune: "Lightly Row"]
Clime beneath whose genial sun
Cold the blast may blow
Come again
Come away, comw away
Come, May! thou lovely lingerer
Come, one and all, around me stand
Come, roam in woodlands
Come, rouse up, ye slothful
Come to the sun-set tree
Come, with thy lute
Days of Childhood
Days of summer's glory
Endless praises To our Lord
End of School
Faith, Hope and Love
Farewell to Books
Farewell to School [tune: "Auld Lang Syne"]
Fisher's Song
Float away, float away
Forgiveness [tune: "Bonnie Doon"]
Fresh and fair, all things are [tune: "Lightly Row"]
Friends of freedom, swell the song
From o'er the rolling waters
From the mountain flow the streamlet
Glide along, our bonny boat
God bless our native land
God is good
God is love
God speed the right
Good Night
Going to School
Hail! our nation's birth-day
Hark! the pealing
Haste thee, winter, haste away [tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
Hope [tune: "Am Mai" by Mozart]
Ho, ho, vacation days
How beautiful the snow
How bright and fair
How bright is thy presence
How happy and content am I
How lovely are the flowers
How lovely are the woods
How sweet from gloomy darkness
How sweet to stray about at eve
Hymn of Praise
I loved a song-bird of the spring
I love the cheerful summer time
In peace with all the world
I-o! I-o! I-o!
I stand upon the woody cliff
Join in a chorus
June Song
Laughing and singing
Lightly row, lightly row
Look! the black cloud rises high
Lo! the heavens are breaking
Lovely May
Love of the Farm
Luna, arise
May Shout
Melodies of Morn
Merrily every heart is bounding
Merry Boy
Morn amid the mountains
Morning Devotion
Mountain Song
Murmur, gentle lyre
My days of youth
My father was a farmer good
My Native Hills
My Native Land
National Song
Night Song
Not to-day, we'll do it to-morrow
Now to heaven our prayer ascending
Now winter's gone
O come with me, and we will go
O'er the waters gliding
Oft in the stilly night
Oh, come, come away
Oh dear, what can the matter be
Oh, ever happy will I be
Oh, give me back my native hills
Oh, how brightly
Oh, how I love to roam
Oh, lay your weary work aside
Oh, see, the cunning frost had come
Oh, the lovely, lovley May
Oh, see the snow
Old Friends [tune: "Auld Lang Syne"]
Our Father-land
Our Little Boat
Our ship is lightly bounding
Our youthful hearts for learning burn
Poor Mary (= Oh dear, what can the matter be)
Pull away, pull away
School in the Winter
See them beaming
See where the rising sun
Shall school acquaintance be forget [tune: "Auld Lang Syne"]
She comes, our path to lighten
Short speech suffices
Smiling May [tune: "Lightly Row"]
Song after Rain
Songs for the 4th of July [8 songs; one of the tunes: "Scots Wha Hae" ]
Summer Morning
Sunrise [tune: "Life Let Us Cherish"]
Sweet music cheers the spirit
The Beauties of nature
The Boat Race
The day is calmly ending
The dingy autumn now has come
The Evening Bell
The Excursion
The Fall of Day
The Farmer
The Farmer is a noble man
The Farmer's Call
The Farmer's Wife
The Fisher-Boy's Farewell
The Fisher's Song
The Flowers
The Frost
The Happy Farmer
The Harvest-time
The Hero
The Laborer's Song
The Love of Truth
The lovley May is coming
The mists of the morning
The Moon
The Mountain
The Mowers
The Sail
The Sailor Boy [tune: "Bonnie Doon"]
The Setting Sun
The Silvery Moon
The Snow
The spring breathes around us
The Stars
The Student's Song
The Studen's Vacation Song
The summer's departed
The Thunder-storm
The Wanderer
The Woodlands
The Woods
Though faith may feebly guide
Though joy in other climes be found
Thoughts in Spring
Thrice hail, happy day
Through lanes and hedge-rows pearly
Time to walk
To the school, to the school
Tyrolese Evening Hymn
Up and down, all day long
Vacation Song
Wake and sing! brother sing
Wake! wake! the light is breaking
Walk! walk! walk at morn
Welcome Home
We part, but oh! I prithee
We soon must bid farewell to school
When cooling morning breezes blow
When the day with rosy light
When the morn is brightly glowing
When up the mountain climbing
Who hath a happier smile
Why will ye choose the dusty street
Winter Sports
Ye days od sunny pleasure
Ye soft, blue hills, that circling stand
Yes, or no

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 22 May 04 - 02:18 PM

Masato, what were the first two US school songbooks?

Also curious about the name, "The Lake High School Song Book." Whence 'Lake'? The editor, White, Director of Music, Public Schools, Des Moines, IA, didn't explain it in his Preface.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: masato sakurai
Date: 22 May 04 - 09:26 PM

Q, according to John Alfred Nietz's Old Textbooks [online at Historic Pittsburgh] (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1961, pp. 345-46), the first two textbooks were Augustus Peabody's The Child's Song Book, published in Boston in 1830; and Lowell Mason and E. Ives, Jr.'s The Juvenile Lyre, submitted for copyright in 1831, but published in 1832. Incidentally, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was first set to music (but not the presently know melody) in The Juvenile Lyre (James J. Fuld, The Book of World-Famous Music, 5th ed., 2000, p. 355).

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Subject: Index: Song-Garden First Book (Mason Bros 1864)
From: masato sakurai
Date: 24 May 04 - 03:03 AM

Book: The Song-Garden (A Series of School Music Books, Progressively Arranged): First Book
Author: Lowell Mason
Publisher: New York/Boston: Mason Brothers
Grade: no grade indicated
Date & pages: 1864, 160pp.

    SONGS [titles & first lines]
Across the Lake        
Adieu to Winter
A Happy Day
Among the Flowers
Angry Words
A pretty bird lives on a tree
A Summer Ride
A Time for Everything
At sunset, when Nature is seeking
Awaking from sweet slumber
Away among the Blossoms
Away to the Garden
Baby bye
Beautiful Morning
Be careful
Before all Lands
Boat Song [tune & words: "Lightly Row"]
Busy Bee, humming merrily
Buzzing Bee
Cheeks of Rose
Cherries are ripe
Cherry Song
Children go to and fro
Childhood's Pleasures
Chirp, chirp, chirp
Christmas Time
Come, and buy
Come, and let us wander
Come, come, come
Come, join the cheerful sound
Come, let us, singing
Come, May, thou lovely lingerer
Come, my loved ones, come away
Come, roam in the Woodland
Come, when May's sunny hours
Cradle Song
Cuckoo, Cuckoo, singing so clear
Dear Mother, said a little fish
Early Morning
Evening Song of Worship
Every fruit is mellow
Everything in its Time
Fairest the early flushing ray
Farewell to School
Flowers, wild-wood Flowers
Fraternal Love
Fresh and fair all things are
From slumber awake
Fruit Song
Gaily our boat glides o'er the sea
Gentle bird, with bosom red
God bless our native Land
God is Love
Good morning to you, squirrel
Gone the ice and snow
Go-To-Bed Song
Harvesters, come away
Hop, hop, hop
Ho, the Boating
How beautiful at evening hour
Hurrah for a splash
Hurrah for the summer
Hush, my darlings
I do not like a little girl
I know a little restless brook
I like to see a little girl
I love at early morning
I love it, the laugh of a child
I love the little sparkling rill
I'm very glad the spring has come
I must not speak a naughty word
In all the green world
In the Boat
In the fir-tree I would be
In the thick and grassy wood
In your play be very careful
I remember a lasson
I saw a little yellow bird
Let us with a cheerful mind
Let your steps be blithe and gay
Lightly Row
Likes and Dislikes
Listen to the carolled ditty
List ye to the olden clock
Little bird with eager wing
Little laughing river
Lively, welcome May
Lofty Mountain
Lo! the Heavens are breaking
Love of Truth
Making Honey [tune: "Did You Ever See a Lassie?"]
Morning awaketh
Morning Hallelujah
Morning is breaking
Morning Song
My Days of Youth
My Dollie's cheeks are red
No one deserves to have a horse
Now night is gone
O, grand old oak
Oh, Alpine Land!
Oh say, busy bee
Oh, see! the snow is falling now
Oh, sweet to remember
Oh, the joyful news
Oh, what art thou doing there?
On the Mountains
Our Baby
Our Boat [tune: "Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes"]
Our Georgie
Our Happy Land
Our Land
Out in a beautiful field
Over the Mountain
Prayer for our Country [tune: "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"]
Pretty modest little wren
Remembrance of May
Rippling, purling little brook
Roses and Violets
Roses in Bloom
Round and round it goes
School-Room Song
See, the bee is in the flowers
See, the blue-birds now appear
See the Morning Star so bright
See where the rising sun
She is a rich and are land
Sing we rejoicing
Some water and oil one day
Song of Spring
Stay, stay, stay
Summer Evening
Summer Song
Sunrise [tune: "Life Let Us Cherish"]
Take care the hook
The Autumn now returning
The Bath
The Bee
The Birds
The Bird's Song
The Blue-birds are here
The Bugle Horn
The boy is playing
The busy, busy bee
The Close of the Day
The cold North-Wind
The Cricket
The Cuckoo [familar German tune]
The day is past and over
The flowers are blooming
The Fly
The Garden
The Harvest
The Hen's Lullaby
The Honey-Bee
The ice and snow are melted
The Kite
The Lambkins
The little Bee
The little Beggar-Girl
The little Brook
The little Brook [a different song]
The little busy bee
The little pony
The Lord's Prayer [chant by Tallis]
The Mill-wheel
The Morning
The North-wind doth blow
The Old Clock
The old Man's Song
The old Oak
The Pear-Tree
The Pee-Dee
The Pet Lamb
There once did live a little boy
There was an honest old miller [tune: "The Miller of the Dee"]
The River
The Robin Redbreast
The Robin's Song
The silent Spring [tune: "O Tannenbaum"]
The Snow
The sparkling Rill
The Sparrow caught
The Squirrel
The Strawberry
The truthful Boy
The Wind
The Woodlands
The Wren
The Yellow-Birds
They're coming Home to-day
Things that I must not do
Through woodland wild
'Tis good to be alive
'Tis not in splendor joy doth dwell
To bed, to bed, my curly head
To the Robin
Trip away
Trip it lightly
Trust in God
Two Robin Redbreasts in their nest
Up, up and away
Vacation Song
Wake and cheer thee
Water, Oil, and Pearl-Ash
We birds are happy all day long
We'll love each other truly
What does little birdie say
What I do like
What News
When the southern breezes play
Where the sickles are gleaming
Which way does the wind blow
Who on the wall is seated
Why should we be pining
Wild-Wood Flowers
Winds of Summer
Winter, Adieu
Work away

After study we shall find
Be to others kind and true
Cold the wind is blowing
Come, come, come
First be sure you're doing right
Haste ye to labor
He who would live in peace
Higher still and higher
In the Field
Let us endeavor
Loving hearts make loving friends
Loving souls
Merrily, merrily
Morning bells I love to hear
Oh, what delight
Over mountain grove and fountain
Pity the Idle
Pluck ye Roses
Speak distinctly
Sweet it is to wander
The Sky-lark
The spring has come
The wind is loudly roaring
Whenever any one does wrong
When the Doctors disagree
When we read well
Whether you whisper low
While we walk in Wisdom's way
Why should we sigh for wealth
Who'll buy my posies
Who sows good seed

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Subject: Index: Song-Garden Second Book (Mason Bros 1864)
From: masato sakurai
Date: 24 May 04 - 03:05 AM

Book: The Song-Garden (A Series of School Music Books, Progressively Arranged): Second Book
Author: Lowell Mason
Publisher: New York/Boston: Mason Brothers
Grade: no grade indicated
Date & pages: 1864, 208pp.

      SONGS [titles & first lines]
Absent friends
Adieu to winter
A fleecy cloud
After school
Ah! could I but greater be
A home shelter
All hail to thee, fair freedom's land
All the birds are here [tune: "Alle Vogel sind schon da"]
Along by the river
Alpine hunter's song
Alpine or mountain song
At sunset, when nature is seeking repose
Awake, and let your songs resound
Awake, weary sleeper
Away, away, and hail the day
Away with needless sorrow
Battle summons
Be lively, boys, be lively
Be merry now
Be merry and sing
Bim, bome, ring merry bells
Both young and old
Busily, busily, humming
But yesterday the garden
Calvary song
Changing seasons
Cherries ripe
Christmas carol No. 1
Christmas carol No. 2
Clatter, clatter
Come away, merry May!
Come, haste away
Come join our festive
Come, let us be merry
Come, roam in the woodlands
Come to the mountain
Come wreathe your brow
Death song of the Indian
Doing nothing
Down and up
Evening bell
Farewell ye dear companion
Flowing free
For many days
Friends and old companions
Friends, awake
Galloping on
Gather roses while they bloom
Glide along, our bonny boat
God bless our native land [tune: "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"]
Green are the hills
Greet the reapers
Hail to all we love
Hark! for the trumpet
Hark! from woodlands
Hark, hark the sweet, sweet chiming
Hark! the Alpine hunter's horn
Hark! the bell is ringing
Haying song
High he soars
Hold fast to truth [tune: "Winter, adieu" (German)]
Ho! my steed
How swift we go
How wearily the sentry lone
How we love these hours
I can't
I love at early morning
I'm a rover
I'm a shepherd of the valley
In faithful bonds
In flakes of a feathery white
In the silvery moonlight
In triumph advancing
I saw the lovely spring
It is not good to be for ever working
I went to the hillock
I will
"Lads," said I
Lads, we're going
Lady gay, come away
Light and shade
Light beyond the clouds
Lips may sing
Little brook
Little things
Looks, words, and deeds
Lo! the sun looks o'er the hills
Marching song
March on, our way along
Mariner spread thy sail
Memory of youthful days [tune: "Marmotte" by Beethoven]
Merrily join the holiday song
Merry May
Morning Song
Morning light
My brother caught a starling
My comrade true
My country, 'tis of thee
My home is in the meadows
My life is a pleasure
Near the margin
Near to my dwelling
New Year's song
Night winds are mournfully
No fortune has assigned me
No, no, no
Not wealth alone
Now foot in the stirrup
Now in tones full of joy
Now is the sunny time
O boatman, chant
O'er rocks and hills
O'er the foaming billows
O'er the waters gliding
Oh! the blacksmith's fine sturdy fellow
Oh, this earth of ours
On the lawn a tall tree
On Alpine heights
On the ocean
Open wide the doors
Our bonny boat
Our old clock
Oh tell me gentle river
Our native land
Pleasant on an autumn day
Pleasant smiles and glances
Rain song
Return of the soldiers
Ring, merry, merry bells
Round and round
Round the tree
See yonder rainbow
Sing we now of home
Softly blow the vernal breezes
Spring song
Summer's going
Star-eyed beauty
Stars that gem the trackless sky
Tap, tap, tap
Tell me, tell me
Tell not of bowers
The air is chill
The advantage of being small
The Alpine hunter's song
The answer of the flowers
The battle strife is ended
The blacksmith [tune: "Non piu andrai farfallone amoroso" by Mozart]
The child and the cloud
The cobbler
The death of the Cherokee
The disobedient chickens
The eagle
The emigrant's song
The ground was all covered
The hen to herself said
The herdsman's song
The little brook
The mill wheel
The oak
The poor at Christmas
The rabbit
The rain must flow
The rider's song
The sentry
The silently falling snow
The sleigh ride
The snowbird
The snow doth melt
The soldier's grave
The starling
The sun sets at night
The swing
The token
The traveler
The violet
The wander-staff
The water lily
The woods
There'll be sunshine
There's room enough
Tho' veiled in thick
Tick! tock! old clock
To school, my boy
To the woods
Tramp, tramping on
Tramping through the wood
True happiness
Truth, hope, and love
We are sons of hardy toil
We love the heroes
We march along
We wander thro' full many a land
When beneath the old tree
When first appears the light
When parting from our childhood's home
When the green leaves
When the heart-bells wearily
When the wintry winds
Who is a brave man
Will you come to the wood
Winter weather
With heart and voice
Within a garden
Work for the night is coming [tune: Work Song (hymn)]

All the day
All work and no play
At summer morn
Beauty's but an idle boast
Begin with manly courage
Beggar boy's round
Be to others ever faithful
Better poor a whole life
Birds are singing
Boat round: Glide along
Bow, wow, wow
Bright, how bright
Brightly glancing
Bring the tea tray
Call John
Cheerfulness cometh
Cold the wind
Come and join
Come and see the ripe fruit
Come and sing
Come away
Come away with rising
Ome, come, come
Come follow
Come, joyous hearts
Come quickly
Come to the top
Content gives peace
Cuckoo! hear ye the song
Daylight is fading
Do, Re, Mi
Early to bed
Far beyond all studied
From our duty shall be
Fruitful fields are waving
Gentle tones
Give me songs
Glide along
Great Tom is cast
Hail to the day
Happy to meet
Hark! the bell is ringing
Hark! the voice
Hast thou a sorrow
He who does not love a song
Higher yet
Horse to trot
Hours in earnest study
How sweert the birds
I am tired of this solfaing
I could if I would
If a body [words, not the melody, from "Comin' through the rye"]
I'll begin
If the country
Jack, boy, ho, boy
Lads and lassies
Laurel wreathes
Let our grateful songs
Let our voices
Let us, dear brothers
Let your pleasures
Life's a ship
Lo, the waving grain
Love your neighbor
Marching onward
May the care of Heaven
My little dog
No, no, no
Not too great
Now be firm
Now in solemn tones
Now sing aloud
Now the sun sinks
Now to all
Now we dash way
Now we will sing
Oh! how bright
O please to give a penny
Order is heaven's first law
Over mountain
Packing up
Past ten o'clock
Pluck ye roses
Rich is the treasure
Round and round
See the sunlight
Shut the door
Since I chanced to see you
Sing it over
Sing of mountains
Sing of our country
Sing we now in
Slowly moving
Soap and water
Softly fades
Spring is coming
Step softly
Summer days
Sunbeams on the mountains
Sweetly now at evening
take they resting
That well we prize
The beggar boy
The bell is cast
The cuckoo
The merry month begins
The mill wheel
The noblest hero
The prisoner's escape
The trumpet signal
Thirty days are in
Thomas and Andrew
Thou poor bird
Too much haste
Too warm the day
To the praise of truth
Troubles never last
Trouble unbidden
Unto others always do
Up and down
Up in the morning
Wake, now wake [tune: "Three Blind Mice"]
Warble for us
Water falling
Watchman's call
Welcome spring
We oft do say
We waited for an omnibus
What cannot be cured
When anger comes
When a weary task
When the sun sets clear
When the winds do blow
Whither through the verdant meadow
Who contended is
Who sows good seed
Why complain
Why will you go
Will you go
With all thy soul
With cheerful hands
With early morning light
With gentle voice

Around the throne
Awake, my soul
Behold the morning sun
Be thou, O God, exalted
Blest are the pure
Blest are the sons
Blest be thou, O God
By cool Siloam's
Calm me, my God
Cast they burden
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice
Come seek the Lord
Come sound his praise
Continually, continually
Father, take my hand
From all that dwell
Gently, Lord, oh, gently
Give thanks to God
Give to the winds
God bless our native land [tune: "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"]
God is Love
Happy the home
Heavenly Father, grant
Heavenly Shepherd, guide me [tune: Sicilian Mariners]
He who hath trusted
How gentle God's
How precious is the book
How shall the young
In God the Lord
I thank the goodness
Kingdoms and thrones
Let children hear
Lift up to God
Like the eagle
Long as I live
Lord, in the morning
My God, my Father
My soul inspired
Nearer to thee [= "Nearer, my God, to Thee"]
No change of time
O God, our Father
Oh, bless the Lord
Oh, cease, my wandering
Oh, happy is the man
Oh, that the Lord
O Lord, our fathers oft
O Thou in whom
Our Father God
Praise, oh praise
Praise to Thee
Praise the Lord
Remember thy Creator
Sister, thou wast mild
Sweet is the memory
Swell the anthem
The Lord is King
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is rich
The Lord is wise
The pity of the Lord
There is a city
There is a stream
Thou great Instructor
Thou King of Earth
Through all the changing
Thy name, Almighty
To thy pleasures
When the glorious day
While Thee I seek
With humble heart
Worship, honor, glory
Ye nations round the earth [tune: Old Hudredth]

God be merciful
I will lift up mine eyes
Make a joyful noise
Oh, give thanks unto
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord's Prayer

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: GUEST,.gargoyle
Date: 28 May 04 - 11:27 PM

Howdy JOE....grand idea....thank you.

What is the pro-toe-call....for this thread?

Do you want the Publisher, Date and Table of Contents of published text-books only?

Do you want the owners of said texts to scour the DT for deviations....and post only those?

Should there be splits for texts from Utah (sometimes VERY skewed)or for publisher's (Prentice-Hall, Halcourt-Brace, LittleJohn, McGuffy?)

Perhaps, a "scanned page" location for texts out of copyright?

Next to the original Dick Greenfield's Digital Tradition....this could become the hottest new areas of the MudCat.


    I thought you'd like this one, Gargoyle. The idea is to have a table of contents for all school songbooks we can locate. Then if somebody searches for a song and we don't already have it posted, maybe the search will lead to the person who owns the songbook and can supply the song.
    Entries should include songbook title, publication date, name of authors, name of the songbook series, grade level, and the entire table of contents. This thread is getting long, so I may move some of the contents to other threads - but post them here and let me do the moving.
    -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 30 May 04 - 07:30 AM

Old schoolbook on line: The New England Primer, 1777.

It has some interesting rhymed couplets tied to the alphabet, "Dr. Watts's Cradle Hymn," verses for children (threatening 'dreadful fiery Hell,' etc.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 02 Jun 04 - 01:43 AM


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 03 Jun 04 - 04:33 AM

I split this so it's a more manageable size. I hope that helps.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 04 Jun 04 - 07:01 AM

A SHORT COURSE IN MUSIC, Book One, Naural Music Series
Authors: Frederic H. Ripley, Thomas Tapper
Pub: American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, 1898
Grades - Elementary

Abide With Me
After Sunset
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Almond Blossoms
Alpine Horn, The
Annie Laurie
At Nightfall
Auld Lang Syne
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Song

Baby Bird
Be Content
Bees and the Flowers, The
Being Useful
Blow, Wind, Blow
Blue Bells of Scotland, The

Calm on the Listening Ear of Night
Canadian Boat Song
Child's Prayer
Christmas Buying
Cloud Lambs
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Come, O'er the Hills
Cradle Hymn (Watts)
Cuckoo, The (German)

Dearest Spot, The

Evening Song

Fairy, The (Thomas Hood)
Fairy, The
Flag of the Free
Flower Girls, The
Flower Song

Gayly the Troubadour
God and the Right
God Is Love
God's Love
Good Night (Mrs. Ormiston Chant)
Good Night (Baily)
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Hail Columbia
Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, The
Holidays, The
Holy, Holy, Holy
Home Again
Home, Sweet Home
Hymn of Nature

In the Garden and the Field
In the Woods is Peace


Kitty in the Basket

Last Rose of Summer, The
Lead Us
Leaves Have a Party, The
Lightly Row
Little Moments
Little Things
Long, Long Ago

March of the Men of Harlech
Mill Wheel, The
Morning Breaks, The
Morning Hymn
Morning Star, The
Mother's Birthday
Mother, Watch
Mountain Song
My Old Kentucky Home

Naughty Brooklet, The
New Year's Day
New Year's Eve
Now the Day Is Over

O Come Come Away
O Paradise
Old Glory, We Love Thee
Old Oaken Bucket, The
Old Year, The
One By One
Our Flag is There
Over the Sparkling Summer Sea

Piping Down the Valleys
Praise to God
Prayer from Freischutz


Shadowtown Ferry
Sing a Song
Singing Bird, The
Snow and the Rain, The
Soft, Soft Music
Softly, My Baby, Slumber
Softly Now the Light of Day
Song of Nature
Song of the Oak Tree
Summer Rain
Swanee River
Sweet and Low
Swiss Morning Hymn

To a Butterfly
Trees and Flowers

Watch on the Rhine, The
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Where the Blue Hills Rise
Who Has Seen the Wind?
Wind Song
Winning and Losing
Winter Song
Work Is Over

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 04 Jun 04 - 08:46 AM

Joe - I have a few nineteenth and early twentieth century books published for Singing Schools, church schools, glee clubs, social gatherings, etc. Some of these are shape-note mainly church music but some of the later ones have secular music, folk songs and children's songs. Is there or could there be a separate Permathread for these? - Charles
    Hi, Charles - go ahead and post them here. If the thread gets too big, I'll do another reorganization, like I did with the Follett and Silver Burdett books. If books are by Follett or Silver Burdett, go ahead and post them in the appropriate thread. Otherwise, post 'em here.
    I'm amazed at the books in our collection, Charles. I've found lots from the 1950's and 60's, but yours are so much older. Thanks to everyone for all the help.
    -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 04 Jun 04 - 10:27 AM

A course of instruction prepared for the use of public schools, revised from "First Steps in Music"
Author: George B. Loomis
Pub: American Music Co., 1873, revised edition 1885
Grades not given but appears to be elementary

After Labor
After Labor Cometh Rest
All the Good We Can
All With God
Always Do Your Best
Always Speak the Truth
America for Freedom
Angry Words

Be Kind to One Another
Boat Song
Boy's Skating Song

Chandler (Purer Yet and Purer)
Christmas Carol (The bells of time ring out the chime)
Christmas Song (Christmas Day, Holy Day)
Christmas Song (Come now, and let us, once again)

Down Time's Sweet River
Drink for Me, The
Dying Exile, The

Evening Devotion
Evening Hymn (Lo, the day of rest declineth)
Evening Thoughts

Fairies, The
Farther On
Festival March
Field Flowers
Flowers and Children
From Shore to Shore
Frozen Mill, The

God Everywhere
God Speed the Right
Good Night (How soft the happy evening's close)
Good Night (Now good night, now good night)
Grandma's Dream
Greene (Lord of Earth! Thy forming hand)

Hail, Columbia
Hail, Happy Day
Think gently of the erring one
Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways
Father, I know that all my life
Father of mercies! God of love
Home, Sweet Home
Through all the changing scenes of life
While Thee I Seek, protecting power
Hunter, The

I Will Extol Thee
I Will Fear No Evil
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
I'm a Shepherd
In the Starlight
In the Woods
It Never Pays
It Tinkles So Sweet

Kind Words

Last Rose of Summer, The
Lawton (The winter is over and gone)
Lend a Helping Hand
Lift Thine Eyes
Little and Much
Little Sue
Live for Something
Longing for Spring
Lord Is My Shephered, The
Loreley, The

Meadows Green
Morn Along the Hills
Morning and Evening Prayer
Morning Song
Mower's Song, The
My Native Land

Not Alone
Now the Wind Is Blowing

O Give Thanks
Old Cottage Clock
One By One

Lift up to God the voice of praise
Lift up your heads, eternal gates
Parting Song
Peace of the Soul
Pious Shepherd, The
Prairie Child, The
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Push Ahead

Rataplan, The
Red, White and Blue, The
Rock of Ages, GThe

See the Sun's First Gleam
Seed Sowing
Slight Not the Least
Some Place for All
Song of Praise
Song of Spring
Song of the New Year
Song of the Sea Elves
Song of Union
Spring Joys
Spring's Delight
Stand Like an Anvil
Stars, The
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Sunlight Brightly Beaming, The
Swiss Mountaineer

Thanksgiving for Harvest
Thanksgiving Hymn
Thy Will Be Done
To One at Rest
Trip Lightly
Twilight's Hour
Two Springs, The

We Are the Wandering Breezes
Welcome to Spring
Winter-Sleigh-bell Song
With Songs and Honors
Woodland Echoes

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 08:54 AM

Fourth Edition 1820
Copyright page reads:
BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the eighteenth of May in the thirty-seventh yearf of the Independence of the United Srtates of America, A.D. 1813,
Freeman Lewis and Cramer, Spear and Eichbaum, of the said district, have deposited in this office,the title of a book, the right whereofe they proclaim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit:
"The Beauties of Harmony, containing the Rudiemnts of Music on a new and improved plan; including, with the rules of singing, an explanation of the rules and principles of composition. Together with an extensive collection of Sacred Music, consisting of plain tunes, fuges, anthems, etc. some of which are entirely new. To the whole is added, an Appendix, containignexplanations of musical terms,
characters, etc. original and selected. By Freeman Lewis."
In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled "An act for the encouragement of learning by securing copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned," and also an actg entitled 'An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such books, during the time therein mentioned,' and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical and other prints."
Clerk of the District of Pennsylvania

(Not specifically a school songbook but obviously designed for the teaching of music. Book is not indexed but is arranged roughly alphabetically by tune name, contains text, usually a single line or verse, attribution of author of the words and composer of the music.)

America - Watts, Wetmore
Our days are like the grass, or as the morning flow'r
Amanda ` Watts, Morgan
Death like and overflowing stream
Amherst - Tate & Brady, Billings
Ye boundless realms of joy
Amity - Watts, Reed
How pleased and blest was I
Africa - Watts, Billing
Now shall my inward joys arise
Albany - Watts, Edson
Behold the morning sun begins his glorious way
Amsterdam - Rippon, D. Reed
Rise my soul and stretch thy wings
Autumn - Beatty, Fisher
See the leaves around ye falling
All Saints - Watts, Tansur
   From all that dwell below the skies
All Saints New - Watts, Hall
   O if my Lord would come and meet
Arise, an anthem - words from sundry scriptures, music A. Williams
Austria - Watts, Mitchell
Is this the kind return
Alstead - Watts, Holden
Shepherd rejoice lift up your eyes

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 12:09 PM

Fourth Edition 1820
Copyright page reads:
BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the eighteenth of May in the thirty-seventh year of the Independence of the United States of America, A.D. 1813,
Freeman Lewis and Cramer, Spear and Eichbaum, of the said district, have deposited in this office,the title of a book, the right whereof they proclaim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit:
"The Beauties of Harmony, containing the Rudiment of Music on a new and improved plan; including, with the rules of singing, an explanation of the rules and principles of composition. Together with an extensive collection of Sacred Music, consisting of plain tunes, fuges, anthems, etc. some of which are entirely new. To the whole is added, an Appendix, containig explanations of musical terms,
characters, etc. original and selected. By Freeman Lewis."
In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled "An act for the encouragement of learning by securing copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned," and also an act entitled 'An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such books, during the time therein mentioned', and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical and other prints."
Clerk of the District of Pennsylvania

(Not specifically a school songbook but obviously designed for the teaching of music. Book is not indexed but is arranged roughly alphabetically by tune name, contains text, usually a single line or verse, attribution of author of the words and composer of the music.
Tunes are all printed shape-note.)

America - Watts, Wetmore
- Our days are like the grass, or as the morning flow'r
Amanda ` Watts, Morgan
- Death like an overflowing stream
Amherst - Tate & Brady, Billings
- Ye boundless realms of joy
Amity - Watts, Reed
- How pleased and blest was I
Africa - Watts, Billing
- Now shall my inward joys arise
Albany - Watts, Edson
- Behold the morning sun begins his glorious way
Amsterdam - Rippon, D. Reed
- Rise my soul and stretch thy wings
Autumn - Beatty, Fisher
- See the leaves around ye falling
All Saints - Watts, Tansur
- From all that dwell below the skies
All Saints New - Watts, Hall
- O if my Lord would come and meet
Arise, an anthem - words from sundry scriptures, music A. Williams
Austria - Watts, Mitchell
- Is this the kind return
Alstead - Watts, Holden (Christmas)
- Shepherds rejoice lift up your eyes
Bridgewater - Watts, Edson
- From all who dwell beneath the skies
Berlin - Watts, Billings
- He dies: the heav'nly lover dies
Brookfield - Watts, Billings
- Show pity Lord
Bunker Hill - w. by N. Niles
- Where blood and carnage clothe the ground
Buckingham - Watts, Williams
- Help Lord for men of virtue fail
Bristol - Watts, Swan
- To show thy work by morning light
Bray - Watts, Williams
- When I with pleading wonder stand
Brunswick - Watts
- Why doth the man of riches grow to insolence and pride
Bourbon - Watts
- Look down in pity Lord and see
Concord - Watts, Holden
- The hill of Zion yields a thousand sacred sweets
Cambridge - Rippon, Randall
- Jesus I love thy glorious name
China - Watts, Swan
- Why should we mourn departing friends
Communion - Watts, J. Robertson
- How sweet and awful is the place
Coronation - Rippon, Holden
- All hail the power of Jesus' name
Calvary - Watts, Rippon, D.Reed
- My tho'ts that often mount the sky
Complaint - Watts, Parmeter
- Spare us o Lord aloud we pray
Coleshill - Watts, Kirby
- Lord what is man, poor feeble man
Cookham - Rippon, Harmonia Sacra
- 'Tis a point I long to know
Cowper - Cowper, Holden
- Forgive the song that falls so low
Contentment - Watts, J. Cole
- The Lord is my shepherd I shall be well supply'd
Creation - Rippon, Holden
- Lord when my raptured thoughts survey
Cumberland New - Rippon
- Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing
Charleston - Watts, Frothington
- With earnest longings of the mind
Chockset - Psalm 139, Mitchell
- Lord where shall guilty souls retire
Colchester - Watts, Williams
- Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Devises - Watts, J. Tucker
- With my whole heart I'll raise my song
David's Lamentation - Billins
Dunlap's Creek - words ascribed to S.McFarland
- Think O my soul the dreadful day
Doomsday - Hart's Hymns, Wood
- Behold with awful pomp the judge prepares to come
Delight - Watts, Cohn
- No burning heats by day nor blasts ofev'ning air
Death's Alarm - Watts, West
- The rising morn can't ensure
Dunstan - Watts, Dr. Madan
- Jesus shall reign where e'er the sun
Dalston - Watts, Williams
- The Lord Jehovah reigns
Dover - Watts, Williams
- Great is the Lord our God
Denmark - Watts, Dr. Madan
- Before Jehovah's awful throne
Detroit - Watts, Wm. Evens
- Praise ye the Lord, my heart will join
Eastford - Psalm 89, Tate and Brady, French
- When marching to thy bless'd abode
Easter Anthem - Young's Night Thoughts, Billings
- The Lord is risen indeed
Enfield - tune by Chandler
- Before the rosy dawn of day
-Pp. 73 to 80 missing-
Greenwich - Watts, D. Reed
- Lord what a thoughtless wretch was I
Handel's Hymn
- How wondrous his grace, how amazing his love
Hartford - Watts, Carpenter
- This spacious earth is all the Lord's
Hampton - music by Leach
- Thou shepherd of Israel and mine
Helmsley - Rippon, Madan
- Lo he cometh
Hinsdale - Psalm 46, Holyoke
- Thou wilt reveal the paths of life
Hollis - Watts
- My soul come meditate the day
St. Humphreys - Psalm 98
- Joy to the earth, the Saviour reigns (Joy to the World)
Huntington - Watts, Morgan
- Lord what a tho'tless wretch was I
Hotham- Rippon, Madan
- Jesus lover of my soul
Heavenly Vision - Revelation, several verses, French
Isle of Wight - Psalm 39, Tansur
- A span is all that we can boast
Irish - Watts, Williams
- Blest morning whose young dawning rays
Invitation - words taken as published by Holden from the Rural
Harmony,music by Kimball
- Come my beloved, haste away
Jordan - Watts, Billings
- There is a land of pure delight
Judgment - Watts, N. Shumway
- The Lord the judge before his throne bids all the earth draw nigh
Jubilee - Rippon, Brownson
- Blow ye the trumpet
Kinderhook - Watts, Dr. Arnold
- I sing my Saviour's wond'rous death
Kingsbridge - Watts
- Lord thou hast search'd and seen me thro'
Kingswood - Rippon, J. Peck-Children of the heav'nly king
Kittery - Lord's prayer, Billings
Lamberton - Psalm 23, Watts, N.Shumway
Lebanon - Billings
- Hark from the tombs a doleful song
Lover's Lamentation
- That awful day will surely come
Littleton - Rippon, Williams
- Lo he cometh
Little Marlboro - Psalm 90, Williams
- Lord what a feeble piece is this our mortal frame
Liberty Hall - music by Chapin
- Alas and did my Saviour bleed
Lenox - Rippon, Edson
- Blow ye the trumpet, blow
Lisbon - music by Reed
- Welcome sweet day of rest
Majesty - Sternhold & Hopkins, Billings
- The Lord descended from above
Madrid - Billings
- Come sinners attend and make no delay
Mear - Psalm 96, Williams' Col.
- Sing to the Lord ye distant lands
Melodia - Psalm 50, Merick
- The Lord, the sov'reign, sends his summons forth
St. Martin's - music by Tansur
- Behold the glories of the lamb
St. Michael's - Psalm 149, Tate & Brady & Belknap, Handel
- O praise ye the Lord
Milford - Watts, Stevenson
- If angels sung a Savior's birth
Mount Pleasant - music by Deolph
- There is a house not made by hands
Mount Ephraim - Rippon, Milgrove
- Your harps ye trembling saints down from the willows take
- Why should we mourn departing friends
Montgomery - Watts, Morgan
- Early my God without delay
Morning Hymn - music by Williams
- Awake my soul, awake my eyes
Moreton - music by Knapp
- O may thy church, thy turtle dove
Montreal - music by W. Evens
- God is gone up, our Lord and king
Munich - Rippon, German
- 'Tis finish'd so the Saviour cri'd
Morpheus - music by West
- Death with his warrant in his hands
Namur - Psalms
- Bless'd is the man who shuns the place where sinners love to meet
New York - Psalm 4, Dr. Arne
- Lord thou wilt hear me when I pray
New Hundred - Watts
- Not to condemn the sons of men
New Jerusalem - Watts, Ingalls
- From the third heav'n where God resides
Newburgh - Psalm 148, Munson
- Let ev'ry creature join
Newport - music by D.Reed
- I send the joys of earth away
New York Anthem - Pope, Pring
- Vital spark of heav'nly flame
Ninety-Third, music by L. Chapin
- Come all harmonious tongues
Ninety-Fifth - music by Colton
- When I can read my title clear
Newcourt - Psalm 147, Bond
- The Lord hath eyes to give the blind
Norway - a Saphic Ode, Watts
- When the fierce north wind
Northfield - Watts, Ingalls
- How long dear Saviour, O how long
Norwich - Watts, Hibbard
- My sorrows like a flood
New Sabbath - Watts
- The Lord, how wondrous are his ways
Northampton - music by Mann
- Come we that love the Lord
Newmark - music by Bull
- Come holy spirit, heav'nly dove
Ocean - Psalm 107, Swan
- Thy works of glory, mighty Lord
Oporto - a Portuguese hymn, S. Webb
- When I survey the wondrous cross
Omega - Rippon, Wm. Jones
- Lo he cometh
Old Fiftieth - Psalm 50, Blanks
- The God of glory sends his summons forth
Paris - Watts, Billings
- This spacious earth is all the Lord's
Peckham - Watts, J. Smith
- Behold the morning sun begins his glorious way
Penitence - music by T. Smith
- To thee O God my cries ascend
Putney - Watts, Williams
- Remember Lord our mortal state
Pittsburgh- Watts
- Awake ye saints to praise your king
Paraphrase - Watts
- From all that dwell below the skies
Pleyel's Hymn - Pleyel
- So fades the lovely blooming flow'r
Pentonville - music by Lindley
- To bless thy chosen race
Portugal - Watts
- Lord when thou didst ascend on high
Resolution, music by Holden
- Great king of Zion, Lord of all
Rapture - music by Oswald
- Love divine, all loves excelling
Rainbow - Watts, Swan
- 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand
Repentance - music by Peck
- O if my soul was form'd for woe
Redemption - Billings
- Th' eternal speaks, all heav'n attends
Rockbridge - Watts, A. Chapin
- Far from my thoughts this world begone
Rockingham - music by A. Chapin
- My God what endless pleasures dwell
Rochester - Watts, Williams
- Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Russia - Watts, D.Reed
- False are the men of high degree
Rocky Nook - Billings
- These glorious minds, how bright they shine
Rose of Sharon - Billings
- I am the Rose of Sharon
Savannah - Billings
- O lovely appearance of death
Sutton - Watts
- Maker and sov'reigh Lord
Sutton New - Watts, Goff
- Save me O God, the swelling floods break in upon my soul
Salisbury - music by Brownson
- God of my salvation hear
- Now is the heat of youthful blood
See! He Rises - Rippon, Belknap, Holden
- Angels roll the rock away
Saints' Response - Erskine's Gospel Sonnets, Hall
- Death is to us a sweet repose
Southwell - music by Carpenter
- 'Tis finished
Suffield - Watts, King
- Teach me the measure of my days
Sophronia - Watts, King
- Forbear, my friends, forbear
Sheffield - Watts (Christmas)
- Joy to the world
Silver Street - Watts, J. Smith
- Come sound his praise abroad
Sherburn - Watts, D.Reed
- Songs of immortal praise belong to my Almighty God
Spring - Watts
- He sends his word and melts the snow
Springfield - music by Babcock
- Jesus drinks the bitter cup
Scotland - music by Shumway
Awake our souls, away our fears
Symphony - Watts, Morgan
Behold the judge descends
Thirty-Third - Watts, Tuckey
Rejoice ye righteous in the Lord
Thirty-Fourth - Tate & Brady, Stevenson
Thro' all the changing scenes of life
Thomaston - Dr. Biles, Billings
Great God how frail a thing is man
Trowbridge - Rippon, Handel
Jesus full of all compassion
St. Thomas - music by Williams
Shall wisdom cry aloud
Triumph - Rippon, Hamilson
Begone unbelief, my Saviour is near
Truro - Williams Collection
Now to the Lord a noble song
Trinity - music by Giardini
Come thou almighty king
Turin - music by Dr. Madan
Son of God, thy blessing grant
Union - music by Gillet
Once more my soul, the rising day
Unitia - music by Chapin
O tell me no more of this world's vain store
Victory - D. Reed
Now shall my head be lifted high
Virginia - Watts, Brownson
Thy words the raging winds control
Vernon - Rippon, Dwight, T. Olmstead
Yo mourning saints
Walpole - music by Wood
O if my soul was form'd for woe
Walsall - Watts, Williams
How shall the young secure their hearts
Wells - music by Holdrayd
Life is the time to serve the Lord
Waybridge - Psalm 139, Dr. Madan
Lord where shall guilty souls retire
Wareham - Watts, Dr. Arnold
Soon as I heard my Father say
Winchester - Watts, Williams
My refuge is the God of love
Winchester New - Methodist Collection of Hymns
Who is it that comes from far
Winter - Watts, D. Reed
His hoary frost, his fleecy snow descends and clothes the ground
Windham - D.Reed
Broad is the road that leads to death
Westonfavel - Williams
Come let us join our cheerful songs
Westminster - N. Shumway
Thou great and sov'reign Lord of all
Far from my thoughts, vain world begone
Westford New - Belknap's Hymnal, Holyoke
Lord to the prince of heaven our cheerful voices raise
Williamstown - Watts, Brown
Show pity Lord
Winwick - Madan
(Tune only)

Note:   Rippon, Belknap and others seem to refer to other published collections on which I need to do further research. The Watts are from Watts "Psalms and Hymns" - Charles

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 12:39 PM

A Google search just brought me more information than I'll ever absorb about John Rippon (1751-1836), Jeremy Belknap (1744-1798), Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) and the Williams College collection. I'll abandon hymns for now and go back to school songbooks. - Charles

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 03:36 PM

TARA'S HARP, A New Collection of Favorite Songs and Glees for Youth: Designed for the Use of Schools, Seminaries and the Social Circle, Containing also A Complete Course of Elementary Instruction in Vocal Music
Author: J.A.Getzke
Pub: Lee & Walker, Philadelphia, 1853

All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Am I Not True to Thee?
Angels Are Here, The
Auld Lang Syne
Aunt Jemima's Plaster
Awake My Soul (Four Voice Round)
Away With Melancholy

Beautiful Day, The
Beautiful Silver Sea
Behold, How Brightly Breaks the Morning
Blest Is the Hour

Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters
Child's Wish, The
Chimes, The
Columbia, the Land of the Brave (Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean)
Come, Gather Round the Hearth
Come to the Sunset Tree
Come, Ye Disconsolate
Coming Through the Rye
Cow and the Ass, The

Day Our Mother Died, The
Days of Absence
Days Gone By, The
Dear Summer Morn
Dearest Spot of Earth to Me Is Home
Dreams That Charmed Me

Fading, Still Fading
Fairy Boy, The
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
Fond Hearts at Home, The
Fond Moments of My Childhood
From Greenland's Icy Mountains
Full of Mischief

Gipsies' Festival, The
Golden Moon, The

Hail, Columbia
Happiness of Home, The
Happy Land
Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, The
Heart! the Heart! The
Heart's Mission
Holiday Song
Home of My Childhood
Home, Sweet Home
Honest Hearts and Willing Hands
How Beautiful Is the Sea
How Cheerful Along
How Sweet Are the Roses
Hunter's Chorus, The (von Weber)

I Love the Merry Sunshine
I Set My Heart Upon a Flower
I Would Not Live Alway
I'm a Pilgrim

Kindred Hearts

Laurie's Cottage
Let Us Live With a hope
Life Let Us Cherish
Lightly May the Boat Row
List to the Convent Bells
Listen to the Mocking-Bird
Love of One Fond Heart, The
Lovely Nancy

Maltese Boatman's Song, The
Mercy's Dream
Mother, Home and Heaven
My Cottage Home
My Early Fireside
My God, My Father
My Little Valley Home

No Night There

Old Easy-Chair By the Fire, The
Old Hundred
Only a Child
Origin of the Harp (Thomas Moore)
Orphan Ballad-Singers
Our Good Old Friends
Over the Summer Sea

Pet of the Cradle, The

Rebecca at the Well
Rock Beside the Sea, The
Rose of Nanjemoy, The

Shells of Ocean
Sleep, Gentle Mother
Smiling Faces
Softly Now the Light
Song of Praise
Song of the Farmer, The
Spanish Hymn
Sparkling With Light
Speak Gently
Star of the Evening
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Styrian Shepherd's Song
Swiss Boy
Switzer's Farewell, The

There Is No Home Like My Own
Thy Will Be Done
Tallis's Evening Hymn
Tell Me, Ye Winged Winds
There Is a Calm
This Land is Ours
'Tis Sweet to Be Remembered
To Him That Giveth
To the West!
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Up in the Morning Early

Village Green, The

Watcher, The
Watchman, GTell Us of the Night
What Are the Wild Winds Saying?
What Fairy-Like Music?
What Is Home Without a Father?
What Is Home Without a Mother?
When Soft Stars Are Peeping
Who'll Come and Play With Me?
Why Ask If I Remember Thee?
Wings of a Dove, The

Yankee Doodle
Ye Shepherds Tell Me

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 04:13 PM

for use in Schools and Colleges
Charles H. Levermore
Ginn & Co., 1895, 1898, 298 pp.
Record only. I have located THE ACADEMY SONG-BOOK; will not post the abridged.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 06:30 PM

Jane Byrd Radcliffe-Whitehead, Ed.
Oliver Ditson Co., Boston, 1903, 226 pp., 8 1/2" x 12"
Both Classified and Alphabetic indexes.

English Songs 1-28
Scottish 29-54
Irish 55-72
German 73-92
French 93-112
Scandanavian 113-120
Polish and Russian 121-130
Italian 131-144
Spanish 145-158
Songs of Patriotism 159-180
Carols 181-188
Nursery Songs 189-202
Lullabies 203-216
Rounds, Catches and Part-Songs 217-226

America (God Save the King) 159
And We're a'Noddin' (Scotch) 48
Annie Laurie (Scotch) 38
Arthur of Bradley (English) 10
At Summer Morn (Round) 221
Auld Lang Syne 54
Austrian National Anthem (Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser) 196
Baa! Baa! Black Sheep 196
Battle Hymn of the Republic 162
Begone, Dull Care! 4
Birds' Duet 152
Blue Bells of Scotland, The 41
Bonnie Laddie, Highland Laddie 36
Brave of Heart 120
In the Moon's Pale Light (Au clair de la lune) 93
Cachucha, La 150
Caller Herrin' 50
Campbells are Comin', The 52
Chairs to Mend! 220
City Rat and Country Rat, The 108
Clear Cool Pond, The (Les trois princesses) 102
Cockles and Mussels 68
Come, Aurora (Viens, Aurora) 112
Come, Lasses and Lads (2)
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) 209
Dairy, The (La Luisella) 142
Dixie's Land 165
Dodo, Baby, Do (Do do, l'enfant, do) 216
Dormi (Sleep, sweet babe) 214
Dove, The (La Paloma 156
Dream-Baby (Schlaf' in gute Ruh') 211
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes 224
Duke Marlborough (Marlbrough s'en va-t-en guerre) 96
Fair Gabrielle (Charmante Gabrielle) 100
Farmyard Song 116
Father O'Flynn 55
First Nowell, The 182
First Primrose, The (O Tannenbaum) 114
Fir Tree, The (O Tannenbaum) 74
Flicker, Flicker, Fire-Sprite (Der rothe Sarafan) 128
Flowers of the Forest, The 29
Foxhunt, The 64
Friar John 226
Funiculi, Funicula 131
Garden, The 201
Gin a Body Meet a Body 40
Good Comrade, The (Der gute Kamerad) 92
Good King Wenceslas 181
Good Night 217
Greeting (Gruss) 86
Guardian Angels (Kinderwacht) 208
Have You Heard the News? 217
Hedge Roses (Heiden-Röslein) 82
He That Will Not When He May (J'ai un long voyage á faire) 106
Highland Lad My Love Was Born, A 44
Home, Sweet Home 24
How Can I Leave Thee? )Ach, wie ist's moglich dann) 81
Hunt Is Up, The 1
In the Spring (Sur le pont d'Avignon) 202
I Rode Away to Mandalay (Je m'en allay à Bagnolat) 101
Jolly Miller, The 8
John Peel 14
Krakoviak (No. 1)121
Krakoviak (No. 2) 124
Ladybird (Marienwürmchen) 84
Lass of Richmond Hill, The 20
Last Rose of Summer, The 66
Lavender's Blue 193
Little Cock-Sparrow, The 198
Little Cossack 212
Little Man and Maid 192
Little Red Lark, The 58
Loch Lomond 42
Lord Lovell 16
Loreley, The (Die Lorelei) 76
Lost Chicken, The 194
Lovely Minka (Schöne Minka) 125
Low-Backed Car, The 60
Lucy Locket 196
Maiden's Wish, The 122
Manger Throne, The 184
March of the Men of Harlech 168
Marseillaise, The (La Marseillaise) 175
Meeting (Gaudeamus igitur) 73
Merry May th4e Keel Row 32
Mill, The (Ja eimemkühlen Grunde) 89
Miller's Flowers, The (Des Müllers Blumen) 78
Minstrel Boy, The 62
Morning (Steh' nur auf, du Schweizerbu') 80
Mulberry Bush, The 200
My Dame Has a Lame Tame Crane 221
My Love's an Arbutus 70
My Normandy *Ma Normandie) 94
My Old Friend John 26
My Trooper ( Mein Shatz ist ein Reiter) 90
Nightingale, The 126
O Can Ye Sew Cushions 204
O Hush Thee, My Baby 206
Oh, Charlie Is My Darling 30
Oh! Dear, What Can the matter Be? 12
Oh, Who Will O'er the Downs so Free 222
Old King Cole 190
Orioles (O yi caroli) 140
Peace of Night (Frieden der Nacht) 83
Pomona 148
Regimental March 145
Remembrance 154
Return, The (Le Retour) 103
Riego's Hymn 178
Rowing (La notte é bella) 138
Roy's Horse Enjoys a Gallop 46
Safe Stronghold, A (Ein' feste Burg) 172
Santa Lucia 134
Scotland's Burning 217
Sea Breeze, The (Marianina) 136
Shepherd Maiden, The (Il était une bergère
Skye Boat Song 34
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Schlaf', Kindlein, schlaf') 210
Softly Sleep Thou (Schlafe, schalfe, holder süsser Knabe) 203
Soldier Song (Soldatenlied) 87
Sounds of Spring 118
Star Spangled Banner, The 160
Stilly Night, Starry and Bright! (Stille Nacht, Leilige Nacht) 188
Summer Is a-Coming In 218
Swallow, The 146
Swallow, Good Bye (Liebchen, ade!) 197
Sweet and Low 22
Three Blind Mice 220
Three Kings of Orient, The 186
Three Little Kittens, The 189
Three Ravens, The 17
Twilight Musing 113
Two Stars 88
Watch on the Rhine (Die Wacht am Rhein) 170
We Praise Thee, Lord 174
When All the World Is Young 6
When Christ Was Born 185
When I Was Shepherd (Lorsque j'étais petit) 98
White Sand and Gray Sand 220
Work (O sanctissima) 144
Youth Has Gone (Plus ne suis ce que j'ai été) 110

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 07:40 PM

Note on "Folk-Songs and Other Songs For Children," Jane Byrd Radcliffe-Whitehead, 1903.
"In America, if we except the negro and Indian melodies, some college songs, and a few others, we can hardly be said to have as yet any folk songs."
We know this to be wrong, but in 1903, collecting by Sharpe and others was only beginning. The rich store of folk songs found by Sharp, Brown, Randolph, Cox, Lomax and many others was not yet unearthed.

Although unaware of American folk songs, Jane Byrd Radcliffe-Whitehead is known for her research on carols; she brought many of them to public attention for the first time.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 09:09 PM

English Songs, Carols and Rounds Recommended by the Board of Education
Author: Edward Mason
Pub: McDougall's Educational Company, Ltd., London, Edinburgh, no
      date, but appears to be early 20th century

A-Hunting We Will Go
Bailiff's Daughter, The
Begone, Dull Care
Come, Lasses and Lads
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Early One Morning
Good Morrow, Pretty Maid
Happy Clown, The
Mermaid, The
Hunt Is Up, The
Jolly Miller, The
Keel Row, The
Roast Beef of Old England, The
Since First I Saw Your Face

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 09:14 PM

William R. Sur, R. E. Nye, Charlotte DuBois. Illus. Ben Black
Allyn and Bacon Inc., Boston, 1963, 1968, 1970s, 240pp.
Let's get Started
Experimenting with Music
Musical Styles and Periods
The Holiday Seasons
American Music
A Musical Kaleidoscope
Music For Life
Instrumental Aids
Indexes (Glossary, Classified, Alphabetical- includes notes on music types, Periods, instruments, etc.)

Ach Gott, wie Weh tut Scheiden 202-203
Acoustics- the Science of Sound 38-40
Alleluia 177
American Jazz 126, 141
Army Goes Rolling Along, The 193-195
Art Song, The 66
Aura Lee 22-23 (tune for Army Blue; 2 verses and refrain, p. 23)
Autoharp 224-225
Awake, My Soul 185
Baroque Period 47
Because You're You 124-125
Best of All Possible Worlds, The 146-147
Bucycle Built For Two 208
Blues 138-139
Can't You Line It? 129-131
Christmas day Is Come 84-85
Classial Period 58
Come, Gracious Spirit 46
Complex Note Values 29
Continental's Farewell 30-31 (Princeton Univ.)
Cornell Song 217
Day of Praise is Done, The 35
Der Geistertanz 68-71
Double Canon 60-61
Dutch Company. The 212
Easy Rider 134-135 (Blues, Lomax !)
Echo Hymn 82-83
For Class Discussion 141
From Proverbs 151-153 (canon, Niblock)
Get-Away-From-It-All Blues, The 140
Ghost Dance, The 68-71
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 142-144
Glossary of Musical Terms 232-235
Goodbye Song 220-221
Green Grow the Lilacs 157
Guitar 226-228
Hail, Alma Mater! 216
Han Skal Leve 219
Harvest 80
Hawaii Ponoi 174-175 (King Kalakaua, H. Berger, Hawaiian Anthem and State Song)
He's All Right 218
He's Gone Away 96-97
Holy Art Thou 48-52
Home On the Range 28
Hop Up, My Ladies 103-105
How Well Can You Read Music? 34
Hush of the Sea 66-67 (Meeres Stille)
Hymn to Joy 59 (Charles Wesley, Beethoven)
I'm Going to Sing All the Way 98-99
I'm Gonna Sing 11
Instrumental Aids 222-231
In the Evening By the Moonlight 208-209
It Must be So 148
I Want to Die Easy 136-137
I Want to Join the Band 27
I Wish I Were Single Again 12
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring 179
Jim Along Josie 205
John Henry 127
Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier 102
Jolly Old Roger 122 (New England)
Joy to the World 86 (Isaac Watts, Handel)
Last Song, The 186 (Blackfoot)
Late Nineteenth Century 123
Learning the Rules of the Music Game 41
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's 162-163 (Kelland, Newfoundland tune)
Let's Organize 24
Let's Review Listening 25
Let Us Sing Together 214
Listen and Compare 53, 65
Little Jenny Dow 108-110
Lone Prairie, The 29
Lonesome Valley 100-101
Long Life to the Friend 13
Long Live Our School 21
Long-tail Blue 33 (coat, not fly)
Lord of All Being, Throned Afar 180
Lovely Appear 181-183
Man on the Flying Trapeze, The 206-207
Matangi 172-173 (New Zealand)
Meeres Stille 66-67
Mi Y'Malel? 87
Music and Living 178
Music in Early America 94
National Styles in Music 158
Nine Hundred Miles 114-117
Nobody Home 214
Now Let Ev'ry Tongue Adore Thee 184
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 45
Oh, Värmeland 200-201
Old Blue 132-133
Old Joe Clark 106-107
On My Journey Home 18
On Wings of Song 72-73
Oompadoodle Canon, The 149
Origin and Meaning of Hanukkah and Purim, The 88
Our Native Song 204
Our Sorrow Is Pain 171 (East Indian)
Palm Branches 90-91
Panis Angelicus 76-77
Past Lives in the Present, The 44
Psalm 118 34
Purim Greeting 89
Recorder 230-231
Related Listening 155, 187
Response After Prayer 178
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow 81
Romantic Period, The 64
Sailor's Romance 14-15
She Flies Away 62-63
Signs of Weather 150
Simple Note Values 28
Sing Together 43
Sing Your Way Home 17
So Findt Man Guelden 36-37 (Orlando di Lasso, no lyrics))
Some Folks Do 111
Some Names in Jazz 126
Song of the Voyageurs, The 159-161
Sourdough Pete and Klondike Joe 118-121
Stars and Stripes Forever, The 196-197
Stars Are Shining 13
Star-Spangled Banner, The 198-199
Streets of Laredo 112-113
Sukkah 80
Sweet Genevieve 210
Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky) 19
Thanksgiving Song 79
Things to Do 53, 65, 154, 211
This Sweet and Merry Month of May 57
Three Little Kittens 16
Trail Drive 168-170
Turkey in the Straw 95
Twentieth Century 64-65
Varsity 215
Wake, Ev'ry Breath 93
Walk 'long John 128
Wandering Willie 164-165
When Johnny Comes Marching Home 190-192
When Love Is Kind 166-167
When the Saints Go Marching In 20
Where, Oh, Where? 212-213
Which Is the Properest Day to Sing? 54-55 (Thomas Arne, 18 c.)
Who Can Retell? 87
Yankee Doodle Boy 188-189

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 06 Jun 04 - 09:34 PM

English Songs, Carols and Rounds Recommended by the Board of Education
Author: Edward Mason
Pub: McDougall's Educational Company, Ltd., London, Edinburgh, no
      date, but appears to be early 20th century

A-Hunting We Will Go
Auld Lang Syne
Bailiff's Daughter, The
Barbara Allen
Barley Mow, The
Bay of Biscay, The
Begone, Dull Care
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
British Grenadiers, The
Cherry Ripe
Come, Lasses and Lads
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Dulce Domum
Early One Morning
Fairest Isle
Farewell, Manchester
First Noel, The
Girl I Left Behind Me
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
God Save the King
Golden Slumbers
Golden Vanity, The
Good Christian Men, Rejoice
Good King Wenceslas
Good Morrow, Pretty Maid
Happy Clown, The
Heart of Oak
Here's a Health Unto His Majesty
Hunt Is Up, The
It Was a Lover and His Lass
Joan to the Maypole
John Peel
Jolly Miller, The
Keel Row, The
Land of My Fathers
May-Pole, The
Mermaid, The
Now Is the Month of Maying
Now, Robin, Lend Me Thy Bow
Oak and the Ash, The
Polly Oliver
Roast Beef of Old England, The
Robin Hood
Rule, Britannia
Sigh No More, Ladies
Since First I Saw Your Face
Song of the Western Men, The
Spring's A-Coming, The
Tom Bowling
Under the Greenwood Tree
Useful Plough, The
Wassail Song, The
We Be Three Poor Mariners
We Three Kings of Orient Are
Where the Bee Sucks
With Jockey to the Fair
Ye Gentlemen of England
Ye Mariners of England


A Boat! a Boat!
Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis
Chairs to Mend
Come, Follow Me
Fie, Nay, Prithee John
Great Tom Is Cast
Hark! the Bonny Christchurch Bells
Let's Have a Peal
Look ! Neighbors Look!
My Dame Hath a Lame Tame Crain
O Absalom!
O My Love
She Weepeth Sore
Sing We Merrily
Slaves to the World
'Tis Humdrum
To Portsmouth
Turn Again, Whittington
Under This Stone
White Sand and Gray Sand
Wilt Thou Lend Me Thy Mare?
Wind, Gentle Evergreen
Would You Know My Celia's Charms?

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 07 Jun 04 - 12:49 AM

THIS IS MUSIC 7 Teachers' Edition
William R. Sur, Charlotte DuBois, Robert E, Nye. Illus. Virginia Masson, very attractive).
Allyn and Bacon Inc., Boston, 1963, 1968
Sociable Songs 8-25
Exploring the Elements of Music 26-39
Moods and Emotions in Music 40-121
Music in Early America 128-141
Music For the Stage 142-169
Music for Special Occasions 170-225
Instrumantal Aids 226-235
Classified, Alphabetical

Abendlied 43-45
Ach du lieber Augustin 20
Adir Hu 218-219
Advance Australia Fair 112-113
Adventure 7 (poem anon.)
Agil V'esmach 215-216
Ainsworth Psalter 139
Alleluia 206 (Lowell Mason)
Aloha Oe 62
Aloha Oe 38-39 (Instrumental version)
Ambrosian Song of Praise, The 173 (German)
America 220-221
American Quartet 125 (Dvorak)
America's Creed 222-225
America, the Beautiful 10-11
Amici 8 (tune used at Cornell for "Far Above Cayuga's Waters")
As Joseph Was A-Walking (poem) 177
Auld Lang Syne 194
Australian National Song 112-113
Autoharp 228-229
Avinu Malkenu 74-75
Ballet 143-146
Balm in Gilead 132
Battle Hymn of the Republic 196-197
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms 205-296
Brincan y bailan 183 (Sp. words to 'Joyfully Dance,' p. 182)
Canadian National Song 106-107 (The Maple Leaf Forever; not the Canadian Anthem O Canada)
Carmen 147-156 (Excerpts, Bizet)
Charge of the Light Brigade 34 (poem)
Chester 195
Christmas Canon 177 (Billings)
Come Down, Angels 24
Come, Ye Thankful People 174-175
Courtship of Miles Standish, The (poem)
Coventry Carol 187
Day is Done, The (poem) 42
Der Freischutz, Prayer from 76
Ding Dong! Merrily on High 179
Doxology 130
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes 51
Ein' feste Burg 25
Elfin Knight, The 137
El tortillero 99
Erie Canal 36-38
Evening Song 43-45 (Abendleid; Heine, Schumann)
Exercise 18, 138, 139
Father in Heaven 13
Fiddler, The 69 (Ger. arr. Brahms)
First Nowell, The 180-181
Form 39
Fortune Teller, The 168-169
Gaily Ring the Bells 178
Gaudeamus Igitur 16
Ghost of Tom, The 171
Gilbert and Sullivan Melody 157-167
God Be in My Head 73
God Bless Our Native Land 221
God Grants Liberty (Quot.) 220
God Save the Queen 221
Good News 190-191
Good Night to You All 50
Great Wall Ballad 102
Gregorian Chant 26-27
Guitar 230-232
Habanera 153-155
Hanukkah (text) 217
Hanukkah, O Hanukkah 217
Harmony 38-39
Harvest Song 172-173 (Danish)
Harvest, The 80-83 (Sp. La parva)
Henry and Lizzie 135
Herdsman's Song in Spring 210-211
How Well I Remember 212-213
I Am Called Anna Knutsdaughter 70
Iceland 104-105
I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby 22-23
I'm Going to Sing All the Way 18-19
I'm Workin' My Way Back Home 101
Instrumental Aids 226-235
Instruments and Instrumental Music 122-127
In That Morning 129
I would provide a child (quot.) 177
John Henry 84-86
Joshua Fit de Battle 136
Joyfully Dance 182-183
Jupiter Symphony 122
Kerry Dance, The 201-204
Kindling Wood 15
La Marseillaise 115-117
La parva 80 (poem, song)
Life's Journey 78
Limericks 21
Little Boy Jesus 184-185
Loading Bananas in Ecuador 87-95
Lone Fish-Ball, The 68
Long Live Our School 214
Malay Song 64
Maple Leaf Forever, The 106-107
March of the Men of Harlech 12-13
Melody 34-38
Mexico 108-111
Mighty Fortress, A 25
Mistress Shady 14
More We Get Together, The 20
Music in the Heavenly Paradise 208
My Gypsy Sweetheart 108-109
My Own, My Native Land (poem) 103
My Sweet Sweeting 63
New River Train 139-141
Night Herding Song 98
Notation 27-29
Nouvelles agreables 190-191
Now Is the Month of Maying 209
Now Soft the Night is Creeping 42
O All Ye Nations of the Earth 172
Ode to Newfoundland 114
Old Hundredth 130
Old Round 71
O Lord, Do Not Forget Me 207
Once to Ev'ry Man and Nation 79
Opera 147-156
Operetta 157-169
Orchestra, The 123-127
Our Sorrow Is Pain 77
Out Seaward 65-67
Per Spelman 30-32
Pesach 218
Petrouchka 143-146
Pippa Passes (poem) 208
Praise the Lord 218-219
Praise to God, Immmortal Praise 176
Prayer from Der Freischutz 76
Psalm III 138
Recorder 233-235
Rhythm 29-34
Saw You Never in the Twilight 192
Scale, The 35
Sea, The 60-61
See How the Smoke Lightly Flies 149-152
See the Pretty Maiden 33
Serenade in Vain 54-57
Shady Grove 58-59
Shanty-Man's Alphabet 134 (A-H only, North Dakota)
Shepherds Come 188
Shoo, Fly! 200
Silent Night 189-190
Silver Lamps 185-186
Singing Technique 41
Skye Boat Song 96-97
Social Band 131
Some Folks Do 17
Sound of the Trumpet (poem) 215
Star-Spangled Banner, The 118-119
Steal Away 28
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht 189
Sukkoth 215
Symphony No. 41 (Mozart) 122
Tell Me Why 21
There Was a Man 133
Toast to General Washington, The 198-199
Tom Fiddler 30-32
Toreador Song 156
Tortilla Vendor, The 99
To the Dance 71
Transposition 127
Twelve Days of Christmas, The 193
Twilight 50
Vergebliches Standchen 54-57
Wanderer's Night Song 46-49
What sweeter music (quot.) 177
When the Kye Comes Hame 52-53
With the Guard on Duty Going 148
Yangtze Boatmen's Chantey 100
Years at the Spring, The (poem) 208
Yodeler Boy 72
You're a Grand Old Flag 120-121
Zum Tanz 71

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 07 Jun 04 - 06:39 AM

Authors: William Sur, Mary Tolbert, William Fisher, Adeline McCall
Illustrated: Dora Leder
Pub: Allyn and Bacon, Inc. 1971

Aiken Drum 139
Air Plane Ride 98
All Day My Hands Keep Moving 33
All the Pretty Little Horses 49
Allee Allee O, The 154
America 185
America the Beautiful 159
Animals in the Zoo 112
Aquarium, The (Carnival of the Animals) 149
Are You Sleeping 69
Autumn Wind, The 48

Baa,Baa, Black Sheep 62
Baby Sleep 78
Bells 50
Bells in the Steeple 63
Birds in Granny's Garden 125
Boat Songs 52
Bon-Jour Mes Amis 20
By'm Bye 79

Carpenters, The 95
Chiu, Chiu, Chiu 146
Circle of San Miguel, The 17
City, The (poem) 92
Clap Your Hands 41
Clapping Land 15
Celesta, The 84-5
Come, My Friend and Dance 21
Coqui, El 147
Counting Song 23
Cuckoo Bird, The 182-3

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker Suite) 85
Darby Ram, The 129
Day Is Now Over, The 57
Deck the Halls 168-9
Ding Dong Diggy Diggy Dong 60
Dinga, Dinga, Doodle 138
Doctor Foster Went to Gloster 58
Doctor Ironbeard 102-3
Doktor Eisenbart 102-3
Down in the Valley 67

Echo 142
Es tanzt ein Bi-ba Butzemann 42-3
El Tren del Almendral 22

Farmer (poem) 118
First Snow (poem)156
For Health and Strength 167
For the Beauty of the Earth 166
Frere Jacques 69
Frog, The 147
Funny Song 113

Going Down to Cairo 100
Going to the Fair 40
Golliwog Cakewalk 31
Good Day, My Friends 20
Green, Green, Green 11

Hallowe'en Faces 160-1
Harmony (poem) 118
Hawaiian Chant 27
Here Dances Bi-ba Butzemann 42-3
High or Low 59
Hiking Song 143
Horsey, Horsey 36-7
Hot Cross Buns 54-5
Hurdy Gurdy Man, The 116-7
Hush, My Baby 56

I Had a Little Overcoat 106-7
I Like to Live on the Farm 120
I Listen to the Whistles (poem) 93
I Live in a City 94
I Live in Montana 122
I Think It's So 140
If You're Happy 12
If You've Never (poem) 162
I'm Proud to Live in America 184
Instruments (poem) 70-1

Jack, Can I Ride? 114-5
Jenny Jenkins 104-5
Jingle Bells 175

Kookaburra 175
Kuckuck 182-3
Kukuriku 124

Life Under the Sea 148-9
Listen to Bongo Drums 30
Little Bingo 128
Little Ducklings 132
Little Farmer, The 121
Little Speck o'Lady 18-9
Little Train, The 00
Lukey's Boat 153

Mail Myself to You 178
Make a Singing Valentine 179
Makulai 27
Marching to Pretoria 34-5
Mary Had a Little Lamb 86
Melody (poem) 46-7
Mi chacra 130
Midsummer Night's Dream, A 72-74
Minuet in F (Mozart) 81
Miss Crab 152
Mister Fiddler 75
Moon, The 26
Motor Cars (poem) 93
My Farm 130-1
My Old Dan 38-9
Mystery Tune (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) 80

O Come Little Children 173
O Hanukkah 170-1
October (poem) 156
Of a Tailor and a Bear 108-110
Oh, Walk Together, Children 13
Old John Bradleum 10
Old Woman and the Pig, The 77
One for the Money (poem) 45
One, Two, Tie My Shoe 61
Oranges and Lemons 68
Over the River and Through the Wood 164-5

Park With the Zoo, The 111
Paul and the Chickens 133
Pawpaw Patch, The 66
Pirate Bold, A 151
Pretty Mermaid 150
Pumpkin Eater's Little Fugue 87

Rabbit and the Tortoise, The 144
Rain, Rain, Go Away (poem) 53
Rhythm (poem) 28-9
Rhythm of Words 45
Riding in a Taxi, Miss Mary Jane 97
Rig-a-jig-jig 32
Rooster's Crowing, The 124

Sambalele 24-5
Sammy Sackett 55
Sandy Land 123
Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea 155
Seasons, The 158
See the Leopard 113
Sheep Shearing, The 126
Shoemaker, The 101
Singing Time (poem) 7
Skating Away 176-7
Skyscrapers (poem) 92
Snow is Falling 175
Song for the G Bell 52
Space Travel (poem) 136
Star Light, Star Bright (poem) 45
Susie, Little Susie 134

Tailor and the Bear, The 108-10
Tanga Leo 135
Thank You for Your Care 167
There Was an Old Witch 162-3
This Land is Your Land 14
This Old Man 44
Thunderstorm, The 141
Tideo 16
To a Snowflake 177
Traffic Officer, The 96
Train From Almendral, The 22
Try the Riddle 39
Tsuki 26
Twittering Machine, The (Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee) 91
Two-part Invention (J.S.Bach)83
Two Rabbits 181
Two Songs Together 53

Variations on "Ah, vous dirais-je, Maman" 80
' 80

Walking in Space (poem) 45
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 174
Welcome (poem) 20
Who Has Seen the Wind? (poem) 45
Who's That? 78
Wind Through the Olive Trees 172
Winter is Over 180

You'll Sing an Song and I'll Sing a Song 8-9
Variations on "Ah vous dirais-je Maman

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 07 Jun 04 - 02:27 PM

THIS IS MUSIC 5 Teachers' Edition
Wm. R.Sur, R. E. Nye, Wm. R. Fisher, M. R. Tolbert
Illus. Winnie Fitch Phelan
Allyn and Bacon 348 pp., 1962, 1964
Two Parts:
Teachers' Section 134 pp.
Music with Our Friends 1
Music of Explorers and Colonists 14
Music of a Young Nation 45
Exploring Music of the Southern States 73
Exploring Music of the Westward Movement 87
Songs of Many Nations 114
Special Days 125
Instrumental Helps 134 (pp. 206-210)

Students' Section 214 pp. inc. Classified and Alphabetical Indexes

Abalone 131
A-Jogging Along 83
Alaska's Flag 156
Aloha Oe 158-159
America 53
America the Beautiful 160
Angels We have Heard on High 192-193
A-Roving 19
Austrian Hymn 54-55
Battle Hymn of the Republic 112-113
Bingo 75
Biquette 61
Birdkeeper, The 45
Bird Song, The 31
Birthday Song, A 43
Blow the Man Down 59
Blow the Winds Southerly 25
Blow, Ye Winds 60
Blue Bell of Scotland, The 66
Blue Juniata, The 82
Blue-Tail Fly, The 93
Brighton Camp 76
Broom, The 42
Buena Vista 119
Buffalo Gals 98
Campbells Are Coming, The 152
Camptown Races 92
Canaday-I-O 140
Captain Jinks 121
Chilly Winds 153
Christmas Round 195
Clementine 129
Come By Here 163
Come, Come, Ye Saints 116
Come, Follow Me 27
Come, Sister, Come 24
Come, Ye Thankful People 36
Cotton Needs A-Pickin' 99
Cradle for New Music, A 100-101
Dance Song 145
Dans les chantiers nous hivernerons 174
Darby Ram, The 64-65
Deaf Old Woman's Courtship, The 29
Der Lindenbaum 89
Der Vogelfänger 45
Dixie 110-111
Donkey, The 74
Drawing of the Water 168
Echoes of Colonial Days 46-47
El capotin 22
Entr'acte Music for "Rosamunde" (excerpt) 88
Erie Canal 78-79
Exploring Musical Ideas 15-17, 32, 122
Farewell Song 134 (Princeton Univ.)
Far From Home
Farmer Comes to Town, The 132
Finland's Pride 142
First Nowell, The 188-189
For Rain and Sun 38
Free America 48
From Heaven Above 189
From Siberia 170
From the New World Symphony 148-149
Girl I Left Behind Me, The 76
Glorious Fourth, The 52
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken 54-55
Goat, The 61
God Save the King (Queen) 53
Goin' to Boston 85
Golden Slippers, 96-97
Golden Slumbers 26
Good-bye, My Lover, Good-bye 120
Good Night 171
Ground-Gopher's Hole, The 12 (trad.)
Ground Hog 109
Gustaf's Toast 143
Hail, Columbia 51
Haru Ga Kita 166
Hike Along 8
Hineey Ma Tov 167
Holly and the Ivy, The 190
Huron Canal, The 21
I'm Gonna Sing 97
In Old Mexico 181
Instrumental Helps 206-209
Instruments Charm Me, The 210
In the Tyrol 151
Invitation to the Singing School 72
I Went to the Toróró 176
Jarabe 180
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head 197
Johnny Sands 81
Joy to the World 196
Juba Dance 100-101
Juniper Tree, The 87
Keys of My Heart, The 68
Kum ba Yah 163
La Jesusita 178
Las mañanitas 179
Leavin' Old Texas 136
Let's Shoot the Rooster 28
Linden Tree, The 89
Lone Star Trail, The 136
Look, There is the Steamer! 198
Lotus Song 164-165
Lovely Evening 27
Maple Leaf Forever, The 173
March King, The 202-204
Marines' Hymn, The 69
Marvelous Mountains 177
Mary and Martha 135
Miller, The 124
Minuet from the Quintet in E Major 47 (Boccherini)
Mister Banjo 62
Montes primorosos 177
My Hero's a Cowboy 137
My Lord, What a Morning 106-107
My Sweet Sweeting 157
Nathaniel Dett and His Juba 100-101
New Music from the New World 146-149
New Symphony, A 148-149
Night Time 44
Noël, Noël 191
Now Dawn Is Coming 23
Oh! Susanna 13
Old Dan Tucker 94
Old Hundred 33
Old Rosin the Beau 130
Old Sister Phoebe 87
Old Tare River 95
On the Mountain, in the Valley 169
Outer Space 161
Peter White 30
Piñata Song 185
Piper's Tune, The 39
Polly Wolly Doodle 108
Prayer of Thanksgiving 37
President Washington's Inaugural March 51
Quaker's Courtship, The 63
Quartet in C Major (Haydn) 56-58
Red Iron Ore 139
Red River Valley 123
Ring the Banjo 91
Rock of Ages 199
Roll On, Columbia 154-155
Roll On, Wagons 115
Sailing for San Francisco 128
Sarasponda 40
Scale, The 16
Sealing Cruise of the Lone Flier, The 172
Send Down Thy Truth 34-35
Shadows Fall 10
Shanty Boys in the Pine, The 141
Shout and Sing 73
Silent Night 186-187
Sing Your Way Home 205
Sioux Indians, The 117
Small Winds 206-207
Snow Lay on the Ground, The 194-195
So Long 14
Song for a Country, A 54-55
Song of the Ghost Dance 20
Son of the Count, The 175
Spin, Spin, My Darling Daughter 41
Spooky Night 184
Springfield Mountain 118
Springtime Has Come 166
Stars and Stripes Forever, The 202
Star-Spangled Banner, The 70-71
String Quartet, The 56-58
Sweet Betsy from Pike 126-127
Sweet Nightingale 67
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 147
Swing on the Corner 84
Symphony No. 5 (Dvorak) 148-149
Theme and Variations 57-58
Tuons le coq 28
Two Wings 102-103
'Ukulele 208-209
Upward Trail 9
U-Sheavtem Mayim 168
Voyagers 174
Wabash Cannonball, The 138
Wait for the Wagon 125
Wayfaring Stranger 86
Wearing of the Green 200-201
We Can't Get 'Em Up 11
We're All Together Again 7
We Thank Thee, Lord 38
When I Am Ten Years Old 144
Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo 133
Witches 183
Yankee Doodle 49
Ya viene el alba 23
Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn, The 80
Zion's Children 104-105
Zum Gali Gali 167

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 09 Jun 04 - 03:51 PM

Author: Hollis Dann
Pub: American Book Co., 1935
Primary Grades

Air Ride, An
America the Beautiful
Angel, The
April Girl, An
As I Walked Out
At Twelve O'Clock
Autumn Comes
Autumn Wind, The

Baby Birdlings
Barefooted Maiden, The
Barley Mow, The
Bed in Summer
Bedtime, Bellman, The
Bird Songs
Bobby Brockett
Boy and Bird
Boy or Lark?
Bright Star
Brother, Come and Dance
Bumblebee and Clover
Butterfly, The

Call to Play, The
Carol for Christmas (Angels cry in Bethlehem, "Sing, little children"
Carpenter, Carpenter
Child's Evensong, A
Child's Prayer, A
Chimney Sweep, The
Christmas Bells
Christmas Day
Christmas Day in the Morning
Christmas Time
Christopher Columbus
Cossack's Lullaby
Cradle Hymn (Martin Luther)
Cradle Song, (Swedish)
Cradle Song (Mozart)
Curly Locks and the Chestnut Man

Dancing With Rosa
Doctor Foster
Down in the Well

Early One Morning
Easter Carol, An
Easter Secret, An
Evening Star, The

Farmer and His Wife, The
First Christmas, The
Follow Me, Full of Glee
Foreign Children

Garden in the Snow
Garden in the Sea
Georgie Porgie
Giving Thanks
Going to London
Golden Carol, The
Golden Slumbers
Good Morning
Good Night! (List to the bells of the steeple)
Gray Sparrow, The
Guardian Angel, The
Guardial Angels

Harvest Song
Hear Our Call
Hear the Wind!
Here and There
Huntiung the Hare
Hush, My Dear

I Saw Three Ships
I Won't Get Up
In My Birch Canoe
In Orchard Green
Indian Lullaby

Jack Frost

Knife Grinder, The

Lady Moon
Ladybird, The
Land of Nod, The
Little Lame Girl
Little Ship, The
Lotus Flower, The
Lovely April
Lullaby (Katherine Davis)

Magic Vine, The
Maid and the Peddler, The
Make Believe
Mary Jane
Meadow, The
Morning By the Lake
Morning Song
My Lady's Garden
My Native Land
My Servants
Mystery, A

New Every Morning Is Thy Love
Night and Day
Nightingale, The
Nut Tree, The
Nutting Song

O A-Hunting We Will Go
O My Dear Heart
October's Party
Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be?
On Old North Bridge
On the Winter Wind
Once in Royal David's City
Our Song
Over in the Meadow

Piper, The
Polly the Pony
Praise the Lord
Praise Ye the Lord!
Prayer, A

Queen Dances, The


Santa Claus
Santa Claus Comes
Seasons, The
Shepherdess, The
Silent Night
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sleep,Baby, Sleep
Sleepy Goose Girl
Sleepy Maple Trees
Sleepy Song, A
Slumber Song
Snowflake, A
Song From the Shore, A
Song of Thanksgiving, A
Song of the Fields
Song of the Lilies
Spring Is Here
Spring Morning
Spring Rain
Spring's Messenger
Story of a Pumpkin, The
Strawberry Hill

Ten Miles from Home
Thanksgiving (Treasures from the garden, fruit from orchard trees)
Thanksgiving (Praise to God, immortal praise)
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Hymn
Three Sailors, The
Three Squirrels, The
Timothy Lee
'Tis Easter Today
To London Town
Twinkle Little Star
Two Songs

Under a Tree
Under the Stars
Underneath the Willows
Unfortunate Chickens, The
Up and Down the Shady Lane
Up the Mountain

Waken, O Shepherds
When Jesus Christ Was Born on Earth
When Mary Lulled Her Babe to Sleep
When the Little Children Sleep
When Things Grow Up
Wind, The
Winter Wind
With Happy Voices Singing
Work and Play (Lydia Foote, German Melody)
Work and Play

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Subject: Index: Exploring Music 6 (Holt, Rinehart, Winston)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 09 Jun 04 - 04:43 PM

EXPLORING MUSIC 6 Teacher's edition
Eunice Boardman, Beth Landis
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. NY, 1966, 334 pp.

Let's Explore Music 1
Music of the British Isles 33
Music of Europe 63
Music of Scandanavia 105
Music of Latin America and Spain 119
Music of Asia and the Orient 143
More Music to Explore 157
Music for Special Times 191

Notes about the Artist's Paintings
Piano Accompaniments 210
Glossary 329
Classified Index of Music and Poetry 330
Classified Index of Musical Skills 332
Alphabetical Index of Music and Poetry 334
(second page number- piano accompaniment with lyrics)
(NOTE- all pieces p. 49, 61, 80-85, 98, 116, 187; mention only, no music; orchestral pieces major themes only).

Difficult to index, as the piano accompaniments are not indexed individually; I have done it for completeness.

All Hail, Fridolin 114
Alleluia 68
American Hymn, The 208, 327
American Jazz 173
Ancient Chinese Music 146
And the Fallen Petals (Chou Wen-chung) 146 (discussion only)
Arirang 155, 294
As the World Turns 82
Beautiful Dreamer 164, 295
Bell Man, The 82
Blacksmith's Dance 84
Buon giorno 66
Carmen, Carmela 120, 272
Carol, Brothers, Carol 203
Christmas Carol 203
Christmas Is Coming 197
Cid Ballet Suite, Le (Massinet) 136
Cindy 170, 301
Cockles and Mussels 38, 232
Come, Follow Me 53
Come O'er the Stream, Charlie 43, 237
Composition for Synthesizer (M. Babbitt) 187
Comin' Thro' the Rye 42, 236
Creation of the World (Milhaud) 177
Czech Riding Song 96, 266
Dansa (Villa-Lobos) 125
Deck the Halls (words only) 200
Dein blaues Auge (Brahms) 81
Dona nobis pacem 192
Du, du liegst mir im herzen 72, 248
Dune of Tosa 147, 286
Dust of Snow 179
Egmont Overture (Beethoven) 76
Evening Prayer 86, 260
Ev'ry Night When the Sun Goes In 168, 299
Fantasia in C (Ferrabosco II) 49
Far in the Mountains 117, 272
Farandole (Bizet) 26
Farewell, Beloved Homeland 99
First Noel, The 196, 319
Fourth String Qt., Op. 37 (Schoenberg) 160
Gallos cantan, Los 134, 284
Gambangan (Anon.) 149 (discussion only)
Ghost of Tom 28
Glockenjodler 91
Go Tell It on the Mountain 198
God Be in My Hede 61
God of Our Fathers 8, 215
Green Grow the Laurels 176, 305
Greensleeves 46, 240
Haiku Poetry 145
Haleluyoh 294, 325
Halling, Op. 72, No. 4 (Grieg) 111
He's Got the Whole World in His hands 19, 224
Herdsman, The 90, 262
Here We Come A-Wassailing (words only) 200
Home Road, The 2, 210
Hosanna 130, 282
Hundred Years Ago, A 17, 223
Hungarian Round 97
I Came Home Late One Evening 109, 270
I Hear America Singing 178
I Wonder as I Wander 194, 316
Icelandic Prayer 108
Il est né 200, 321
In bahia 126
In Summer the Sunshine Is Brightest 106, 268
Inch Worm, The 182, 309
Infant Jesus, King of Glory 195, 317 (Polish)
Instructions of King Cormac (excerpt) 61
Jacob's Ladder 166
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring 74, 250
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 3, 211
Joy to the World (words only) 199
Kalvelis 24
Kleine Kammermusik, Op. 24, No. 2 (Hindemith) 162
Leilya and the Poet (El-Dabh) 187
Let Us Break Bread Together 30, 228
Lieb Nachtigall 205
Lullaby of the Sea 159
Lure, Falconers, Lure (Bennet) 49
Ma bella bimba 64, 246
Mastersingers of Nuremberg, The (Wagner) 100-103
Me gustan todas 122, 276
Merry Minstrels 52
Migildi Magildi 44, 238
Minstrel Boy, The 36, 231
Moldau, The (Smetana) 98
Music in the Air 207, 326
My Heart Ever Faithful 75, 252
My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold 83
My Heart's in the Highlands 83
My Homeland 81. 258
My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (Dowland) 49
My Little Bird, Where Do You Fly? 112
Mystic Lights 150. 290
New Year Carol, A 56, 244
Night Piece, The 158
Now Is the Month of Maying 50, 242

O Come, All Ye Faithful (words only) 199
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 193
Old Abram Brown 55
Pat A-Pan 202, 322
Peace of the River 6, 214
Peasant Dance for Norwegian Fiddle (Halvorsen) 111
Paddler, The 20, 225
Piano Quintet in A ('Trout', Schubert) 80 (Discussion only)
Play on Notes 188
Plowing Song 94
Premier mois d'l'année, Le 92, 264
Purple Bamboo, The 144, 285
Requiem (RLS, poem) 179
Río, Río 124, 278
Ríu, Ríu, Chíu 206
Roll On, Columbia 4, 212
Sanctus (Palestrina) 67 (discussion only)
Saturday Night 27
Scaramouche Suite (Milhaud) 161
Shalom Alehem 167, 298
Schule Aroon 34, 230
Si Pilemon 148, 288
Six Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6 (Webern) 161
Solveig's Song (Grieg) 110
Spinn, spinn, meine liebe Tochter 70
Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 (Arel) 187
Streets of Laredo 14, 220
Suliram 154, 292
Swan, The 18
Summer Magic 107
Swinging Along 12, 218
Symphony No. 40 in G Minor (Mozart) 88
Talkin' Blues 31
Tallis' Canon 47
Tanko Bushi 152 (dance description, no lyrics)
Tarara, La 133
Thanksgiving Hymn 191, 315
These Things Shall Be 15, 222
Thumbelina 180, 306
Totur 116
Trout, The 78, 253-258
Tum Balalyka 22. 226
Turn Ye to Me 40. 234
Vidalita, La 121, 274
Voiles (Debussy) 95
Water Come A Me Eye 128, 280
Watkin's Ale and Munday's Joy (Anon.) 49
When V and I Together Meet 54
William Tell Overture (Rossini) 7
Wonderful Copenhagen 184, 312
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Britten) 57-59
You're a Grand Old Flag 10, 2216

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 10 Jun 04 - 02:57 PM

Author: Charles A. Fullerton
Pub: Wallace Publishing Co., Des Moines 1925
Grades 1-8

A-Hunting We Will G0
All Through the Night
America the Beautiful
Annie Laurie
Are You Sleeping?
Ash Grove, The
Auld Lang Syne
Away for Rio

Battle Hymn of the Republic, The
Bean Porridge
Begone, Dull Care
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Bendemeer's Stream
Billy Boy
Birthday of a King, The
Blacksmith, The
Blow the Man Down
Bluebird, The
Boat, a Boat
Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie Laddie
Boy and the Lark

Cantique de Noel
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Cherry Sweet
Child's Evensong, A
Christmas Carolling Song (Here We Come a-Carolling)
Christmas Hymn
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Corn Soldiers
Cornish May Song (Ye maids of Helston, gather dew)
Cradle Song (Brahms)
Cuckoo Clock

Dairy Maids
Dance Song
Dancing in May
Dancing Song
Danny Boy
Deck the Hall
Deep River
Deus Miseratur
Dickory Dickory Dock
Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Did You Ever See a Lassie?
Dixie Land
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Duncan Gray

Early to Bed
Easy Song, An
Evening Song

Fairest Lord Jesus
Farmer, The
Farmer in the Dell, The
Farmyard, The
Feast of Lanterns
Fiddle, The
Fire, The
Florian's Song
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
Frog and the Mouse, The
Frog, He would a-Wooing Go
Frog Went A-Courting

Gardener, The
God Ever Glorious
Good Morning
Good Night (Round)
Gregorian Chant

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here
Heaven Song
Hey diddle diddle
Hills of Tyrol
Hobby Horse
Home Road, The
How Does My Lady's Garden Grow?
Humming Bird, TGhe
Hundred Pipers, The
Hush, My Babe
Hymn of Thanks
Hymn to St. John the Baptist

I Ain't Gwine to Study War No More
I Love Little Pussy
I See You
In the Belfry
In the Time of Roses
Intry Mintry
Iowa Corn Song
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Jack and Jill
Jack in the Pulpit
Japanese Love Song
Jock o' Hazeldean
John Anderson, My Jo
John MacDonald's Farm (Old MacDonald Had a Farm)
John Peel

Laird o' Cockpen
Lass with the Delicate Air
Last Rose of Summer, The
Lead Kindly Light
Lightly Row
Linden Tree
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Little Brown Church
Little Dustman, The
Little Jack Horner
Little Miss Muffet
Little Ship, The
Loch Lomond
London Bridge
Looby Loo
Lord, I Want to Be a Christian
Love's Old Song
Lovely Evening
Lullaby (Lithuanian)

Mary and Martha
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mary of Argyle
Mermaid, The
Mill Wheel, GThe
Minstrel Boy, The
Morning Song
Mother Goose Lullaby
Mother's Prayer
Muffin Man
Milberry Bush
My Banjo
My Little Owlet
My Love's an Arbutus
My Man john
My Old Dan
My Old Kentucky Home
My Pony

Naming the Trees
Now All Good Night

O, No, John
O Sole Mio
O Rest in the Lord
O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow
Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
Oh, Susannah
Old Black Joe
Old Folks at Home
Old Stage Coach
Over the Summer Sea

Pilgrim's Chorus
Pippa's Song
Polly, Put the Kettle On
Postillion, The
Proudly as the Eagle
Pull a Cherry
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

Quilting Party

Recessional, The
Rest in the Lord
Reuben and Rachel
Ride a Cock Horse
Riggety Jig
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Santa Lucia
Scotland's Burning
Scots Wha Hae
See Saw, Margery Daw
See, the Conquering Hero Comes
Silent Night
Simple Simon
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Singing School
Skye Boat Song
Sky Music
Sleepy Fishes
Slumber Boat
Softly Sleep
Soldier boy
Soldier Boys
Song of a Thousand Years
Song of Iowa
Song of the Cricket
Sourwood Mountain
Spanish Gypsy, The
Spanish Guitar
Spirit of Summer Time
Squirrel, The
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Stars of the Summer Night
Steal Away
Sunand Stars
Sweet and Low
Sweet Genevieve
Sweet Kitty Clover
Sweet Nightingale
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Swing Song
Swiss Song

Tailor and the Mouse
Teach Us to Pray
Ten Little Indians
Thanksgiving Prayer
Thread Follows the Needle
Three Blind Mice
Three Ravens, The
Today's the First of May
Tree in the Wood
Tru Story, A
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Up in the Morning Early

Vale of Avoca
Volga Towing Path

Wakeful Brook, The
Weel May the Keel Row
When You and I Were Young Maggie
Whispering Hope
Who Is Sylvia?
Windmill, The
Winds, The
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, The

Ye Banks and Braes
Young Jasons

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 10 Jun 04 - 03:35 PM

A New Singing Book for Schools, Academies, Seminaries,ng and the Home Circle, containing a popular selection of Songs, Duets, Trios, etc.,
also containing a Complete Course of Elementary Instruction, With a Number of Exercises for Practice, to which is added an operetta, entitled: "Little Red Ridinghood" and a Musical Charade, enitled "Excellent"
Author: H. Millard
Pub: New York, S.T.Gordon and Son, 1875

Beating of My Own Heart, The
Beautiful Blue Danube
Birds Singing Sweetly
Bonnie Dundee
Brooks Make Rivers
Children's Army, The
Come Back to Erin
Darling Little Blue Shoes
Dear Comrade, Sweetly Slumber
Don't You Cry So, Norah Darling
Down Among the Lilies
Excellent (A Musical Charade)
Father, Now Our Tasks Are Done
Flag of the Free
Gather Up the Sunbeams
Gentle Words and Kindly Deeds
Graduating Song
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Hail, All Hail to Recess Time
Happy Hours
Home, Sweetest Blessing
How Can I Leave Thee!
Hunters, The
I Cannot Sing the Old Songs
Kathleen Mavourneen
Land of the Swallows, The
Little Maggie May
Little Red Ridinghood (operetta)
Live and Learn
Look Before You Leap
Marching Onward
Marseilles Hymn
Meadow Lark, The
Mermaid's Evening Song, The
Morning and Evening
Nine O'Clock
O Ye Tears!
Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
Old Hundred
Our Nation's Song
Over the Mountains
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Picking Cherries Down the Lane
Portuguese Hymn
Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel
Red Robin,The
Robin and the Wren, The
Send Us Blessed Dreams
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Snow Birds
Step By Step We Gain the Heights
Sweet Roses That Wither
Take Me Back Home Again
Tapping at the Garden Gate
Three Little Kittens
Try and Try
Under the Daisies
Vacation Days Have Come
Vacation Now Is Over
We Have Wandered
Welcome to Friends
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Whether or No
Whip-poor-will's Song
With Cheerful Hearts
Wolf at the Door, The
Work and Pray

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: GUEST,
Date: 11 Jun 04 - 06:36 PM

Nine Red Horsemen is in one of the lists of titles at this site, but I see no lyrics.

Here is what I recall:

I saw nine red horsemen
riding over the plain;
They all road as one man,
though I knew there were nine


Ho-hilo-hilo-hilo-ho, ho-hilo-hilo-hilo-ho, ho-hilo-hilo-hilo-ho, ho-hilo-hilo-hilo-ho (i.e., 4 times)

(Other verses and choruses followed ... I can't recall any others)

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 11 Jun 04 - 09:54 PM

See new thread: Lyric Add - Nine Red Horsemen

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 14 Jun 04 - 07:48 AM

Authors: W.M.Lawrence, O.Blackman
Pub: Houghtton, Mifflin 1895

Afternoon in February
Alike in Life and Death
Angel of Peaace
Around the Hearth

Baby Charley
Baby's Ring
Ballad of the Boston Tea Party
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Ben Bolt
Bridge, The

Captain's Daughter, The
Centennial Hymn
Child and Mother
Concord Hymn
Corn Song, GThe

Death of Minehaha, GThe
Decoration Day
Don't Be Sorrowful, Darling
Dream of Summer, A

Falcon, The
Fatherland, The
Fishermen, The
Flag, The
Flower of Liberty, The
For an American Festival
Fortune in the Daisy, The
Fountain, The

God Speed the Right

Hail! Columbia
Harp at Nature'e Advent Strung, The
Heritage, The
Home Again
Home, Sweet Home
Humble-Bee, The
Hunter's Serenade, The
Hymn Sung at Christmaas by the Scholars of St. Helena's Island

If I Were a Sunbeam
I Know Not What the Future Hath
In Absence
Indian Girl's Lament

Katydid, The
Kind Words Can Never Die
Kriss Kringle

Laus Deo!
Learn to Live and Live to Learn
Life on the Ocean Wave
Light That Is Felt, The
Little House on the Hill, The
Long Time Ag
Lord of All Being

May, the Maiden
Midsummer Song, A
My Birthday
My Mother's Memory
My Own Shall Come to Me

Near the Forset
Nearer Home
Nearer, My God, to Thee

O Captain! My Captain!
Ode for Washington's Birthday
Old Ironsides
Old Oaken Bucket, The
Old Year and the New, The
Open Window, The
Our Country
Our Country's Call

Poet, The
Poet and the Children, The
Poor Voter on Election Day
Proposal, The
Psalm of Life, A

Rain on the Road
Rainy Day, The
Raven, The
Reaper and the Flowers
Red, White and Blue, The

Sail On, O Ship of State
She Came and Went
Softly Now the Light of Day
Song of the Flag, A
Song of ther Negro Boatman
Speed Away!
Stars of the Summer Night
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Storm Song, The
Swanee River
Summers Come and Go, The
Summer Studies
Sweet Little Man, The
Sword of Bunker Hill, The

Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground
There Is Hovering About Me
There Is No End for Souls Like His
There's Music in the Air
Thine Eyes Still Shined
To Mother Fairie
To Stay at Home Is Best
True Freedom

Under the Trees

Voyagers, The

What the Chimney Sang
Where the Eagle Is King
Will and I
Wind and Sea
Woodman, Spare That Tree
Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Ye Say They All Have Passed Away

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 15 Jun 04 - 07:49 AM

A Book of Songs for Schools, Institutes, Academies, etc
Author: J. W. Yoder
Pub: Hal-Mack Co., Philadelphia 1922

All Hail ther Power of Jesus' Name
All on a Summer Morning
All Pull Together
America the Beautiful
At Evening When I Go to Bed

Because We Are Glad, My Dear
Bee and the Pup, The
Be "On the Square"
Boat Song, Thhe

Campfire, The
Cheery Bells of Schooldays
Christmas Eve
Coasting Days Are Come
Coming of the Rain, The
Common Duties

Dewdrop, The
Do Your Best
Don't Give Up to Failure
Down de Road to Dixie
Dreams of School Days

Father, Lead Me

Goat, The
Golden Days
Golden Proverb, The
Good-bye, My Lover, Good-bye
Grandmother's Garden
Grow Upward and Outward

Holy, Holy, holy
Homage to the Flag
Home Again
Home, Sweet Home
Hurry, Mr. Clock

In the Merry, Merry Month of May

Just Smile

Lend a Helping Hand
Levee Song
Light Canoe, The
Lighthouse, The
Look Before You Leap
Love's Old Sweet Song

May Day Song
Memory's Pictures
Months of the Year in Rhyme, GThe
Mother's Prayer, A
My Bed Is Like a Little Boat
My Country, 'Tis of Thee
My Kitty
My Old Kentucky Home

O Worship the King
Old Folks at Home
One By One
Owl, The

Pilgrims, The
Proverb from Manxland, A

Rainbow, The
Refreshing Rain
Ride in the Clouds, A
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Robin Adair
Rock of Ages
Rowing, Not Drifting

Silent Night, Holy Night
Singing in the Twilight
Sit Up and Smile and Be Glad
Skating Song
Smile, Smile, Smile
Smiles in Style
Smiling Through
Somebody's Work
Song of the Brook, The
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Style All the While
Summer Bells
Sun Woke Up One Morning, The
Swinging 'Neath the Old Apple Tree

Take Me Out and Lose Me
Tell the Glad Story
There's Music Everywhere
Tewilight is Stealing

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 18 Jun 04 - 09:28 PM

Author:   C.E.Leslie
Pub:   Chicago Music Co., 1886
Elementary and Intermediate, with a chorus and anthem department for the best choral societies.

Abba, Father
Across the Lake
Angels of Light
Arise, O Lord, Unto Thy Rest
At Thy Feet, O Lord, We Bow

Baby Has Gone to By-lo-land
Bear Him Home
Beautiful Golden Gate, The
Beuatiful Twilight
Bow Down Thy Ear, O Lord

Children of the Heavenly King
Children's Bobolink Song
Children's Evening Song, The
City of Our God
Cuckoo Sings on the Poplar Tree, Tha
Come Jine de Whitewashed Army

Decoration Ode
-How Gentle God's Command
Drive the Nail Aright Boys
Dropping Off to Sleep

Early in the Morning
Evening Song
Evening Star, The
Ever True

Father, I Bless Thy Gentle Hand
Freedom's Call to Battle
Friends and Old Companions

Gaily, Gaily Home We Go
Gentle Spirit, Heavenly Dove
Glad Are the Moments
Glory Be to the Father
God of Our Salvation
Good Lord Wants You Now, The
Good Night
Good Night Chorus
Gracious Spirit, Love Divine

Hail, All Hail
Hark the Skies
Home Across the Sea, A
Home, Sweet Home

I Don't See It
I Must Away
I Will Extol Thee
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

Jesus Lover of My Soul

King of Kings

Last Prayer, The
Let the Hills and Vales Resound
Lord, Before Thy throne

Meet You By and By
Merry Lark, The
Mother's Lullaby
My Home in the Wildwood
My Own True Love

None So Gay as We

O Be Joyful in the Lord
O Come with Me
O Lovely Night
Oft in Danger
Oh Hail Us Ye Free
Old Door-Step, The
Old Mother Hubbard
On Jordan's Stormy Banks
Only a Song
Our Baby

Pleading Saviour
Praise God Our Father
Praise the Lord
Precious Days
Prepare to Meet Thy God
Prince of Peace, The

Reaper and the Flowers, The
Rejoice in Liberty
Rest From Your Labors
Ring Ye Bells
Rolling River

Sailor's Glee, The
Saviour As We Bow
Saviour Source of Every Blessing
Shining Days, The
Shining Way, The
Sleep, Lady, Sleep
Sleighing Glee
Sleighing Glee, The
Softly Now the Light of Day
Soldiers' Chorus
Songs of Praise
Sovereign Ruler
Spring Song
Star of the Twilight
Storm King, The
Summer Ended, Harvest O'er
Sun Shower, The
Swiftly Glides the Hours Away

There Is a Blessed Home
Those Evening Bells
Thy Voice Is Near
Turnham Toll

Wait My Soul
Welcome to May
What Is the Song the Swallows Sing?
Whippoorwill Song, The
Who Built the Ark?
Who Was It?
Winds Sweep, The

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Subject: Index: The Song Echo (School Songbook))
From: cetmst
Date: 18 Jun 04 - 09:48 PM

A Collection of Copyright Songs, Duets, Trios and Sacred Pieces Suitable for Public Schools, Juvenile Classes, Seminaries and the Home Circle
Author: H.S.Perkins
Pub: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1871

All Among the Barley
Always Do Right
And Now Another Day Is Gone
At Home Thou Art Remembered
Away to the Playground

Beautiful Hills
Beautiful Hills of the Blest
Beautiful Snow
Beautiful Voices
Better Late Than Never
Blessed Is He That Cometh
Boat Song (Our Boat Is Off!)
Boat Song (Row, Row, Row, Over the Beautiful Blue We Go)
Busy, Curious, Thirsty Fly (Round)

Calmly She Faded
Chapel, The
Christmas Song
Christmas Tree
Close of Autumn
Come Home, Papa
Come to the Greenwood
Creator, The
Crown of Reward

Day Is Dark and Dreary
Daylight Is Breaking
Dear Old Home, The
Distant Chimes, The
Don'y Be Angry, Mother
Don't Stay Late Tonight
Down By the DFeep, Sad Sea
Drinking Gin
Driven From Home
Drunkard's Child, The
Dutchman's Complaint, The

Early to Bed and Early to Rise
Evening Hymn
Every Day Hath Toil and Trouble

Far Over the Earlier Hills of Life
Farewell, Good Night
Farmer's Boy, The
Father of All

Gentle Words
Go, Learn of the Ant
Go, Little Barque
Good-by, But Come Again
Good-by, Old Home
Graduating Ode

good Morning

Hail Our Pleasant School
Hark, I Hear the Hunter's Horn
Hark, Where the Bee (Round)
Happy New Year!
Harvesters, The
Hattie Bell
Hearthe School-Bell
Hear Our Prayere
Hearth and Home
Hearts and Homes
Home Is Sad Without a Mother
Homeward Bound
How Beautiful the Morning
Hunter's Call, The
Hunter Winds His Bugle Horn, The

I Cannot Catch the Sunshine
I Had a Dream, Mother
I'll Rememn]ber You in My Prayers
I'm Still a Friend to You
If a Heart for You Is Beating
In Light Tripping Measure
In Sleep's Sweet Oblivion Laid

Joy, Joy, Happy Are We

Land of the Pilgrim's Rest
Left All alone
Let the Dead and the Beautiful Rest
Let Us Have Peace
Light At Home, The
Lightly Row
Little Brown Church
Little White Cot in the Lane
Living Waters, The
Lone Rock By the Sea, The
Ling, Long Ago
Lord's Prayer, The

May-Day Carol
Memory's Jewels
Merrily Rolls the Mill-Stream On
Morning Hymn
Morning Land, The
Music Is a Blessing
My Father's Growing Old
My Native Hills
My Poor Heart Is Sad

Natalie, the Maid of the Mill
Near the Banks of That Lone River
Nearer, My God to Thee
New England Hills
New-Year's Chimes
Night winds
No Crown Without the Cross
No Home to Shelter Her Poor Little Head
No Tears In Heaven
Now I Lay Me Down the Sleep
Now's the Time to Make Your Mark

O God! We Thank Thee
Oh! a Merry Life
Oh! Merry Goes the Time
Oh! Why Should the Spirit?
Old Aunty Brown
Old Kitchen Floor, The
One By One
Only a Little flower
Our Father in Heaven
Our Heavenly Father
Out West
Over Hill and Valley
Over the Hills
Over the Sea

Paddle Your Own Canoe
Parting Song
Pity the Erring
Praise to Him Who Built the hills
Prety Is As Pretty Does

Rain on the Roof
Reaper and the Flowerrs, The
Ring the Merry Bells
Ripple, Little Brooks
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep

Saturday Evening
School Hymn
See the Last Merry Load
Shadows on the Wall
Shaking of the Hand, The
She Sleeps in the Valley
Shout We Good Morning
Silent Voice, The
Singing Merrily
Sleep On, Dearest Mother
Sleigh-Ride, The
Snow Angels
Soldiers' Decoration Hymn
Soldiers' Marching Song
Song for the Close of School
Song of Spring
song of Welcome'Speak Kindly
Star of the Twilight
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Strike for the Cause of Freedom
Summer's gone
Sunday-School Band, A
Sweetly Chimes the Bell
Sweet Echo, Wake from Yonder Hill
Sweet Face at the Window
Sweet Little Nell

Take Me Back Home
Tattoo, TheTemperance Jubilee, The
There's None Left to Love Me
Through the Forest Bounding
To the Cross I Cling
Trip Lightly Over Trouble
Tripping Merrily
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Two on Earth and Two in Heaven

Upper Sea, The

Vesper Hymn

Wandering Refugee
We Are all Here
Welcome, Friends
When Spring Returns Again
Where Shall We Make Her Grave?
Wide Awake, Boys
Winter King, The
With Merry Hearts
World Is Ful of Beauty, The
Write Me a Letter From Home

Yes, We'll Write You a Letter from Home
Youthful Days
You've Been a Friend to Me

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 19 Jun 04 - 03:49 AM

I still have a good number of music textbooks to index, but I've had Internet problems. I'd also like to index the songbooks from Oak Publications, but in another thread, at another time. Keep them indexes coming! Thanks, everyone.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: Index: Perkins' Model Class Book
From: cetmst
Date: 19 Jun 04 - 08:36 AM

Author: H.S. Perkins
Pub: White, Smith & Co., 1881
For Elementary Classes, Musical Institutes, Choirs, Concert Use, etc.


Alone at Midnight
All Good Night
A Hundred Years to Come
All on Account of Eliza
A Happy New Year
Autumn Leaves

Beautiful Dawn
Bridge, The

Calling Johnny (Round)
Chivalry of Manhood
Come to sunset
Crabbed Age and Youth

Day Is Breaking
Day Is Dark and Dreary, The
Disappointed Lover, The
Don't Forget the Old Folks
Dropping Corn

Fling Out the Joyful Banner
Friends We Come

Golden Corn
Gushing Rill, The

Hark 'Tis the Trumpet
He Couldn't
Hearts and Homes
How Sweet to be Roaming
Hunter's Call, The

Johnny Smith and the Doctors

May Song
March of the Men of Harlech
Meeting and Parting
Merrily Rolls the Mill Stream
Merry Mountaineers, The
Mighty Sea, The
Morning Bells
My Home on the Hill

Night Winds That So Gently Flow

Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be
Old Ocean
Old, Old Home, The
Old Singing School, The
On the Lake We Float
Our Supplications

Sailor Lad, The
Sang the Maid in Days of Yore
Silent Voice, The
Sleep, Darling, Sleep
Softly Sleeps
Softly Glides the Brook
Softly the Day is Declining
Song of the Lark
Song of the Triton
Song of the Mountain Maid
Song of the Wood-Chopper
Song of the Water Drinkers
Soldier's Farewell
Speak Well of Each Other
Speed, Good Ship
Spring Song
Summer's Gone
Summer Rain
Sweet Now and Now, The
Sweetly Sleep

Temperance Ball Is Rolling, The
Thro' the Lovely Vale

We Come With Songs to Greet You
We Love the Bright Spring
Whale, The
When Shall We Meet Again?
Where Would I Be?
Wind-Voices, The
Winds Fiercely Blow, The


All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
-Father let thy benediction, gently falling as the dew
-Eternal source of life and light
-How sweetly flowed the gospel sound
-Joy to the world (Christmas)
-How sweet the hour of closing day
-How beauteous are their feet
-Bread of the world in mercy broken
-Jesus! I love thy charming name
-Oh for a closer walk with God
-Teach us, O Lord, the great concern
-Friend after friend departs
Fort Scott
-To thy temple I repair
-Father, whate'er of earthyl bliss
-There is a stream whose gentle flow
-Prayer is the soul's sincere desire
-Come, my redeemer! come
-O where shall rest be found
-One sweetly solemn thought
-Glory to God on high!
-As pants the hart
-Now the shades of nught are gone
-Partners of a glorious hope
-Jesus fill us with thy love
-Jesus, lover of my soul
-Sweet is the task, O Lord
-Safely through another week
-Silently the shades of evening gather round my lonely door
-As pants the hart
-Come at the morning hour
Morning Hymn
-Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Mount Prospect
-While my Redeemer's near
-Sweet is the work, my God, my king
New Year
-Come lest us a-new, our journey pursue
-Holy spirit! love divine!
One By One the Sands Are Flowing
Onward Speed Thy Conquering Flight
-How gentle God's commands
-Lord, when together here we meet
-Give thanks to God, he reigns above
-Sweet is the prayer whose holy stream
Prayer and Praise
-Lord of hosts, to thee we raise
-How gentle God's commands
-Oh, where shall rest be found
-Oh, cease my wandering soul, on restless wings to roam
-Lord, we come before thee now
-Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing
Sabbath Evening
-Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve
-Softly now the light of day
Santa Barbara
-Softly fades the twilight ray
Saturday Night
-When the worn spirit wants repose
-How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
-The Lord my shepherd is
Softly Fades the Twilight Ray
-Still the spirit lingers near
-When as returns this solemn day
-Father, how manifold thy ways
Spring Creek
-For the mercies of the day
-When I survey the wondrous xross
-Behold the lofty sky, declares its maker God
-Father, how manifold thy ways
-Now to the Lord a noble song
-Sweet harp of Judah
-What shall I be?
-Triumphant Zion! lift thy head
Where Earth and Heaven Meet
-'Tis by the brook and meadows green
-How sweetly flowed the gospel sound
Wondrous Cross


Almighty One
Come to Me
Everlasting Memorial, The
Hear Our Prayer
Ho, Reapers of Life's Harvest
Lord's Prayer, The
O Why Should the Spirit
Praise the Lord


As Pants the Hart
Glory Be to God
Grant Us Thy Peace
I Will Praise Thee
Jesus, As This Day We Gather
Oh, That I Had Wings
O Lord, Be Thou Merciful
Resound His Praise
Sweet Is Thy Mercy
Vesper Hymn


Ave Maria, from "Lorely" (Mendelssohn)
Baal, We Cry to Thee "Elijah" (Mendelssohn)
Blessed Is He That cometh
Cast Thy Burden "Elijah"
Come, Gentle Spring
Glorious I Thy Name
Hallelujah "The Messiah" (Handel)
His Mercies on Thousands
Inflammatus "Stabat Mater"
Singing Bird, The
Tramp O'er Moss and Fell
Venetian Boat Song
Vintage Song

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 19 Jun 04 - 09:31 AM

Author: Harry Simeone
Pub: Delaware Water Gap PA, Shawnee Press, 1954,
The Fred Waring Music Workshop
For Teen-age Choral Groups in Schools and Churches

America - Our Heritage
American Hymn
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Angels We Have Heard on Hign
Burden Down
Day Is Dying in the West
Deck the Hall
Fairest Lord Jesus
Galway Piper, The
Git Along, Little FDogies
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Han Skal Leve
Hi Diddle Diddle
I Never Saw a Moor
Jacob's Ladder
Little David Play on Your Harp
Listen to the Lambs
Monday's Child
Musikanter, Der
My Master
Now the Day Is Over
On Top of Old Smoky
One Little Candle
Onward Cchristian soldiers

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 19 Jun 04 - 04:53 PM

Two series of songbooks not yet listed are:

"The American Singer," Books 1-6, 1946, John W. Beattie, Josephine Wolverton, Grace V. Wilson and Howard Hinga, American Book Company.

This series was also printed and bound in Canada as "The Canadian Singer," Books 1-6. 1947, W. J. Gage & Co., Ltd., Toronto, without change in content.

"The New Highroad of Song," Books 1-6, and also 1-2-3 in one volume, no date but 1950s, G. Roy Fenwick, Hollis Dann and Robert Foresman, printed in Canada by W. J. Gage and Company Limited, Toronto, Canada.
Only one Canadian folksong and "God Save the Queen," otherwise similar to American school songbooks and perhaps a Canadian printing of an American Series with only the title changed.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 20 Jun 04 - 07:49 AM

Author: C.E. Leslie
Pub: Chicago Music Co., 1892
Grades not given

Abide With Me
Angel Voices

Beautiful Streamlet
Before Jehovah's Throne
Bird Song
Boat Glee
Break Forth Into Joy
Brightly O'er Our Way
Bright the morning Shineth
Bugle Horn, The

Come Maiden with Me
Come Tune the Lay

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Earn Your Bread and Butter
Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee

Farewell My Own True Love
Freedom's Flag

God Bless Our Flag
God Is Love
Good Bye
Good Night
Grand Canon in D Flat
Grand Medley Chorus
Grumbling Jones

Hail to the Flag
Hail to the Land of Freedom
Hail to the Sea
He Calleth Come Home
Hope Thou in God
Hymn of Faith
Hymn of Praise

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
Immortal Praise
In Song Rejoice

Jesus Lover of My Soul

Life's Changes
Love and Mothedr
Love Divine

Marching On
Memories of Home
Memories of Youth
Mercy Seat, The
Merrily Glides Our Boat
Merry Bells Are Chiming
Missions of Fancy
Morning Hymn

Nearer, Ever Nearer
Now a Mighty Nation

O Hush Thee My Baby
O Tell Ye Merry Birds
Old spinning Wheel, The
Outcast, The
Pegging Away
Praise and Prayer
Praise the Lord
Praise Ye the Father

Raindrops Gently Falling
Rest At Home
Robin and the Rose, The
Row Us Far Out in the Sunset

Sailors' Hope
Six O'Clock P.M.
Sleep, Baby, sleep
Sleep on Thy Pillow
Sleighing Glee
Song of Our Baby
Song of the Donkey, The
Song of the Jingle Bells
Song of the Vikings
Song of the Whip-poor-will
Songs of Praise
Sovereign Ruler
Speed Away
Spring Is on the Mountain
Stealing From the World Away
Storm, The
Sunlight Glances

Three Black Crows
Three Blind Mice
Through the Gates
Tide of Life, The
Twilight Dreams
Twilight Reveries
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Unfurl the Sail

Vesper Hymn

Wake the Song
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
We Are Soldiers
Wonderful City of Zion
Work for All

Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 20 Jun 04 - 08:16 AM

THE WORLD OF MUSIC SERIES, Ginn and Company, 1930's to 1950's

Sing a Song
Play a Tune

Listen and Sing
Tuning Up
Rhythms and Rimes
Songs of Many Lands
Blending Voices
Tunes and Harmonies
Sing Along
Song Parade

All Grades:
Singing Days
On Wings of Song

Song Programs for Youth:

I have a couple of these and will post indices as time alalows

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 20 Jun 04 - 11:34 PM

EXPLORING MUSIC 4, Teachers Edition
Eunice Boardman, Beth Landis
Consultants include Alan Lomax
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., New York, 1966, 294 pages.

Exploring Music iii-xvii
Lets Explore Music 1
Music drom far Away 31
Music of Long Ago 89
Music Here and Now 121
More Music to Explore 157
Piano Accompaniments 186
Glossary 289
Classified Index 290
Alphabetical Index 294
Extended explanations with many songs.

Second page number is piano accompaniment score, Often with additional verses.

A la nanita nana 16, 142
All Beautiful the March of days 20, 196
America 2, 186
America For Me 184, 288
As the Sun Goes Down 66, 220
Au clair de la lune 175, 283
Banana Boat Loader's Song 130, 258
Beautiful Savior 139, 268
Bell Doth Toll, The 69
Blacksmith, The 27, 200
Blow the Winds Southerly 18, 196
Bound for the Rio Grande 99, 246
Brethren in Peace Together 134, 262
Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella (words only)
Burro de Villarino, El 42, 205
Butterfly, The 76, 224
Call John the Boatman (English Round 38
Carillon (Bizet) 68
Chanson Innocent (e. e. cummings; comic) 167
Cherries so Ripe 35
Christmas Is Here (words only) 87
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come 77, 226
Crested Hen, The 10
Crow, The 162
Cuckoo and the Nightingale, The (Handel) 163
Cuckoo Carol (Czech) 86, 240
Cuckoo, The 16, 191
Dakota Hymn 110
Dance (Anon., 13th c.) 94
De bezem (Dutch) 37
Deck the Halls 87
Doney Gal 132, 260
Donkey Riding 36
Echo Yodel 54
Follow Me 06
French Cathedrals 69
Fugue and Three Old-Fashioned Dances (Hindemuth) 182
Galway Piper, The 112, 251
Gladness 108
Good Day in Japan, A 60
Gustaf's Skoal 11
Happy Plowman, The 32, 202
Happy Farmer, The 7
Hary Janos Suite (Kodaly) 40
He Thought He Saw 75
Hiking, Laughing, Singing 6, 189
Holla-Hi! Holla-Ho! 47, 209
How Does My Lady's Garden Grow? 144, 269
Imitations for Two Instruments (M. Babbitt) 124
Ionisation (Varese) 126
It's Quiet on the Moon 122, 254
Jasmine Blossoms 145, 270
Jesusita, La 179
Jesus the Christ Is Born 82, 234
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mild 83, 235
Koto and Tsuzumi 58
Lachend Summer 159
Laughing Song 24
Liebeslieder Waltzes, Opus 52 (Brahms) 28
Lines Written for Gene Kelly to Dance to 155
Little Bells of Westminster 68
Little Fox 118, 252
Lo, the Winter Is Past 158, 278
Lovely Evening 105
Lullaby (Brahms) 26, 198
Make New Friends 63
Marching to Praetoria 148, 274
May Day Carol 160, 279
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore (words only) 136
Mister Urian 74. 222
Mon merle 56, 213
Music for Instruments (Isaac) 95
My Lord, What a Morning 136, 266
New Created World, A 158, 277
Nightingale's Song 161, 280
O Come, All Ye Faithful 79, 230
O Give Me a Cot 62, 216
O Little Town of Bethlehem (words only) 81
O Savior Sweet 78, 228
Old Folks at Home 104, 249
Old Texas 132, 260
Once 46, 208
Out in the Fields with God 147
Petrouchka Ballet Suite (Stravinsky) 150
Piano Sonata in A Minor, K. 310, 1st Movement (Mozart 143
Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky) 114
Pines of the Janiculum (Respighi) 163
Polly Wolly Doodle 106, 250
Pretty Little Pony 44, 206
Psalm 100 128, 256
Railroad Corral, The 4, 187
Riddle Song, The 98, 245
Riding with the Cavalry 42
Roberts, The 181
Rondo No. 2 in G Major (C. P. E. Bach) 143
San seriní 178, 286
Seranilla 65
Shanty Boys in the Pine, The 3
Silent Night (words only) 81
Sing a Merry Noel 84, 236
Sir Eglamore 90, 242
Six Pieces for Orchestra, Opus 6 (Webern) 169
Snug 'neath the Fir Trees 64, 218
Sonata in A Minor, K. 175 (Scarlatti) 143
Song of Itsuki 58, 214
Sponge Fishing 39, 204
Stodola Pumpa 48, 210
Storm 141
String Quartet No. 10 in C Major (Mozart) 111
Suite No. 3 in D. Major (J. S. Bach) 9
Sweet and Low 103, 248
Swiss Roundelay 50, 210
Syrinx (Debussy) 142
This Train 135, 264
Timely Rhyme, A 123, 255
Trio in A Minor, Opus 114 (Brahms) 29
Troubadour Song 93
Upward Trail, The 165, 282
Variations on "Sakura" (K. Eto) 57
Velvet Shoes 141
Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 61, (Beethoven) 72
Virginia Reel 109
Vreneli 52, 212
Waltzing Matilda (Cowan, Patterson) 176, 284
We Sing of Golden Mornings 14, 190
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 85, 238
Weel May the Keel Row 180, 287
Weggis Dance 154, 276
Where Is John? 5
White Coral Bells 159
Why Shouldn't My Goose? 97
Wielewaal, The (Oriole) 164, 281
Windy Nights 138, 267
Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies, The 92, 244
Yangtze Boatmen's Chantey 5
Yodlers' Carol, The 80, 232
Young Voyageur, The 100, 247
Zum Gali Gali 129

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Subject: INDEX: We Sing and Harmonize (Ginn)
From: cetmst
Date: 21 Jun 04 - 07:49 PM

We Sing and Praise, Music Series for Catholic Schools
Authors: Sister Cecelia, Sister John Joseph, Sister Rose Margaret
Pub: Ginn and Company, 1959
Grades not given, but appears to be for all grades

Adoremus and Laudete
Adoro Te Devote
Agnus Dei
All Around the Countryside
All Glory, Praise and Honor
All the Birds Have Flown Away
All the Heavens Praise Thy Name
America, the Beautiful
Angeli Dei
Angels We Have Heard on High
A-Skating We Will Go
As With Gladness Men of Old
At the Gate of Heaven
Attende Domini
Auld Lang Syne
Autumn in Spain
Ave Maria

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bells Above the Chapel
Bells Are Ringing
Bells of Aberedovey
Blessed Trinity
Bluebird, The
Boy With a Rocket, The

Caisson Song
Chant for the Feast of the ascension
Christ the Lord Has Risen
Christmas Bells
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Come, All Ye Young Sailormen
Come, Buy My Nice Fresh Holly
Come, Holy Spirit
Come, Lovely May!
Concordi Laetitia
Cor, Arca Legem Continens
Cotton Needs Picking
Country Dance, A
Creator Alme Siderum
Crux Fidelis

Doxology, The
Drill, Ye Tarriers

From Heaven High
From Whose Abundant Stores

Garden in Winter, A
Gay Caballero, The
Give Us the Wintertime
Glendy Burk, The
Go to Sleep
God of Love
Going to Boston
Good King, The (play)
Good Morrow, Gossip Joan
Great St. Joseph
Greeting, A

Hail, Holy Queen, Enthroned Above
Hail, Mary, Full of Grace
Hail, Queen of Heaven
Hail, O Star of Ocean
Hear, O Father
Hear the Bells
Hi-ho, My Little Buttercup
Hiking Song
Holiday Song
Holy Trinity, The
Hosanna Filio David
How Many Camels Did You See?
Huron Carol, The
Hymn of Praise, A
Hymn to the Holy Trinity
Hymn to the Sacred Heart

I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
I Will Go With My Father A-Plowing
In Maytime
In Paradisium
In the Forest
In the Harvest Time
In the Valley
Indian Summer
Irish Christmas Eve, An (play)

Jerusalem Mirabilis
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Joe Magarac
Jolly Sailor Boy
Joseph, Dearest Joseph Mine
Joseph, Our Hope
Juniper Tree, The

Keeper, The
King of Kings

Legend of Christ as a Beggar
Leprechaun, The
Let Me Fish Off C ape St. Mary's
Little Mohee
Lord Have Mercy
Lord Is My Shepherd, The

Make New Friends
Mary, We Greet Thee
Meadows, The
Memorial Day
Merciful Saviour
Merry Lark, The
Miserere Mei, Deus
Month of May, The
More We Get Together, The
Morning Comes Early
Mother, The
Mountain Climbing
My Hat

Night in the Desert
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
O Mary of Graces
O Queen of Heavenly Majesty
O Sacred Head
Off to Philadelphia
Oh, Hang Up ythe Holly
Old Chisholm Trail, The
Old Irish Lullaby
Old Irish Prayer
On the Alma
On the Mississippi
On the River
On the Road to Bethlehem
Our Lord Was Born in Bethlehem
Over Land, Over Sea

Panis Angelicus
Praise the Lord
Prayer of the Norwegian Child, The
Pueri Hebraeorum

Quail Song, The

Red Rivere Valley
Roll of the Drum, The
Roll Over
Rorate Caeli
Rosy Boy, Posy Boy

Salve Regina
Shadows in the Valley
Shawnee Dance
Shuckin' of the Corn
Signs of Spring
Sleep, My Lovely
Slumber, Slumber
Slumber Song
Snow at Night
Song of the Crusaders
Song of the Wanderer
South Australia Is My Home
Southerly Wind, A
Stabat Mater
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Stodola Pumpa

Tantum Ergo
There Was a Knight
Three Great Kings, The
To Our Lady
To the Holy Land We Ride
Tree in the Wood, The
Tu Es Petrus

Ubi Caritas

Valley of Glencoe
Village Chimes
Virgin Wholly Marvelous

Wandering Fiddler, The
We Crown Our Lady (play)
We Dance and Sing
We Sing the Mass
Welcome Saviour
When Christ Was Born
When Night is Falling
When Soldiers March
Whoo-Pee Ti Yi Yo!
Wind, The
Woods in Spring, The

Yangtze King, The

Zither and I

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 21 Jun 04 - 09:12 PM

The World of Music
Authors: Mabelle Glenn, Helen Leavitt, Victor Rebman, Earl Baker
Art Editor: C. Valentine Kirby
Pub: Ginn & Co., 1936, 1943

Arranging Flowers
At the Fair

Birds Fly South, The
Blow Fast
Broken Jar, The
Brown Bird's Call, The
By the Banks of the Boyne
By the Volga

Call to the Dance
Camp Fire
Camoing Song
Carol (Bavarian, Softly Dawns the Christmas Morning)
Carol of the Snow
Children of Kildare
Chinese Fairy Tale, A
Chrristmas Angels
Christmas Carol (Denmark)
Circus Parade
Close of Day
Coasting Song
Colly, My Cow
Cossack Riders, The
Cowboy, The
Crooked Man, The

Day Is Going Like a Rose
Down Green HillsDrake
Dream, The
Drifting Snow
Driver, The

Early One Morning
Elf, The'Wxile, The

Fairy Tales
Farmer Jack
Father, Lead Me Day By Day
Fisher Maiden, The
Fishereman of Gloucester, The
Flag Day
For Music
Four Grains of Corn
Friendly Star, The
Frog He Would a-Wooing Go, A
Frog in a Well
Funny Story, A

Gala Day
Gay Young Lads
Giant, Ther
God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea
Golden Linnet, The
Gypsy Dancers


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 22 Jun 04 - 08:10 AM

Editors: Peter W. Dykema, Gladys Pitcher, David Stevens, J. Lilian
Advisory Editors: Hazel B. Nohavec, Herman F. Smith
Art Editor: Martha Powell Setchell
Pub: C.C.Birchard and Co., 1946
A Singing School Book. Other books of A Singing School:
I.       Our First Music
II.      Our Songs
III.    Merry Music
IV.      We Sing
V.       Our Land of Song
VI.      Music Everywhere
VII.    Sing Out!
I-IV.    Happy Singing
I-VIII. Music in the Air

Alphabetical Index to Sing Out!

Abraham Lincoln
Ah! 'Tis a Dream
Allhallows Eve
Alphabet, The
An Easter Carol
Angels Ever Bright and Fair
April Antics
At Daylight's Close

Bagpipes Playing
Ballad of Peter Gray, The
Balm of Gilead
Bangee Rang An-An-Ah
Barbara Allen
Bardy Train, The
Barnyard Glee Club, The
Basque Noel
Bird, The
Birthday Greeting, A (round)
Boatman's Dance, The
Bonny Eloise
Bounce Aroun'
Brazilian Banter
Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light
Bridget Donahue
Bring Me No Lily
British Grenadiers, The
Brown Eyes
Buffalo Gals

Caisson Song
Campfire Circle
Captain Jinks
Care Selve
Carrier Dove, The
Chiapanecas (Mexico)
Chinese Street Scene
Christmas Carol, A (Hans Christian Anderson)
Christmas Child, The
Climate, The
Climbing Our Rocky Mountain
Coin to Spend, A
Concord Hymn
Courting of Molly Moore
Cradle Song for a Young Warrior (Armenian)
Cumberland Gap

Dance Song
Dawn Is Here
Dem Golden Slippers
De Old Ark's A-Moverin'
Divinum Musterium
Dnieper, The
Dogie Song
Down Among the Canebrakes
Down in a Coal Mine
Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill
Driving Saw-Logsp on the Plover
Dustin' Off the Piano

Eternal Father

Faith of Our Fathers
Fandango, The
Far Are the Misty Isles
Far Away and Long Ago
Farmer's Breakfast, The
Fast Flight
Father and Friend
Father, Hear Thy Children's Praises
Flagos of All America, The
Flowers in the Valley, The
Flowing River
Follow the Flag
For the Beauty of the Earth
Frosina Sings

Gaudeamus Igitur
Get Away from Dis Co'nfiel'
Glider, The
God of the Out-of-Doors
Go Down, Moses
Good-bye, Liza Jane
Good-bye, Ol' Paint
Green Grow the Lilacs
Gypsy, The

Hail, Columbia
Hard Times, Come Again No More
Hark, Now, O Shepherds
Harvest Song
Hep! Hep!
Here Comes the Band!
High Above Us Fly the Cranes
Highland Laddie
Home on the Range
Huckleberry Sal
Humpty Dumpty's Song
Hundred Years Ago, A
Hunters of Kentucky, The
Hymn for the Nations

I Know a Place Where Bluebells Grow
I Love Thee
Inca Pa Ta
Indian Serenade
In the Far East
Irish Washerwoman
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Ivy and Holly

Jacob's Ladder
Jesu Dulcis Memoria
Jiffery, James and John

Koa-Lia (The Cuckoo, Hindustani)

Land of the Midnight Sun, The
Lazy River
Little Mohee
Little Old Log Cabin
Lo, the Earth Is Risen Again
Lonesome Tunes
Lonesome Valley
Lotus Flower, The

Madeleine (Martinique)
March On!
March Winds
Mardi Gras
Mary and Martha
Meadow Brook, The
Midsummer Night
Miller's Flower, GThe
Mummers' Song
Musical Yak, The
Music in the Air
My Pretty Maid

Nearer, My God, to Thee
New River Train, The
Night Flight
Now Here's a First-Rate Opportunity

O Lord Most Holy
O Worship the King
Old Aunt Jemima
Old Bookshop, The
Old Hickory
Old MacDonald Farms with Brahms
Olive Tree, The
One More Mazur Today (Poland)
On Leaving Ireland
On, O Thou Soul!
Our Carol
Our Prayer
Oxen, Come!

Paddle and Sing
Panis Angelicus (Franck)
Partners from Poland
Paul Revere
Peasant Girl, The
Pioneer Song
Pirate King, A
Plains of Uruguay, The
Pour, O King
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Prayer for All Airmen, A
Pretty Polly Oliver
Prince Charlie
Psalm of Praise, A
Psalm V

Red River Valley
Return to Sorrento
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
Roll Out! Heave Dat Cotton!
Rosemary and Thyme
Russian Night Scene
Russia Sings

Sailing Song
Sam Houston
Sandy Land
Scouts, The
See How the Universe
Seein' the Elephant
Serenade, A
Shanty Boy and the Pine, The
Shepherd's Song
Shepherds of the Mountains
Silver Fountain, The
Sing, Nightingale
Song to the Lord
Sir Eglamore
Song of the "Lone Prairee"
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Sourwood Mountain
Stork's Nest, The (Hungary)
Sunrise at Grand Canyon
Suzanne, Pretty Maid

Tactful Peddler

Themes from:
-Andante Cantabile - Tchaikovsky
-L'Arlesienne Suite - Bizet
-Eroica Symphony - Beethoven
-Fifth Symphony - Tchaikovsky
-First Symphony - Brahms
-Die Meistersinger - Wagner
-The New World Symphony - Dvorak
-The Ninth Symphony - Beethoven
-The Nutcracker Suite - Tchaikovsky
-Scotch Symphony - Mendelssohn
-Suite for Strings - Tchaikovsky
-The Unfinished Symphony - Schubert
-Midsummer Night's Dream - Mendelssohn
-The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Dukas
This Is Our Homeland
Thornrose Waltz
Time, the Fiddler
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
To Be Near the Fair Idol
To the Bagpipe
Trail to Mexico, The
Tuneful Trumpeters (round)

Up the Mountain

Valley Forge
Venice Night
Venture, Gwen
Villanacio Vasco (Basque)

Wait for the Wagon
Wake Up, Mandy
Walking at Night
We Give Thanks
We Sing of Sails
When Frederic Was a Little Lad (Gilbert and Sullivan)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When the Maytime Comes Again
When Summer Goes
Whistling Boy, The
White Mantilla, The
Winter Wind
Wise Men Were But Seven, The (round)
Witch-Hazel Bough, The

Yankee Doodle
Yankee Hill
Yodel Song

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
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Date: 22 Jun 04 - 08:23 AM


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 23 Jun 04 - 08:34 AM

The World of Music Series
Song Programs for Youth
Authors: Mabelle Glenn, Helen Leavitt, Victor Rebman, Earl Baker
Artist: N.C.Wyeth
Pub: Ginn & Co., 1938

All Things Serve Thee
All-Wise Nature
Alone I Wait
Apple Tree, The
April Harpist
Arise, Ye Lands
Azov Gull, The (Ukraine)

Beautiful Kahana (Hawaii)
Birth of the World

Call of the Dance
Calmly Flow Thy Streams
Carpentere, The
Celestial Choirs
Chant of the Reeds
Chartless (Emily Dickinson)
Cherry-Tree Carol
Christmas Carol, A (Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight)
Cobbler, The

Day Has Gone, The (India)
Dream Song (Walter de la Mare)

Enchanted Wood, The

Farewell, My Cossack (Russia)
Feast of Raymi (Inca)
Foggy Dew, The
Follow the Kings
Frog in the Spring

Green Willow

Has Your Heart Ever Known
He Is Coming
Hedwiga, Leave Your Spinning (Poland)
Hill Song (India)

I Wander
If You Were King
In Filipino Land
In a Strange Land (Russia)
Indian Firefly Song
Indian Summer

Jungle Rhythm (Filipino)

La Campana
Land of Our Fathers
Lass of Merthyr, The

Magi, Draw Near
Melody from "Indian Canzonetta" (Dvorak)
Midsummer Eve
Millom Rosar (Among Roses, Grieg)
Mischievous Trolls, The
Month of Ma, The
My Pictures
Mysterious World
Mystic Night, The (Czech Carol)

Nocturne from Second Quartet (Borodin)

Oh, Saddle the Roan
Old Tale, An
One Summer Night (Grieg)

Poet and Lark
Pools of Peace, The
Poor Prince Charlie

Queen Astrid Comes No More (Sweden)

River of Sleep (Russia)
Robin in the Rain, The
Rose Tree, The
Rosika (Hungary)
Rosy Boy, Posy Boy

Sail at Dawn, A
Sender of Dreams
Some Day
Song of Home
Spring Exulatation
Springs of Song (Robert Schumann)
Star- Spangled Banner, The
Sweet Anthems Sing (Christmas)
Sweet Molly-o

-from Operatic Overture (Nicolai)
-from Scherezade (Rimsky-Korsakoff)
-from Sonata, opus 13 No.2 (Beethoven)
-from Symphony in D Minor (Cesar Franck)
-from Symphonic Sketch (Borodin)
Tilinka, The (Hungary)

Upon the Frosty Meadows (French Carol)

Walnut Harvest
Waltz Song, A
Westward Ho!
What Is This Splendor? (Mozart)
Whispering Willow, The (Norway)
White Butterflies
Who Will Shoe Your Bonny Litle Foot?

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 24 Jun 04 - 12:10 PM

The World of Music Series
Authors: Mabrlle Glenn. Helen Leqvitt, Victor Rebman
Pub: Ginn & Co., 1941,1952
Grades I-VIII

Abdulah Bulbul Amir
Aloha Oe
America the Beautiful
American Flag, The
Arise, Ye Sons and Daughters

Bingo, the Dingo, and the Fatal Flamingo
Blue Bells of Scotland
Blue Niemen
Break Forth, O Beuateous Heavenly Light

atch, A
Child Is Born, A
Chilly Welcome, A
Coachman, The
Come, All Ye Worthy Christian Men
Come, Thou Almighty King

Dance in the Valley
Daniel Boone
Dep River
Dialogue By the Sea
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes

Faithful Lass, The
Fisher Folk
Fishing Fleet, The
Flag Goes By, The
Flemish Bells
Florian's Song
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton

Give Us a Song
Glorious Gift, The
God of Our Fathers
Green Trees
Greenwood Days
Gypsy Violin
Gypsy Weather

Hail, Glorious Mountain Land
Hail, Poetry
Hark to the Drum
Hayfoot, Strawfoor
Here's to the Maiden
Hermit, The
Hero Comes, The
How Lovely Are the Messengers
urdy-Gurdy, The

I Sure Am Glad
In the Foggy Morning
In Mona's Isle

Jenny's Bawbee
Jolly Beggar, The

Little Brown Church in the Vale, The
Lo! Jesus Lies Cradled
Lone Fish-Ball, The
Lonely Shepherd

Magnet and the Churn, The
Maid By the River, The
March of the Fife and Drum Corps

Marines' Hymn, The
Meeting of the Waters, The
Midshipmite, The
Minstrel, The
My Old Kentucky Home
Mysterious Ring, The

North By West
Northern Harvest
Norwegian Legend, A

O God, the Rock of Ages
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O Lord of Heaven
O Marie
O Tennessee
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful
Oh, Those Golden Slippers
Oh Susanna
Olod Chisholm Trail, The
Old Crusaders, The
Old House, The
On the Hoogli River

Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee
Pirate Song
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Prayer at Morning
Pretty Polly Oliver

Question, The
Quiet Hearts

Ring, Ring the Banjo

Say Good-By
Scissor-Grinder, The
Serenaders, GThe
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
Sing, Ye Faithful, Sing
Softly, Softly Falls the Night
Song of the Plains
Spanish Cavalier, The
Stand By the Flag
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Steal Away

Tailor and the Mouse, The
Thou Art Near Me, Margarite
To God on High
To Him From Whom Our Blessings Flow
Trail Song
Traveler, The

Wake, Young Shepherds
Wandering Cowboy
Wearing a Black Mantilla
Weave Her a Garland
Wedding, The
When Dreams Come True
When I Was a Lad
Whan a Maid is Smiling
Wrap Me in Peace

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Subject: Index: folk and Art Songs (Birchard)
From: cetmst
Date: 24 Jun 04 - 02:21 PM

FOLK AND ART SONGS, The Laurel Music Series
Teachers' Edition, Book II
Author: M.Teresa Armitage
Pub: C.C.Birchard, 1925
For Intermediate Grades

After Sunset
After the Storm
Air Voyage, An
Allah (Egypt)
All Thro' the Night
America for Me
Anglels and Shepherds
Apple Tree, The
Approach of the Storm, The
At the Spinning Wheel

Barnyard Song
Beacon, The
Bear Dance, The
Begging Dance, The
Bell Buoy, The
Big Mountain's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Billy and Me
Billy Boy
Birch Tree, The (Schubert)
Blossom Time
Bobby Shafto
Bonnie Doon
Brook Music

Candle, The
Canzonet (Nicolai)
Captain Kidd
Caravan, The (Syria)
Carillon (German Carol)
Cascade, The (Das Rheingold, Wagner)
Castles in the Air (Russia)
Cavalier Song, A
Cavatina (vonWeber, excerpt)

charm, A
Cherry Ripe
Clock, The
Coaching (Ukraine)
Coasting (Russia)
Contented Camel, The
Coopers' Song
County Fair (Czech)
Cradle on the Bough, The (Omaha Indian)
Cuckoo's Career, The

Dance of the Elves
Daybreak in the Alps
Down South
Dream Music

Early and Late
Eglantine, The
Eight Bells
Elfland Horns
Eyes of God, The

Fairy Circle
Fairies Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Falls of Minnehaha, The

Fawn Awake's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
First Green, The
Flower Ghosts
Flower Song, A
Follow the Leader
Forest Fires
Fountain, The

Gentian, The
Gnomes' Dance (Grieg, excerpt)
Golden Rule, The
Good Bookkeeping
Good Morning
Good Night Song
Grasshopper, The
Gypsy's Life, The

Habanera (Portugal)
Hail and Farewell (Aloha)
Half-Moon, The
Hall of Song, The
Happy Shepherd, The (Bohemia)
Hare and the Tortoise
Hawker, The
Highland Fling, The
Holiday, A
Hopak, The (Moussorgsky)
Host and His Guests (English Christmas Carol)
Hour Glass, The

In April
Inca, The
In Scotland
In the North Countree
In Winter
It Couldn't Be Done
It Is Good to Be Alive

Jack and Jean
Joan of Arc
Johnny Appleseed (operetta)
Johnny Appleseed's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Joy Bells, (Serbia)

Kindness to Animals

La La Song, The
Lame Crane, The
Land of Flowers, The
Land of the Midnight Sun, The (Norway)
Lark, The
Last Mile, The
Lesson from the Desert, A
L'il Liza Jane
Lincoln's Land
Lost Song, The
Lucky Number, The

Magic Disc, The
Making History
Marching Song
Market Song, A (Czech)
Mazurka (Chopin, excerpt)
Meg Merriles
Mill, The
Mississippi, The
Mocking Bird, The
Moonlight (Romania)
Morning song
Mother Earth
Mountain Boy, The
Mountain Shepherd, The
Mountaineer, The
Move Eastward, Happy Earth
Music Eternal
Music in the Air
My Boat (Hawaii)
My Treasure

Night in June, A
Night Voyage, A
Northern Lights

O Had I Jubal's Lyre
October Music
O'er the Hills Away
Old songs
Organ Grinder. The
Our Flag\Outlas's Song (Johnny Appleseed)

Pageant, A
Pearl, The
Pear Tree, The
Peddler, The
Pilgrim Father, The
Play the Game
Prettye Bessie
Prize Song (Wagner, excerpt)

Quail, The

Real New Year, The'Reflections
Revery (Schubert, excerpt)
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Rising of the Lark
Romeo and Juliet (Gounod)
Roundelay, A (Mozart, excerpt)

Sabbath Bells
Sacred Mountain, The (Japan)
Sailing Men, The
Sailors, The
Sainjt Paul's Steeple
Salute the Flag
Scherzo (Schumann, excerpt)
School Orchestra, The
Shadow Dance (Meyerbeer, excerpt)
Shadow Pictures
Shepherd's Pipe (Beethoven, excerpt)
Singin' Johnny
Sleep, Soldiers
Snow Blanket, The
Song and a Smile, A
Song for August
Song of Araby, A
Song of the Breeze
Song of the Forge
Song to Ivan (Russia)
Spirit of Summer Time
Spring and Youth (Longfellow)
Spring Dance, A
Spring Song, A
Spring Victories
Spring's Apology
Sun and Song
Sunny May
Sunrise Song
Strars of the Summer Night
Steeplejack, The
Swan, The (Saint-Saens, excerpt)
Sweet and Twenty
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Wild April
Swiss Boy, The
Swiss Cattle Call

Tardy Gratitude
Ten Miles from Home
TheLord Is My Shepherd
There's Ever a Song
Three Kings, The
Tides, The
Time of Youth
To a Rose
Town Crier, The
Travelogue, A
Tree Toads, The
True Sportsman, The
Trumpet Calle, The
Two Precepts
Two Roads, The

Unseen Chorus (Johnny Appleseed)
Valentine, A
Vistors and Vanquished
Village Dance, The
Violin Echo (Bach, excerpt)

Weather Vane, The
Wedding Postponed!
Westward Ho!
We Thank Thee
When the North Wind Blows
Whispering Stream, The
White Daisies
Wind and the Sun, The
Winter and Spring
Winter Cheer
Witches' Night
Woodsman, The

Year of Jubilo, The
Year's at the Spring, The
Young Voyageur, The
Yuletide (French Carol)

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 25 Jun 04 - 08:29 AM

Music Education Series
Authors: Thaddeus Giddings, Will Earhart, Ralph Baldwin
Managing Editor: Elbridge Newton
Pub: Ginn and Co., 1924

America Eternal
America the Beautiful
America Forever
American Hymn
Anniversary Song
April Girl, An
At Dawn
At Nightfall
Aura Lee
Autumn Woods

Battle Cry of Freedom
Believe Me
Brook and Sea

Cantique de Noel
Cheer of Yesterday, The
Choice, The
Christmas Comes
Columbus Returns
Come, Breezy Spring
Come, Let Us Join
Conqueror, The
Cossack Rider, The

Deep-Sea Chantey, A
Dove, The
Dream Fancies
Dune Hills, The

Elegy (Gray)

Far Away
Fling Out the Banner
For Music
Forester, The
Four-Leaf Clover
Four Things
Fourth of July Is Here, The
Friendship Tree, The

Good Morning
God of Our Fathers

Hare A-Lee!
Hark! Hark! the Lark
Heavens Resound, The
Hermit Thrush, The
Highland Song, A (Far from the heather my laddie is roving)
Hike, The
Holy, Holy, Holy
Home Road, The
Home Team, The
How Can I Leave Thee
Hymn of Our Nation

I Will Sail Back Once More
I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby
Ice Carnival
Ice King's Music, The (Grieg)
In One Year
In the Rose Garden
Integer Vitae
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Jehovah Is Merciful
Jolly Beggar, The

Lament for Ali Bey
Life's Tapestry
List! the Cherubic Host
Little Dutch Garden, A
Little Winding Road, A
Logging Camp, The
Lonely Tree, The
Long White Road, The
Lost Explorer, The
Lullaby (Louise Stickney)

Magnet and the Churn, The
Marching With Heroes
Mattinata: Song at awen
May Dance
May Snow
Merry Life, A
Mist, The
Morning's Promise, The
Music Out of Doors
My Faith
My Marguerite

Nature's Music
New Kind of Fairy Tale, A
Night Has a Thousand Eyes, The
Nights and Days
Northman, The
Morway's Forts
Now Is the Month of Maying
Now the Day Is Over

O God, the Rock of Ages
O Month of May
O Ship of State
O Silent Night
Oh, That Thou Had'st Hearkened
Old Black Joe
Old Garden, An
Old King Cole
On Wings of Song
Opposite Winds
Our Ensign
Our Flag
Our Flag of Peace

Pine Tree, The
Pirate, The
Prayer of Thanksgiving

Quiet Night, The

Recruit, The
Results and Roses
Ritter Roland

Send Out Thy Light
Sky Voyagers
Sleepers, Wake! (Bach)
Softly Now the Light of Day
Song of Joy, A
Song of the Melon Patch, The
Song of Parting
Song of Praise, A
Song of Roving
Song of the Saber
Song of the Skylark
Song of the Watchman
Spinning Wheel, The
Spring's Housekeeping
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Sunny South, The
Sweet and Low
Sweet Miss Mary

Thorns and Roses
'Tis the Month of May
To the Unknown Soldier
To Thee, O Country
Toward the Old Country
Tribute to the Soldiers


When My Mother Sings
Who Made the Rose?
Who Will O'er the Downs?
Wind Song. A
Winter Lullaby, A
Witches Up to Date
Work Is Done

Young Nightingale (Russia)

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 25 Jun 04 - 01:24 PM

Comprising a Complete Course of Instruction and a Graded Collection of Music for Singing Schools, Day Schools, Choirs and Conventions.
Author: B.C.Unseld
Pub: Cincinnati, Fillmore Music House, 1895


April Showers
Away O'er the Sea
Away to the Forest Shade

Be Kind to One Another
Beautiful Flag of Liberty
Beautiful Moonlight
Birdie, Dear
Birds Are Singing
Blossom Time
Brightly Gleam the Sparkling Rills
Bright Hopes
Bright New-Year, The
Brightly Now the Moon Is Beaming

Come and Roam
Come Roam With Me
Come to Me, My Darling
Come to My Home in the Wildwood
Coming With the Humming
Cradle Song
Cuckoo, The

Dawn of Spring, The
Delights of Summer

Echo of the Hollow Glen
Evening Bells
Evening Shades
Evening Sun

Farmer Boy Is a Jovial Lad, The
Fare Ye Well, Sweet Summer Flowers
Forth With Footsteps Light

Gather the Flowers
Gently Evening Bendeth
Gentle Spring Is Here Again
Glad Voices
Golden Evening Sun
Good Morning
Good-Night, My Darling
Good-Night Serenade
Gracefully Down

Hail to the Farmer's Bride
Hark! I Hear
Hark! the Pealing
Harvest Song
Home of My Childhood
Hurrah for the Sleigh Bells

I Like It
If You Want an Honored Name

Leafy Dell, The
Life's Changeful Dreams
Like the Leaping of Thy Rills
List to the Bells
Live for Something

Mad Waves Are Dashing, The
May Welcome
Mellow Eve Is Gliding
Men of Dalecarlia
Minstrels Sing in Many Lays
Morning Sunbeams
Music Everywhere
Must We Part

Night Arond
Night Is Come
Now Away, No Longer Stay
Now the Evening Falls
Now Tinkling Bells

O Care, Thou Wilt Dispatch Me
O Sunshine
Oh, Who Will O'er the Downs?
Old Winter Comes
On a Winter Night
Our Happy Land

Passing Hours

Ringing, Swinging

Say Not a Woodland View Is Mean
See the Shades of Evening Closing
Singing, Gaily Singing
Sleigh-Ride, The
So You're Here Again
Spirit of Summer
Spring Flowers
Spring Is Here
Stars of the Summer Night
Summer Is Here
Summer Rain, The
Summer Time
Summer Time, Farewell
Sweet Afton
Sweet Evening Hours
Sweet Voice, The
Sweet Zion Bells

Tarry, Gentle Traveler
Templar's Anvil, The
There's Music in the Midnight Breeze
Time for Joy, The
'Tis Coming
Twilight Is Stealing
Twilight Song

Up in the Morning Early
Upward Look

Voice of /Music, The

Welcome, Friends of Song
Welcome th the Spring
What Say the Bells?
What Shoild We Do?
When Will Roses Fade?
Where Are the Flowers?
Wind Whispers
Winning Side May Laugh, The
Woodland Voices

You Are Coming, Autumn Days


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 25 Jun 04 - 02:09 PM


Look Beyond
Majestic Grace
-Thou from whom we never part
-When in silence o'er the deep
My Shepherd's Hand
-Blest be the tie that binds
-Now to the Lord, a noble song
-Gently glides the stream of life
Old Hundred
O Paradise
-From the throne of God there springs, a pure, a crystal stream
-Thus far the Lord hath led me on
Praise, my Soul
Praise the Lord
Purer Yet and Purer
-Sweet is the work, my God, my king
-In heav'nly love abiding
-Hark! what mean those holy voices
St. Nicholas
-Eternal source of joys divine
-As pants the heart (sic)
Sweet Day
-Holy father, hear me cry
Vernal Day
Vox Dilecti
-Awake my soul! and with the sun


Come to MeEternal Wisdom
Gloria Patri
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
Just As I Am
Lift Up to God
Lord Is My Shepherd, The
Lord's Prayer, The
My God and Father
O Come Let Us Sing
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
Sweet Is Thy Mercy
The Earth Is the Lord's
The Tender Light Is Fading
Thy Will Be Done
Why Should Our Tearfs


And the Ransomed of the Lord
Blessing and Glory
Cry Aloud and Spare Not
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord
I Will Love Thee
Lift Up Your Heads
Lord Is Good, The
Lord Is Great, The
Lord Is My Strength, The
Make a Joyful Noise
Oh, How Lovely Is Zion
Oh, That Men Would Praise
Praise the Lord
Thanks to Him

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 26 Jun 04 - 10:16 PM

An improved text book in the first principles of singing by note, consisting of complete and carefully prepared junior and senior grades as they are taught in The Church Choral Union of New York City; to which is added a miscellaneous department, comprising a very choice collection of anthems, sentences, hymn-tunes, glees, part-songs, sacred and secular choruses, etc., etc. The whole collected and prepared especially for The Church Choral Unions now in progress in New York, Brooklyn, Washington D.C, Buffalo and other cities and towns throughout the United States and consequently peculiarly adapted for use in institutes, conventions, glee clubs, singing classes and the home.
Author: H.R. Palmer
Pub: Biglow and Main, New york, Chicago, 1884

-Sov'reign Ruler, Lord of all
-Prince of Peace, control my will
Arouse Up, Ye Sleepers
Autumn Winds Are Sighing
Away O'er the Seda

Bells of Life, The
-Come O My soul in sacred lays
Blow, Bugle, Blow
Bounding Billows
-When gathering clouds around I view
Bounding So Merrily
Boating Song
-Why that look of sadness?
Brightly Gleams Our Banner
By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill

-O let him, whose sorrow no relief can find
-It is not death to die
Charming Spring
-The Lord will happiness divine
Children of the Heavenly King
Come Again Once More I Pray
Come Again With Singing
Come Let Us Take a Holiday
Come Sinner, Come
Come Smiling Hope
Come Thou Almighty King
Come, Ye Faithful
-How surely are we led to him
-Oft when storms of pain are rolling
-Sinner, come, 'mid thy gloom
-Holy Spirit! pity me
-Come unto me, when shadows darkly gather
Cricket, The
Daily Prayer
-Holy Father, hear my cry
Days and Moments Quickly Flying
Honor and glory, thanksgiving and praise
-My soul doth long for thee
Don't Forget the Old Folks

-Great God, to Thee my evening song
-The day is gently sinking to a close
-God is love; his mercy brightens

Family Treasure
-To thy pastures fair and large
Father, We'll Rest in Thy Love
Flowers, Flowers Beautiful
Fold Me Closer
For the Mercies of the Day
-One there is abova all others
-Gently, Lord! O gently lead us
Gently Evening Bendeth
Give Ye to Jehovah
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
-How blest the sacred tie that binds

Happy Farmer Boy, The
Hail, Gladdening Light
Hail to the Queen of Night
Hark! Hark! My Soul
Hark! the Distant Pealing
Hark! the Pealing
HGaste, Traveler, Haste
-Arise ye people, and adore
Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord
Home of Freedom
Hunters, The
-Bury thy sorrow, the world has its share

I Am Not Worthy
I Heard the Voice of Jesus
I Once Was a Stranger
In the Dark and Cloudy XDay
Italian Hymn
-Come, Thou almighty king

Jack and Jill
Jesus Wept
Joy Fills Our Inmost Heart

King and the Miller, The (Miller of Dee)
-Hark the sound of rapturous joy
-Praise the Lord from heavens high
Liberty I Covet
Life's Degrees
Life's Rest
-There's not a tint that paints the rose
Linden Tree, The
List, the Song
Listen to the Music
Lo! the Day of Rest Declineth
Lord God of My Salvation
Lord Is My Shepherd, The
Lord My Shepherd Is, The
Lord's Prayer, The
Lost Landmark, The
-Now the day is over

To be continued; it's later than I thought

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 27 Jun 04 - 07:48 AM


-All ye nations praise the Lord
-There is a calm for those who weep
Man's Life Is Like a River
-Come said Jesus' sacred voice
-Swell the anthem, raise the song
May Shout
Mellow Eve Is Gliding, The
Memories of Gethsemanee
Merrily O!
-Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell
-Sun of my soul
Moonlight Sail, The
Mourner, Cease Thy Weeping
-Saviour visit thy plantation
-There is an hour of hallow'd peace
My Heavenly Home

Names Both High and Holy, The
Night Is Mother of the Day, The
Night! Lovely Night
-Sweet is thy work, my God, my king

O Lord How Excellent Is Thy Name
O Rose of May Time
O Sacred Head Now Wounded
Oh! Come Again Once More I Pray
Oh! Let Him Whose Sorrow No Relief Can Find
Oh! Paradise
Oh! This soul, How Dark and Blind
Oh! Wipe Away That Tear
Old Hundred
Old John Cross (round)
On Jordan's Stormy Banks
-Keep me from fainting in my prayers

-Oh! This soul so dark and blind
Parting Hymn
-When beauty clothes the fertile vale
Praise to God
Pure in Heart, The
Purer Yet and Purer

Queen of Every Measure

Reaper and the Flowers, The
Redeeming Love
-Purer yet and purer
Rose of Sharon, The
Rosy and Fair
-Silently the shades of evening

St. Aelred
-Fierce raged the tempest o'er the dep
St. Catherine's
-Ye boundless realms of joy
Saviour, Again to Thy Dear Name
Saviour, Blessed Saviour
Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing
Saviour, Comfort Me
Say, Watchman, What of the Night?
-Always with us
See the Light is Fading
Shall I Let Him In?
Show Thy Favor
-Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
Sing His Love Forever
Singing in the Classroom
Sing of Jesus, Sing Forever
Sing, Sing
Sky Is So Blue, The
Sleigh Ride, The
Soft and Low
Softly Fades the Twilight Ray
Some Folks
Songs of praise the angels sang
-Swell the anthem, raise the song
Sovereign Ruler of the Skies
Stars of the Summer Night
Strife Is Over, The
-Christians, brethren, ere we part
Summer's Here
Summer's Song
Supremely Blest
Sweet Day Is Cool
Sweet Home
Sweet Is the Light
Sweet is Thy Mercy, Lord
Sweet Sabbath of the Year
Sweet the Chiming
Swell the Anthem

There Was a Litle Fairy
Thou Who Art So Holy
Thou Wilt Keep Him
Thy Way, Not Mine
To the Woodland Come Away
-He dies! the friend of sinners dies

Vox Dilecti

We Love the Place O God
What Tho' Fair Spring
When Gathering Clouds
When, His Salvation Bringing, to Zion Jesus Came
When Men Forget
When the Harvest Is Past

When the Shades of Night
When the Stormy Wibds
Who Is a Freeman?
Whom Shall We Let In?
'Tis midnight - and on Olive's brow
Winter's Gone
With Joy We Hail
Wrecks of the Past

-Lowly and solemn be thy children's cry to thee

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 27 Jun 04 - 08:19 AM

A Collection of Secular and Sacred Music, for Singing Schools, Conventions. Normals, Day Schools and the Home Circle
Author: G.R.Sturgis
Pub: Chicago, R.R.Meredith & Son, 1887-1888


Beautiful Angel Sleep
-There is an eye that never sleeps
_Lord, our father, O how fair
By and By

See the shining dewdrops, on the flow'rets strew'd
Children's Glory Song
Christmas Anthem
-There were shepherds abiding in the fields
Come, Maiden With Me
Come to Christ
Come Unto Me'

Evening at Home

Fairy Queen
Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss

-On thy church, O power divine
Gentle Gales
Gentle Smiles
Glory to God
Glory to the Lamb
God Everywhere
Great Is the Lord
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Hallelujah to the Father
Hammer Song
-Come sound his praise abroad
Hear Our Prayer
-O for a closer walk with God
How Beautiful Upon the Mountains

I Have Wandered From the Old Home
I Will Love Thee, O Lord

-"One day nearer" sings the sailor
Kind Words

-Lord, we come before thee now
Let the Hills and Vales Resound
Little Footsteps
Lord's Prayer, The
-Lord, we would before thee bow

Make a Joyful Noise
-Come and let us sweetly join
Marcvhing Home
May Is Here
Meet Me Dare
Merry Christmas
Mighty Jehovah
-Behold a stranger at the door

-Sing and rejoice, ye sons of grace

O Come to the Mountains
O Jesus Thou Art Standing
O Lord, How Excellent Is Thy Name
Old Hundred
Only Waiting
Our B aby Boy
Our Old Homestead

Praise Him
Praise His Name
Praise to God

Rejoice in the Lord
Rest From Thy Labors
-Come, ye thankful people, come
Rose, The (A wild rose in the forest)

Sailor's Delight, The
Silent Midnight
Skating Glee
Sleep, Beloved, Sleep
Sleep on Thy Pillow
Sleighing Song
Song of Niagara
Songs of Praise
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Sunbeams Are Glancing, The
-Praise yo the Lord, my heart shall join

'Tis I, Be Not Afraid
To the Chase
Travel On and Never Mind
Trumpet, The

Village of the Vale

We All Can Tell
We Have Gahered Here to Sing
Who Was It?
Willie Low
-Lord at this closing hour

Yachting Glee

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: cetmst
Date: 27 Jun 04 - 05:53 PM

Author: Isaac Baker Woodbury
Pub: New York, Cornish Lamport & Co., 1851
(Not a school songbook but mainly secular songs apparently published for glee clubs and other singing groups, may belong in another thread)

Again We're Met
Anger Resteth With a Fool
Auld Lang Syne
Aye, Still Ring On, Ye Merry Peal

Battle With Life
Behold How Brightly Breaks the Morning
Bonnie Bark, The
By the Margin of Fair Zurich's Waters

Chide Mildly the Erring
Come, Blushing May
Come, Friends and Brothers
Come, Rest in This Bosom
Cool Gushing Spring, The

Dream Is Past, The
Dying Child to Her Mother, The

Factory Bell, The
Fairy Boat Glee, The
Farmer's Glee, The
Festive Song Has Died Away, The
Float Away O'er Land and Sea
Friends My Heart Holds Dear
From This Mountain Land

Gaily the Troubador
Gather the Beautiful Home to Their Rest
Gentle Thoughts, O Give Me Them
Greeting of Spring, The
Grave of Daniel Boone

Happy Land
Heath Is All Lonely, The
Hush, the Year Is Dying

I Am Fading Away
I Watch for Thee
I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely
I've Wandered in Dreams

Jeanette and Jeannot
Jenny Lind's Song

Lady of Beauty
Land of Our Fathers
Lay of the Famine: or The Husband's Lament
Long. Long Ago

Master and Pupil
Meeting of the Waters, The
Merry, Merry Spring, The
Merry Swiss Boy, The
Moss Covered Bucket, The
My Bark Is on the Billow
My Father's Old Cottage
My Mother Dear

Near the Lake
New England

O Dear Is My Cottage
O Sweet Was the Hour
O Take Me Back to Switzerland
O That Song Still Prolong
O Think Not I Can Say Farewell
Old Fartmer's Elegy, The
Orphan Farmer Boy, The
Our Own Friends
Our Parting Song
Our Yankee Girls

Patriotic Glee
Plough Deep to Find the Gold
Pumpkin Pie, The

Robin Adair
Rory O'Moore
Rose Atherton

Sailor's Funeral, The
Silent Night, Though Dark Thy Feature
Singing Through the Forests
Sister's Love, The; or The Snowstorm
Songs of Former Times, The
Spanish Guitar, The
Speak Gently to the Erring
Spider and the Fly, The
Student's Song
Summer's Call
Sunny Hours of Childhood, The
Switzer's Song of Home

Teetot'llers Are a-Coming, The
Temperance Call, The
Thou Reign'st in This Bosom
'Tis the Last Rose of Summer
'Tis Well to Have a Merry Heart
Touch Us Gently, Time
True Love Can Ne'er Forget
T'were Vain to Tell Thee All I Feel
Tyrolese Evening Hymn

Union Forever, The
Up to the Alps, Lads

Voyage of Life

Wake Up Singing
Wandering Minstrel, The
Washington's Monument
Watcher, The
Watchman, The
We Have Been Friends Together
What Delight, What Joy Rebounds
What Fairy-Like Music
Where Is the Minstrel's Fatherland?
Who Will go With Us?

Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon
Ye Scenes of My Childhood
Yes, 'Tis the Indian Drum
Young May Moon, The

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Subject: Songs of the Ages
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 06 Jan 05 - 01:21 PM

Another 'School Song Book' which I remember from my schooldays. I have recently bought a copy from my local Oxfam shop. The songs are all set to at least a melody, in some cases four-part harmony is used. The contents pages reproduced here, provide the composer, or rough date of composition. The book has been arranged in (very) approximate age order.

Full details:

Words and airs
By R Dunstan Mus.Doc., Cantab and C.E.Bygott
Revised in 1962 by F Westcott D.Mus., Oxon
Publisher Schofield & Sims Ltd. Huddersfield

Section One. Mediaeval Music

Agnus Dei (Plainsong)                         Sarum, X Century
Veni Creator Spiritus                                 (Plainsong) Sarum
Alma Redemptoris Mater                         (Plainsong) Hermannus Contractus, XI Century
A solis ortu                                         Columbanus(?), LX Century
Orientus partibus                                 French, XII Century
Quan vei l'aloete mover                         Bernard de Ventadour
Kalenda Maya                                 Raimbault de Vaqueiras
Ja nuns hons pris                                 Richard Couer-de-Lion
Qant li Rosignols s'Escrie                         Anonymous
Winder, wie ist nu dein kraft                         Neidhart von Reuental
Ich parere dich                                 Witzlav von Rugen
Alta Trinita Beata                                 Italian, XIII Century
Bearing high the sacred Cross                 XI century(?)
From distant lands outriding                         German, XIII Century
Sumer is icumen in                                 English, XIII Century
Deo Gratias Anglia                                 English, XV Century
Could but the Lovely Flowers Know                 German, XV Century
Why are all Pale the Roses seen?                 German, XV Century
L'Amour de Moi                                 French, XV Century
Afar from Thee I wander                         German, 1521

Section Two. Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean Music

Now Ponder Well                                 Traditional
The Three Knights                                 Traditional
Quoth John to Joan                                 Traditional
The Hunt is up                                 Traditional
Bonny Sweet Robin                                 Traditional
The Three Ravens                                 Traditional
Pastime with Good Company                 Henry VIII
Ah, the sighs                                         William Cornish
John Dory                                         Hawkin's History of Music
We be Soldiers Three                                 Deuteromelia
In going to my lonely Bed                         Richard Edwardes
Where Griping Grief                                 Richard Edwardes
Jog on, jog on                                         Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Under the Greenwood Tree                         Traditional
Greensleeves                                         William Ballet's Lute Book
The Carman's Whistle                         Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
O Mistress Mine                                 Chappell's "Popular Music"
The Willow Song                                 Thomas Dallas Lute Book
O sleep, Fond Fancy                                 Thomas Morley
Now, O now I needs must part                 John Dowland
Tomorrow the Fox will Come to Town         Deuteromelia
Cold's the Wind                                1622 (or earlier)
Love me little, love me long                         Time of James I

Section Three. XVII and Early XVIII Century Music

Amaryllis                                                                 Giulio Caccini
Sweet Echo                                                                 Henry Lawes
Bid me but live                                                         Henry Lawes
Gather your Rosebuds                                                 William Lawes
The Self-Banished                                                         John Blow
What shall I do to show how much I love her?                         Henry Purcell
Your Hay it is Mowed                                                 Henry Purcell
Lilli Burlero                                                                 Henry Purcell
Had I but Love                                                         Henry Purcell
Bois Epais                                                                 Lully
Chloris                                                                 Anonymous
As the Snow in Valleys Lying                                         John Weldon
In the Pleasant Month of May                                         John Barrett
The Pilgrim                                                                 John Barrett, "Beggar's Opera"
Cease your Funning                                                         Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
Good-Morrow, Gossip Joan                                                 Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
The Spring's a-Coming                                                 Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
This great world is a trouble                                                 Richard Leveridge
Non e si vago e bello                                                         Handel
Alma del gran Pompeo                                                 Handel
Let me wander not unseen                                                 Handel
With thee th'unsheltered moor I'd tread                                 Handel
Veni Redemptor gentium                                                 Bach
Bist du bei mir                                                         Bach

Section Four. Late XVIII and Early XIX Century Music

When Icicles hang by the Wall                        Arne
Rule, Britainnia                                        Arne
When that I was and a little Tiny Boy                J Vernon
Allons danser                                                J.J.Rousseau
Gli sguardi trattienti                                        Gluck
Tom Bowling                                                Dibdin
I sail'd from the Downs                                Dibdin
Ere around the huge oak                                Shield
The Ploughboy                                        Shield
Allan Water                                                Hook
My mother bids me bind my hair                        Haydn
The Spirit's Song                                        Haydn
Das Veilchen                                                Mozart
Pedrillo's serenade                                        Mozart
Kennst du das Land?                                        Beethoven
Faithfu' Johnnie                                        Beethoven
Barbara Allan                                                Traditional
Ettrick Banks                                                Traditional
Farewell to Lochaber                                        Traditional
The Flow'rs of the Forest                                Traditional
The Rowan Tree                                        Traditional
The Birks of Aberfeldy                                Traditional
Ca' the Yowes                                                Traditional
The Winter it is Past                                        Traditional
The Spring is Come                                        Traditional
Suantraidhe                                                Traditional
The last Rose of Summer                                Traditional
Suò-gân                                                Traditional
The Black Monk                                        Traditional
War-Song of the men of Glamorgan                        Traditional
The Hall of Cyndylan                                        Traditional
Jenny Jones                                                John Parry
The Star-Spangled Banner (To Anacreon in Heaven)J.S.Smith

Section Five. XIX Century Music

Rio Grande                                                 Traditional
Stormalong                                                 Traditional
The Girls of Dublin Town                                 Traditional
Shenandoah; or Rolling River                         Traditional
A-Roving                                                 Traditional
Good-bye, fare you well                                 Traditional
What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?                 Traditional
The Sailor Boy                                         Traditional
High Barbaree                                         Traditional
Lowlands Low (The Golden vanity)                         Traditional
Haiden-Röslein                                         Schubert
Who is Sylvia?                                         Schubert
Der Alpenjäger                                         Schubert
Huntsman, rest! Thy chase is done                         Schubert
Absence                                                 Mendelssohn
O wert thou in the cauld blast                         Mendelssohn
The Lotus Flower                                         Schumann
O my Love's like the Red, red Rose                         Schumann
Sonntag                                                 arr. Brahms
Minnelied                                                 Brahms
Vergebliches Ständchen                                 Brahms
Lenzlied                                                 Wagner
Am Jordan Sankt Johannes stand                         Wagner
Desdemona's Prayer                                         Verdi
The Three Fishers                                         Hullah
Where are the Joys I knew                                 Gounod
Sigh no more, Ladies                                         Sullivan
Two eyes of brown                                         Grieg
With the first Primrose                                 Grieg
Clad in robes of linen                                         Dvorák
As of old my Mother                                         Dvorák
The Birch Tree                                         Russian Folk Song
The Prince and the Princess                                 Russian Folk Song
Mother Volga                                                 Russian Folk Song
Massa' s in the cold, cold ground                         Stephen Foster
O Susanna                                                 Stephen Foster
Some folks do                                         Stephen Foster
I got a robe                                                 Negro Spiritual
Joshua fight the battle of Jericho                         Negro Spiritual
Swing low, sweet chariot                                 Negro Spiritual
When Johnny comes marching home                 Traditional (German?)
John Brown's Body                                         American Traditional

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Leadfingers
Date: 06 Jan 05 - 08:34 PM

If I could get my sticky fingers on a copy I would post The Oxford Book of Song (The Oxford Book of Popular Song) which has a stack of really good stuff in it ! I was exposed to this wonderful book as a
thirteen year old Oaf and never realised the WONDERFUL material I was being exposed too !!

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Azizi
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 01:40 AM

I have a number of old school song books. The titles of the books that I could quickly put my hand on from the oldest on are:

"Sing Together", Girls Scouts, Inc. 1936

Twice 55 Plus Community Songs 'I Hear America Singing" The New Brown Book; edited by Peter W. Dyjema, Will Earhart, Hollis Dann and Osbourne McConathy , The Brown Book C.C. Richard & Co, Boston, first copyright MCMXIX last copyright noted MCMXLVII {decipher please-I never could figure out Roman numerals aren't my strong suit :o))

Twice 55 Community Songs "Music Unites People" The New Green Book
edited by Peter W. Dyjema, Will Earhart, Hollis Dann and Osbourne McConathy , The Brown Book C.C. Richard & Co, Boston; Copyright M

"Singing In Harmony: Our Singing World" Enlarged Edition, Lila Belle Pitts, Mabelle Glenn, Lorrain E. Watters, Louis G. Wersen; 1959 Ginn And Company

"Making Music Your Own" {Book 3}, 1964 Silver Burdett Company

"The Music Book" Eunice Boardman, Barbara Andress; 1984 Holt Rinehart and Winston

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 01:58 AM

Hi, Azizi - I think we don't have any of those books indexed, so please scan and post the indexes if you're able to. I'd really like to see what you have in that 1936 edition of Sing Together. the earliest one I've seen is 1973.
You can post them in this thread, and I'll see they get moved to the appropriate thread. Sooner or later, we need to have a thread for Ginn and Company. Please make sure you index no more than one book in a single message.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Azizi
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 02:41 AM

Well-I wasn't finished putting in the information about the Green Book when my computer pressed the submit button itself...
Is this part of the wierd stuff going on with the computers?? Maybe the Roman Numerals took exception to the fact that I wouldn't take the time to figure out thir conversions to 'real' numbers-because I feared I might make a mistake...oh well...

Anyway the company for the Green Book is the same as the Brown book and the copyright dates [ahem] are: MCMXXIII and MCMXXX; and renewed copyright MCMLI

I thought that I had more Silver Burdett books, but I can't put my hands on them at this time...I'll keep looking...

Though someone may have already posted these indexes, just in case they haven't been psoted yet, I'll commit to posting each book's content page ASAP starting now with "Sing Together", Girls Scouts, Inc. 1936

Of course, when I was less than half way through this list, it occured to me that before taking the time to write it, it would have been smarter for me to ask if this list had already been posted...

So I will ask that about the other song books that I listed in my previous post. Are the content pages of these books already listed here?

If not, I'll post them one at a time. I will also respond to any request for the text of a particular song from these time & energy permits.

Thanks, Joe!

I sent in that list before I read your post!

I was hoping that somebody would have saved me from doing this work but I'll get with it. And I'll make sure not to put the content pages of more than one book on the same post.

By the way, I got each of these books for $2.OO or less from Library sales of withdrawn books or from second hand stores... so it's 'pays' to be alert to those opportunities to find some great folk music resources...

Joe, would you please post the link for the thread for the Girl Scout song books? I'm interested in comparing the contents.

    Uh,'re gonna make me work, Azizi. I've been meaning to have a thread for indexing Scout songbooks, but I haven't done it yet. You're welcome to start one, or you can waot for me to get a "round tuit."
    We do have a Girl Scout Favorites thread group.
    -Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 01:04 PM

No word on Oxford book of popular Song yet ?? - Oh by the way , post 100

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 02:35 PM

Azizi, check the list of Silver-Burdett songbook contents in thread 69027 before you post from S-B books. Silver-Burdett
Or enter silver-burdett into the Lyrics and Knowledge Search Box and links will come up. Book 3 has not been posted; only 5 and 6

The Follett book thread is 70064, if you have any to add there. Follett
(or enter follett ....)

I have more song books to post as well.

Joe, your quick way to find a song in the Permathreads works for most (CRTL F). Neat trick.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 03:10 PM

Correction- Follett thread 70064: Follett

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Azizi
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 03:11 PM

Here is the song index for:
"Twice 55 Plus Community Songs-I Hear America Singing" The New Brown Book; edited by Peter W. Dyjema, Will Earhart, Hollis Dann and Osbourne McConathy , The Brown Book C.C. Richard & Co, Boston, first copyright MCMXIX; last copyright noted MCMXLVII

Ah Poor Bird {Round}
All Hail the Power
All Through the Night
Aloha Oe
America {Bloch}
America the Beautiful
Annie Laurie
Anvil Chorus
Are You SLeeping {Round}
Auld Lang Syne
Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party
Awake My Soul

Battle Cry of Freedom
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bear Went Over, The
Believe Me, etc
Bell Doth Toll, The {Round}
Bells of Osney {Round}
Blow the Man Down {Chantey}
Bonny Eloise
Bull Dog on the Bank {Male Voices}

Calm as the Night
Cantique de Noel
Capital Ship, A
Carry Me Back, etc.
Christmas is Coming {Round}
Climate, The
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Come Let Us to the Bagpipe's Sound
Come My Soul
Come, Thou Almighty King
Comin' Throu the Rye
Come, Ye Thankful People

Darling Nellie Gray
Day of Joyful Singing, A
Deck the Halls
Dogie Song
Drink to Me Only, etc.

Early to Bed {Round}

Fairest Lord Jesus
First Nowell, The
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
Flowing River
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
For the Beauty of the Earth

Gaily the Troubadour
Get Away From dis' Co'nfiel' {Male Vocies}
Glory Now to Thee be Given
Good Bye, My Lover
Good Night, Ladies
Great Tom is Cast {Round}

Hail, Holy Light
Hark! the Herald Angels
Health and Strength {Round}
Heavens Resound, The
Ho! Every Sleeper {Round}
Home Road, The
Home, Sweet Home
How Can I Leave Thee
Howdy! {Text}
How Firm a Foundation

I Need Thee Every Hour
In Old Madrid
In the Gloaming
In the Time of Roses
Irish Love Song, An

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Jingle Bells
John Peel

Keep the Home Fires Burnng {Text}
Land o' the Lea!
Lead, Kindly Light
Let's Have a Peal {Round}
Levee Song
Little Brown Church, The
Loch Lomond
Fong, Long Ago
Long, Long Trail {Text}
Loreley, The
Lord is Risen, The
Lord, We Come With Our Hearts Aflame
Lorraine March
Lost Chord, The
Lovely Evening {Round}
Love's old Sweet Song

Man in the Moon, The
March On!
Marche Lorraine
Marseillaise, The
Massa's in the Cold Ground
Massa Dear
May Song,A
Men of Harlech {New Text}
Merry Bells of Hamburg {Round}
Merrily, Merrily {Round}
Merry Life, A
Missouri Waltz {Text}
Mosquito's Serenade
My Bonnie
My Love's an Arbutus
My Old Kentucky Home
My Sunshine

Nacy Lee
Nearer, My God, to Thee
Nellie Was a Lady
Now Robin, Lend to Me Thy Bow {Round}

O Come, All Ye Faithful
O God, Our Help in Ages Past
Oh, Susanna
Old Aunt Jemima {Male Voices}
Old Black Joe
Old Chisholm Trail, The
Old Dog Tray {Text}
Old Folks at Home, The
Old Oaken Bucket, The
Old Zip Coon
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O Mary, Don't You Weep
O My Love {Round}
On! O Thou Soul!
Onward, Christian Soldiers
O Soldier, Soldier
O Thou from Whom All Goodness Flows
Our Boys Will Shine
Out of the Deep
O Worship the King

Pack Up Your Troubles {Text}
Palm Branches
Perfect Day {Text}
Pilgrims' Chorus
Proudly as the Eagles {Male Voices}

Reuben and Rachel
Responsive Readings {Last two pages}
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
Row Your Boat {Round}

Santa Lucia
Scotland's Burning {Round}
Send Out Thy Light
See, the Conquering Hero
Silent Night
Silent Now the Drowsy Bird
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Soldiers' Chorus
Soldier's Farewell
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Spacious Firmament, The
Spanish Cavalier, A {Text}
Spin, Spin {Treble Voices}
Stars of the Summer Night
Star-Spangled Banner, The
Steal Away
Sun of My Soul
Sun Worhippers, The
Sweet Adeline {Text}
Sweet and Low
Sweet Genevieve
Sweet Potatoes {Treble Voices}
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Tap, Tap,Tap {Male Voices}
Tenting Tonight
There Was an Old Man {Round}
Tho' the Earth be Bright
Three Blind Mice {Round}
Three Children Sliding
Today Is Monday
To Shorten Winter's Sadness
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Turn Around Again, Whittington {Round}
Twelve Days of Christmas, The

U.S.A. Forever

Vesper Hymn

Warrior Bold, A
Wearing of the Green
Welcome, Sweet Springtime
Westminster Chimes
When Johnny Comes Marching
When Wilt Thou Save the People
When You and I Were Young
White Sand and Grey Sand

Yankee Doodle

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 16 Jan 05 - 11:21 PM

McCaskey, J. F., 1881 (1898), "The Franklin Square Song Collection, Devoted to School and Home Enjoyment," Harper & Brothers, New York and London. "Two Hundred Favorite Songs and Hymns for Schools and Homes, Nursery and Fireside. No. 1". 184 pp.
Contents of Song Collection: No. 1.

Abide with Me   Wm. H. Monk
Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleed   Isaac Watts
All the Saints Adore Thee   J. B. Dykes
All Together   Geo. F. Root
Alpine Horn, The   E. J. Loder
Angelic Songs Are Swelling   F. W. Faber
Annie Laurie   Lady John Scott
As a Little Child   C. M. Von Weber
As Pants the Wearied Heart   F. Mendelssohn
Auld Lang Syne   Robert Burns
Away! Away! (Massaniello)   D. F. E. Auber
Away! Away! Away! C. M. Von Weber
A Wild Rose in the Forest   C. Eckert
Baby Bye, Here's a Fly   Theodore Tilton
Behold the Sabre of My Father   J. Offenbach
Beside the Mill   F. GluckBird Song, The   Wm. Allingham
Bird Let Loose, The   Thomas Moore
Blossom Time   Mary E. Dodge
Blue Bird, The   C. De Beriot
Blue Bells of Scotland   Mrs. Jordan
Boat Song, The   C. M. Von Weber
Bonnie Doon   Robert Burns
Bonnie Charlie   Lady Nairne
By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill   Reginald Heber
Calm on the Listening Ear of Night   J. B. Dykes
Cherries Ripe   Nursery
Chide Mildly the Erring.   W. B. Bradbury
Child's Hymn   Old Melody
Christ Was Born on Christmas Day   J. M. Neale
Christmas Time Is Come Again   Carol
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean   D. T. Shaw
Come, All Ye Faithful   Christmas
Come, Come, Come, O'er the Hills   German
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove   Isaac Watts
Come to the Old Oak Tree   English
Come with the Gypsy Bride   M. W. Balfe
Come, Ye Disconsolate   S. Webbe
Comin' Thro the Rye   Scotch
Cradle Hymn: Hush, My Babe   Isaac Watts
Cradle Song: Sleep, Beloved, Sleep   W. Taubert
Cuckoo, Welcome Thy Song   German
Days of Summer Glory   C. M. Von Weber
Deadly Cup, The   Temperance
Dearest Spot, The   W. T. Wrighton
Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly   Welsh Air
Evening Hymn   "Ave Sanctissima"
Even Me   E. O. Lyte
Fair as the Morning   Geo. F. Root
Faithful Little Bird, The   D. M. Craik
Far Away   M. Lindsay
Farewell, O Joyous Sunny Grove   H. Esser
Farewell to Lochaber   Chas. Mackay
Farewell to the Woods   German
Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss   Anne Steele
First Christmas Gifts   John Selwyn
Flag of the Free   Richard Wagner
Follow Me, Full of Glee   Movement Song
Forever and Forever   C. C. Converse
Freedom's Flag   C. C. Converse
Full Far Away a City Stands   F. Sewall
Gaily the Troubadour   T. H. Bayly
Geography Song   M. B. C. Slade
gentle Words and Kindly Deeds   Geo. Cooper
Glad Christmas Bells   Carol
God Bless Our Native Land   T. Dwight
Go, Forget Me   Charles Wolfe
Golden Rule, The   Charles Wolfe
Good-Bye, Good-Bye to Summer   Wm. Allingham
Good Cheer   "Cracovienne"
Good Night   Franz Abt
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah   F. Herold
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah   Von Flotow
Hail Columbia   F. Hopkinson
Hail, Thou Most Sacred One   Felicia Hemans
Happy Land   Swiss Melody
Hark! Hark! My Soul   F. W. Faber
Heirs of Unending Life   H. Bedddome
He Giveth His Beloved, Sleep   E. B. Browning
Ho, Ho, Vacation Days Are Here   J. C. Johnson
Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea)   R. Heber
Home, Home, Can I Forget Thee?   German
Home of the Soul   Phillip Phillips
Home, Sweet Home   Sicilian Air
How Can I Leave Thee   Volkslied
How Gentle God's Commands   H. G. Nageli
How Happy Is the Child who Hears   M. Bruce
Hunting Song   C. M. Von Weber
Hush, My Babe   Isaac Watts

Hymn Tunes- Seymour 7, Manoah 13, Kingsley 16,
Greenville 22, Bethany 23, Dennis 23,
Adeste Fidelis 27, America 30, Naomi 35,
St. Hilda 47, Eventide 60, Frederick 16,Dawning 61,
Placida 63,Evan 73, Nicaea 92, Hurseley 93,
St. Agnes 115, 133, Ave Sanctissima 121,
Innocents 129, Portuguese Hymn 130, Old
Hundred 131, Martyn 133, St. Phillip 137,
Berlin 161, Dundee 161.

I Had a Bird, a Little Bird   D. M. Craik
I had Four Brothers Over the Sea   Little Folks.
I Love the Song of Birds   Chas. Mackay
I'm a Shepherd of the Valley F. G. Klauer
In Flakes of a Feathery White   Old Air
In the Wild Chamois Track   E. J. Loder
In the West the Sun Declining   Franz Abt
It's Fair to See the Morning Breeze   Hew Ainslee
I've Been Thinking of Home   J. E. Gould
I Will Sing You a Song   E. H. Gates
I Would Not Live Alway   W. A. Muhlenburg
Janet's Choice   Mrs. C. Barnard
Jerusalem, My Happy Home   Latin Hymn
Jerusalem, the Golden   Alexander Ewing
Jesus, Lover of My Soul   Chas. Wesley
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee   G. Rossini
John Anderson, My Jo   Robert Burns
Jolly Old St. Nicholas Christmas
Joys That We've Tasted   Geo. W. Patton
Katy's Letter   Lady Dufferin
Kind Words Can Never Die   Abby Hutchinson
King of Love, The   J. B. Dykes
Land Ahead! Its Fruits are Waving   J. M. Evans
Land of Memory, The   "Auld Lang Syne"
Land o' the Leal   Lady Nairn
Last Rose of Summer   Thomas Moore
Lead, Kindly Light   J. H. Newman
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old   T. Moore
Life Let Us Cherish   H. G. Nageli
Lightly Row   Spanish Melody
Little Birdie in the Tree   P. P. Bliss
Little Brother, Darling Boy   Nursery
Little Drops of Water   Nursery
Longing for Spring   German
Long, Long Ago   T. H. Bayly
(Long Time Ago- see Near the Lake)
Lord, in this Thy Mercy's Day   W. H. Monk
Love thy Mother, Little One   Russian Air
Love, Hope, Happiness   E. Ransford
Lovely Rose   Venetian Melody
Marseilles Hymn   Rouget de Lisle
Maxwelton's braes Are Bonnie   Lady John Scott
May Is Here, the World Rejoices   Polish Air
Melodies of Many Lands   C. W. Glover
Meek and Lowly   Stephen Glover
Merrily Greet the Morn   Round
Mill May Anon.
Mill-Wheel, The   Kindergarten
Minstrel Boy, The   Thomas Moore
Month of the Apple Blossom   G. Donizetti
Morning Red   R. W. Raymond
Mother's Wish, The   G. A. Hodgson
Mower's Song, The   German Air
Mountain Maid's Invitation   H. Werner
Music on the Waves   Chas. W. Glover
My Country, 'Tis of Thee   S. F. Smith
My Heart's in the Highlands   Robert Burns
My Mother Loves Me Not   Folksong
National Hymn   S. F. Smith
Nearer, My God, to Thee Sarah F. Adams
Near the Lake   Geo. P. Morris
O Come, Come Away W. E. Hickson
O Come, All Ye Faithful   Latin Hymn
Oft in the Stilly Night   John Stevenson
Oh, Gladly Now We Hail Thee   V. Bellini
Oh, How Cold the Winter Weather   German
Oh, the Sports of Childhood   O. R. Barrows
Oh, Columbia the Gem of the Ocean   D. T. Shaw
Oh, Tell Me What It Meaneth F. Silcher
O Jesus, Thou Art Standing W. W. How
Old Oaken Bucket, The   Sam'l Woodworth
Old Cottage Clock, The   J. L. Malloy
Old Familiar Place, The   C. W. Glover
Old Hundred, with Doxology   W. Franc
On We Are Floating   C. M. Von Weber
Once I Saw a Sweetbrier Rose   H. Werner
Our Country's Flag, O Emblem Dear   J. J. Hood
Our Father in Heaven   S. J. Hale
Our Fatherland   Franz Abt
Our Flag Is There   Anon.
Origin of Yankee Doodle   Geo. P. Morris
Over the Water to Charlie   Scotch
Perri, Merri Dictum, Domine   Nursery
Polish Maiden Song   Goria
Polish May Song   Polish Air
Prayer from Freischutz   C. M. Von Weber
Remember Thy Creator Now   W. H. Havergal
Robin Adair   Caroline Keppel
Robin Redbreast   Wm. Allingham
Robinson Crusoe   "Rogue's March"
Rose of Allandale   S. Nelson, Charles Jeffreys
Row Your Boat (Round)   E. O. Lyte
Sabre Song, The   J. Offenbach
Safe Within the Veil   J. M. Evans
Saw Ye Never in the Twilight   C. F. Alexander
Scenes that Are Brightest   W. V. Wallace
Should Auld Acquaintance   Robert Burns
Silently Falling Snow Wm. O. Bourne
Silent Night! Holy Night!   Michael Haydn
Sing Always   Wm. F. Sherwin
Sing, Gaily Sing   G. P. Weimar
Singing in the Rain   E. A. Allen
Sing, Thou Merry Bird   Little Folks
Sleep, Beloved, Sleep   W. Taubert
Snow Bird, The   F. C. Woodworth
Softly Now the Light of Day   G. W. Doane
Softly Now the Light of Day   G. Donizetti
Soft, Soft Music is Stealing   German
Softly Blow the Vernal Breezes   German
Songs Revealing Sacred Feeling   C. M. Von Weber
Songs of Men, Behold from Far   Chas. Wesley
Sparkling and Bright   Chas. Fenno Hoffman
Speed Away   I. B. Woodbury
Spider and the Fly, The   O. H. Normino
Star-Spangled Banner   Francis S. Key
Still, Still, with Thee   H. B. Stowe
Strong Lads of Labor   J. Beuler
Sweet Bird, Thine Early Note   C. de Beriot
Sweet Hour of Prayer   Wm. B. Bradbury
Sweet Saviour, Bless Us ere We Go   F. W. Faber
Swinging 'neath the Old Apple Tree   Barrows
The Bell Doth Toll   Round
The Dearest Spot W. T. Wrighton
The Fairy Boy   Samuel Lover
The Farmer Kindergarten
The Harp that Once thro' Tara's Halls   T. Moore
The Heart Bowed Down   M. W. Balfe
The Hobby Horse   Nursery
The Ingleside   Hew Ainslee
The Long Years   Thos. Moore
The Lord's Prayer   S. J. Hale
The Loreley   F. Silcher
The Melodies of Many Lands   C. W. Glover
The Minstrel Boy   Thomas Moore
The Mother's Wish   G. A. Hodgson
The Mourner   Volkslied
The Old Familiar Place   C. W. Glover
The Sun Is Rising o'er the Ocean   J. Offenbach
The Teetotalers Are Coming   J. Hutchinson
There Is a Happy Land   Andrew Young 'Hindoo Melody'
There's a Wedding in the Orchard   M. E. Dodge
There's Music in the Air   Geo. F. Root
They Say I May Marry the Laird   Claribel
Thoughts of Home (chant)   J. E. Gould
Those Evening Bells   Thomas Moore
Those Endearing Young Charms   W. Davenant
Twilight Is Falling   B. C. Unseld
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star   Jane Taylor
Try, Try Again   Kindergarten
Upidee: "Excelsior"   College Song
Up the Hills on a Bright Sunny Morn   G. Rossini
Verdant Grove, Farewell to Thee   German
Visions of Morning, The   O. W. Holmes
Wake, Wake the Morning   Anon.
Wander Staff, The   Volkslied
Watch on the Rhine, The   Carl Wilhelm
Weep for the Fallen   Portuguese Hymn
We Have Been Friends Together   C. E. Norton
We Lay Us Down in Sleep   R. Schumann
We May Love the Wide World   C. W. Glover
Welcome to Morning   M. B. C. Slade
What Can the Matter Be?   Old Song
What Fairy-like Music   Jos. de Pinna
What I Love and Hate, John Brown   C. Mackay
What Will You Do, Love?   Samuel Lover
When I Was a Lad   "Rogue's March"
When Shall We Meet Again?   Lowell Mason
When the Day with Rosy Light   Stockhausen
When the Swallows Homeward Fly   Franz Abt
Where Is Now the Merry Party?   M. Lindsay
Where the Elm Tree Branches   E. A. Allen
Will You Come to My Parlor? O. H. Norman
With Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee   Francis S. Key
Work and Play   French Air
Work, for the Night Is Coming   Sidney Dyer
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon   Robert Burns
Ye Sons of France, Awake!   Rouget de Lisle
Your Mission   Ellen H. Gates

ELEMENTS OF MUSIC pp. 177-184.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 15 Feb 05 - 02:55 PM

Collection of American College Songs with Piano-forte Accompaniment.
Compiler and Arranger, C. Wistar Stevens
Russell & Tolman, 1860.

Songs of Harvard, Yale, Williams and Dartmouth.

Harvard Songs

A Song of '29 (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
Class of '59 (air- "A Pilgrim and a Stranger")
Cobbler and Tinker (drinking song)
Fair Harvard
Gratulandum est (in "Doodle Yankee cantandum"
Hark! the Morning Bell is Pealing
In Moments of Joy (by C. C. F.)
In Sanitatum Ommnium, ça, ça!
Integer Vitae
It's a Way We Have at Old Harvard (drinking song)
Lone Fish Ball (Founded on a Boston Fact)
There's Music in the Air (G. F. Root)
'Tis Song that Scatters Roses in the Heart (C. W. Stevens)
'T was Off the Blue Canaries (J. M. Hubbard)
When the Puritans Came Over (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Songs of Yale

Alma Mater
Alma Mater O
Atalanta Boat Song (A. Bigelow; Air- "Blue Juniata")
Audacia (C. G. Cane; Air- Crambambuli
Come, Classmates
Gather ye Smiles (Air- "Sparkling and Bright")
Gaudeamus igitur
Lauriger Horatius
Old Yale
Parting Ode (W. S. Colton)
Smoking Song (F. M. Finch; Air "Sparkling and Bright")
Song, Class of '54 (Air- "Derby Ram")
Temm Me Not in Mournful Numbers (air- "Co-ca-che-lunk")
The Day of Departure (German air- "Juvallera")
The Wooden Spoon (air- "Benny Havens, O")

Songs of Williams

Biennial Serenade (S. W. Gladden, Air- "Yo, Yah, Yo")
My Whisker (R. Jackson, Air- "Old Arm Chair")
Oh, Give Me a Home (S. W. Cooper, Air- "Araby's Daughter")
Old Williams, 'tis of Thee (E. B. Parsons, Air- "America")
Prize Song (G. L. Raymond, Air- "Sparkling and Bright")
Sixty (J. W. Hyde, Air- "Pop Goes the Weasel")
The Mountains (words and music by S. W. Gladden)
The Summer Dawn Is Breaking (words arr. from Dr. Holmes,
    music S. W. Gladden)
Towering Around Us
Vacation Song (D. D. Willsea, Air- "O, Boys! Carry Me 'Long")
Way Down in the Hoosick Valley (J. A. French, Air- "Angelina Baker")

Dartmouth Songs

Come, Brothers, Drive Dull Care Away (Air- "Few Days")
Come, Let Us Drink to Junior Ease (Air- "Old Grimes")
Dirge (Air- "China")
Incantation (F. H. Fletcher, Air- "Co-ca-che-lunk")
Jubilate (A. B. Thompson, Air- "Old Dartmouth")
Let Every Young Sophomore
Mathematical Jordan
Matthew's Valedictory (Air- "Auld Lang Syne")
Old Time, with Steady Face (A. H. Clifford, Air- "Blow, Ye Windy Mornings")
The Nymph of Joy (Air- "Happy Are We Tonight")

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Subject: 5th grade music textbook
From: GUEST,Laura
Date: 14 Sep 05 - 08:34 AM

Hope this question is in the right place (please move or delete if not!)

I'm looking for the name of my elementary school music textbook(s). The songs that I remember are The Ballad of the Bluenose, Happiness Is, I Can Sing a Rainbow, and "As I was walking the streets of Laredo..." I don't know whether they're in one book or two, since I'm not positive that we sang them all in the same year. The books were used in Southeast Missouri, 1978-1981 (but were quite possibly older copyrights).

I've searched everything I can find here and found references to a couple of the songs (though I don't recall the book calling the last song "The Cowboy's Lament"), but none of them are together or have any other songs that ring a bell. Searching at UTK has given me nothing, so far. Any suggestions of other places to look or better techniques would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 15 Sep 05 - 03:53 AM

Hi, Laura - As you can see, we have lots of songbooks indexed in this thread and in the other threads crosslinked above, but I can't find "Bluenose" or "Sing a Rainbow" in any of them, or in the books I haven't got around to indexing.
I guess we've concentrated on songbooks published before 1970, which may be why we don't show it.
Don't give up, though - check this thread every once in a while, and wee if somebody comes up with an answer for you.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 15 Sep 05 - 01:19 PM

Joe: "check this thread every once in a while, and wee if somebody comes up with an answer for you.

Are you really suggesting he'll wet himself if he gets an answer?

Or does it mean something different over there?

    Yes, it means that Joe is aging, and his once-remarkable typing skills are fading....

    You'll note that this request is from a person who was in the fifth grade in the 1980's. Joe Offer was in the fifth grade in the 1950's.

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Subject: Index: The American Song Book
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 05 May 07 - 05:06 PM

I've just picked up another song book at my local Oxfam shop They had 3 copies, (I nabbed them all!!).

The American Song Book
(ed) John Horton
(pub)E.J.Arnold & Son Ltd Leeds.
No date given, no price pre-printed to give an idea of age. Latest dated reference in it is to "The Epic of America 1940"

Contents (with melody/accompaniment) are:
1, The Barnyard Song (I Had a Cat)
2, The Swapping song (When I was a little Boy)
3, Turn the Glasses Over
4, Turkey in the Straw
5, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
6, I Got a Robe
7, Roll the Cotton Down
8, The Plains of Mexico
9, We're All Bound to Go
10, The Little Old Sod Shanty
11, The Shantyman's Life
12, Wait for the Wagon
13, Git Along, Little Dogies
14, The Lone Star Trail
15 The Banks of Sacramento
16, Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
17, She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain
18, Yankee Doodle
19 My Old Kentucky Home
20, Oh! Susanna
21, The Star-Spangled Banner
22, John Brown's Body
23, Battle Hymn of the Republic
24, When Johnny Comes Marching Home
25, Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! The Boys are Marching
26, Dixie
27, America.

Some explanation is given with each song, e.g.
10 The Little Old Sod Shanty:
"Shanty" here has nothing to do with sailors' songs. It is about the early pioneers who struck westwards in search of new lands to settle in, and came to the treeless prairies where they could no longer build themselves the log cabins they had been used to in the mountains and forest country. So they dug hollows or trenches in the ground, piled sods of turf around like bricks, and made a roof of turf held up by cross poles. This was a "sod shanty""


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Subject: Index: Folk Songs of Many Lands
From: Joe Offer
Date: 28 Jul 11 - 05:15 PM

Nigel mentioned Curwen's Folk Songs of Many Lands (1906) above. It's now available at Google Books.

Folk Songs of Many Lands
(Curwen Edition 6268)

Collected by J. SPENCER CURWEN. The Words by Florence Hoare, John Guard Kate T. Sizer, George Bennett etc. The Accompaniments by PERCY E. FLETCHER

London: J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., 24 Berners Street, W.i New York: G. Schirmer Inc., Sole Agents for U.S.A. Copyright, 1911, by J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.
Made in England

    Austrian Landler, An 59
    In the Styrian Land (Styrian) 70
    Morning in Tyrol (Tyrol) 62
    Mountain Maid, A (Tyrol) 64
    Mountain Ranger (Styrian) 72
    Switzer, The (Tyrol) 68
    Where the gentian blows (Tyrol) 60

    Basque Lullaby, A 16
    Fisher Song, A 18
    From the hills 19
    Mountain Maid, The 15
    Old Minstrel, The 22
    Pipe us the songs of freedom 17
    Tolosa Fair 20

    Dear old home, The (Alsatian) 14
    Far away o'er the sea 2
    Fishermen's Evening-Song (Breton).. 12
    Ivon, my delight (Old Breton) 7
    Life that's free, The (Alsatian) 11
    Mourn not the pain of loving 6
    My Normandy 4
    Pretty Shepherdess 10
    Return to France, The 8
    There came a little stranger 1

    Ah, where's the miller's daughter 46
    Annie of Tharaw 48
    Bavarian Hunting Song (Bavarian Highlands) 66
    Bugle Call, The (Westphalian) 54
    German Peasants' Dance (Wurtemberg) 53
    Hope will banish sorrow (Swabian).... 50
    In exile (Swabian) 73
    Lorelei, The 44
    Maid of Leko, The 41
    My heart's love has left me (South German) 49
    Swabian Trooper's Song (Swabian) .. 52
    Where the gay dreams of childhood .. 42
    Yearning for Homeland 47

    Angiolina 104
    Blue Grotto (Romanescan) 103
    Christmas in Rome (Romanescan) 112
    Fai ry night (Lombardy) 100
    In a Gondola 92
    Italian Barcarolla, An 88
    Madeline (Venice) 96
    Marianina 94
    Naples (Neapolitan) 98
    Peppinetta (Milan) 106
    Santa Lucia (Naples) no
    Savoyard, The (Savoy) 97
    Tuneful Guitar, The (Rome) 108
    Vesuvian Shore, The (Naples) 90

    Away, away, at break of day 82
    Cossack's Love Song (Little Russia).. 85
    Russian Weaving Song 84

    Battle Song (Norway) 28
    Flower Girl, The (Sweden) 37
    Jolly Farmer, The (Sweden) 39
    Longing for home (Sweden) 32
    May-pole, The (Norway) 30
    Song of Swedish patriots (Sweden)... 38
    Stromming boats, The 36
    Willow and the Oak, The (Norway)... 26
    Yule Feast (Sweden) 34

    Gypsy Dance 24
    Spanish Cachucha 80
    Spanish War March 78

    Miller's Daughter, The (Bohemia) 56
    Old Home, The (Low Countries) 40
    O little flower (Switzerland) 74
    Polish National Dance (Poland) 69
    Song of Mexico, A (Mexico) 86
    Switzer's farewell, The (Switzerland).. 76

Ah, where's the miller's daughter 46
Angiolina 104
Annie of Tharaw 48
Austrian Landler, An 59
Away, away at break of day 82
Basque Lullaby, A 16
Battle Song 28
Bavarian Hunting Song 66
Blue Grotto, The 103
Bugle Call, The 54
Christmas in Rome 112
Cossack's Love Song 85
Dear old home. The 14
Fairy Night 100
Far away o'er the sea 2
Fisher Song, A 18
Fishermen's Evening Song 12
Flower Girl, The 37
From the hills 19
German Peasants' Dance 53
Gypsy Dance 24
Hope will banish sorrow 50
In a Gondola 92
In Exile 73
In the Styrian Land 70
Italian Barcarolla, An 88
Ivon, my delight 7
Jolly Farmer, The 39
Life that's free, The 11
Longing for Home 32
Lorelei, The 44
Madeline 96
Maid of Leko, The 41
Marianina 94
Maypole, The 30
Miller's Daughter. The 56
Morning In Tyrol 61
Mountain Maid, A 64
Mountain Maid, The 15
Mountain Ranger, The 72
Mourn not the pain of loving 6
My heart's love has left me 49
My Normandy 4
Naples 98
O little flower 74
Old Home, The 40
Old Minstrel, The 22
Peppinetta 106
Pipe us the songs of freedom 17
Polish National Dance 69
Pretty Shepherdess 10
Return to France, The 8
Russian Weaving Song, A 84
Santa Lucia 110
Savoyard, The 97
Song of Mexico, A 86
Song of Swedish Patriots 38
Spanish Cachucha 80
Spanish War March 78
Strömming Boats, The 36
Swabian Trooper's Song 52
Switzer, The 68
Switzer's Farewell, The 76
There came a little stranger 1
Tolosa Fair 20
Tuneful Guitar, The 108
Vesuvian Shore, The 90
Where the gay dreams of childhood 42
Where the gentian blows 60
Willow and the Oak, The 26
Yearning for Homeland 47
Yule Feast, A 14

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 28 Jul 11 - 06:45 PM

Nigel mentioned Curwen's Folk Songs of Many Lands (1906) above. It's now available at Google Books.

I've recently posted a few sets of words from this book (mainly ones I remember from school) in separate threads:
Gypsy Dance
Fishermen's Evening Song
The Old Minstrel

These also include the tunes in ABC format (subject to correction!)

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Subject: Index: Songs of Beta Theta Pi
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 29 Jul 11 - 02:07 AM

Probably really stretching the definition of "school book" but in case someone is interested I have a pdf of "Songs of Beta Theta Pi" ©1942. I picked it up as two books, labelled 1954 and 1955, but they're the same book with an "annual cover." I was never a frat rat, and IMO these songs are incredibly boring and mostly pretty maudlin, but I needed to get it out of the bookcase to get some space and it only took a few hours to scan.

The original scan, at "publishing quality" is 289,503 KB and my email won't swallow it to send to anybody. A reduction to "web quality" brought it down to 37,718 KB but I haven't tried it to see if it's "sendable." The "web sized" book should print okay at about 150 dpi. I'm not sure whether my pdf mangler will let me go any smaller.

I also have an individual file of each of the 101 songs, plus a TOC and an Index, but even those (web quality) are big enough that they'd have to sent in individual emails to gain much on the bandwidth barrier. One at 2 MB, the others smaller but average probably near 1 MB.

The Table of Contents only shows 4 songs, so I guess they just weren't much on keeping up to date.

The Index is a little better:

Songs of Beta Theta Pi

All's Well With Sigma Rho (Ragan)
Alpha Eta Song
Alpha Marching Song (Brown)
Alpha Omega Song (Moseley)
Alpha Zeta Song (Blakeslee)
Alternate Doxology (Tunison—Lozier)
As Betas Now We Meet (Coulter)
At the Beta Shrine (Williams)
Banquet Song (Seaman)
Beta Alpha Coming-in Song (Cahall)
Beta Alpha Marching Song (Cahall)
Beta And Idaho (Sower) . Beta Days (Byrd—Ganiard)
Beta Doxology (Tunison)
Beta Friendship (Babcock)
Beta Sires And Beta Sons (Lozier)
Beta Sweetheart (Warner)
Beta, We Praise Thee (Williams)
Beta Theta Marching Song (Ford)
Beta Theta Pi
Betas Of Long Ago (Edwards)
Beta's Bonds (Black)
Beta's Emblems (Brooks)
Chi Chapter March (Fifield)
Clan Wooglin Marches (H. Lozier)
Duke And Beta (Shepard)
Fair, Fair Beta (Moore)
Fathers To Sons (Babcock)
Fires Of True Friendship (Sower)
From Classic Halls (Norton)
Gamma Beta Chapter Song (Smith)
Good Beta's Sing Forever (Foss)
Hymn Of Alpha (Swan)
In Beta Theta Pi
In Old Chi (Leach)
In The Old Porch Chairs (H. Lozier)
Lambda Banquet Song -(Gregory)
Lambda Chapter Song (Dunn)
Lambda Kappa Song (Varnes)
Lambda Rho Chapter Song (Stapp)
Let All Stand Together
Marching Along (Rogers)
Marching Along (Arr : Stammer)
Memento Amare
Militant Beta
Mu Epsilon (Keeler)
My Beta Dad And I (Shepardson—Ebaugh)
My Beta Girl (Gabele—Edgar)
Nu Chapter Song
Old Beta's Praise (Rogers)
Omega's Hymn (Wheeler)
Our Founders (Williamson)
Parting Song (Adams)
Phi Chi Banquet Song (Havens)
Phi Chi Marching Song (Baker)
Pledge To Beta Theta Pi
Praise To Our Order (Wilson)
Serenade Song
She Wears My Beta Pin (H. Lozier) 10S
Singing To Wooglin (Louer)
Song Of Beta Gamma (MacNeil)
Song Of The Greeks
Song Of Theta Zeta (Stuart)
Song To The Scarlet (Ragan)
Sons Of The Stars (Shepardson—Strickling)
The Alumni's Return (Seaman)
The Banquet Hall (H. Lozier)
The Beta Chorus (Rogers)
The Beta Dragon (Sisson)
The Beta Grip (Eversz)
The Beta Marseillaise (Scott)
The Beta Postscript (H. Lozier)
The Beta Shrine (Hatfield)
The Beta Stars (Rogers)
The Boys Of Alpha Pi (Pyre)
The Boys Of Thirty Nine (Merwin)
The Chapter Meeting (Sprague)
The Circle Of Phi (Mumford)
The Crow Song (Smith)
The Jolly Greeks (Ward)
The Land Of Canine (Rogers)
The Loving Cup (H. Lozier)
The Old Chapter Hall (Hooper)
The Parting Pledge (Moore)
The Psi Song (Ferguson)
The Response (Lozier)
The Scarlet—Tau Chapter (Ragan)
The Sons Of The Dragon (Rogers)
The Three Stars (Hatfield)
There's A Scene (Stillson)
Through The Centuries (Ragan)
Toast To Beta (Kirkham)
To The Pledge (Rogers)
Under Western Skies (Tewinkle)
We Gather Again (Lozier)
We'll Always Hang Together (Hughes)
We'll Toast The Silver Grays (Lozier)
Wooglin's Christmas Song (Walker)
Wooglin Forever (Ransom)
Wooglin To The Pledge (H. Lozier)
Wooglin's Ode (Dunn)

Most songs are 4-part scores. Perhaps a half dozen of the titles are text only.

If anybody's really interested, PM an email addy and I can try to send any song you want. I could even try to send the smaller version of the whole book, although I think succes odds are pretty marginal.

(I really can't see why anybody would want any of them: as I said - I wasn't a fratboy so maybe I just don't understand.)

(I have no idea what schools BTP was ever at. Maybe somebody feels like looking them up.)


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Subject: Index: Songs of the Campus
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 10 Jun 12 - 12:15 AM

Another stretch on the "school songbooks" category, but there are too many "Index" threads here for me to pick a better one for "College Songs" so I'll put my latest find here. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate place if it works better in another thread.

Not particularly old or even "classic" but with a snatch-sampling of what might have been sung at US campuses ca the 1930s (?). A few songs for which only texts are given are generally adjacent to scored pieces with a "tune of" reference. Since quite a few songs of the kind are to the tune of others of the same ilk, the music for "just like" tunes may be as useful as the "words" associated with a particular U., for those with an interest in such stuff. Scores generally 4-part, suitable for vocal harmony but probably sufficient for piano accompaniments for the average choir accompanist.

Several of the songs have notations of "by permission of ..." but don't clearly indicate whether the source giving permission was an author, composer, or © holder. Clues more than info for sourcing(?).

A personal "curiosity" is one song "from my own alma mudder" that was claimed to be "lost" and could NOT BE FOUND at the Institute ca 1958. Fragments were found in a couple of "frat books" but no complete verse(s). I had not noticed that it's in this book until I spotted it during scanning for my digital archive.

As usual, my "archive PDF" is too large for easy transmittal, at about 137 MB. The whole book could probably be made small enough for email, if someone wanted it enough to put up with my whining, or individual songs could be fairly easily extracted to make printable (PDF or JPG perhaps) copies of a few pages if there's a need.

Songs of the Campus
Selected by Kenneth S, Clark
© 1931, Paull-Pioneer Music Co, New York

"A collection of Popular Favorites for Informal Singing, among Colleges & Schools –
Pop Numbers, Football Airs, Alma Mater sonts, Close Harmony Tunes, Quartettes and Glees
35 cents (West of the Rockies and in Canada, 50 cents)"


(*Signifies song texts)

*Alma Mater (Antioch)
Alma Mater (Arkansas)
*Alma Mater (Brown)
Alma Mater (George Washington)
Alma Mater (Lake Forest)
Alma Mater (Missouri)
*Alma Mater (North Dakota)
*Alma Mater (Northeastern)
Alma Mater (Pittsburgh)
* Alma Mater (Vanderbilt)
Annie Lisle
Baccalaureate Hymn (Trinity)
Badger Ballad (Wisconsin)
Barnum Song (Tufts)
Bengal Swing (Louisiana)
Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point)
Bingo, That's the Lingo (Yale)
Blue and White (Duke)
Blue and White (Toronto)
Bring the Wagon Home, John
Bull-Dog ( Yale)
Campus Song (Rochester)
Carissima (Hamilton)
Come, Join the Band (Stanford)
Come On, Wyoming (Univ. of Wyo.)
Curtains of Night
*Dear Bucknell (Bucknell)
Down the Field (Yale)
Dummy Line
*Evening Song (Cornell)
Ever True to Brown (Brown)
*Eyes of Texas (Univ. of Texas)
Faculty Song (Princeton)
Fair Harvard (Harvard)
Field Song (Univ. of So. Dakota)
*Fight for Sewanee (Univ of the South)
Fight, Siwash (Knox)
Fling the Banner Wide (Vassar)
For Boston (Boston College)
Fordham Marching Song (Fordham)
For Honor of Old Purdue (Purdue)
Forty-Nine Bottles
Furman Recessional (Furman)
Gamaliel Painter's Cane (Middlebury)
General Grant
Going Back to Nassau Hall (Princeton)
Glory, Glory, Colorado (Univ. of Colorado)
*Good Old Ship of Fortune (Davidson)
Good Night, Ladies
*Good Old Song (Univ. of Virginia)
Graceful and Easy
Hail, Alma Mater (McGill)
*Hail, Drake (Drake)
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!
Hail. Lafayette (Lafayette)
*Hail, Sturdy Men (Univ. of Nevada)
Hail to California (Univ. of Calif.)
Hail to Georgia (Univ. of Ga.)
*Hail to Old I. U. (Indiana)
Hail, West Virginia (West Virginia.)
Hark! the Sound of Tar-Heel Voices (Univ. of No. Car.)
Have You Never Heard of Holyoke? (Mt. Holyoke)
Hear Dem Bells
Here's a Cheer (Univ. of Chicago)
Here We Have Idaho (Univ. of Idaho)
Highball Song (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
*Hot Time In the Old Town (Univ. of Minn.)
How Can I Leave Thee
•Integer Vita
In Evening by Moonlight
I've Been Working On Railroad
I Went to See My .Advisee (Smith)
*James McGill (McGill Univ.)
Jolly Boating Weather
*Jolly Juniors (Vassar)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Lord Jeffrey Amherst (Amherst)
Mandy Lee
Mighty Oregon (Univ of Oregon)
*Mining Engineer .(Colo. School of Mines)
Montana (Montana State)
My Bonnie
Navy Blue and Gold (Annapolis)
Neilie Was a Lady
Nittany Lion (Penn State)
Oberlin, Our Alma Mater
Oh, Eveline
Oh! Fairest Alma Mater (Smith)
Oh, Well Whoop Her Up For (Princeton)
*Oklahoma, Hail (Univ. of Okla.)
*Old Centre (Centre)
*Old Gold (Univ. of Iowa)
Old Tulane (Tulane)
On a Chinese Honeymoon
On, On, U. of K. (U of Kentucky)
On the Banks of Old Raritan (Rutgers)
On the Chapel Steps (Brown)
On to Victory (St., Mary's College, Calif.)
On to Victory (New Hampshire)
One, Two, Three, Four
Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Our Chicago (Univ. of Chicago)
Our Colorado (Colorado College)
Old Gray Mare
Palisafes (York Univ.)
Qui Patitur (Berea)
Quilting Party
Rally Song. (U. of S. Cal. at Los Angeles)
Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech (Gerogia Tech)
Saint Mary's College Song (St. Mary's, Ind.)
*Salve (Vassar)
S. C. Klaxon Song (Univ. of S: Calif.)
Service Boast (Annapolis)
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
Silver and Gold. (Univ. of Colo.)
Soldier's Farewell
Soldiers' Field (Harvard)
*Sons of Georgetown (Georgetown)
Sons of Old Grinnell (Grinnell)
Spirit of the Hill (Univ. of Tennessee)
Stand Up and Cheer (Univ. of Kansas)
*Stroke. Stroke, Stroke (U. of Wash.)
Take Me Back to Tech! (Mass Tech.)
Tauy Jones (Ottawa)
Ten Thousand Men of Harvard (Harvard)
That Little Old Red Shawl
There's No Place Like Nebraska (Univ. of Nebr.)
There's Music In The Air
Tiger Song (Univ. of Missouri)
Toast to DePauw (DePauw)
Today is Today
U. of M. Rouser (Univ of Minn.)
U. of U. Trail (Univ. of Utah)
Up With Montana (Univ. of Uont.)
*Utah Man (Univ. of Utah)
Varsity Song (Holy Cross)
Virginia's Cavalier Song (Unov. Of Va.)
Vive L'Amour
Wake, Freshment Wake
We Meet Again Tonight
*We're Lounging On Old Stone Steps (Dickinson)
*West Point Song (West Point)
Where, 0 Where? (Princeton)
Who Are We? (Princeton)
*Who Will Sit In Senior Seats? (Smith)
Wild Cat Song (Northwestern)
Yard By Yard (Williams)
Yoh Washington (Univ. of Wash.)


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Subject: Index: The Golden Songbook
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 10 Jun 12 - 05:23 AM

No explanation in this one as to age/grade suggestions, although it has the appearance of a "teaching" book for beginning (lower elementary grades) children. Full "piano" score for most songs (some chords as notated look to me like they could require 7 or 8 fingers on one hand(?), but I assume a good pianist would make them look easy).

The Golden Songbook
Selected and arranged by Katharine Tyler Wessels
Illustrated by Gertrude Elliott
Simon & Schuster, New York, © 1945
First Printing 1945

76 Pages, approx 8.5 x 11

Suggestions for singing games included for songs indicated with asterisks


In my Archive as PDF, 70,019 KB


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Subject: Index:Gaudeamus: A selection of songs for colleges
From: Ged Fox
Date: 11 Jun 12 - 04:42 PM

Index to Gaudeamus: A selection of songs for colleges and schools edited John Farmer, 1893

A hunting we will go                140
All through the night                136
A man's a man for a' that         52
Annie of Tharaw                 94
Arethusa, the                        200
Auld lang syne                         10
Avenging and bright                118
Awa' Whigs awa'                 56
Battle Song                         70
Bay of Biscay                         46
Blow blow thou winter wind        122
British Grenadiers                130
Brook side, the                        166
Captain sat on his deck, A        180
Casabianca                        112
Chesapeake and the Shannon         48
Come lasses and lads                152
Come o'er the sea                 30
Constant                         98
Decor integer aevi                188
Down among the dead men         80
Drink to me only                  82
Dulce Domum                        164
"Dumb, dumb, dumn!"                202
Early one morning                204
Epilogue                        110
Euclid                                 72
Fair Hebe I left                        150
Forty years on                         8
Gaudeamus igitur                156
Girl I left behind me, the        146
Good Comrade, the                106
Harp that once, The                 78
Hearts of Oak                         96
Here's to the maiden                142
Here's a health unto his majesty                190
Heroes                                 64
How stands the glass?                198
Hunter in his career                126
Hunt is up, the                        162
I hear the trumpet sounding         16
Integer Vitae                         76
In the garb of old Gaul                144
Island, the                         40
Jack and Joe                         50
John Anderson my jo                114
John Peel                         14
King in Thule, the                 58
Laird o' Cockpen                 34
Larry                                 36
Lass that loves a sailor, The         20
Leather Bottel, the                 32
Lenimen dulce laborum                178
Little Pat and the parson         92
Little red rover, The                 88
Lord Gregory                        132
Massacre of Macpherson, The         22
Mermaid, the (One Friday morn)        168
Mill, The                         86
Minstrel Boy, the                124
October!                         60
Ode to tobacco                        170
Oft in the stilly night                174
Oh, Mistress mine!                116
Oh, the oak and the ash                154
Old Towler                        102
O, Willie brewed a peck o' malt        138
Poacher, the                        196
Roast beef of old England        176
Robin Adair                         68
Rosebud, the                        100
Rule Britannia                         12
St Joles                                 44
St Patrick was a gentleman         18
Sally in our Alley                 38
Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled         28
Sigh no more, ladies                134
Since first I saw your face        184
Soldier, the                         90
Soldier's return, the                148
Song of 1813, a                         62
"Songs"                                204
Stags in the Forest Lie                 42
Swiss Song                         74
Tally-Ho!                         66
There was a jolly miller                172
There was a lad was born in Kyle        120
Though dark are our sorrows        194
Three jovial huntsmen, the        186
Toll for the Brave                 84
Tobacco's but an Indian weed        192
Tom Bowling                        104
To the maypole haste away        182
Vicar of Bray, the                 54
Wi' a hundred pipers an' a'        108
Willow the king                         26
Ye banks an braes                128
You gentlemen of England        158
Young May moon, The                 24
Youth's the season made for joys        160

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Bettynh
Date: 18 Apr 13 - 04:59 PM

Authors: Giddings, Thaddeus P.
             Earhart, Will
             Baldwin, Ralph L.
            Newton, Elbridge W.
Publisher: Ginn and Company

Fairy Signals
The Bells
Red Riding Hood
The Rider
The Little Horse
Thanksgiving Day
Fire Pictures
The Forest
Little Mass Fly
The Skipping-Rope
The Child and The Star
Sailor Boy
The Fruit-Seller
The Meadow Lark
The Dream Boat
The Sunflower's Secret
The Night of Halloween
The Butterfly
Lovely Appear (page missing in my copy)
A Story (page missing in my copy)
The Humming Bees
Playing Soldier
Evening Lights
Coasting Song
My Songster
Where Do Fairies Hide?
Around the Fire
Thing to Love
To Sleeping Town
The Sheepfold
Morning and Evening
Ole-Time Dance
Cloud Ships
The Cricket
The Terrific Man
The Eskimo
Golden Slumbers
Banner of Freedom
Valentine's Day
In the Swing
The Little Hunter
The Fairy of Dreams
Grandfather's Clock
Taking the Blame
Ding, Dong, Dell
Autumn Leaves
Handsome Bumblebee
The Wanderer Unseen
Telling Time
The Cutworm
The Scout's Trumpet
My Shetland Pony
Little Bopeep
Spring Rains
The Daisy
Pretty Pigeon
Star Dreams
School Has Begun
Thanksgiving Pie
In Memory
We'll All lap Hands Together
Flowers of Autumn
A Merry Song
The Stray Kitten
In September
April Rain
Peter and Paul
The Morning Call
A Mystery
The Wind
Meadow Berries
With a Wand
"You're It'
A Christmas Song
Summer's Call
At the Seashore
The Rainbow's Promise
Out in the Moonlight
Christmas Bells
The Skippers
Two Gardens
The Vanished Indians
Song of the New Year
Memorial Day
The Flag of Gold
New Year Bells
Sunshine Song
June Weather
Foreign Children
The Waves
Christmas Song
Our Native Land
The Bonbon Mountain
When People Grow Too Big
The Alarm Clock's Song
On The Way To School
Mother's Lullaby
Your Own Back Yard
The Sandman
Whispering Leaves
When the Sandman Comes
A Fairy's Day
A Song of Praise
Vacation Song
Blindman's Buff
Little Brown Better
The Winds of March
Beginning to Grow
The Gypsy Dance
The Springtime
Heigh-Ho! Daisies and Buttercups
The Small Clouds
The Sea
King Winter
The Little Ship
Lincoln's Day
Fishing Boars
Merry Christmas
Every Day
Hide and Seek
The Camp Fire
Miss Yellow Carrot's Tea
God's Garden
Franklin at Play
The Bird
Silver Lining
The Smile
The Picnic
Friends All
The Winter Fairies
Pussies Gray
On Memorial Day
Little Words
My Prayer
The Clock

I'll be selling this book at Old Songs Festival this year, but can scan any songs you'd like till then. And if a Mudcatter buys it, please let us know who you are. ;-)

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 23 Apr 13 - 01:54 AM

Here's an interesting master's thesis: A Content Analysis of Folk Songs Used in Fourth-grade Music Textbooks Published by Silver Burdett and Ginn Including Their Parent and Subsidiary Companies from 1898 Through 2002

I wish Google Books had the entire text, but what's available is interesting for us school songbook geeks.


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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: GUEST,L W Yoder
Date: 28 Jan 16 - 02:28 PM

In music class in the Pennsylvania school I attended in the mid-1950s we used two hard-bound songbooks of a series.
One was silver and the other was gold. I'd say they were about 7 inches by 9 inches and maybe 3/4 inch thick.
One of them contained a song with the following words (as best I recall them):
    "All day across the blue the caravans go by,
    I see them come, I see them go, their clouds are in the sky,
    Sometimes a camel train goes bound for far Cathay,
    Sometimes a fleet of winged ships sails on for some blue bay,
    Oh I have seen Crusaders ride in suits of silver spun,
    And watched their banners floating high, their lances catch the sun,
    One day twas just at sunset I saw where heaven waits,
    For I saw seven angels pass through tall golden gate."
Can anyone help me identify these songbooks and find the correct words and music for this song?

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Joe Offer
Date: 28 Jan 16 - 03:28 PM

Hi, L.W.-
There were several series of U.S. school songbooks published in the mid-1950s that had colorful illustrations inside and on the cover. I'm thinking your books might have been from the Silver Burdett Music Hour series that was published in the 1930s, but probably still in use in the 1950s. I have only two books from this series, and both have an almost-metallic finish on the cover, with an embossed title. Music of Many Lands and Peoples has a silver cover. Music Highways and Byways has a cover that I'd call bronze, but one might call it gold.
Authors were McConathy, Beattie, and Morgan.

Please see this thread (click) for discussion of the song.

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Subject: Index: Music for Young Americans series
From: Joe Offer
Date: 22 Dec 17 - 02:06 PM

The Music for Young Americans series, by Richard Berg and others, was published by the American Book Company in the 1950s and 1960s. I found an index of the entire series here:,2__Orightresult__X1;jsessionid=C7FB6920C7F99ACDA05C275D04B8DCD6?lang=eng&suite=mobum-sso

    9 volumes : color illustrations ; 21-27 cm
    ABC music series.

    v. 1. Sing all along my way -- Fun to do / Cecilia Johns -- Tick-tock / Richard Berg -- Ten little pennies -- Guess who's calling / Elsie Smith -- One-a-larkey / Stephen Scott -- A-B-C tiger / Elsie Smith -- Color game / Elsie Smith -- My own true friend -- Exercise / Stephen Scott -- Echo / Robert Pace -- The school nurse / Florence Waite -- Teasing -- Home / Robert Pace -- Jumbo and dumbo -- Lazy little boy / Daniel Hooley -- Telephone song / Robert Berg -- Never sleep late any more -- Rocking chair / Elsie Smith -- Lullaby -- Time to sleep / Cecilia Johns -- Silver stars -- My garden -- Sweet pinks and roses -- Garden tools / Florence Waite -- Taking a bath / Richard Berg -- Ch! / Stephen Scott -- Cup of tea -- Golden streets -- Happy hour / Robert Pace -- Shoes have tongues / Robert Pace -- Rig-a-jig-jig -- Walking and talking / Robert Pace -- Telephone / Robert Pace -- Washing-machine song / Richard Berg -- Friendly town / Josephine Wolverton -- The gas station / Robert Pace -- The milkman / Stephen Scott -- The baker -- The druggist / Stephen Scott -- The dentist / Robert Pace -- The carpenter -- My haircut / Eleanor Smith -- The traffic policeman / Anthony Burke -- Paper boy / Roger Elston -- The family car / Richard Berg -- Ten more miles / Richard Berg -- Wheels on my feet / Daniel Hooley -- Scoot! / Daniel Hooley -- Giddy-up, pony! / Daniel Hooley -- Happy cowboy / Anthony Burke -- By and by -- Tugboats / Eleanor Smith -- The helicopter / Daniel Hooley -- The night express / Richard Berg -- Putter-putt / Robert Pace -- Choo-choo train -- Autumn leaves -- Autumn dance / Josephine Wolverton -- Snowflakes / Cecilia Johns -- Making a snowman / Josephine Wolverton -- Snowfall -- Sledding / Cecilia Johns -- Zipper song / Daniel Hooley -- The north wind will blow -- Let's dance around the tree -- Spring / Stephen Scott -- Green grow the leaves -- Tira lira -- Deep in the woods / Josephin Wolverton -- Stars / Roger Elston -- Winter moon / Daniel Hooley -- I see the moon / Anthony Burke -- Mister sun -- Shadow / Roer Elston -- On a rainy day / cecilia Johns -- Fog / Mary Riccio -- Raindrops / Daniel Hooley -- Things I like to do / Cecilia Johns -- Merry-go-round -- Jack-in-the-box / Daniel Hooley -- Seesaw / Richard Berg -- Monkey see, monkey do / Stephen Scott -- Puppets -- Butterfly, elephant, ladybug -- Babbity bowster -- Bounce and catch / Brian merrell -- Giant steps / Elsie Smith -- Swinging and swaying -- Humming tops / Richard Berg -- Candle / Nancy Rogers -- Skating / David Russell -- Going to Bombay / Robert Pace -- When I was a drummer -- Swing your arms / Richard Berg -- Marching song -- Jimmy cracked corn -- In some lady's garden -- Tread the green grass -- Rindy Randy / Daniel Hooley -- Little wheel a-turning -- I make myself welcome -- Nick-nack -- Chatter with the angels -- Too-ra-ray -- The hungry goat / Stephen Scott -- Noodle poodle / Robert Pace -- Two geese / Daniel Hooley -- Going to a party -- Red rooster -- Ducks in the pond / Richard Berg -- Burly Billy Bobadill / Eslie Smith -- Over in the meadow --
    v. 1 [cont.]. Bushy, the squirrel / Florence Waite -- Zoom, zoom, zoom -- Walk, old mule -- Bright yellow butterfly -- Disuise / Robert Pace -- Happy hoppy toad / Richard Berg -- Freddy the frog / Daniel Hooley -- The snail / Josephine Wolverotn -- Caterpillar / Mary Riccio -- A fish story -- My big black dog -- Kitty / Richard Berg -- Robin redbreast / Mary Riccio -- Little birds -- Robin -- Old bald eagle -- Sea gulls / Robert Pace -- The camel / Roger Elston -- The kangaroo / Richard Berg -- A roar and a growl / Daniel Hooley -- Wishing / Josphine Wolverton -- The orchestra / Josephine Wolverton -- Drums -- Tambourines -- Rhythm sticks -- Bells and shakers -- Wood block -- Triangle -- Gong and cymbals -- All together -- Diddlety dumpty / Stephen Scott -- Old King Cole / Stephen Scott -- Hickory dickory dance / Daniel Hooley -- Wee willie winkie / Robert Pace -- Humpty dumpty / Anthony Burke -- Nobody knows my trouble -- Tick tack too / Daniel Hooley -- Peter, peter -- Taffy -- Old woman tossed in a basket -- My Bonnie -- Captain jinks -- Rub-a-dub-dub / Daniel Hooley -- All through the night -- On the street / Robert Pace -- Promenade / Leander Mitchell -- march / Roger Elston -- Chorale / Tchaikovsky -- On the move / Robert Pace -- Starlight / Mary Riccio -- Out-of-doors / Stephen Scott -- Theme in D / Tchaikovky -- A lively tune / Christian Stolzfus -- On the range / Leander Mitchell -- Waltz in D / Roger Elston -- In the orchard / Florence Waite -- Waltz in C / Daniel Hooley -- Waltz melody / Schubert -- Sicilienne / Robert Pace -- Romanza / J.C. Bach -- Barcarolle / Robert Pace -- Tom-toms / Daniel Hooley -- Indian dance / Robert Pace -- Theme from A-major sonata / Mozart -- Theme from opus 13 / Beethoven -- Theme from impromptu / Schubert -- Modern age / Daniel Hooley -- Good time coming! -- Happy birthday to you / Leander Mitchell -- Happy birthday / Robert Pace -- Christopher Columbus -- Tonight is Halloween / Robert Pace -- Who's behind me.

    v. 2. We sing a little -- Vacation is over -- Jack-a-needle -- If I ask you / Robert Pace -- Assembly / Roger Elston -- Happy birthday -- The red-apple tree / Josephine Wolverton -- Follow my lady / Wade Whipple -- The jolly fiddler -- The snails -- Swinging -- Marching round the gum stump -- Wish upon a star -- Three tiny ships -- The ladder / Charles Crane -- Department-store elevator / Richard C. Berg -- Getting up -- Scarping up sand -- Down, down, down / Nancy Rogers -- Sutumn / Pietro Lanciani -- Lullaby / Anne Moore -- Angelina -- Gingerbread children / Robert Pace -- How do you do -- Star light, star bright / Daniel Hooley -- Show a motion -- Fire, Mister Fireman -- The fire station / Richard C. Berg -- The service station -- The picnic -- The city park / Richard C. Berg -- Jet planes / Roger Elston -- Fly to the moon / Robert Pace -- Going round the mountain -- The donkey -- Sandy -- Barnyard song -- Going to Boston -- Helpers / Daniel Hooley -- Going to travel -- Red, white and blue / Evelyn Schelhaus -- Tiptoe / Franz Schubert -- My home's in Montana -- Light the oven / Steven Scott -- Mister Rabbit / Daniel Hooley -- Golden sands -- I wish I were -- Let's have a circus / Daniel Hooley -- The ponies -- The lion tamer -- Clowns -- Snake charmers -- The circus parade -- Jumbo / Nancy Kelly -- The merry-go-round -- Jack-o'-lantern / Daniel Hooley -- Halloween fun / Anthony Burke -- Hot soup -- Skating / Elsie Smith -- Sun is down -- The midnight special -- Eliza Jane -- The cowboy -- Indian boy / Daniel Hooley -- Traffic lights -- Turkey time -- Turkey, beware -- We thank thee / Franz Schubert -- Help me today / Cecilia Johns -- Hanukkah -- Shepherds on the hillside -- Long ago -- Cradle hymn / Martin Luther -- Hush, my babe -- Christmas greetings -- Christmas -- Sliding -- Where do all the flowers go -- Terry / Robert Pace -- Aiken drum -- Anyone can do a dance -- Kicklety Kacklety / Daniel Hooley -- Playing -- Doodle, doodle -- Winter is here / Stephen Scott -- Snow boots -- Winter sports / Marie Grosjean -- The little red sled / Josephine Wolverton -- Young Mozart ; Romanza / W.A. Mozart -- Folk melody -- The little shepherd / C. Debussy -- Royal march of the lion / C. Saint-Saëns -- Will you dance -- Waltz song -- One, two, three / Franz Schubert -- Valentine box -- Will you -- Abraham Lincoln / Anthony Burke -- Washington's birthday / Nancy Kelly -- Yankee Doodle -- America / Henry Carey -- Easter -- Dundee, Dundee -- Ping pong / Stephen Scott -- The frisky squirrel -- Fishpole song -- Clock talk / Daniel Hooley -- Donkey music -- The cuckoo clock / Nancy Kelly -- In March -- Lazy brown bear (a song story). Hungry brown bear / Daniel Hooley ; Please feed me ; Sleepy head ; Busy, busy bees ; Yum yum ; Zing, zing, zing -- Orchard music -- Spring is in the air / Josephine Wolverton -- The little birds' ball -- The holiday / Nancy Kelly -- The sleeping princess -- Zany Zaddlepate / Anthony Burke -- April rain -- Pounding a nail / Richard C. Berg -- Hee haw! ho hum -- Ride again / Nancy Kelly -- The cuckoo in the tree -- Engine number nine / Jean Hoover -- Grasshopper green / Josephine Wolverton -- One four-leafed clover ; Our pledge / Anthony Burke -- T' other little tune -- Bell music / Stephen Scott -- Presents -- My echo / Joseph Haydn -- I took a walk -- John Pirulero -- Johnny Boy / Daniel Hooley -- Lilac time -- The woodpecker ; Tugboat whistle / Stephen Scott -- Sailboats -- Carmelita -- Choo-choo-ka -- Bongo drums -- Blossoms in May / Franz Schubert -- Mother's day / Anthony Burke -- Ring ching ching -- A happy song -- We'll come back again -- Silver moon boat -- A rainy day / Josephine Wolverton.

    v. 3. Singing along / Daniel Hooley -- Starting the day -- Painting / Stephen Scott -- Our classroom / Cecilia Johns -- Old John Braddledum -- Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay -- Autumn bonfires / Stephen Scott -- Song of colors / Robert Pace -- Pop! goes the weasel -- Do as I'm doing -- Muskrat, muskrat -- Don't go near the water -- Sailing / Godfrey Marks -- Captain Columbus -- At twilight / L. Waldmann -- Walking alone / Anthony Burke -- Gnomes / Nancy Hoover -- Last night / Halfdan Kjerulf -- The postman / Josephine Wolverton -- Song of the week -- Come, dance -- Rhythm everywhere / Richard C. Berg -- Happy birthday / Robert Pace -- The little red boat / Daniel Hooley -- Jungle drums / Stephen Scott -- Music making -- Song to the sun -- Work song -- Corn-grinding song -- Prayer for rain -- Lullaby -- Sunset -- Gold and silver -- Taffy -- Autumn leaves -- The elevator / Mary Massey -- Row your boat -- Down in the meadow -- Jenny-o! -- Up in the steeple -- Laughing town -- The merry-go-round -- The storm -- Circus performers -- Soap bubbles -- Lucky Locket -- Every night -- The harmonica -- The end of day -- The sky / Robert Pace -- The race -- Dinosaur diet -- Sweet Kitty Clover -- The wind song -- Poor old man -- Moon's a-rising -- Halloween scare / Daniel Hooley -- Lucy Long -- Walk along, John -- The tower -- Building a house -- My dog Bran -- Some folks do / Stephen Foster -- Night time -- The horn -- The lamplighter -- November twilight -- Over the river and through the woods -- Gifts of God -- My canary -- Where are you going, shepherd.

    v. 4. My song / Daniel Hooley -- A bicycle picnic / J. Wolverton -- Things to do / Susan Gillis -- A whistling tune / J. Wolverton -- Welcome song -- The strawberry roan -- Texas cowboy -- Cindy -- Dreams / Wm. Luton Wood -- Carolina -- Then I'm going home -- Birthdays / J. R. Fairlamb -- Bunch of roses -- Blow the wind southerly -- Football weather / Stephen Scott -- Scotland's burning -- Football / Carl Wilhelm -- By the light of the moon -- Taps -- The greedy girl -- The keys of heaven -- Good night, ladies -- The wise man and the foolish man -- In Denmark -- Toro Torogil -- Robinson Crusoe -- Swimming days are over / Charles Cornish -- The venturesome three -- Walking song -- Winter fun -- Hiking song -- Hide and seek -- Lukey's boat -- Taking turns -- Morning, uncle! -- Voices -- Sing praise! / Robert Schumann -- Heave ho, my laddie! -- Remember me -- Shadows / Paul Janicek -- A merry chase / J. Wolverton -- A dancing tune / Luisa Asti -- Tootle toot! -- Tirra lirra loo - Doopy doopy doop -- Three ladies -- Green broom -- Changes / Alexander Fesca -- The autumn wind / J. Lilian Vandevere -- Black and gold / Nancy Rogers -- Halloween / J. Wolverton -- Scouting fun / George Oliver -- Autumn / Ernst Richter -- Autumn / Anna Bright -- Fishing -- Riqui riqui ran -- My green poncho -- Something told the wild geese / J. Wolverton -- Scouts / Robert Franz -- For the beauty of the earth / Conrad Kocher -- My candles -- Hop up, my ladies -- Christmas -- The twelve days of Christmas -- Gloria -- Song of the children of Bethlehem -- Ring out the bells / Mozart -- Gather around the Christmas tree / J. H. Hopkins -- New year's eve / Katherine Davis -- She'll be coming 'round the mountain -- Do re mi -- A picnic / Henry Fisher -- Lazy Sammy -- Good morning -- Riddlecum / Jane Bishop -- Dragonflies -- Cowboy's breakfast call -- Jumping rope / John Rupert -- Bicycle wheels -- Speak louder -- Meg and Molly -- Noah's ark -- Wake up, Jacob -- Bahama grass -- I'll not marry at all -- The village watchman -- Winter days -- The enchanted castle / Brahms -- Rocky mountain -- Highland laddie -- The moon shepherd -- The old ark -- One of these days -- Rainy day / Daniel Hooley -- Jet planes / Richard C. Berg -- Agbar / Stanley Brobston -- Night-herding song -- Chilly winds -- Valentine -- Anya's valentines / Richard C. Berg -- The star-spangled banner / John Stafford Smith -- Washingtone the great -- Old Abe Lincoln -- Marching along -- Marching along / Mary Massey -- There are many flags -- This is your land -- Marching to Pretoria -- Red kite -- Come to the beach -- The cuckoo -- Spring -- The farmer and his wife -- South of the border -- To market -- Go down to the market -- Mexican clapping song -- Jamaican waltz -- An ocean trip -- Land of the silver birch -- Eskimo words / Daniel Hooley -- Yoma -- Minor tunes -- Gypsy music -- Rain riders / J. Wolverton -- Snow white / Richard Graner -- A bow of red ribbon -- My grandad's song / John T. Grimley -- April / Brahms -- Sneezes / Stephen Scott -- Robin-a-thrush -- The boll weevil -- Old Quin Querribus / Luisa Asti -- Down the Allegheny -- Weevily wheat -- Swing your partner -- Wooden shoe dance -- All hands round -- The lone star trail -- Take your things and go -- Here, rattler, here -- Song of the fishes -- Sweet nightingale -- Let us with a gladsome mind -- In Sweden -- Yankee clipper -- The spring is here / C. Cornish -- Happy people -- The little shepherd -- Springtime wind -- All through the night -- Nature's praise / Schubert -- The brass band -- David and Goliath -- In Poland / Brahms -- A happy tune -- The echo / Eleanor Smith -- Summer evening -- Call of spring / K.M. von Weber -- Call of spring / Luisa Asti -- The sea / Jessie Gaynor -- My mountain home -- The shell / C.W. Gluck -- Playing -- Sweet Marie -- Emperor's hymn / Haydn -- The shepherd's song / Beethoven -- Scherzo / Mendelssohn -- The young prince and princess / Rimsky-Korsakoff -- Gavotte / Prokofieff -- Shortening bread -- Cotton needs a-picking -- Strawberry fair -- Nelly Bly ; Old folks at home ; Old dog Tray ; My brother Gum ; The glendy burk / Stephen Foster -- Heave that cotton / Will Hays -- Come along to the cornfield --

    v. 5. Music Everywhere / Arthur Johnstone -- The wagon train / Daniel Hooley -- Brown-eyed Mary -- Whoopee ti yi yo -- Golden harp -- Sourwood mountain -- There's a meeting here tonight -- On top of Old Smoky -- Lemuel / Stephen Foster -- Butterfly / Ruth Allen -- Evening bugle / Anthony Burke -- October -- Rocket ship / Daniel Hooley -- Autumn rain / Stephen Scott -- Autumn wind / Dvorák -- The derby ram -- Weather -- Love somebody -- Spelling / Anthony Burke -- Tinder -- Hold him, Joe! -- Harvest song -- Sing a little hoedown -- Autumn bonfire / Ruth Allen -- Hop, hop along! -- In the fields -- Dixie / Daniel Emmett -- Aunt Dinah's quiltingg party -- Dark-eyed lad Columbus / Daniel Hooley -- Halloween night / Daniel Hooley -- Danse Macabre / Saint-Saëns -- Land of the midnight sun / Anthony Burke -- Can't you dance the polka.
    Lift up your voice and sing / Richard C. Berg -- We're all together again -- Chumbara -- Sweet Betsy from Pike -- Keep in the middle of the road -- There's work to be done ; No need to hurry / Richard C. Berg -- Red river valley -- Hiking song -- Harvest ball -- Keep America free and strong / Richard C. Berg -- A merry life / Luigi Denza -- Down by the river -- A capital ship / Charles E. Carryl -- The parrot -- Good-by, old Paint -- Buy a tamale -- Hayride / Richard C. Berg -- Santa Lucia -- Bells in the steeple / Diana Christy -- Cumberland gap -- Home on the range -- My home's in Montana -- Bless us, Lord / Margaret Hurley -- Autumn is here / Frederica Reynolds -- At the market place / Robert Edwards -- Down in the valley -- Friendship song -- All through the night -- One more river to cross -- There's a little wheel -- Erie canal -- Wayfaring stranger -- Columbus -- Singin' Johnny -- Mountain climbers -- Thanksgiving -- Song of thanksgiving -- Great-grandad -- Harvest time ; We'll dance to the fiddler / Richard C. Berg -- The young voyageur -- The gallant victory -- Havah nagilah -- Go down, Moses -- La raspa -- Please, señorita -- Hey diddle dum / Erica Grober -- I build me a little house -- Zum gali gali -- Tide of sleep / Johannes Brahms -- Our door is always open -- Crawdad -- The alphabet / W.A. Mozart -- Here comes the band -- Drill, ye terriers / Charles Connolly -- Men of Harlech -- Rock of ages -- Happy holiday / Frederica Reynolds -- The first Noel -- Merry Christmas / Erica Grober -- This wond'rous night -- Foom! foom! foom -- Angels we have heard on high -- Wassail song -- O come, all ye faithful / John Reading -- Here's to friends -- Auld lang syne -- Winter's best for me / Robert Edwards -- Let's skate today / Brian Merrell -- Troika riding -- We're heading home / Peter McCormick -- Arirang -- Steal away -- Soldier, soldier -- Jolly wee miner men -- Oh, worship the King / Joseph Haydn -- Rowing song -- Dabbling in the dew -- Londonderry air -- Annie Laurie / Lady John Scott -- Lovely islands of Hawaii -- Aloha oe / Queen Liliuokalani -- Hawaiian chant -- Alaska, we salute you / Richard C. Berg -- Chopsticks / Diana Christy -- Sail on, little boat -- The leaving of my love -- Toombera -- Alouette -- Praise to the Lord -- El sombrero blanco -- Raccoon hunt -- Sing your way home -- The lone prairie -- Sweet Sally Sue -- The lumberjack's song -- A bicycle built for two / Henry Dacre -- Riddle song -- The Viking ship -- To Washington and Lincoln -- Here's to America -- Polovtsian dances / Alexander Borodin -- Twilight / W.A. Mozart -- To spring -- Easter time / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Lovely appear / Charles Gounod -- Alleluia -- Spring is a wonderful time -- Lovely messengers / Felix Mendelssohn -- A prayer of thanks -- Maple sugar time -- Cuckoo bird -- Kookaburra -- Sacramento -- The fiddler -- The keeper -- Beautiful dreamer / Stephen Foster -- Robin Hood -- Toviska -- Over the hills and far away -- Every pull of the oar -- Down at the barber shop / J. Berli -- Little David -- So handy -- Legend -- Haul away, Joe -- Rio Grande -- Bendemeer's stream -- The band / Stephen Anderson -- Loch Lomond -- United States armed forces -- Field artillery song / E.L. Gruber -- The marines' hymn / L.Z. Phillips -- America the beautiful / Samuel A. Ward -- Dona nobis pacem = Grant us peace -- Tallis's canon / Thomas Tallis -- We sing of golden mornings / William Walker -- The band concert / Arr. by Villa-Lobos -- The trout ; The linden tree / Franz Schubert -- My island -- Now the day is over / joseph Barnby -- The children's prayer / E. Humperdinck -- Night time / Margaret Hurley -- Jacob's ladder -- My ukulele / W.A. Mozart -- Il trovatore. Anvil chorus / Giuseppe Verdi -- Dance together -- Four in a boat -- Skip to the fiddle / H.G. Nägeli -- Fiesta -- Caller's song -- The fisherman's farewell -- A life on the ocean wave / Epes Sargent -- H.M.S. Pinafore. We sail the ocean blue / Sir Arthur Sullivan -- The mermaid -- Find work, my daughter -- Cockles and mussels -- The nightingale -- Ring the banjo / Stephen Foster -- Happy village -- Walk into the spring -- Going to shout -- Listen to the lambs -- On a fine summer day -- Streets of Laredo -- Farewell song -- Praise ye the Lord -- The star-spangled banner / John Stafford Smith --

    v. 7. (don't see volume 6) Lolly Toodum -- Captain Jinks -- Paper of pins -- Rig-a-jig-jig -- Yankee doodle -- Minuet / J.S. Bach -- Springfield mountain -- Rosa -- Barbara Allen -- Wild Amerikay -- Jolly Miller -- Captain Kidd -- An American frigate -- Henry Martin -- Haul away, Joe -- The Boston Tea tax -- Peter gray -- The riflemen at Bennington -- The battle of Saratoga -- Hail, Columbia! / Philip Phile -- Chester / William Billings -- Cousin Jedediah / H.S. Thompson -- Ma bella bimba (my little sweetheart) -- Somebody's calling my name -- No hiding place -- Glory to God / L.E. Gebhardi -- Drummers' round -- Stevedore's song -- Man smart, woman smarter -- Banana boat loader's song -- Tell me -- The gay caballero -- New river train -- Riding on the railroad -- Tiritomba -- The constitution -- Pickax, shovel, spade / Samuel Woodworth -- The hunters of Kentucky -- With a roll of his drum -- Gifts of life -- What can the matter be.

    v. 8. Our country -- Putting on the dog -- Shut the door -- On the roller coaster / Richard C. Berg -- Glowworm / Paul Lincke -- Stars of the summer night / I.B. Woodbury -- Grandfather's clock / Henry C. Work -- Tell me why -- Rise up, o flame / Christoph Praetorius -- Chairs to mend -- At dawning / Charles Wakefield Cadman -- The Spanish guitar -- Careless love -- Every night -- Dear Evelina -- Wandering -- Rosalie -- He's gone away -- The Camptown races / Stephen Foster -- Wade in the water -- When the saints go marching in -- Roll, Jordan, roll -- My Lord, what a mourning -- I have lost the do on my clarinet = J'ai perdu le do de ma clarinette -- Lumberjack's song -- The clear, sparkling fountain -- Angelico -- Down in Trinidad -- Water come a me eye -- My little burro -- My lady fair -- La raspa -- Sambalele -- Juanita -- Passing by / Edward C. Purcell -- Early one morning -- The keys of heaven -- When love is kind -- The lost chord / Arthur Sullivan -- Drink to me only with thine eyes -- The Dreadnaught -- Shule agra -- Come back to Erin / Claribel (Mrs. Charles Barnard) -- Turn ye to me -- Comin' thro' the rye -- Passing through Lorraine = En passant par la Lorraine -- The dove = La paloma / Sebastian Yradier -- The little town across the bay -- The first mate's wedding -- Friendships -- Marianina -- Venice -- Rome -- The crow -- Hiking song -- Hollahee, hollaho -- Down along the riverbank -- A shepherd's song -- Du, du Liegst Mir im Herzen -- Praise of the northland -- Dance the Schottische -- Journey 'round the world / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Katerina -- Everybody sing -- Gypsy life -- Vreneli -- A ship sails at dawn / Edvard Grieg -- Dark eyes -- The tales of Hoffman. Barcarolle / Jacques Offenbach -- Tannhaeuser. Evening star / Richard Wagner -- Faust. A soldier's farewell / Charles Gounod -- The pirates of Penzance. Tarantara / Arthur Sullivan -- The fortune teller. Gypsy love song / Victor Herbert -- Elijah. If with all your hearts / Felix Mendelssohn -- Cantata no. 208. Sheep may safely graze / J.S. Bach -- The free man / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Cantata no. 140. wake from sleep / J.S. Bach -- Folksong / Edward A. MacDowell -- Semele. Where'er you walk / George Frederick Handel -- Greta's warning / Ludwig van Beethoven -- The erl king / Franz Schubert -- Walking / Hugo Wolf -- Ach ya chabibi = O my beloved -- Havah Nagilah -- My own true love -- Tum-balalayka -- Boom-da-lee-da -- Mil habi lou -- Toomba -- Ships of the desert -- The street called Straight -- Saturday night -- Song of the pigeon -- Koom ba yah -- Away up the river -- Sizinyoni -- Song of the hoe -- The water wheel -- Planting rice is never fun -- Blossomtime -- On the Kaimu road -- Fairest Hawaii / Richard C. Berg -- Hawaii Ponoi / Henri Berger -- An American scene / Clare Grundman -- Cantata no. 212. Duet / J.S. Bach -- High-school cadets ; The stars and stripes forever / John Philip Sousa -- Go, team, go / Richard C. Berg -- Long live -- They march to the rolling drum -- Ninth symphony. Hymn for the nations / Ludwig van Beethoven --
    v. 8 [cont.]. The marines' hymn / L.Z. Phillips -- The star-spangled banner / John Stafford Smith -- Pledge of Allegiance / F.J. Haydn -- Memorial day song -- The day is done / H.W. Loomis -- We thank thee -- We plow the fields / J.A.P. Schulze -- Come, ye thankful people / G.J. Elvey -- Turkey in the pan -- Mi y'malel -- Happy holiday -- I saw three ships -- Lo, how a rose / Michael Praetorius -- The holly and the ivy -- God rest you merry, gentlemen -- 'Tis winter now / Michael Praetorius -- The three kings -- Christmas is here -- Gloria -- O little town of Bethlehem / Lewis Redner -- Cantique du Noël / A. Adam -- Evening hymn / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Palm branches / J.B. Fauré -- The strife is o'er / Giovanni de Palestrina -- Sweet hour of prayer / W.B. Bradbury -- Blessed daylight / D. Bortnianski -- Nature's praise / Franz Schubert -- Like as a father / Luigi Cherubini -- Flow gently, sweet Afton / James E. Spilman -- The heavens are telling / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Springtime / W.A. Mozart -- The coming of spring / Rossetter G. Cole -- The seasons. Come, gentle spring / Joseph Haydn -- Give thanks -- Song of spring -- Who is Sylvia / Franz Schubert -- On a summer holiday / Richard C. Berg -- Music / Zdenko Fibich -- H.M.S. Pinafore. When I was a lad / Arthur Sullivan -- The Mikado. If you want to know who we are ; A wand'ring minstrel I ; Behold the lord high executioner ; Three little maids from school ; Finale act I ; Braid the raven hair ; Here's a how-de-do ; Mi-ya sa-ma ; The flowers that bloom in the spring ; Willow, tit-willow ; There is beauty in the bellow of the blast ; Finale act II / Arthur Sullivan.
    Principally unacc. melodies.
    School songbooks.
    OCLC #        
    LC CARD #        

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Date: 17 Jan 22 - 03:00 PM

I'm not precisely sure on the etiquette on these forums. I'm interested in something Nigel Parsons posted above. I'm a music teacher in Kansas in the US, and I've been working on researching the song "Tongo", which might be Polynesian, but folks seem to have trouble finding an authentic source for it.

It's mentioned as being in the Spring 1994 "Time and Tune" Vox Box, and I was wondering if there is any bibliographical information listed for it in that issue? Would it be possible to see a scan of it?

Thank you!

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 07 Jun 22 - 12:49 PM

Hi, Guest.
Sorry to not have responded at the time, but I don't keep track of this thread.
There is no biographical info on the Time & Tune page for this song, but there may be in the 'Teacher's Notes' which I have somewhere.
The page with the song is easy to supply as a scan, as I have digitised the whole of my Time & Tune collection.
If you are checking back, just leave a similar message on the page specific to Time & Tune and I will normally respond within a couple of days. (I keep an eye out for new entries there!)

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 11 Jun 22 - 01:45 PM



(with Companion Melodies)




It appears that these songs are listed (initially) by the 'original' song title, and then by any translation. So a Welsh song translated to English will start with the Welsh title, and vice versa.
To what extent they would classify as 'folk' I leave it to the reader to decide.
I will probably start a new thread just on this book, and including individual songs/tunes where I find they are not already in Mudcat (or where there are significant (in my view) differences.)

The title says 'Part I' and it appears (from the alphabetical listing) that there would also have been a 'Part II'.

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Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
From: Nigel Parsons
Date: 11 Jun 22 - 01:46 PM

Before I (gradually) get around to it, if anyone wants a particular song from this, let me know.

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